tagNonHumanThe DeVilles Ch. 02

The DeVilles Ch. 02


Note: All characters in the following story are 18 years of age or older. Any resemblance to real persons, places, or events is purely coincidental.

Chapter 2: A Family Comes Together

It was a peaceful night in Blanton. The crickets chirped mindlessly. A full moon shined down on the sleepy town. Lights flickered on as people settled into their houses for the night, families gathered and talked about their day over dinner, and nothing disturbed the relaxed order of things.

Stanley DeVille stepped out of The Michelson's house, grinning at the work he'd just accomplished with his receptive next door neighbors. He strolled down the path from the front door, whistling a tuneless melody on the way home. Jared Michelson's car pulled into the driveway as Stan casually waved to the man inside.

"Hey, Jared. How's the ticker?"

Jared stepped out of his car, cocking his head. A cautious look came over his face.

"How'd you hear about that?"

Stan pointed back to the house. "Steph just told me. Crimony, you should've seen how nervous she was. I saw her grab the mail, one thing led to another, and we ended up talking about you for hours."

"Ah." Jared pulled a file folder from the passenger seat of the car, and headed back to the house.

"You take care, old buddy. Wouldn't want you clocking out early on us, eh?" Stan waved to his neighbor's back. Jared just marched straight into his house and slammed the door shut.


Inside his own home, Stan slipped off his loafers and stepped into the kitchen. His girls had finished dinner, but left him a plate of turkey and mashed potatoes. So quaint. He nibbled at a drumstick as he walked about the house, closing the curtains and latching the windows shut. He locked the doors and turned off the TV left running in the living room. With the laugh track from the mindless sitcom gone, he could quite clearly hear the moans and giggles coming from his bedroom.

The lights in the bedroom his daughters shared were out, but light from the master bedroom shone down the darkened hallway. Stan polished the meat off the drumstick as he undid his pants. Entering the bedroom, he smiled wickedly at the sight before him.

Unlike the previous residents of the house, he and his wife's sleeping habits demanded a less conventional bed. The king-sized boxspring that used to occupy the room was fine, but they soon found they needed more room and converted most of the space into a large cushioned area. Black satin draped over the plush bedding, and large red velvet pillows with gold trim littered the area. It was clear to any person with half a brain that the setup wasn't there to encourage sleep. This was a Fuck Room.

As it so happened, that was just what Stan's wife Rachel and their daughters Jessi and Christina were doing. Their voluptuous forms slid over one another, luxuriating in the feel of smooth skin without hair or blemishes. Rachel reclined on a pillow, golden brown hair fanned out around her beautiful face. Her long lashes fluttered as her young daughters suckled her pierced tits and pussy.

All Stan's sluts bore the decorations he found so beguiling, and his own offspring were no exception to that rule. Though only a little more than a year ago his chaste daughters resembled average teenagers, they had long since evolved into sexual entities. Their hips and heart-shaped asses complemented their small teenage waists and long, womanly legs. Blessed by something other than nature, the girls quickly developed firm large breasts which rivaled their mother's mouth-watering orbs.

But, while Christina still had yet to enter high school, her sister Jessi had graduated and hastily found work at a strip club in the next town over. Her father's lust had shaped her into an undeniably erotic creature, but work at the club prompted her to add even more sensuous decorations to her body.

In addition to the runed "tramp stamp" her father marked all his conquests with, Jessi was dressed with numerous tattoos. Some held intricate patterns of people fucking, like the one that decorated the back of her neck. Angel wings stenciled onto her shoulder blades mocked the image of the virginal maiden she once had been. Other symbols scrawled onto her flat stomach forever labeled her as an agent of lust and corruption. Numerous customers and fellow dancers could vouch for that.

The golden nipple rings, clit piercing, and tongue studs her father had gifted served as the basis for further adornments. The numerous rings which spiraled through both of her ears. The loops that stuck through her bald pussy lips. She knew her mother and sister envied the freedom her life as a stripper gave her. The black and blonde locks and heavy makeup Jessi sported clearly marked her as a sexual predator.

Christina and Rachel would have given much to follow her example, but it was more important that they remain undetected. Still, Stan was not so cruel as to deny them some marking, and the first night he saw them all sporting inverted pentagrams and ornate letters reading "SLUT" on their hairless pussy mounds, he fucked them past sunrise.

"Daddy " Chrissy squealed. The baby of the family, her face made her appear more childlike than her mother and sister. Her luscious curves told a different story, however. Raising herself from her mother's cunt, she licked her pouty lips with a triple-pierced tongue. Despite being the most conspicuous accessories she wore, Christina was often able to keep people from noticing her symbols of sexual excess.

Her buxom boobs jostled with every slinky step she took towards her father, setting the nipple rings to swing teasingly. The golden bar piercing her devilish "SLUT" cunt peeked out as her hips swayed seductively, and her mother and sister admired the way her bubble butt jiggled under the rune that slipped down into her asscrack.

Chrissy melted against her father and opened her mouth to welcome his tongue. Her nimble hands grasped his pulsating rod as it repeatedly doubled in length, pumping the glands with smooth, velvety strokes. It quickly rose between them, poking into the undersides of Chrissy's jugs as she passionately sucked on her father's thick tongue. Her dazzling green eyes opened lazily and looked upon her father with the ultimate sexual hunger. Not so long ago, they sparkled with love and admiration, finding safety in her father's embrace. Now, they told an equally simple story: she existed to fuck. All the beautiful things that once lived behind that glance had died and been replaced by nasty, sinful desires. Fucking her family, copulating with teachers and kids at school, even seducing her friends...

"Mmmm... I can taste Annie's cunt all over you... Master..." Chrissy licked at his chin and squeezed his dick between her tits.

Rachel giggled as their youngest daughter resumed tongue wrestling with her husband. The little redhead was even more of a firecracker than her hair color suggested. Rachel knew that from the many nights she'd woken to discover her little slut's long tongue buried deep between her round buttocks. Not that she could blame her. Rachel was a goddamn walking wet dream.

Her wavy auburn locks fell about her elbows as she leaned up to get a better view of her incestuous husband and daughter. Breasts that required an F-Cup bra settled into their perfectly round shape when she arched her back and stretched like a cat. Jessi groaned next to her, pouting when her mother's nipple slipped from her juicy lips. Rachel pulled her up close and they shared the same gaze Christina gave to Stan. Neither woman truly remembered things like love, compassion, or modesty. All they wanted was the thrill of the rut. To be screwed in every hole. To taste every cock and pussy they came across. To live every perversion of their husband and master.

Mother and daughter crushed their hungry mouths together. Jessi straddled her mom's voluptuous thigh. Her wet slit ground against the smooth skin, all her piercings reminding her parent what a dedicated whore she was. Rachel pulled their chests together tightly, thrilling in the feel of their nipple rings scraping against each others' aureolae. She clamped her other thigh around Jessi's and began to hump back against her.

Their mewling caught Stan's attention, and he squeezed Chrissy's shelf-like ass hard, rousing her from the light tit-fucking she gave him as they made out. Christina grinned naughtily, slowly kissing and lapping at her dad's pre-cum covered cock as she lowered herself to all fours. Stan smirked at his wanton family, ruled by their eternal lusts. "Undress, my sluts." he commanded.

Chrissy looked up at her father, plump lips stretched around his fat cockhead. She let it bounce out and bump into her little nose. Her adoring eyes closed as she sniffed at the oozing slit at the end of his dick. When they opened, they were black slits atop red irises. She sneered with fat, blackening lips and took his cock between her growing fangs. Her trimmed eyebrows arched into high, thin lines. Brilliant red hair shifted to glossy black tendrils that swirled around her increasingly extremely voluptuous body, reaching to her lower back.

Stan wrapped his talons around her small black horns, cramming a good 8 inches of his foot and a half long dick into her throat. Chrissy didn't miss a beat, slithering her forked black tongue down the shaft and to his balls, delighting in the shifting of the three gold barbells in the appendage.

Snarling drew Stan's attention to his wife and oldest daughter humping into each other. Their smooth skin faded to a hellish shade of red, and their already delectable bodies swelled into impossibly round curves. Immense breasts almost as large as their heads mashed into each other, struggling to flatten their naturally bouyant forms. Delicate horns sprouted from their foreheads and occasionally clicked together as their throat explorations grew more fevered.

"Mmmmmfuck " Rachel groaned throatily, lashing with her long tongue at the pointed ear that poked out of her daughter's raven mane.

"Can't get enough of me, can you Mommy?" Jessi moaned, biting at Rachel's cocksucker lips with her sharp fangs.

The natural black eyeliner around Rachel's eyes crinkled mischeviously. She nipped at her daughter's aquiline nose affectionately, then reached around with her clawed hand and rammed it into her little girl's asshole.

Jessi growled huskily, triple-pierced devil's tongue dangling as her round red ass sucked at her mother's wrist. As if in response, her cock-tipped tail grew out of the tattoo that dipped between her asscheeks. It wrapped around her mother's lithe arm, helping her plunge in and out of her rear entrance.

"Yesssss... fuck yourself, you filthy little whore... Screw your ass on your mommy's fist..."

Rachel bit into Jessi's neck, drawing black blood from the demoness. Her own long cock-tail swung around and slipped into Jessi's smiling mouth, plugging her daughter from both ends.

Lapping at the rapidly healing bite marks with her forked tongue, Rachel pulled Jessi down to stare into her crimson eyes. Her tail slipped out so they could share it between themselves, Rachel's clawed hand still pumping into Jessi's bubble butt.

"You know what I really want, baby?" Rachel hissed.

"What, you filthy bitch?" Jessi punctuated the statement with a big roll of her hips, slapping her mother's massive jugs with her own.

" I want a taste of that horse cock." Her eyes leered at her husband and youngest daughter.

The father and daughter had themselves fully shed their glamour, now appearing as the sex demons they truly were. Chrissy crouched before the 8 foot tall demon lord on all fours. Her curved black claws dug deep into the satin bedding. She rocked back and forth, colossal red tits jiggling around, cock-tipped tail flicking behind her plush round ass. Juices dripped down her supple red thighs, the musk driving Stan on.

His monstrous dick was lodged deep in her throat, clearly visible from her bulging neck. His little girl's fangs scraped at the base of his cock. Her forked tongue laved around his swinging scrotum, poking into his asshole whenever she completely swallowed his enormous girth. Her father's large clawed hands rubbed over her supernaturally beautiful face. He caressed her pointed ears and long neck, making her purr around his member. Then he'd grab her hard by the hair, wrapping the glossy ebony strands over his fist, and pound her tonsils while she mewled in ecstasy.

"Did you hear that, Master?" Rachel called out, rising to all fours and arching her back to display her wagging tail, luscious ass, swinging hips, and swaying breasts. She flung her long mane back and licked her fangs, crawling over to her husband. Jessi followed suit.

"You'll have to share with Chrissy." Stan grunted. Chrissy just kept thrusting his demonic cock down her throat.

"Awwwww, baby." Rachel cooed to Chrissy. She and Jessi settled on either side of the young demoness. "Don't you want to share with Mommy?"

Chrissy pulled back from her father's dick, saliva coating the entire 18 inch length.

"But Mommyyyy.." she pouted, fangs peeking over her black dick-sucking lips, "I got Daddy all nice and hard, and now you want to take him for your own slutty pussy?" Chrissy thrust her heavy red globes out in mock derision, the gold rings waggling on hard black nipples. But her long tail also curled around her mother's thigh, the tip tickling at her pierced clit.

"Oh, fine" Rachel purred, "We'll share him this round, but I've been waiting for relief all day."

Stan chuckled. "So THAT's why you kept your glamour so long."

Rachel's red eyes glowed happily at her master's attention. "A girl has to save room for the main course." Her forked tongue flicked over his dripping glands. Chrissy giggled and jammed her tail into her mother's cunt. The three demonic whores lapped at Stan's balls with their long tongues, slit red eyes looking up to him worshipfully. Jessi followed Chrissy's lead and stuffed her own tail up her little sister's pussy, eliciting moans as Chrissy scraped Stan's nuts with her white fangs. Rachel's own tail pumped into Jessi, and soon all three busty sluts were rocking back and forth on the thick appendages while they slurped at their god's throbbing package.

Soon Rachel had taken up the duty of deep-throating her master while her wanton daughters drew his balls into their salivating mouths. Stan rubbed his claws over their horns and sharp ear tips, sliding a thumb into one of the sucking mouths and playing with his whore's tongue piercings. As their excitement grew, the sluts jostled one another with their jutting breasts, fighting over who got to suck the pre-cum from the head while the others tongue-bathed and nibbled the sides. Nevertheless, mother and daughters kept jabbing their tails into their tattooed pussies as orgasm after orgasm shook through their crimson bodies.

Finally, Stan pulled his monstrous dick back from the insatiable demonesses and let loose with his black jism. The fluid blasted into their open mouths, 8 inch tongues extended to catch every drop. The satanic whores hissed with abandon, cumming hard from the combined pleasures of their stuffed cunts, the taste of their master's cum, and the evil feelings they got from performing such filthy acts of sodomy with their own flesh and blood. Cum dripped down the girls' deep cleavage, coating their flawless red skin with thick globs of sperm. They quickly went about cleaning up, lapping at each others' gorgeous faces and enormous mountains of flesh.

Stan lay down on the bedding, pumping his tireless rod to the sight of his loving family desperately drinking his seed. Jessi and Chrissy grabbed each others' boobs and cleaned out the mile-long cleavage with questing tongues, then looked into each others' slit eyes lustily and started making out hard. Rachel lapped a stray rivulet from the underside of Chrissy's cranium-sized mammaries, then pulled away as the sisters sucked on each others fat lips and ground their pierced nipples together.

Rachel slunk off to the side and licked pussy juice from her claws with her forked tongue, eyeing Stan seductively. She once again crawled to him on all fours, massive rack swaying underneath her smiling fangs. Though their glamour made Stan and his family appear relatively human, it also reduced the demon lord's inhuman body mass to a less noticeable size. In their true forms, the girls were eternally youthful and still almost normal in mass, if not proportion, but Stan towered over his demon brides.

His thoroughly debauched and evil wife crawled up his giant form, straddling his leg like a youth crawling over a supine parent. Rachel's tail waved back and forth over her sauntering ass. She made sure to drag her bounteous bosom over his smooth skin and left a trail of juices as her slit ran over his thigh. Spreading her red thighs over his stomach, she seemed to ignore his titanic erection, then merely reached back with her tail and coiled it around his dick. She brought her claws together on his sternum, arching her back to present the gargantuan twin mounds of her chest.

She studied his face wolfishly. Cocking her head to one side, wavy tendrils of black hair fell across her red reptilian eyes and curled around her black horns. She shook them out of the way, letting her mane settle around her pointed ears, and turned slightly at the roars coming from her luscious demoness daughters.

"FUCK THAT FUCKIN' CUNT YOU BIG-TITTED CUMSLUT " Chrissy snarled as Jessi pinned her to a pillow and pounded into her with her phallic tail. Chrissy's sultry legs wrapped tight around her sister's waist, her black toeclaws digging deep into Jessi's juicy ass. Chrissy tugged at her own heaving melons with her taloned fingers, squeezing the black nipples until they loosed rivers of hot black milk over her bouncing globes. Jessi lapped at the milk with her long tongue and rubbed her own tits to start them flowing.


Chrissy reached up and grabbed her humping sister by the horns, pulling her into a deep probing kiss, their inhuman tongues fucking into each others throats. Chrissy then lifted her plump butt, wriggled her tail out from under her, and stuffed it into Jessi's thrusting ass.

As Jessi moaned into her little sister's hungry mouth, Rachel turned back to her husband. One seductively arched eyebrow raised questioningly.

"You owe me a ride, big dick." She constricted her tail around his cock, milking it slowly.

"Is that so?" Stan said. Bringing his hand under his wife's chin, she instinctively licked at his digits with her long, triple-pierced devil's tongue, eyes fluttering with lust. His other hand cupped her mammoth breast, which she thrust into his palm, rubbing the pierced nipple into his grasp.

"You really are a piece of wanton filth." He drawled.

"Yessss..." She rolled her hips against his abdomen, trying to relieve her throbbing clit.

"You've fucked our daughters, your friends, that Wilderness Girl the other day..."

"Mmm... her soul was so sweet..."

"You have no limits, do you?"

"No... ahhhhhh..." He'd brought his hand down from her face and massaged the base of her tail, encouraging her to gyrate in even larger circles. Her claws left bloody trails down his chest as she groaned sensuously.

"You're a fucking animal, aren't you? You'd lay with the beasts."

"Ohhhh... anything, Master..." she squealed as he pinched her nipple and caused some ebony milk to jet out. She lowered her huge tits onto his chest, flattening the perfect orbs. Her tongue trailed up his neck, teasing the skin. Face to face, Stan let his forked tongue slip out from between his fangs.

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