tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Devil's Inheritance Ch. 05

The Devil's Inheritance Ch. 05


The neighbor's rooster crowed distantly over the hillside, waking James. He looked out the window as pink clouds appeared on the horizon, then back to the crook of his right arm where Sophia was nestled, head resting on his chest, blonde curls spilling over his arm. Her leg was cast over both of his, and her arm lay on his chest, her hand curling over his opposite shoulder.

James smiled. She looked angelic there. He had slept fitfully all night thinking about the letter, which was now tucked safely in his waistcoat pocket by the wardrobe. Surely she had at least guessed of its existence! Why had she not mentioned a written contract before? Because you would have ripped it in half as you ravished her, he thought, answering his own question. Now more questions about this woman plagued him.

...to Ms. Sophia Latwicke de Grey...

De Grey? Why would Uncle David add 'de Grey' to her name? Surely he didn't mean...

It was no matter. He would ask Whitcomb, the barrister, today and this whole mystery would be at last ended. He looked down at Sophia, still sleeping peacefully, her limbs cast over his slowly awakening body. There was so much he didn't know about her. But at the same time there was so much that he did know; knowledge that only he had of her. The thought quickened him at the same time as she started to stir against him, her thigh brushing upward.

"Mmm, James..." she moaned. He looked down at her. Her breathing was still steady and her eyes were still closed. He looked down at her calm face and the side of his mouth curled up in a smile, realizing that she was dreaming about him. Her body moved against James, pressing her thigh over his hardening cock once more. He shook his head. Her sweet unconscious movements were rapidly becoming unbearable.

James brought his arm over Sophia and turned toward her, lifting her to rest on top of him. Her flaxen hair fell in a heap across his chest as her legs parted to either side of his. Heat flooded out from between her legs matching the ache he felt growing more unbearable by the second. He ran his hands up and down the soft skin of her back. They alternated between her shoulders to the small of her waist, and dipping further to sculpt the delicate cheeks of her ass and part her thighs further. His groin arched upward toward her from shear instinct and the desire to be within her.

Sophia was lost in the dream world. James was skillfully playing the violin for her, and her minds eye saw both of them naked in a wide, blinding white room. As she crossed the empty room toward him, the music continued. It filled her senses, even after he had set down the instrument to skillfully play her body instead. She felt the heat of him pressed against her in the dream, his hands cupping her buttocks and pulling her closer, her lips pecking at his broad chest. Her fingers ran through the sparse curls of hair and her tongue snaking out to taste his small flat nipples. Their feet rose off the ground.

A muffled gasp escaped his lips as he felt the damp heat of her mound settle around the head of his cock, surrounding the sensitive glans with her pulsing warmth. He dipped his finger downward toward her sex, running up the inside of her thigh and grazing over the soft down of hair before being drawn by her wet heat. His finger met the moist inside of her lips and she sucked in air through her teeth, still asleep and wriggling torturously against him, "Don't stop... fly with me..."

James could stand this no longer. With Sophia's last unconscious writhe, his throbbing cock now sat poised at her entrance, able to feel the heat pouring out of her body. Her last sleep talk drove him over the edge and then slowly inside her. He carefully opened her passage with his cock, carefully sheathing himself so he didn't wake her. The tip parted her folds and drove slowly in as she let out a contented sigh in her sleep that turned into a long moan. James leaned slowly forward and grasped her at the hips, sliding her body down his to seat himself within her fully. He remained still and relished in her exquisite heat, letting her slow somnambulist undulations be the only movement allowed to give him pleasure. He lay like this for what felt like hours, his eyes closed and breathing rhythmic against the drum of his pulse. He belonged here; he had never been as sure of anything in his life.

Sophia looked down, the music surrounding them as James held her to him, his hands moving them together as she watched the ground disappear underneath them, the open sky pushing them together. She watched as his cock disappeared inside of her then stared back up at his face. They began to tip and she was turned upside down in the natural order of coupling, seeing the fields and trees far below them as he pushed up inside of her. They flew on like that as the music faded away, replaced by the sound of his heart beating in her ears, all-consuming. Her mind reeled, the sensations too intense for it to be a vision. Sophia blinked once and saw him blearily below him, half-awakening with a shudder from her dream to feel his hardness filling her completely.

James knew from deep inside of her the moment she became conscious, her muscles clenching down around him. He looked up at Sophia to watch her startle in realization within his grasp. As she awoke she clenched further, the twitches becoming spasms, and the spasms starting to roll through her in waves as she began to climax in her half conscious state. He heard her moan and shudder against him as her back arched and her thighs coiled upward along the length of his body. Her face was a wash of confusion and pleasure as she came around him. James would never be able to get enough of that incredible feeling, of Sophia surrounding him with those pulsing waves of her orgasm, as long as he lived. He stroked her hair away from her face and held her firmly on top of him as she clung to his body, her voice crying out in surprise and delight.

After her shaking ceased James thrust up into her again, holding her at the small of her back. Sophia awoke fully, blinking at him in wonder, as she realized that he was laying underneath her yet still inside of her. James pushed up again to drive that point home as Sophia shuddered and moaned in his arms. He pushed down lower on the small of her back and forward on her stomach, levering her body upward as his hands moved around to gently hold the sides of her thighs, steadying her as her body rose to sit upright.

She looked down at him in amazement, "James! How..."

"Do you feel me inside you?" he said thrusting upward for effect. He heard her moan as he pulsed against the back of her.

"Yes. Oh God, yes I can. But... but, this is impossible," she said, feeling as though she were teetering on the very top of the world. He smiled and chuckled at her, the laugh reverberating inside her body at the point of their joining.

James moved his hands to cradle her hips and pushed up into her. Sophia looked down at him, wide eyed, feeling herself expand around his cock and gasped. He smiled up at her and pulled back as she whimpered, before rising up into her again. She felt her thighs start to twitch, even more heat building as his flesh ground against her exposed bud. She felt like she was on a mountaintop, light headed and in awe of the sight of him below her. James found a rhythm, pulsing into her in deep slow thrusts, the friction not nearly as intense as either of them needed from each other. He could sense Sophia's desire for more. Soon enough, he would show her the vast power and potential she had when mounted on top of him.

"As you can clearly see, it is possible. And of all the positions we have coupled in, I find it entertaining that you find this to be the 'impossible' one. We made love standing in the water yesterday, if you recall."

Her mouth twitched up at the memory and at that word he dared to use around her once more, the feeling melting into the slow wave of thrusts coming through her from his body underneath. Sophia was feeling her defenses drop around him. He was making it harder for her to shield her heart...

Slowly he showed her, pushing up on her thighs and teaching her the primal movements as he lay under her. James guided Sophia's ascent with his hands then lowered her body upon his flesh once more, causing both of them to gasp. He repeated this again, feeling her legs control more of the movement this time, learning from his guidance as her hands met his at her hips. He turned his wrists to meet her palms and laced his fingers with hers, providing Sophia with support as she leaned forward and gained better balance upon him.

"You have complete control now, Sophia. I'm putting myself in your hands," he squeezed her fingers between his, encouraging her onward.

"How do you want me to move upon you?"

"In any way you like. It's upon you to guide us together now," James said, smiling up at her. To his delight, she returned his smile then lifted herself carefully along his length before slowly descending again as they sighed in passion together. "Does that please you?" Sophia said shyly, trying to gage his reaction.

"You can do no wrong here. I trust you," he moved her hands to his chest and felt her press her palms into him. I trust you, and I love you. He moved a wayward lock of hair behind her ear as she gazed down at him, "You must trust yourself here; do only what pleases you."

The look she gave him was the most tender he'd ever seen on a woman's face in his life. He ran his hand over her cheek and felt Sophia lift up again, her flesh gliding upward on his throbbing shaft before she began her slow and torturous descent. James gritted his teeth together and groaned as she started to pull upward again. Sophia began to settle into a rhythm, the soft motion of rising and lowering, riding his flesh becoming familiar and deliciously pleasurable.

She read his face and saw that he found this as sensual as when she had taken him into her mouth last night. Sophia loved that she had that much more effect on him, able to stare into his heavy-lidded eyes directly as she controlled the speed and depth of him inside her. But hovering on the distance, she knew, was the reality that James could take back control at any minute, pinning her down and thrusting into her at his whim.

She grew bold and started to experiment with James. Sophia raised her body up all the way until just the head of him was inside of her. She watched the pleading strain on his face as she hovered above him before slamming into his lap. She watched his eyes close as he shouted out, breathing in hard gasps at her unexpected move. She bit her lower lip and lifted herself up slowly once more, feeling every ridge and vein of his cock exiting her velvet canal, the air lightly cooling the sensitive flesh where they were joined.

Sophia lingered above James for even longer, staring into his pleading eyes, savoring the moment as the head of his cock twitched underneath her before dropping down hard, her thighs meeting his with a loud slap. His eyes rolled back as the wave of pleasure shot through him again, vocalizing his pleasure with abandon. James opened his eyes and tilted his head up to look at her. He involuntarily thrust his pelvis up into her as she gasped. James clasped his hands on her thighs with a dull smack of her flesh, her skin burning under his palms, "Witch..."

She clenched her muscles around him with purpose, listening intently as he sucked air in through his teeth with each squeeze around his hardness. Her hips swished from side to side on top of him, moving in a circle, grinding against him. Sophia moaned as her bud came into repeated contact with his groin and the moisture of her collecting at the base of his shaft.

He watched her stomach snake around, her breasts riding high, and her blonde curls spilling over them. The look of her twisting seductively on top of him matched the hot friction of her within, surrounding him, closing in on him, but denying him, "Oh God, Sophia, you're killing me," he groaned.

The twist of her hips didn't stop. She continued undulating back and forth, shifting and rotating her hips in the opposite direction as he thrashed his head and groaned, "What would you like me to do instead?"

"Ride me."

She smiled down at him wickedly, whispering her reply, "Beg."

His eyes widened and shot a passionate, dangerous look up at her, sending a shiver through Sophia. James growled at her, "Please ride me, Sophia. I really can't hold out like this much longer..."

He gave her a playful warning as he spoke, digging his fingers into her hips. In that moment she knew that he was moments away from effortlessly rolling her underneath his body, throwing her ankles over her head and driving into her mercilessly. Much as that appealed to her, she liked her present position over him and wanted to feel him come undone underneath her. Sophia's heart beat quicker as she began to resume her rhythm, faster and deeper, moaning and shuddering at the erotic friction of flesh against flesh, the heat of him radiating through her as his hands traveled up from her hips to support her breasts from underneath. He pushed them up, cupping them and rolling his thumbs hard over her nipples before meandering down the front of her, over her womb, downward through the thatch of hair.

James carefully watched as his cock slid in and out of her core, the sight almost too much for him. He brought his fingers to where they were joined and started caressing her bud in slow circles, feeling her nearly lose her balance from the heady pleasure. She picked up her thrusts in response making him moan aloud, desperate and determined to bring him to completion with her. James sat up and clasped her lower back, thrusting upward to maintain her rhythm as he captured a nipple in his teeth, roughly sucking it into his mouth.

With his occupied hand, he rolled the delicate nub between his fingers, increasing the pressure with their every turn. Sophia felt his cock swell even further within her sending her over the edge. As James felt her shake in her climax, he laid his head between her breasts, kissing the flushed and soft heaving skin.

He thrust up inside her twice more, then fell back away from her, hips arching upward hard into her, lifting her up with his spurting cock as he came deep within her. She fell forward and collapsed on top of him, his arms coming up around her body as he made one last furtive push into her before his body relaxed, buried within hers.

The sun was now up, casting a long line of light over them through the half-closed curtain, as they lay entwined. James rolled them to the side, holding Sophia in his arms, "You're coming with me."

"I already did," she said, biting her lower lip in a smile.

"No," he laughed and kissed her on the nose, "I must meet with the barrister at two o'clock. You're coming with me into town. I want to take you out for a ride."

Sophia tensed, blushing, "We can't. What will they say?"

James cocked up an eyebrow, "Who is this 'they' you speak of?"

"The townsfolk. When they see me out riding in your chaise..."

"What of it? Because you think you are of a lower station than I? Put on the new dress I gave you and—"


"Why are you being so obstinate?" he said, coming up on one elbow as Sophia rolled onto her back. They both startled as a loud knock sounded on the door, breaking them out of their reverie.

Katje's muffled voice came through the door, "Ontbijt, Mijnheer James."

"Dank u, Katje," he called back as they heard her shoes clomp down the stairs.

Sophia blushed bright red, "What did she say?"

"She was telling us that breakfast is outside the door," James said, getting up and stretching as Sophia admired the backside of him from the muscles of his shoulder blades all the way down to his taut buttocks and sculpted calves. He walked to the door and opened it. Sophia pulled the sheet over her head until she heard it latch closed again. She heard him chuckle at her shyness and saw him walk toward the bed, fresh cream, sugar and blackberries on the tray.

"Do... do you think she heard me talking to you?"

"Undoubtedly. But considering all she probably heard last night I don't think she'd think anything of it," James said setting down the tray and laughed as Sophia flushed hot once more.

She was mortified. Having spent the last few days working with Katje, she didn't want the woman judging her as a whore. She buried her face in her hands, "Oh, God..."

"You needn't be embarrassed. Katje's not a half-wit; she knew when she arrived about my arrangement with you. And how has she treated you?"

"Katje and Aletta have both been very kind—"

"There you see?" he said tossing a berry into his mouth, "Nothing to worry about."

James set the tray on the chair beside the bed and picked up another berry, hovering it in front of her lips, as she lay propped up against the pillows. Sophia tentatively opened her mouth and let him feed her, not used to this at all.

"So you'll come to town with me?"

"No, James, I can't..."

"I ask you again. Why are you being so stubborn about this?"

"Because then they would know for sure that I am your... whore," she said chewing on the word harder than the sweet fruit in her mouth.

"You are whatever I make of you. You have a brand new lovely dress and with your beauty, you will be the envy of all who see us. As far as they are concerned, you just 'inherited' trust of a farm from my uncle of whom I am the current proprietor—"

"James, most those people in town may be illiterate peasants to you, but they aren't stupid. And they have known me since... since I first came to the Ashford church when I was nine. They know I'm no lady, or mistress or owner of anything. But they will know that I'm your mistress once they see me with you."

"I don't see why you should be ashamed."

"They already judge me, James, because of how I arrived here."

"Then what is one more thing that sets their tongues wagging at you? Sophia, you need to see yourself as the lady of this farm; its owner, if you ever expect to have the upper hand in your business dealings with these people."

"Business dealings?"

"What work did you do for my uncle?"

"Milked the cows, carted the milk..."

"What else?"

"When he was... sleeping during the day, I would take it to town, barter the prices, take orders, occasionally keep the books..."

"So you know how to manage this farm, but you don't know how to manage its value."

"I don't understand."

"Well, let me demonstrate," he said, pulling out another berry, "Lie still."

Sophia gave him a confused look before watching him place the berry on her right breast. She shifted, giggling and James caught the little fruit as it rolled off.

"Lie still! I want to show you something!"

Sophia complied as he replaced the berry, "What are you doing?"

"Pretend you're a map. This is the farm on the hill," he said pointing to the blackberry sitting on top of her breast as Sophia tried with all her might to keep from giggling and upsetting his 'map'. He set down three more berries on her stomach, "And in the valley, these are the cheese maker, the churner, and the blacksmith at Ashford."

Sophia looked up at him smiling, "I'm listening..."

He dipped his finger in the cream, "You supply milk to the cheese maker," he said tracing a line from the berry and around her nipple before ending at the group of berries around her navel, "and the churner, and livery work for the blacksmith. Their livelihoods depend on you."

"Go on," she said, struggling not to laugh or let his delicate touch make her rise toward him as her body dearly desired to do.

He dipped his finger in the cream again; "They take that profit from your milk and spend it at the pub and the shops," he said trailing the cream to her navel, then continuing the trail south, "and other wares Ashford imports from outside the town."

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