tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Devil Inside Me

The Devil Inside Me


Lara had everything, an engaging smile, a fabulous outlook on life, a killer body, and, unfortunately, a boyfriend. She had come to work at our company 3 months ago, and instantly won everybody over. All the single men were vying for her attention despite her unavailability, as were many of the married men too.

She was a bit of a walking dichotomy in that she was as sweet as a person could be, but her body made you think about doing naughty things to her.

Luckily, I had 2 advantages over everyone else when it came to getting to know her better -- her cubicle was next to mine, and, so was her apartment building. We spent many evenings together, walking home, jogging, and one time, after a few too many glasses of wine, kissing. (She said it would not happen again -- despite our mutual interest.)

Oh, the boyfriend?... well, he's still on the West coast -- 3000 miles away, and they're figuring out the 'long distance relationship' thing, and I'm determined to help it come to it's rightful conclusion.

Since that night we spent kissing, and playing 'what if' -- we had actually grown a bit closer. She shared more intimate thoughts with me (rarely mentioning Carl) -- and was always quick to laugh, or lightly touch my arm when talking to me. The fact that we had almost crossed 'the line' hadn't made her pull away at all -- in some ways, I think she trusted me more because I didn't push the issue.

But, that was all weeks ago, and now I fast forward to this past Halloween. Our Company Party. -- It was, for the most part, a boring event. The sole exception was seeing what Lara dressed up as! Everyone's jaw dropped when she arrived as a French Maid...complete with plunging neckline, and stockings. She was still our sweet Lara, but in a Sexy outfit. I dressed as a Devil with Darth Maul overtones (painted face, black and red). I had the distinct pleasure of driving together with Lara -- the two of us complimenting each other on our outfits.

Lara is about 5'4 116 lbs, with beautifully dark overtones present in her eyes, her hair, and her skin. These, contrasted with the Black and White maid's outfit made everyone's pulse beat just a bit faster. At times she 'played the role' of the maid... bringing me wine, and winking at me when she called me 'master' -- making everyone laugh, and I'm certain bringing other scenarios to mind as well. I made a few attempts at playing my role as the devil... bringing her many glasses to drink... telling her it was my job to 'tempt her' -- and she always did that wonderful laugh, and would lightly place her hand on my forearm, something I never saw her do with anyone else. I could sense that she was feeling the wine, as she spent more time by my side, sometimes our arms locked together. One friend of hers commented on how she should dump her West Coast guy, given the fact that I was right here! She just laughed, and gave me a peck on the cheek, saying 'He is such a yummy devil isn't he?' -- where upon I pinched her butt causing her to make a cute little 'Oh, Mon Cherie!' at me in a faux French accent.

We spent the requisite time at the party, and both felt the need to get home -- wanting the quiet of our own apartments, and, I hoped, the company of each other. As we drove home, I asked her about Carl and their future together. She said things were going just fine, but still, it was a long distance relationship, and at this point neither one had worked out exactly who was going to relocate for the other. 'But I'd rather not talk about him right now,' -- she said.

We parked -- and I offered to walk her to her door since she was in such a revealing outfit. I told her that any man who saw her wouldn't be able to control himself! She laughed... touching my arm -- and we walked in silence. At her door, she invited me in for one last glass of wine! I followed her into her kitchen, and took a deep breath when she bent over to find the bottle she wanted -- her skirt riding high enough to muddle my senses. She turned...handed me my glass, and...

The Phone rang.

'Hi Hon,' she said. I could only hear her side of the conversation from this distance.

'Oh,,, sorry, it was the company's Halloween party tonight, and I just got home!'

I closed the open cabinet, and it slammed too loudly.

'No, I'm just here by myself.' She pressed her finger to her lips making a 'shhh' sound to me.

I looked over at her... She mouthed to me 'He wouldn't understand.'

Lara turned to face the cabinet above the sink, still talking to Carl, and I walked up to her, standing directly behind her. My pulse was pounding, here in her apartment, - that damn short skirt, that cleavage. I placed my hands on her hips, leaned forward, and kissed her neck.

She turned her head to face me, and I quickly kissed her lips before she could stop me (She couldn't say anything to me -- since she was here all 'alone'...). The mirror above her sink allowed me to see her face while she talked with him.

'What? Hon,,, I didn't hear what you said.'

'Oh... I wore that maid's outfit that Lucy gave me as a joke last year.'

I kissed her neck harder, and worked my way up to her ear,,, nibbling it gently. Lightly pushing my body against hers.

'Uhm, yep, the one with the plunging neckline.'

My right hand left her hip, and my finger traced the object of discussion, her cleavage,,, lightly.

She tried to turn to look at me (the alarm a bit evident in her face) -- her free hand grasped mine -- and held it stationary on her chest so that I couldn't follow that line to her beautiful breasts.

I whispered in her other ear 'I've always wanted to touch you like this -- it feels so right!'

'Mm, yesss! Yes, hon, I agree,' she said on the phone.

Reality was getting a bit blurred.

My other hand was still free, and I reach around and placed it flat on her tummy, lightly pulling her back against me. The warmth of her body on my hand, and also against my hips. My cock was hard (it had been for a LONG time) There was no way she was not aware of it against her back side.

'Really? Not until April? -- Hon that's 5 more months!'

My hand slid lower down her stomach, reaching, reaching father down, almost to where I would be able to feel her pussy through her skirt. In alarm she released my upper hand and grabbed my lower one -- keeping it just an inch from touching her.

'I want you so bad,' -- I whispered in her other ear, nibbling it, tasting it. (fingers to her lips -- warning me)

'But I thought you'd be able to come out for the holidays,' -- she said.

My free hand now slid down her bodice unhindered -- following that warm line of cleavage, and I could feel her breast. A moan escaped from me -- quickly, she gave me another look of warning.

'Yes, it's so hard being away from you for so long.'

I could faintly hear his voice 'I would love to see you in that outfit again -- your breasts look amazing in it.'

'I wish you were here now to see them,' -- she said, her voice faltering just a bit as I toyed with her nipple, and in a frantic urge of desire, I pulled the front down, completely freeing her breasts.

Lara bit her lower lip,,, 'Mmm, I want that too.'

By now, I was pushing against her, as if I were already inside of her, needing her so bad.

My lips left her ear, and kissed the sides of her breast, teasing and tempting each of them. My free hand moved around to her thigh, and slowly, ever so slowly, lifted her short maid's skirt so that my palm was cupping her ass.

'I miss seeing you naked, making love with you... can't you come visit me?' he pleaded with her.

'I miss that too,' she murmured with her head slightly tipped backwards. Slowly she released her grip on my hand allowing it to slide down to her pussy. I cupped it lightly through her underwear -- one hand on her ass, one on her pussy, my lips, now tugging on her nipple.

Her free hand reached behind her and began to trace the outline of my cock, sliding a finger along it, and then holding it, lightly pumping it.

'I so miss the feeling of you inside of me,' she said....

Pumping me hard as she said those words...her hand searching for skin contact, finding my stomach, and tugging lightly on the top of my pants-- telling me she wanted to feel me. I undid my pants, and let them fall down, and placed her hand on my cock. In the mirror I could see my 'devil' self sucking on her nipples, teeth playing with them lightly, and me, quivering just a bit as she played with my hard cock. The image of a devil sucking her breasts, her head tilted slightly back, her lips parted, while she listened to her boyfriend on the phone will always stay imprinted on my mind.

Her maid's outfit was, by now, in a state of disarray. Her top, pulled down below her stunning breasts, and her skirt lifted up while my hands teased and tempted her.

'What would you do to me right now?' she moaned.

I pushed her underwear to the side, I had to feel her pussy,,, I wanted to feel her wetness.

'Mmmm, yesss,' she whispered into the phone.

My fingers teased her open, she was pumping my cock hard.

'I would have my fingers wrapped around you, pumping you hard,' she said almost in a whisper to him.

My lips left her breasts, I stood behind her watching her 'hand fuck' my cock -- and I pushed her forwards. I guided her hand with my cock towards her pussy, and together we teased the lips of her pussy.

'Yes hon... I want you to cum for me!' she said to Carl. 'Do it now, I want to hear you!'

I could hear him on the phone... a strangled moan... and then he chuckled: 'Babe, you have such a naughty side to you.'

With just the head of my cock in her she said:

'I've always had a little bit of the Devil in me.'

- and then I plunged hard deep into her, my hips fully against her ass, and roughly said in her ear:

'More than just a little bit!'

She gasped, and dropped the phone in the sink...

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