tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Devil's Inheritance Ch. 03

The Devil's Inheritance Ch. 03


Sophia reluctantly left James alone upstairs as she went off to take care of the chores. Against every mental resistance she could muster, she still wanted to curl up warm and content next to his body. The very idea that she could be content next to him made her want to wretch.

She also wasn't used to staying up as late as she had. Her body ached from both lack of sleep and the positions he had twisted her into throughout the night as they coupled. Sophie went to her quarters downstairs and put on her bodice and overskirt, laced up her shoes and walked outside.

Birds were just beginning to chirp as she opened the paddock to the barn. She felt sore as she walked, and even worse when she sat on the wooden stool inside the barn and started milking the cows. Her mind flooded with thoughts of James Gardiner. His ravishment of her on the table and the unspoken bargain he had coaxed out of her, as she lay there violated and ashamed; the contract to James when he returned that doomed her to be his wanton acolyte.

She tried shutting out the tenderness he had shown her when he held her from behind, using that tool that had hurt her so badly yesterday morning to stroke gently into her, taking her to unimagined and incomprehensible heights of pleasure. When her mind worked to blot out the feeling of completion and wholeness she felt when she grasped his hand before falling asleep, her eyes brimmed over with tears. She wasn't supposed to feel that way about this man.

She steeled herself. He could make her body respond, that much was true, but she needed to keep her soul separate. She couldn't and wouldn't trust him; to do so would be folly. This person cared about her only insofar as his own cruel pleasure in her bondage allowed. She reminded herself that it was impossible for such a man to feel anything else for her. Besides that, she reminded herself, she was only biding her time. As soon as she found the letter and delivered it to the barrister she would be rid of James forever.

The sun had fully risen when Sophia lowered the market-bound canisters of milk into the millpond to cool before the noonday heat struck. She came back from the barn looking up the slope at her home towering above her on the hilltop and his carriage standing around the corner under the oak tree in front of the house. Sophia peered out to see a lone black clad figure walk around one side and turn to look at her.

James watched Sophia stop in her tracks when he spied her. He had to get back to London and find a way to forget about this girl. Despite visiting several very skilled doxies on Drury Lane back home, he had seen nothing in his past that could compare to the pleasure he felt when he was with her. It wasn't just because she had been a virgin either. He'd had a virgin and maybe another one once before, and neither had even fairly compared to this.

He was angry with himself for getting so deeply involved in what was supposed to be a coupling of convenience. She was supposed to be his private moll when he visited the country town of Ashford so he wouldn't have to deal with toothless whores at the Three Chimneys Inn. He wasn't supposed to feel guilt over her, or feel anything about her except the pleasures of the flesh. This woman was his property and would have been turned out to the crossroads at Ashford if he hadn't arranged this contract with her.

He observed her for a minute. She stood at the bottom of the hill looking up, the breeze blowing her dress against the curve of her thigh. Every fiber of his body told him to run down the hill, sweep her into his arms and carry her upstairs; to never leave this place and loose himself within her. James cursed his foolishness. He had to leave here at once or this woman would triumph again in his weakness for her.

Sophia watched him hop into the chaise and with the crack of the whip he was off, back to London. She listened to the wheels creak and roll over the dry earth and stood there as the hooves faded into the distance. She should have been overjoyed to see him go, but found herself sighing as he left.

She busied herself with work, cleaning the barn, polishing the silver in the house, everything she had let go for the week since she mourned for Mr. Farthing. Now she had to work twice as hard just to put her mind off of James. There was also the matter of the missing letter. She had searched high and low in cleaning and would have torn the house to pieces if not for the imminent threat of James deciding that he wanted to come back to the farm early. If he found papers scattered about then her game would be up and he would surely throw her out before she could find the letter and claim her freedom.

In the several days after James left, she found herself growing restless at night, tossing in bed. The evenings were the worst. All she could envision were his hands moving over her hot skin as she lay in bed alone at night, her only company the crickets calling to each other outside.

After a week without him had passed she could stand it no longer. The heat wave that had struck this week made the house radiate the sun even at night. Sophia had been forced to sleep nude in her bed with no sheets covering her for it to be even remotely bearable.

She thought of James and of his hands kneading her breasts, teasing them to points. The thought made her hairs stand on end and she felt the flesh start to pucker on its own. She cautiously brought a hand up and rubbed her fingers across it, feeling the start of that tingle that James made her feel. Curiously, she ran her hand across again and felt the same spark.

So this is how he does it, she thought. He hadn't cast a spell on her or turned her into a wicked creature. Although she hated him still, she now knew he was no an agent of the devil. Besides, she told herself as her finger traversed the areola once more, it was the modern age of reason. His methods could be deduced and copied. She brimmed with this newfound knowledge.

Sophia tried to remember the exact motions James had used on her to draw her into his embrace, pitting her desire against her willpower. She rolled her fingers over the nipple, causing her to squirm. Separating her fingers and laying them flat, she let the peak run underneath the digits, bumping and scraping like the ridges of a washboard.

Each time a finger hit the puckered nipple, it sent another spark through her. She tried it faster, delighting in the rapid fire of pleasure coursing through her from that spot. She exhaled a breath she didn't know she had been holding in. A light pinch on the end made her suck air in through her teeth. She cupped her opposite breast underneath from the side, mimicking the motion of his hands on her flesh and felt warmth suddenly emanating from within her belly. Her fingers rolled up once more to pinch the areola as she felt her thighs grinding together, heat building between them.

She recognized that straining heat from when he had touched her... there. Her hands moved to the sides of her breasts to pinch each nipple once more. She brought them up behind her breasts, wrapping over the front and pushing them together in front of her, fantasizing that those were his hands upon her hot skin. She gave her breasts another light squeeze from underneath before she ran them down over the skin of her torso, her knees raising, letting her hips twist from side to side as she thought of the delicious feelings James had brought to her.

The more she tried to force him out of her mind, the deeper she thought about and experienced the pleasure to which he had forced and cajoled her. Sophia finally gave up, letting her mind carry her body forward, the thoughts of his touch sending her higher. When her hands reached her hips, she molded them along to outside of her thighs to her knees, feeling the echo of his caress upon her as he had traced her skin holding her from behind.

She imagined that moment his hand had squeezed the cheek of her ass before lifting her thigh over his legs, pinning her to his body. Her knees separated and she drew one hand slowly inward feeling the tingle of her skin as she stroked up the length of her inner thigh before running across the curls of hair covering her mound.

A deep shiver went down her spine. She felt wicked exploring herself this way but proud and defiant at the same time. She was learning how to unlock James's secrets. If she knew how his hands worked then she would be liberated from the shock and surprise she had felt when they roamed over her body. She could free herself of the feelings she felt with him if she knew the physical reality of what he was doing to her. She would have at least that much control over her own body and her own heart.

She craned an uplifted thigh further open and felt the air cool part the moist heat of her sex. It sent a shiver up her that made her gasp. Her hand ran down to cover her nakedness and she pressed in into the down of hair covering her swollen lips. She remembered James making her beg for his touch as he had dragged his fingers across the outside. She did the same, running her hand up and down, her head tilting back as she exhaled a quiet moan.

"You don't know what it really is that you need, do you? Only that you have to have it."

His words that night echoed in her mind and she silently whispered, "Yes..."

Her middle finger dipped between the honeyed folds of her sex, sending sparks through her. Where had he touched her? The sensations she felt were close, but not that exact feel of flying he had given her. She traced her finger down to her opening, carefully pushing it inside before pulling it out, slick with her essence. She felt that familiar ache begin anew.

Sophia plunged her finger in once more twisting it around, feeling for that spot. When the tip of her finger curled upward she saw lights flash behind her eyes, her hips jerking upward. She rubbed her finger up once more and felt her back arch. Her mouth opened silently.

She envisioned him as he had prepared the way with his hands, coursing them in and out of her body. She clenched down on the invading digit as she imagined his tongue darting in and out of her entrance, the thought causing her to buck forward. This sensation wasn't it just yet, though it felt fantastic. The clenching ache, the same as she had felt with him, only intensified.

"What is the matter, my dear? ...Would you like to come?"

She thought back to when his cock was thrusting shallowly inside of her, her leg cast back across his thighs as James held her from behind, torturing her to the brink of ecstasy. His words teased her now as she tried to remember where his hand had been when James had made her beg for the pleasure he could bring her.

It wasn't just this electrifying spot inside of her that drove her wild. His fingers had brushed against a part of her hidden within the lips of her sex. But where had he been?

She brought her other hand down, feeling for that place within her folds, starting just above where the two fingers of her right hand were delving inside her entrance. The index finger of her left hand traced a slow path upward inside her folds, winding a serpentine through her inner lips, desperately seeking out that secret spot.

Just when she was about to give up, her finger trailed higher and Sophia felt lightning shoot through her. She moaned in surprise and delight as her finger grazed across that hardened bud. That was it. This was that spot, she thought smiling in relief and ecstacy. She recalled how he had touched her and circled her fingers around feeling herself start to take flight.

Her middle finger moved down as well, grinding both digits over the small fleshy ridge in circles, spiraling her higher and higher. The intense vision of him holding the cheeks of her ass in each hand, thrusting upward deeply into her, then laying her on the bed late in the night to continue pumping into her channel as his fingers moved forward on her flesh, eyes locked to hers, crossed her mind. What had he done then? He made her come in a single move at that moment.

She pinched both fingers around the nub and felt the world shatter. Her back arched up, her toes curled under and a long moan escaped her lips. Her eyes squeezed shut and she felt herself buck forward again, nearly sitting upright, before collapsing back onto the pillow her breathing ragged and a satisfied smile on her lips.

The euphoria started to fade as her heart slowed. This was the same sensation she had felt in James's arms but not quite. Had she missed something? She felt sated, but it was a satisfaction that left her wanting more. And more specifically, she wanted more of James. She expected this mastery over her own body to give her independence from any thought of him but as she lay recovering in afterglow, James became all she could think about. She recalled their last moment of climax together. His words as he lay there recovering with his forehead on her breast came back to her.

"I think the real question is, how is it you can make me feel this way?"

James stroked his cock as he laid in bed, cursing himself, one name only crossing his lips, "Sophia..."

He couldn't remove her from his thoughts. After returning from London he had visited the old Rose Tavern on Drury Lane and Madame Brown. He had looked for one of her better doxies to spend on to prove to himself once and for all that this green-eyed country girl had not bested him yet.

He had failed; and failed miserably at that. Not a single girl, not even his usual favorites, could entice him and when he tried to force himself to bed a wench that resembled her he became as withered as a courtier castrati. James had left in a huff to the whore's jeering and went back home to dream of Sophia night after night before he gave in to the only release that would allow him to sleep.

She had bewitched him. Her victory over him was complete and absolute. So here he lay naked in the bedroom of his London townhouse in the dog days of summer, his left hand kneading and supporting the fleshy globes of his scrotum as his right hand stroked feverishly along his shaft, a shudder coursing through his body every time his closed fingers pulled upward then descended once more over the head. James thought of her hair falling across her shoulders glowing in the moonlight, her perfect breasts, and the tightness of her pulsing hot velvet flesh closing in around him like a fist.

He exhaled a hard sigh, not realizing he'd been holding his breath as he envisioned her. The reality of her body stood out on his mind. He pictured that moment again where he had broken through her barrier, touching her as no man ever had. He licked his lips and could taste her again, that wonderful sweet salty essence, her intoxicating sighs and moans escaping her throat, under the careful and increasing ministrations of his tongue and fingers. James could see the moonlit tips of her breasts hardening to points in response to watching him as he sultrily stalked toward her in the bedroom, her trembling hands weakening around the candelabra that she had planned to strike him with until her body remembered him.

James also dared to dream. In his mind's eye he could see her riding atop his body, her curves bouncing in synchronicity to his upward thrusts. He could feel every drag of her flesh over his shaft, the tightness of her channel, and her hands clasped in his, her voice ringing out as she rolled through the tremors of her completion.

When he envisioned the thought of her beautiful lips enveloping the head of his cock, taking him deep into her mouth, he felt his senses finally leave him. His hips rose off the bed and his voice cracked out from behind his gritted teeth. He felt a hot pearlescent jet of his seed land on his stomach and then another in the hair at his groin before the last fell on his hand. James reached to the side for his handkerchief and wiped all of it away, before casting it down onto the rug. Sweat cooled on his brow as he lay gasping for air.

His body was a traitor to his rational mind. How could he let this woman have dominion over his every waking thought in such a way where he could not sleep until he found release by his own hand? How could she affect him as no other woman had before in his long career as a gentleman rake? And why did he continue to allow it, when it was well within his power to dismiss her on a whim?

He remembered her cold indifference the morning he left and shook his head at his folly. At least one of them had a handle on the nature of this arrangement. Sophia knew her part, and in that moment she had deliberately left him unfulfilled and wanting more as she had casually set about her day's work.

Never again! The next time the sun rose on their naked entangled limbs he would pin her to the mattress with his cock as though she were a butterfly in a collection and not let her go until they both found their release. A last mastery of her flesh before he left next time would cure him of his obsession. Perhaps it would put this bewitching fever on her instead.

He started to foment a plan of how he would do this. As his eyes closed in exhaustion he knew exactly what he needed to do. There was only one person he could trust to make sure this happened.

It was Wednesday morning and the sky was golden in advance of the dawn. Sophia was startled awake by a loud knock at the door. She dressed quickly as the rapping of the iron knocker grew louder, worried as to who it may be. After all she had been through in the last week the worst wouldn't surprise her one bit. She walked carefully into the dining hall, stepping on the strongest wood floorboards so as to not creak the weakened ones, and grabbed the poker from the hearth. It could be robbers. But why would robbers knock? Who in Christendom would knock on someone's door at this hour of the morning in the first place? She hid the poker behind her back and swung open the front door.

"Hallo! Ik moet hier de koeien melken."

A ruddy-faced plump woman, and a dark haired child of about eight years who looked as fragile as a baby bird met Sophia at the threshold. Both were dressed in black with dust-creased white bonnets and collars. Beggars. Ever since the great frost five winters ago, they were turning up at her doorstep at least once a week. She leaned the iron poker against the wall behind her and relaxed. Sophia shook her head, "I'm sorry but we have no food or coin for you."

"No, no. Master James sending me to milken de cows," the plump woman said in broken English. It was all Sophia needed to hear. He was insulting her now, taking it upon himself to run the farm. Sophia huffed, trying not to show her anger. It wasn't this woman's fault that arrogant bastard had sent her. She felt a tug on her skirt.

"Miss?" the child looked up at her with brown eyes and curtsied to Sophia.

Sophia softened. She wasn't going to be cross at a mere wisp of a child, "Yes?"

"Miss, my name is Aletta De Groot. This is my mama, Katje and Master James was right. You're very pretty."

Sophia blushed and fought back a smile, "And what did Ja— ...Master James say about what you would do here?"

"I am to help you with the house, Miss, and Mama is going to work in the barn and carting milk."

So he was confining her to the house. It made sense enough to Sophia. James wasn't terribly pleased when she had left his bed to go take care of her responsibilities, and must have figured that the way to keep Sophia with him was to hire some help. She shrugged. Even if his motives were less than pure, she did need help around here. It had been so long since there were any other people to talk with besides Mr. Farthing and their top customer, old Gregory Finn the cheese maker in Ashford. It would be nice to have their company.

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