tagNonHumanThe DeVilles Ch. 03

The DeVilles Ch. 03


Note: All characters in the following story are 18 years of age or older. Any resemblance to real persons, places, or events is purely coincidental.

The DeVilles Chapter 3: Can you keep a secret?

Rachel DeVille strutted through her kitchen, her terrycloth shorts clinging to her firm round ass as it swished past the serving area. She busied herself with the dishwasher, putting away last night's plates and making sure the sink sparkled.

When a pair of hands squeezed her delectable butt as she bent over the countertop, she moaned sensuously. When she turned around and confirmed it was her teenage daughter Jessi, she casually wrapped her arms around the temptress' waist and squeezed her skirt-covered ass in return.

Giggling wickedly, the daughter leaned forward and kissed her mom, slipping her triple-pierced tongue against Rachel's own. The gold barbells clicked softly as the two women groaned and pressed their bulging breastflesh together.

"Mmm... you're such a piece of ass, mom."

"Want a taste?" The brunette licked her lips, her baby girl squealing happily as her mother's hand slipped under her g-string and into her pierced cunt from behind.

"I'd love to sweetie, but I need to help Ray with some new girls."

"Lucky slut." Rachel smirked.

"No rest for the wicked." Jessi licked her lips and winked naughtily, shaking her ass for Rachel's benefit.

"Don't stay out too late, baby. Your father said he has something important to share with us tonight."

"Oh, phoo," Jessi pouted, "I can do a lot more if I stay at the club when things get busy."

"I know, I know. But Daddy said you and your sister have to be here."

Jessi's eyes glossed over at the prospects a family gathering presented. She pinched one of her pierced nipples and shivered with desire.

"Fine, mommy. Save some cock for me." She grinned cattily and headed out.

Rachel laughed and shook her head. Her daughters were easily the most promiscuous creatures she'd ever known. Of course, she was a complete nymphomaniac herself, but propriety and her husband's important work demanded she maintain the appearance of a normal yet extremely attractive homemaker.

But still, she all too often found herself pent up in the house or maintaining the illusion of being an ordinary citizen of Blanton. It wore on her, and lonely days like this one usually found her alone in bed, frigging away her boredom.

Movement outside the kitchen window caught her notice. Peering out, she saw a boy trying to hide behind the oak tree in her backyard. He stared into her kitchen with wide eyes, paralyzed when she realized he had seen her.

One of his hands held a flailing leash attached to a rambunctious dog. The teenager worriedly looked down to the dog, then towards the gate, knowing he could never get his pet out of the DeVille's yard before Rachel cornered him.

How long had he been out there? Rachel couldn't help but wonder. Had he seen the mid-morning fondle she and her daughter had shared? That wouldn't be good. Stan didn't have to tell her that only members of their special cadre could know what secretly went on in their home.

And then Rachel remembered what she'd promised to do for her husband the night before. Anything, Master.

She smiled and waved to the boy, motioning him to come into the house.


Next door to the DeVille house, Jared Michelson feverishly poured over the notes he'd accumulated over the last few months. He'd known something was wrong almost a year ago when his daughter's friend Christina starting looking and behaving completely different from the middle-schooler he'd remembered from years ago.

Annie wasn't so perceptive, unfortunately, and had remained friends with the girl even as it became clearer and clearer that the teenage tramp was sewing the seeds of evil into his home. It wasn't hard to learn the DeVille's other daughter Jessi had started working at a nearby strip club from practically the second she graduated. What was surprising was how it conflicted with the plans for college she'd made only months before.

Her appearance also changed drastically, the pretty teen morphing into a voluptuous little trollop. Her promiscuity was whispered about in some circles, but no one seemed to admit to any trysts with the girl. It was as if they were protecting her for some reason.

But Jared's tolerance came to an end on the day he came home from work to discover Christina teaching Annie how to french kiss. Not just tentative smooches, either. The DeVille girl was practically molesting his daughter. He immediately forbade the girls from seeing each other again, but the seeds were already sewn.

Christina still hung out with Annie every day at school, and he knew they were meeting without his permission on the weekends. If not for the heart problems Jared developed around that time, he would've paid closer attention to his daughter's activities. The Town Council had been working him to the bone, and his poor health was just another of the consequences. Now he regretted his lapse in parental concern.

At the heart of things, Jared knew Stanley DeVille was responsible for it all. The man had an aura of wrongness about him. Somehow, Jared knew he didn't belong in Blanton. Or America. Maybe anywhere.

There was something unnatural about him, even though the information Jared's detective had gathered on Stan proved useless. He had a perfect record. A more model citizen was hard to find. A year ago, Jared himself would have agreed that Stanley was nearly perfect. Not any more.

And the fact that he'd been to Jared's house the other night... alone with his wife and daughter... Jared didn't want to think it, but something had happened. Annie and his wife Stephanie didn't act as if anything was amiss, but Jared noticed that the sheets on his bed were freshly changed that night. There was also an unusual smell in the bedroom. Jared didn't want to think it...

"Daddy You coming for your breakfast?" His blonde daughter bounced into the room wearing her long pink bathrobe and waving around a spatula.

"Annie? You're still here, honey?"

Annie rolled her eyes. "It's a late start, duh. I don't go in until lunchtime"

"Oh..." Jared gathered the surveillance back into his file folder and tucked it into his desk drawer.

"C'mon," she grabbed his hand and pulled him out of his chair, "I made blueberry pancakes "

Jared grinned and shook his head. "Okay, okay. I'm coming."

Annie skipped ahead of him towards the kitchen, licking her lips with her triple-pierced tongue. "You will be, Daddy..."


"So, Billy, you guys just got stuck in the yard?" Rachel chuckled reassuringly. "Yes'm." The 18 year old had told her of how the dog had run away and he'd followed him into the yard, only to be caught there when Rachel discovered them. She nodded understandingly, doubting the explanation for both its thoroughness and convenience. Not that it mattered much.

"He's a good boy. He just... you know." Billy drank the chocolate milk she'd given him, and she favored him with a dazzling smile.

"You like it?"

"Oh, yes'm." he chuckled, disarmed by the childish beverage. "I don't know how much chocolate you had to put in to make it all dark like this. It's great. Momma never made it like this."

Rachel giggled. "I'm not like most moms, sweetie." She stroked his dog's neck, rubbing the scruff as it lapped from the bowl of sweet dark milk she'd put on the floor for him.

"Oh, I know–" The boy stopped himself, reconsidered, and started drinking his milk thirstily.

"You know?"

Billy finished his glass, setting it down on the coffee table.

"Well... I've heard things, ma'am."

Rachel's eyebrow arched curiously. "Things like what?"

"Oh..." He watched her pour more of the rich milk into his glass. "Stuff like... you know... how hot you are." He gulped down some more milk.

Rachel laughed, tossing back her long chestnut hair. "You think I'm hot?"

"Oh, yes'm " He reached for the jug to refill his milk glass. "You're the prettiest woman I've ever seen."


"It's true You've got the prettiest face, and your hair, and your big–" He stopped short, cheeks flushing red.

"My big...?" She prompted, gazing deep into his eyes.

"Your..." He finished another glass of milk, "Breasts."

"My tits, eh?" She reached under her large boobs and hefted them in her halter top. The boy licked his lips hungrily, not able to take his eyes away from the MILF massaging her perky F-Cups. Rachel purred and pouted her lips.

"You know where milk comes from, right Billy?"

He nodded sleepily. "Cows and..."

Rachel smiled brilliantly and giggled. "Not all milk, Billy." She reached up and squeezed one of her pierced nipples through her top. A short twist and tug produced a growing wet spot on the dark shirt.

Billy leaned forward, staring at the gorgeous seductress in wonder. Reclining, she continued to caress a heavy breast with one hand while the other dipped below the waistband of her shorts and fingered her pierced clit.

"Come here," she whispered, looking around again to confirm that all the windows in the house were now closed and covered. The boy gingerly stepped towards her, eyes still fixated on her lactating breast. He kneeled next to her as she rolled her hips into her masturbating fingers.

She looked up at him sexily, mouth opening in a silent gasp which revealed the gold barbells in her tongue to him. Her other hand left her gushing nipple only momentarily to pull her halter down from the dripping breast, exposing her shining nipple ring and turgid flesh.

The dainty fingers then reached out behind Billy, pulling the mesmerized teen's head down to her succulent tit. Instinctively, his lips fastened around the fleshy nub, sucking hard to get at her tasty milk while his tongue played with her piercing.

Rachel cooed lustfully, rocking her hips harder into her own nimble fingers. Billy wrapped his young hands around her heavy globe, growing bolder as he moved one to her still covered breast and tugged at the concealed nipple ring. "Ooooo..." Rachel hissed, "You learn fast." She licked her lips wickedly. Billy looked up to her with mischevious eyes, an impish grin spreading across his face as dark milk continued to flow from the mammary below him.

Rachel caressed his face lovingly, then pulled his chin up to her and slid her tongue into his mouth. Billy lost his breath as the pierced appendage searched his cheeks and gums for any stray droplets of milk, but then quickly recovered and returned her attentions with his own inexperienced tongue.

A charge went through Rachel as, like a total whore, she feverishly cleaned his mouth. His hands now squeezed at her large boobs, prompting her to clamp her thighs around his foot and hump into his shoe.

Not much later, Billy pulled away, gasping for air. The flushed harlot below him giggled and studied him through lidded eyes.

"You're good, Billy."

He grinned, still in a daze from the rapidly developing scene. Rachel reached under her juicy ass and pulled down her tiny terrycloth shorts.

"But I can make you so much better." She giggled naughtily, scratching at her exposed pussy mound with long nails. The boy's eyes nearly bugged out when he saw the inverted pentagram and big ornate letters spelling out the word "SLUT" just above her completely hairless pussy and pierced clit.

"Can you keep a secret?" She whispered.

The entranced teen nodded. She rubbed at her clit lightly, trailing her fingers over the whorish tattoo. "I really am a total slut." She mewled, stabbing her nails into her tight bald slit. She lay back on the couch, shaking her brown locks over one shoulder. Spreading her sexy legs wide, she rubbed her thighs invitingly. Her dark eyes stared into Billy's hungrily, her red lips smirking.

"Want a taste?"


Jared groaned sleepily. His vision was blurred, the world swimming back and forth before he could focus on anything. He was burning hot, but in more ways than one. While his body was flush and sweating, a burning passion rampaged through his veins. He could feel it tearing away at his mind, pulsing through his body, and coalescing into a singular point of intense pleasure radiating from his groin.

As the fogginess slowly cleared, the point swelled and grew, defining the shape of his erect dick. The pleasure stretched down his length. It took him down into his balls, then flared back up to the end of his cock. It lingered there, enticing him to pump his hips into the air, then descended once more.

His vision slowly returning, he saw the head of blonde hair dancing over his crotch. The electric sensations synchronizing with the wet sounds of sucking lips. A pair of eyes looked up at him from the mass of hair.

They glinted, almost shining at him. The haze continued to clear, resolving the two bouncing irises that hypnotized him, tempting his hips to hump harder and harder into the wet mouth... the blonde hair... the blue eyes...

His daughter's blue eyes.

Annie snickered at the slow realization dawning on her father's drunken face. The evil milk, cold medicine, and euphorics she'd slipped into the pancake batter had done their job well. Jared still couldn't break from the stupor, despite the complete revulsion that should have woken him sharply.

Annie's slurping mouth just felt too good. Her soft lips clenched around the length of his dick as she bobbed up and down. Her tongue snaked down to his balls every time she reached the base of his cock.

The intensifying sensations in his genitals told Jared of the three metal studs in the tongue that caressed him.

"Oooo... Daddy, you're so yummy..." Annie lapped at the pre-cum drooling from the end of his throbbing member. She locked her lips around the head and sucked hard, drawing the tasty cum from his nuts. It was too much for Jared.

His member pulsed rapidly, releasing streams of semen into his little girl's mouth. She cooed in bliss, swallowing the load right away. With one final loud slurp, she stood up from her father's crotch and smiled down at him mockingly.

Annie still wore the pink bathrobe that now hung open. Her nude body peeked out from underneath, quickly covered as she reached a long nailed hand to her crotch and dug the fingers in deeply. Raising the glistening hand to her mouth, she extended the triple-pierced tongue and licked at her own juices.

"I taste pretty good, too." She giggled. "But you already know that." The robe parted from her breasts, revealing to Jared that they seemed a bit larger than usual and were adorned with golden nipple rings. She tugged at a nipple with her nimble fingers, shooting a stream of murky cream across Jared's chest. His eyes grew wide.

"Aaaaannnnn..." He groaned, barely able to form the words with his idiot lips.

The teenager just smiled sweetly at him, dropping the robe to the floor. Her wide hips swung as she straddled his stomach. Jared groaned again when he saw her completely bare pussy and the gold barbell that pierced her clit.

Annie settled her dripping slit against his twitching erection, sliding against him a few times as her arms slipped around his neck. She brought her face close to his and stared deep into his eyes.

"Shhhh..." She whispered. "It gets so much better..." She pressed her lush lips against his, slipping her tongue into his mouth. Instinctively, Jared's own tongue tangled with hers, driving the young temptress to probe him hungrily. Father and daughter devoured one another's mouths. Knowing her dad was desperate for air, Annie finally released his mouth, sucking on his tongue as he pulled away.

"Mmmm, yesss..." She rocked her hips, teasing his thrumming cock with her drooling slit. "You're almost ready, Daddy. Just another drink." The randy slut brought a pierced nipple up to Jared's lips, pulling his head into her chest.

The father's still lively tongue swept at the nub of flesh, tasting the dark milk. Jared moaned. His eyes closed lazily, but his mouth sucked hard at his daughter's engorged breast. Annie keened lustily, grinding her smooth wet crotch against her father's painfully-engorged length.


"SUCK THAT FUCKING CUNT " Rachel screeched, pulling Billy's frantic mouth hard into her hot snatch. Her other hand clawed a large breast, expressing more of the euphoric milk that had turned Billy from a clumsy innocent into the horny degenerate that now lapped at her pussy. She caressed his hair with sharp nails, groaning as the boy sucked hard at her pierced pink clit.

After their first lesson in pussy-licking, Rachel had brought the dazed teenager into the DeVille's Fuck Room. The place where she and her husband slept had once resembled a standard master bedroom, but it was proudly redesigned for endless sexual romps, covered in reams of satin bedding and velvet curtains and pillows. Mirrors on the walls and ceiling reflected the carnal scenes that took place back to participants bathed in the red light of hanging Chinese lamps.

Rachel now lay completely naked on a large pillow, her mighty breasts thrust proudly into the air. Billy crouched on all fours on the satin bedding, unable to stop eating away at his new mistress. Rachel noticed Billy's dog had followed them in at some point, still drugged by her milk and panting thirstily for more.

The slutty mother snarled as another orgasm tore through her, snaking a hand over her flat stomach and tattooed cunt to pinch her clit while Billy nibbled at the pink flesh. Rachel panted like a bitch in heat. Pulling Billy's face up to her own, she made out furiously with her young lover. The kid confidently wrestled her tongue with his own, cupping her big tits with his insufficient hands while she massaged his ass.

"You ARE good, baby." Rachel purred. "Let's make you a downright sexual demon." Billy smiled at her with hopeful eyes, kissing her hard again. The older woman moaned at the young man's enthusiasm, gyrating her wet cunt against his leg.

As their tongues tangled, Rachels' began to snake deeper into Billy's mouth, questing around his teeth. She opened her now red, snakelike eyes, studying her attentive lover's euphoric expression. She teased his tongue, drawing it between her fat black lips and into her own mouth. When Billy pursued, she bit into him with her growing fangs.

The boy's eyes shot open and he fell back, thrusting his hips forward as his pants soaked with the fluids of his first orgasm. Looking up gratefully, he saw Mrs. DeVille stretch on the pillow. Her now blood-red skin practically glowed with hellish perversion.

She scissored her inhumanly perfect legs forward and sat up. The growing expanse of her gigantic jugs prompted more pulses from Billy's crotch. Black nipples jutted proudly from the gravity defying globes, her nipple rings dripping with the now jet black droplets of demon milk. The demoness smiled upon the lecherous teen who was struck stone stiff by her impossibly beautiful face. She traced a black-taloned hand through the raven mane that tickled at her plump round behind, revealing the small black horns that emerged from her crimson forehead. The red tips of her pointed ears poked through her lustrous locks. She leaned on one perfectly proportioned hip, curling her cock-tipped tail over a shapely thigh.

"You know," Rachel purred, "I never had a little boy of my own..." She held one of her humongous boobs, now practically the size of her head, to her black lips and teased the nipple with her forked black tongue. "You wanna be Momma's boy?"

"Yessss..." Billy drawled, hands thrust down his pants while he humped into them. Rachel smiled brightly, red eyes literally glowing. Her 5 foot long tail slithered out in front of him. The dripping cockhead pulsed just inches from the boy's face.

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