tagErotic HorrorThe Devil's Ambrosia

The Devil's Ambrosia


Was I Lucifer, the Prince of Lies, the lord of all darkness supposed to dream? Dreams of light and love, forgiveness. A groan came from my lips, echoing off the walls of my nearly empty but lush apartment. Sitting up my hand instantly went to the empty half of the bed next to me, feeling the cold sheets. She was still missing, the one woman meant for me, the forsaken prince of the heavens. Where could she be? Why the fuck was she so late? Grumbling in a language any human eardrums would burst from hearing I left the sheets of my bed, heading into the shower. It would be time to head in to work soon, maybe cause my new secretary to commit suicide. Mmm, seeing all the blood on the street as I walk by, maybe pick up a tear that was left behind.

A shower like the rest of the things on this planet other then the souls of all mankind, was just something else I didn't need to do but chose to. And this morning unlike the rest, I was horny as hell. My cock was stiffer then a rock, throbbing, pleading at me for a release only my true Queen could give it. Reaching down I ran fingers over the thick shaft, cupping the base for a moment before giving one long stroke. Grunts left my throat from between clenched teeth as I worked the erection in my hand, envisioning what my Queen might look like, but none of the images really becoming clear or making sense. The orgasm hit me from behind, causing my spine to bow, fist slamming into the marble in front of me. Once the breath had returned to my lungs I opened my eyes and stared at the wall, seeing the cracked marble where my fist had been. After finishing the shower I was not feeling any looser or less horny for that matter. Instead of dwelling on it too much I fastened a black suit created of darkness around my slightly tanned flesh then poofed to work. Poofed meaning I teleported into my own personal office which always scared the hell out of my employees when I popped up while they were doing something naughty. The naughtiness I did not mind, but not doing your work while you are on the Prince of Darkness' time? This I did mind, and also came up with lovely punishments for.

Today I almost could not wait to meet my new secretary, possibly having some fun with her before her demise. Looking over my shiny, and very reflective black desk however, I did not see anyone. Standing up from the leather office chair behind the desk I moved over to the door, listening for a moment. For once everyone in my office were working like someone had lit hell fire up their asses, which I should have thought about doing years ago. Everyone was scurrying back and forth, actually trying to meet the day's quota, in which seemed like the next few minutes. A bright, charming smile was plastered on my face when I opened the door to my office and stepped out into the florescent lights above. Looking around I slowly sought out the bringer of all this order into my office, the feel of authority leading straight to a delicate young woman I had never seen before.

This must have been my new secretary, my new victim, but I could tell already she would be far harder to crack then the others. The woman was small, not as though she were short but she gave off the feeling that she was delicate, even as she held herself in the "tough bitch," pose. My hands itched to move through her curly brown hair which strangely she left loose and running down to her shapely hips. Her ladies pants suit did not hide any of her beautiful curves, including her rather large breasts which seemed to be begging me to touch them. Just as I was inhaling the scent of her rose-like essence, she turned to face me, green eyes that could match my own in color flashing from the lights above. I had to blink a few times to make sure I was not seeing things, her face was perfect, pouting lips, round soft cheeks, she was like a doll. Familiar in a way.

"Mr. Blacroad I assume?"

God... Ouch! Oh yes, must remember not to think about that one. Her voice was like notes played from a fine tuned piano.

"Yes my dear, and you would be the one bossing around all of my employees before I even get into the office."

"My name is Anna Mathews, I am here because your previous secretary hired me to take her place. Though you are now my employer I will not hesitate to take the reins when feel the other employees are not doing their jobs. Which, they were not when I walked in this morning."

"Well we do have a sense of fun around this office. You do know the saying, 'all work and no play makes Anna a dull girl,' do you not?"

"No sir, I have never heard that phrase directed towards me. I am not dull, though you will never find out."

With that little comment made, Anna turned away and walked off, giving orders to others as she went by. For a moment I just stared after that lovely ass of hers, wondering what had just happened. Soon enough however a plan formed in my mind, a plan to visit Ms. Mathews a see just how exciting she really was after hours. Work could not end soon enough for me, though I entertained myself with the secretaries of the other managers on my floor. None of the blond big breasted humans could keep my interest at all, just the thought of seeing Anna after work set my blood to flame. Once the day was over I followed Anna from the shadows. First she had gone home to her apartment to change into a rather short one piece black dress with thin straps over her shoulders. Second was a restaurant, a few mortals hitting on her along the way though she ignored them. I watched her in the expensive restaurant for the longest time, she did not order any food, merely sat and waited as though she were on a date. Smirking to myself I headed into the restaurant and straight for Anna's table leaning over to whisper in her ear.

"Waiting for me beautiful?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact I am. You are very late, I have been waiting here for half an hour."

Anna rose from her chair, turning to face me with a sly grin on her blood red lips. Tossing a hundred on the table I wrapped an arm around Anna's waist, leading her towards the door. The way she fit against my side was almost too perfect, her hands roaming under my suit coat as we left the restaurant behind. Tugging her into an alley I pressed her body up against a near by wall, mouth instantly falling down hard against her soft yielding lips. After a single drugging kiss Anna fainted in my arms, causing a smile to glide over my lips. Darkness consumed our forms, drawing back a moment later to show we had arrived in my home. Kneeling on the floor I lay Anna out carefully, strange powers filling the air. Anna's eyes popped open, her delicate hands reaching out to grip the back of my neck. Those sinfully red lips of hers curving into a smile.

"I have been waiting a long time to get you like this Lucifer. Though we would have found each other sooner if you had not decided to skip off to the human realm!"

"What are you talking about?"

"Well sweetness, you know that queen you've been looking for? She was born of heaven then leapt from it to join you only to find you gone where she could not yet follow. But now I have enough power and here I am."

"Impossible... You are mortal."

Anna's form changed before my eyes, her eyes remaining the same but her skin growing more pale, hair turning from brown to black deeper then the darkest night, however her lips remained red as blood keeping my gaze for some time before I knew who lay before me. This creature was indeed an immortal, the one I had been seeking. A childhood friend, Ambrosia. I let her draw me close until our lips touched in another passionate kiss, my arms snaking around her small form as I rose to my feet again. Her now pointed nails dug into the cloth of my suit using her magics to burn all of our clothing away with black flames. Moving to my bed which had been cold for so long I let her summoned flames of hell consume us both. Laying her beneath me once more my lips drifted from her mouth down to her neck, tongue coming out to trace fire over her skin. As I reverted to my true form, tanned skin turning black, nails lengthening to talons. A groan escaped her as I ran those talons over her pale flesh cutting deep but seeing her flesh instantly healing under my harsh touch.

The arching of her back brought her large soft breasts against my chest, a strange aching beginning in my black heart. As deep red horns sprung free, curling over my hair, Ambrosia reached up to curl fingers around their hard length. Another groan left me as I was not able to help myself while her fingers stroked my horns lightly, almost as though she were stroking my throbbing cock. The pleasure caused by her stroking fingers was almost too much for me to bare in my current state having been without her for so long. Pulling back from her I slid down her sweet body as she squirmed on the bed from the pleasure she seemed to get every time one of my talons cut into her flesh. Spreading her thighs wide with my hands I slid closer to the heat of her pussy, sliding my arms under her thighs and gripping her knees to keep her in place as I touched her clit lightly with my wicked forked tongue. Ambrosia reacted beautifully to every caress of my tongue against her sweetly moist pussy, her juices beginning to flow nicely under my attentions while I finally took her clit between my teeth and sucked hard.

"Do not tease me so! Come to me, now!"

"You dare to order about the Prince of Darkness?"

"Aye I do, and you will heed the order. Come to me beloved, it is time to complete each other."

Mayhap it was the term beloved that unlocked my last bit of control but I did as she asked and slid up her body once more, her seeking hands burying themselves deeply into my dark hair as the head of my cock nudged at her pussy. As I lowered my head to those beautiful lips once again I shoved every inch of my foot long cock deep into her waiting pussy, only a moan of pleasure escaping her against my mouth. The heat of her pussy was almost enough to burn even me, but as I thrust inside Ambrosia a few times I found she was like my own dark version of heaven. Her hands slid from my hair and down my back, sliding back up to cut deep wounds into my black flesh as I pumped into her body almost with abandon while she moaned beneath me. When the blood flowed between us I at last felt that final click that I had needed to be complete, maybe even to be happy. Those green eyes stared up at me and all I could do was smile at my little queen, pressing my lips against hers again with a growl of triumph.

"Cum on my cock my little queen of hell, I want to feel you squeeze me."

It was as though the mere words from my mouth had worked some unknown spell on her as she orgasmed the instant I was finished speaking to her. However while she still squeezed my cock Ambrosia sat up enough to whisper in my ear, the demonic tongue only I and my perfect mate would know, she commanded me to cum now, to fill her womb with my seed. The spell seemed to work both ways as I came instantly inside her, the most powerful orgasm of my entire life emptying into her small body which left me surprised as she did not seem to break under the extreme pressure. Once all was said and done I wrapped her up in my arms and lay on my side still shifting inside her pussy as I stared into her seemingly contented eyes. Kissing her cheek softly it seemed unreal even to one such as myself that a horrible being like me could have a perfect mate meant to be my haven for the rest of our eternity until a certain higher power decided to end things. Maybe it was something He had come up with to keep me from being a bad boy for a while, thinking Ambrosia would distract me from corrupting the humans around me every second of the day, too bad He was dead wrong.

"I am not meant as a distraction, but so you can feel love and happiness."

"Mmm, well I do feel it Ambrosia, and it should not be full force after a single bout of great sex."

"Wonderful sex. And you have to know that is His little trick, we are not like the humans, we still lack freewill in some areas."

"That we do, but what do you want Ambrosia? Deep in that heart I know you have."

"To try this, see where it leads us, Heaven or Hell I will follow that cute ass of yours. Now what do you want?"

"Hmm, I had wanted to be the one following your ass but I guess what you said works."

Ambrosia burst into fits of laughter and I could not help but join her in the sudden overwhelming joy that we both felt in that moment. However when my lips met hers again lust and several other feelings flowed between us and I could not help but keep her up and working all night long, making up for the lost millennia that we had both suffered. The next day though she was up appearing in her Anna disguise once again, winking over her shoulder at me teasingly.

"So Mr. Blacroad, are you going to make an honest woman of me?"

"Only if you demand it with that body a few more times."

"I can deal with that, but now we have to work."

"Dull girl, very dull."

Walking back to the bed Ambrosia slid into it, kissing my black lips with her blood red ones while her eyes shined with mischief.

"Now now, you may be the Prince of Lies to everyone else but never to me beloved."

"Too true, my dearest."

"I love you my King of Hell."

"And I love you my Queen of Hell. But being as you are the universe' Balance, won't you being my wife give me an unfair advantage?"

All she did was smile and kiss me again, I think she only did it to shut me up, my new addiction, my ambrosia.

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