tagGroup SexThe Devil Plays Poker

The Devil Plays Poker


The bastard! She's doing it just for herself, so wantonly, I thought at the time. Why had I agreed to this?

It was not just a pleasure to reaffirm our sexual urges, which sometimes played a trick on us, as was obvious then. I thought it also was a test, that jealousy could be driven away, and that satisfaction with living out our sexual fantasies was stronger. So it was clearly not the case, at least not always. I had an idea that as long as I was myself, I could not be jealous of my wife. But apparently I was wrong. Things had changed.

Lisa had always been an attractive woman, the kind who even looks good when she just wakes up or when running around the home, hung over, in sweatpants with children hanging on her legs. Recently, I wondered, had anything happened to her? She was even better. In the past she had flirted only with me, or occasionally with others when at a party. After this change she always seemed more sexual and sensual. It had happened, a change, I was convinced.

She preferred dressing in black and had found a new pair of jeans that accentuated her firm, chubby butt perfectly. Sometimes a woman finds a style of jeans that fits her own body. Lisa had found them, but I thought all her jeans suited her. They had a low waist so that you could see her stomach, and when she leaned forward to pick up something you could see her red panties. She almost always wore red panties that were slightly translucent, but only so much that one could discern her slit.

Lisa liked the color red, and would have preferred a red detail to the black jeans. She put up her little wavy curly black hair with a red barrette or two. Often she wore a top with red printed designs, and sometimes a red watch or bracelet. All black with red elements were her thing and she nailed the look. Actually, she looked more southern European than Nordic, maybe Italian or Spanish. Her eyes were brown, and when she looked over the wood pile toward me, her eyes smiled cunningly. I was often simply gladdened by those eyes, but just as often was aroused in love and lust. So in a way, I also appreciated the redoubling of her sexual appetite. Actually, it was fair between us; her own desire to become satisfied had increased as well as her desire to satisfy me. It was not just her eyes that turned me on, but also her mouth. She had full lips, with her upper lip clearly marked where a little wave on the lip edge was especially clear. It almost looked like she had on lipstick, though she didn't.

She was 39, and had a butt that sometimes resembled a Jamaican sprinter. There was something about her walk that made her ass sway with each step. Probably she was well aware of her ass, and usually masked it with sweeping skirts and long cardigans. Formerly, it was almost exclusively reserved only for me to enjoy her rear. But not anymore -- she showed it and highlighted it. There were few who did not notice it while she walked. Moreover, she almost always wore a tight top, and under that a bra that pushed up her breasts. I imagined that her nipples were often stiffer than usual and seemed more so through her top.

Her sexual appetite had become voracious; she was simply hungry more often. She expanded her repertoire, was braver and more researched. All the titillating, bordering-on-embarrassing, bedroom words that she had not previously spoken were in her new vocabulary. All this might have seemed like a good thing, and any guy would have been glad, but I suspected that her appetite was due to something else, some other person. I found the idea hard to let go. Her change had begun with that event two weeks ago.

The bastard, I thought, he will not destroy us. I loved her and did not want to lose her, especially not to him. I thought, that must not happen. Sure, I saw that I was not Lisa's owner, and could not help it if she got tired of me. The idea was stuck in my mind. For that to happen, depended on him, but it did not happen. While I could not get away from the unpleasant black sick feeling deep in my chest, I could not help but relive the memories of that night when Lisa, I and he -- Crille -- had sex together at our open fireplace.

Now as I write this, I remember everything in perfect detail: the scent of birch wood, the warmth and the soft glow of the fire. At times I walk around at work and find myself enjoying the memories of our threesome. Sometimes must I stop myself before people at work can see the bulge in my pants. The memories come back. I constantly replay the events of how Lisa snuck up behind Crille and worked her hands under his arms and to the front of his chest. It struck me when I saw how Lisa stroked Crille's chest. I remember how I enjoyed that and how my erection grew in my pants.

I also remember the mirror to the right of the fireplace, where I could see him and my wife. The picture of Lisa standing behind Crille as she looked in the mirror at how her hands explored his chest and belly, have become etched in my memory. Their eyes met while I myself sat on the couch. I remember Lisa opening another button of his fly and stroking two index fingers against his root, just like she used to do to me. I recall how she quickly opened the last three buttons on his jeans and in one movement pulled off his pants and underwear.

The picture of his cock standing straight up is still there. The image cannot escape me, maybe because I do not want to lose it and the incredible memory of me in the picture. In his huge, shapely, 25-centimeter-long member, either curved or semi-soft, I have seen one of the greatest ever. But when stiff, rock hard and straight as a ruler, his cock had such strength that it would not bend, either downwards or to the sides. I can recall the tip of his glans, exposed, and the contours through the foreskin. Lisa's dark red nails traced slowly over his balls and up along the base, where she grabbed tightly around the root of his big cock.

I remember perfectly how she watched her hands in the mirror, how she stopped in the middle of his rock hard cock, took a soft grip on it, and slowly pulled back his foreskin. Her fingers stretched right around it, as my wife stroked his very large, shaved cock. He had little hair on his body and was completely shaved except for a thin bush just above the root of his cock. I remember as Lisa jerked her thumb and forefinger over his glans, with her left hand massaging his shaved balls while her right hand continued to stroke his huge dick.

Phew, the bastard, I thought. Maybe I'm just jealous of his shapely and very long penis. But sometimes, when I remember how lewdly my wife behaved in his company, I do not know what to think. One day, I fantasize about her lips enveloping his big cock head, taking him in her mouth with deep suction, and her tongue massaging the underside of his glans. Then the following day I experience jealousy and the fear of losing her. Sure, I know I do not own her, but still, I wonder.

The evening that it happened, I anticipated he would come here directly after his workout, at ten o'clock. Surely he would be showered, shaved and muscle-toned.

"Hey, sexy people," he said, and jumped up on the patio.

"Well! Where did you come from? I didn't notice you. You don't have a car," remarked Lisa, and smiled.

"No, I got a ride. We had a beer after practice, or rather, it was probably three quick ones. Really, I don't like quickies," he said with a broad smile, and got both me and Lisa to draw a smile and at the same time, set the tone for the evening.

"Good to see you, by the way," he said, and gave Lisa a hug and a slightly delayed kiss on the cheek. Even I got a hug.

He had on the same aftershave that Lisa liked so much. I thought, here we have a guy who really thinks ahead about his aftershave. I looked at Lisa to observe if she reacted in any particular way. Indeed she did. Her beautiful brown eyes had stopped being merely beautiful; they had also turned lustful. She looked at me and smiled with an alluring appeal.

We entered the house from the patio and closed the patio door. Lisa had made up the fire again, even though it was August, and very hot. She liked the warmth and enjoyed fires year-round. We stopped in front of the fire without saying anything. There we were all three freshly showered and ready for what might happen. In front of the fireplace were two wide armchairs and a small table that was no more than 40 centimeters high. On the table were a small vase of flowers and a deck of cards.

Well, I thought. What is the plan now, strip poker with the Devil? I asked if it was just me who thought it smelled of sulfur and what Crille had on his forehead. He stroked his brow without really understanding that I joked, that I was referring to the Devil's horns.

"Is there any more wine? May I have some?" I asked Lisa.

"Yes, I could use a drink," added Crille.

"One for me, too," I said to Lisa.

We sat and chatted, and we had two or three glasses, except Crille, who sipped his first glass. Lisa had opened the deck. She shuffled and dealt us cards, then suddenly asked, "How many cards do you want Crille, one or two? You get the same question, honey, one or two?"

"Two," we replied almost in chorus. "But wait here now. Have we decided we're going to play poker? Who decided that?" I asked.

"Stop screwing around, Anton darling. It is you who supplied the deck."

"What? I don't think so. I was sure it was you, Lisa. May I ask what type of poker you intended?" I asked.

"No, you may not," she said, handed out the cards and smiled. "Let's keep it simple. No wild cards, just regular draw poker. How many do you want?"

Crille looked confident, and almost had a flush. He got the flush and won the hand easily.

"Well, Crille. What do you choose?" Lisa asked.

"How about we play strip poker?"

"What do you think?" asked Lisa. "What do you choose?" she asked of me.

Crille ignored the question and said, "The gentleman of the house shall remove his jeans," with a slight, somewhat hidden smile.

I followed his instruction, and stripped off my jeans. I felt my cock start to move a little in my shorts. Lisa and I had not had sex for a few days, so I was primed.

"Well damn, aren't you the horny Devil," I said and grinned. "First we smell the sulfur, then see the horns on your forehead. You conjure up a deck of cards, and then you seem to get all the good cards. It will be fun to see when we get off your pants, if you have a tail in the back. Or now I know. This devil has the big long tail on the front, but not hairy and sharp as the typical devil, but smooth and inviting." At this remark, we all were laughing.

"Your turn to deal, Anton."

With some more luck Crille won again, where he chose a gamble that paid off. This time he pointed to Lisa's jeans, with a very satisfied smile. She snaked out of her tight jeans and our eyes were riveted on Lisa. Her cleanly shaved cunt was exposed, as she wore no panties. I felt my erection grow. There I sat next to my wife with her totally shaved pussy. Without thinking about it, I stroked myself through my underwear. She was so damn enticing as she sat quite unabashedly, and waited for the next hand. Her eyes and gaze entranced us. I wondered if she had pulled off her panties with her jeans. Probably she hadn't been wearing any underwear, but it was not important anymore. I just wanted more. My cock was an iron bar.

Crille won the next couple hands, and finally I sat there completely naked, with my cock in the air. Diagonally opposite me sat Crille, fully clothed but with a huge bulge in his pants. Lisa sat on my right, only wearing a small, red transparent bra.

After his last win he did not tell Lisa to take off her bra, as we expected. Instead, he found our massage oil in the bathroom. I thought that bastard read my mind. How did he know that I liked the oil, and how the hell did he even know where it was?

"Lisa, stand behind Anton and get him oiled up," ordered Crille.

I was now facing Crille while Lisa stood behind me. She took a handful of oil, rubbed it over my scrotum and up towards the base of my cock. Lisa massaged my pubic area and my smooth, shaved balls. She took another handful of oil and rubbed my veined dick.

She opened the bottle and poured more oil on my cock and over her hands. Slowly, she began massaging my rock hard cock with one hand and scrotum with the other. Then she began massage-stroking my shaved cock with both hands. It was so incredibly seductive with the warm oil on my dick and the feel of Lisa's lewdly sensual hands.

"I love to jerk your cock. Do you get horny when I'm jerking your cock, Anton? Tell me how horny you are. Say you love me jerking cock. Say it!"

"Lisa, I love when you are jerking me. Damn, what a pleasure it is, you jerking me. More, more."

"No, I want you to say that you love me to jerk off cock. Say it!" said Lisa.

"Lisa, damn how nice you are. I love it when you jerk off cock. I love to watch you jerk off cock. I get so fucking horny while jerking cocks."

Lisa stood behind me, caressing my buttocks with oil running down between my ass cheeks. She ran her fingers between them and around my anus. Lately, I always shaved my anus at the same time as my pubic area. It was so damn good when she stroked my anus, while she caressed my cock with the warm oil. She massaged my anus and occasionally probed with a well-oiled finger. She used two fingers to massage my anus while she stroked my cock. Her horny hands went back and forth over my blood-engorged cock and big oily nuts.

"Lean forward," said Lisa.

I stood against the hearth's edge; the fire had died down to embers by then. She knelt down, grabbed my oiled cock and jerked me off while I felt her tongue between my buttocks. I stood a little more wide-legged and felt Lisa's amazing tongue tip pressing against my anus. She coaxed and massaged my anus with her tongue, while she stroked my hard oily cock.

"I love to jerk your cock in oil, I love to fondle and lick your anus. You like my tongue in your anus, right? I know you like it. And you know what? I get so fucking horny when I do it."

"Yes, it feels so damn good. You make me so horny, Lisa. You jerk my cock and lick my anus so damn nicely. More, more. Lick my asshole Lisa. Jack me Lisa, more, more!"

I knew I was just about to start coming, and I groaned, almost roared. But instead of letting me come she got up slowly and wiped her hands. I had almost forgotten Crille, standing there bare-chested and with unbuttoned jeans. Lisa took a step forward and caressed the outside of his jeans. She pushed her clean-shaven pussy against his leg and gave him a deep long kiss, while she continued to fondle him outside of his pants. Her hands traced his erection through his jeans.

"Do you still have your elegant huge cock, Crille? Do you? Do you think it would be trapped in your pants all night, huh? Do you think I'm going to allow that? Don't fool yourself. I need to taste your cock. But first I want you to lick me. Do you? Do you want a taste of my freshly shaved pussy?"

Crille quickly went down on his knees and while he grabbed Lisa's firm, luscious sprinter's body. He pushed her legs up to her face, and kissed her on the inside of her thighs. Lisa stroked Crille's hair as she leaned her head back. He brought his tongue against her moist pussy. He licked her outer lips, up and down, and slowly opened her inner lips. He pressed his mouth against her clit and massaged it with his tongue. She grabbed his hair, pushed his head down a bit and pressed her pussy against his mouth. She gently moved in long, slow thrusts against his face, grasping his hair with both hands, gradually becoming more urgent and forceful. He didn't care that she grabbing his hair and apparently humping his head. She became very wet, and literally rode his whole face.

"Oh, hell, so good. I love it when you lick me; I love to ride your tongue. I love to fuck your face, Crille. I'm almost about to come, but I don't want to yet. First I want to taste your magnificent cock. What do you think about that? Want to feel my sweet lips around your glans? Look at me! Don't you think I already know you want my luscious lips and tongue all over your cock?"

Crille stood up, and Lisa unbuttoned the last button of his jeans. She slid them down so he just stood there in thin white underwear. They had no fly opening and were so tight that the outline of his huge dick was obscenely apparent. Lisa traced its shape with two fingers. She grabbed his waistband, and pulled it out and up, so she could pull down his underwear without it getting caught up by his big dick. It presented itself as splendidly -- a 25-centimeter, almost completely shaved, nearly perfect, exhilarating specimen of a cock.

"I really love your cock, Crille."

Lisa caressed the underside of his balls as she eyed his cock. Her eyes had already started to devour him. She grabbed it and slowly pulled the foreskin back, then let it retract. Hell, you are one sexy stud, Crille, I thought. Lisa nudged him back so that he sat on the chair's armrest. She held his cock while she stood on tiptoe and pushed his dick against the folds of her pussy. His glans eagerly found the spot between her labia. Slowly she pressed herself down, onto the glans as her lips enveloped him. She moaned and pushed some more.

"Hell, what great fuck you are Crille, and so snug for me."

She pushed, taking in more and more each time, and Crille began to thrust. I thought I would die of horniness as I watched how my wife fucked this big dick. She had one foot on the floor and the other on the armchair seat. She pressed her pussy against him as she rode. Crille balanced himself with his hands on the chair.

From the rear I watched his big pole go in and out of her wet pussy. She was getting close to orgasm, her moans more like whimpering. I was certain that she would easily come while riding that thing. Her breathing increased, as well as her whimper, as she fucked him even faster. That big cock moved like a piston between her lips, deep into her wet pussy. She grabbed his chest and dug in with her nails, like a cat, into his chest muscles. She screamed like she was wounded when her pussy spasmed in orgasm, over and over. Her nails clutched his chest as the orgasm subsided and her breathing became calmer.

After a few moments she stood up in front of him. His cock glistened with her juices and was still stiff as a pole. Lisa kissed Crille on tip of his cock, and asked him to stand up in front of the armchair. She sat down and kissed him again. She looked into his eyes as she slowly began to jerk him off. Her lips enveloped his big shiny glans.

Lisa's eyes met mine as she lifted her face up, took a deep breath, and gave me an air kiss. With her upper lip back on top of his cock head, she massaged the underside of his glans with her lush tongue. After jerking him a few strokes, she enveloped the head of his cock again, her lips over his glans as she tongued him. Her hand had a firm grip on his cock as she repeated the same treatment over and again, sometimes deep in her mouth, then pulling back and repeating the massage with her tongue.

Abruptly, she stopped for a moment to find the massage oil and coat her finger with it, then put her mouth right back on the tip of his cock. She tongued the underside as she pressed her middle finger against his anus, massaging his anus while her lips surrounded his cock. She pressed her slippery finger into his anus and intensified her sucking. The moment her finger penetrated his anus, he screamed incoherently that he was coming. Apparently, he was so devilishly aroused by her treatment that he pulled out his cock from her mouth and came in two powerful jets.

"Honey, get on your knees on the carpet," she said to me.

She lay down on her back, and moved between my legs, so that I was astride her with her pussy right below my face. I leaned down and kissed her pussy; she moaned and grabbed my cock. She covered her palms with more massage oil and oiled my dick, balls and anus. I licked her clit as she stroked my cock and massaged my anus with her thumb. I leaned further forward, licked and sucked her pussy with my lips and tongue. Lisa continued jerking off my oily cock. Her tongue wormed its way between my ass cheeks, as I pushed back with my anus so that she could massage it with her tongue tip.

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