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The Devil's Slave


*This story has some disturbing elements to it. Not for the faint of heart*

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Mona sat on her bed, browsing a dating website dedicated to kink on her lap top. She had issues finding someone that was a good fit for her. Most of the so-called 'Dominants" she had encountered were nothing more than fakers who were either looking to cheat on their wife or girlfriend or pretending to be keen in the world of bondage and kinky sex. The reality of it was, half of the guys she engaged in conversations with didn't even know what a flogger was. Most of the guys were just looking for the easy lay and that's not what she was about.

Mona was attractive in a dark and gothic way. She mostly wore black everything. She was short and slender. Her hair was jet black and very long, reaching past the middle of her back. Her favorite garb would include black flowing skirts, a black tank top with some sort of ritualistic logo on it, fishnet stockings and high-heeled boots, black of course. Her skin was pale and her eyes were dark as well. She didn't usually wear black eye shadow and lipstick though. She always felt that would've been a little too much. Under the garbs, she had perky, B-Cup breasts with pierced nipples. She also sported a couple of well-placed tattoos.

Appearances aside, she did have one thing that she felt turned a lot of guys off. She was a devil worshipper. She read about it. She joined a couple of friends and they meddled a bit. It was more of a small cult group than anything else. They always restricted themselves from going too extreme. They never sacrificed domestic animals. They did most of their incantations based on popular things they read online. She was very open and proud to call herself a devil worshipper even if, in reality, she wasn't doing it right. She always felt this was the reason she was never popular. Devil worship seems to scare people away, or attract those who looked at this as an easy target. Her profile on the kink dating site states her devil-worshipping ways upfront to avoid confusion or surprises later.

The last "dominant" she actually met up with turned out to be the worst of them all. Mark was his name and he talked himself up really well and she took a genuine interest in him. In the end, Mark was as fake as they came. The self-proclaimed experienced Dom showed up with a starter bondage kit. He was clumsy and awkward. He gave her no pleasure. And to top it all off, he had a well below average sized penis. Mona had only slept with three guys in her life prior to Mark, and while they weren't well-endowed, they were at least average sized. One may have been slightly more than average. Mark, however, didn't have much to speak of.

What was it he claimed? 'I'm going to fuck you into submission with my huge cock.'

After a hard and ineffective spanking that succeeded in only making her uncomfortable, he finally 'fucked her into submission' like the true minute man that he was.

Snickering to herself and shaking her head, she continued through her inbox. There was one good thing that did come out of her meeting with Mark. She made the acquaintance Phillip, a friend of Mark's on the site. She found him enjoyable to talk to. He was open about learning to be a Dominant. Everything about him was very genuine. He didn't claim to be something he wasn't. He wasn't very attractive though. He was tall and very skinny. He wore glasses and didn't have much of a sense of style. Still, she found him interesting. He always seemed to keep the conversation going and he was somewhat interested in knowing about her devil worship.

She saw a new message from him amidst the many lame messages which were nothing but lamer pick-up lines. Why did men think that they could message her and immediately talk to her like she was their sub?

She read the short message from Phillip. He wanted to meet up and hang out. She pondered a moment, and then decided she would take him up on his offer and invite him over.

After hitting send and closing her laptop, she pranced to her bedroom to get ready, picking out a sexy pair of lace black thongs and a matching bra. He may not be the hottest guy in the world, or have that strong dominant personality, but she was going to be as enticing as she can be.

Phillip arrived that night dressed in his usual style-less clothing. He didn't bring a duffle bag full of toys he didn't know what to do with. It was just him. She had a bottle of wine and they shared glass after glass. They talked and they laughed and enjoyed conversation. He was quite funny and she was starting to warm up to him. Little by little, she found herself touching his hand and inching closer to him, among other subtle flirtations. He was geeky but she found herself starting to feel a little attracted to him. They were both also feeling a little tipsy as they put an end to the bottle of wine.

The conversation eventually found its way to talking about her interest in devil worship. She broke it down and told him the things she does. She decided she was going to let him in on a little secret. She told him about a talisman she found one day while she was walking along a trail in the woods on her way home. It was gold and with a clear crystal-like jewel in the center. She thought it might be worth a lot of money. She decided to keep her discovery a secret from everyone, even her devil-worshipping pals. Currently, she has it enshrined in her room and is the centerpiece to all of her dark work. Under the influence of the wine, she decided to invite him to see it.

In her room, Phillip looked around at the décor. There were pictures, jewels, books, and some other symbolic ornaments. He picked up one of her books and paged through it. She stood at her closet door, ready to show him the shrine with the talisman. She eyed him up and down as she was starting to get a little antsy. She decided that after showing him the talisman, she would hook up with him. She wasn't sure she was going to have that true Dom/sub experience. But she was okay having some fun either way.

He looked over to her.

"Are you ready to see?" she asked.

"I'm ready." He responded.

She slid open the closet door and flipped a switch. Phillip stepped over and looked inside.

The talisman was set up dead center on the back wall of the walk-in closet. It was gold, just as she described. It broke out into seven spiked points and the clear jewel sparkled brightly in the center. It was attached to a small chain with a tiny shackle at the end. There was a white powder in a perfect circle on a shelf right below the talisman. The tiny shackle rested in the center of that circle. The closet lighting glowed a mix of orange and red. The walls were upholstered in red felt and was lined with more sinister looking décor including upside down crucifixes and small very real-looking bones aligned in a sort of ritualistic pattern.

"So, what do you think?" she spoke seductively proud.

She stared at him, part of her wondering what was going through his mind, and part of her wondering how quickly she can get him out of those hideous clothes.

Phillip stepped into the large closet, not answering her. He seemed awestruck at what he was looking at. Behind him, Mona smirked as she removed her shirt and her bra, freeing her perky little breasts and exposing her pierced nipples. She hiked her skirt up and removed the pair of black panties. She was getting turned on at the fact that her choice to be a devil worshipper wasn't chasing this guy away, but seemed to be enticing him more.

"So?" she asked again, waiting for him to turn around to see what she had in mind.

Phillip just stared around the room. He seemed lost. Mona started to wonder if he wasn't getting a little freaked out.

Suddenly, Phillip dropped the book. He immediately grabbed his chest and dropped to his knees.

"Ahhhhh." He yelled.

"Phillip? What's wrong?" Mona asked.

Phillip convulsed while kneeling before the talisman. His glasses flew quickly off his face and shattered against the wall.

"What the hell? Phillip?" Mona asked growing more concerned now.

"Ahhhh....Ahhhhhh." he began to scream.

He doubled over, thumping his head on the floor. Mona looked up at the talisman with wide eyes. The clear jewel started to flicker as a flame started to form inside it. The chain and shackle started to move in a circular motion along the perimeter of the white powder.

Mona looked on, very confused. She shook her head but couldn't take her eyes off of the talisman.

The flame burst through the jewel, shattering it.

Phillip leaned back up onto his knees. He bent backwards until he was laying on the floor. His eyes opened and he stared at Mona but he saw nothing. He clenched his fists and reached for his shirt, tearing it violently from his body.

Mona looked down at him. He was grunting and growling. His body was tensing and twisting. She looked back up to the talisman and it was spinning. The chain was circling very quickly now. The upside down crucifixes began to shake. Blood started to drip from them. Each drop landed on Phillip's shirtless body, bubbling and sizzling on contact.

The red and orange lights went out, leaving the closet in pure darkness. Mona looked on, not knowing what to make of it. The lights flashed on and off again like a strobe. Phillip stood up. Mona looked relieved. Phillip stepped out of the closet. His pants were unbutton and unzipped. His eyes were empty sockets of black.

Mona wanted to scream but could only stare in a mix of fear and disbelief. Phillip took a few steps and he reached out, gripping Mona by the throat. He lifted her and slammed her into a nearby bookshelf, shattering the shelves and sending the books tumbling to the floor. He held her by the throat with one hand. She stared at him wide-eyed. With his other hand, he tore the skirt from her exposing her neatly trimmed bush and young sex.

Phillip, or whatever was left of him, breathed in deeply.

"Ah Yes." A growl escaped him.

He used his free hand to rip his pants and boxers off. He then placed his second hand on the side of her face. He released her throat and placed it on the other side of her face, holding her suspended against the wall. She wanted to cry but she was frozen in shock.

"Mona." A loud, growling voice called out. "You've been a loyal servant. You will now be rewarded. I give to you everything you've been looking for."

In her shock, Mona was able to realize that Phillip's mouth hadn't moved. The voice came from some sort of incorporeal presence.

A second, unseen pair of hands reached out, each one taking a wrist and pinning them to the wall. The hands quickly locked and she felt metal as they changed into medieval style shackles. She felt another pair of hands grab her ankles. They lifted her legs and spread them wide, pinning them to the wall just below her hands. The folds of her sex parted and she was spread very open in this position. These hands also made the change into shackles, mounting her to the wall. He released her face with his actual pair of hands and stood before her, seemingly admiring the work of mounting his servant to the wall.

Mona did not know what to expect. This was a level of devil worship she never expected to reach. She now questioned whether or not she even wanted this to go this far.

The lifeless presence of Phillip stood before her. Another unseen hand reached out and gripped her throat, pressing her hard against the wall before transforming into a larger shackle locking around her neck, bounding her to the wall. The shackle didn't choke her, but immobilized her.

In this position, her sex and her anus were both open and very vulnerable. She felt another pair of hands grasp her breasts. She was unable to see where these hands were coming from. She shut her eyes tight as the hands kneaded her breasts and tugged roughly on the nipple rings.

"Open your eyes." The booming voice growled.

Her shut eyes opened and looked at the figure that was once Phillip stand before her. His eyes were black, empty holes. It was just a body. There was no life, no soul, in the man that was in front of her.

Another pair of hands gripped her buttocks and pulled them apart, spreading her and exposing her asshole even more.

Suddenly, she felt what she could only speculate was the head of a penis brushing along the spread entrance to her sex. It felt real except it was very warm, almost hot.

She gritted her teeth as the member slowly pushed into her. It very deep, much more than she had ever had in any of her past sexual experiences. But Phillip never moved. This demonic member that had entered her, snaked its way into her from some unknown place. It slithered deep into her, reaching a depth that almost entered her womb.

The member didn't thrust in and out, but rather remained still and burrowed in her. Her eyes darted back and forth as she tried to make sense of her surroundings. It didn't even look like her room anymore. The closet looked like some sort of portal with the talisman now in flames. The orange and red lights continued to strobe violently. The temperature seemed to be rising. She felt sweat start to form all over her body. She was mounted to the wall very securely so she was unable to move her head to observe anything that wasn't in her direct view.

Suddenly she grunted as something happened between her legs. The embedded member began to swell and expand within her, like a long balloon being inflated. It reached an inhumane girth, stretching her sex far beyond the limits of normalcy. A protrusion from the member began to massage her inner vaginal wall.

Despite the circumstance, and the fear that accompanied it, her body betrayed her and an orgasm quickly rushed from deep within. Weak and immobile, Mona couldn't even tense up as the orgasm built and built and built some more, refusing to release.

Her eyes became weary as she looked past the corpse in front of her to her closet. The talisman was now the size of a statue and the chain was large and the shackle was full-sized. The enlarged talisman now took up the entire entrance to the closet. Fire shot out in bursts from the closet behind it. Each burst of flame drew closer and closer. Finally, she was able to close her eyes.

Mona opened her eyes at the feeling of a cool breeze on her face. She was on her bed, her hands bound to the bedpost. Her legs were pushed back and spread, bound to the post near her wrists. She looked up and Phillip hovered over her. His member glided gracefully in and out of her. It felt great. He was surprisingly quite sizeable, much more so than any previous partner, and well above average.

"Uhhhhhh....Uhhhhhhh." she moaned out loud as a strong orgasm released from her.

Phillip stared down at her, a satisfied smile on his face. He continued his steady thrusts in and out of her tight vagina. His hands massaged her small but perky breasts and tugged on her pierced nipples.

"Oh Yes...Ohhh." She continued as her orgasm seemed to never end. "That's what I like."

"Oh yea, baby. You like that? You like me taking your body like this?" he said.

"Yeah. Ohhh Phillip." She cooed

"I love your tight, sexy little body." He continued. "You like me taking your body? Taking it for myself?"

"Yes Sir. My body is yours." She obliged, shutting her eyes tight as her orgasm continued.

"You belong to me now, servant." His voice was now that familiar demonic growl.

She gasped as suddenly. She felt a warm blast and the setting changed. She was back on the wall, mounted like a stuffed animal. Phillip was back to being his corpse being. The orange and red strobe was back and the expanded, snake-like member withdrew from her, ending the invasion and leaving her gaped. Mona's orgasm leaked and dripped from her.

The member lowered a mere inch or so and started to press against her anus in its swelled state. She was back to being unable move, react, or talk. She stared past Phillip at the statue of her talisman. The chain and shackle were horizontally straight and pointed right at her.

"unnnnnnn." She grunted as the ungodly thick member pressed into her virgin ass. She felt like she was being split open, but the member slithered its way deep inside her ass, again, just burrowing itself in her without thrusting in and out.

Mona's eyes were nearly closed now. The pain she couldn't even express had her to the point of nearly fainting.

"You have brought me here, Mona. Your service will continue to be rewarded." The demonic voice boomed from everywhere in her room.

Her eyes closed outside of her control. They fluttered back open a moment later.

She was back in her bed, still bound and spread for Phillip. He slowly and easily pushed in and out of her ass. She looked into his eyes.

"This is okay, right?" he whispered to her as he continued his sodomy.

"Yes Sir." She responded in a breathless wimper.

"Good Girl." He stated, pleased that she was complying.

"Ooooh." She quivered a moan as this was the first time anything had ever entered her ass.

"You're okay, baby. You're being a very good little girl." He spoke softly.

She nodded and closed her eyes, thinking of how sexy he had suddenly become. He didn't act like anything special but this was working out well.

She felt another heat blast. She quickly opened her eyes and she was back on the wall. The extraordinarily thick member exited her, leaving her anus stretched open.

"You will worship this man, as you have worshipped me. You will serve him, as I am he." The devil instructed.

"This is my gift to you, Mona. I give you me, in the form of Phillip. You will obey him as you will obey me. You will belong to him as you now belong to me. You will make yourself available to him as you will have made yourself available to me. You will never defy him as you would never defy me."

Mona could only stare with her tired eyes, seeing everything and nothing at once. The engorged member slithered up her body to her neck and eventually her chin, the tip brushing against her lips. Involuntarily, the lips parted and the member pressed itself into her mouth, expanding it beyond normal capacity. It slinked and slithered to the back of her mouth and down her throat almost into her chest.

Her tired eyes closed and she was near unconsciousness.

She opened her eyes again and she was back on her bed. Phillip straddled her chest, resting his knees on her shoulders. One hand cradled the back of her head and the other caressed her face and ran through her hair. He smoothly slid his member in and out of her mouth, going deep into her throat with each insertion.

"You have such a sexy mouth. Do you enjoy feeling my cock in your mouth?" he said with a hint of ease and knowingness.

"Un Hun" she muffled

He reached a hand back behind him and furiously massaged her clitoris, masturbating her to an orgasm so quickly she began to twitch within the restraints. He increased the speed of his thrusts as he was ready to release his orgasm.

"I'm going to cum in your mouth baby. That's okay, right?" he asked but in a sure of himself sort of way.

He withdrew his erection and rested it on her mouth.

"Ahhh....Yes. Cum in my mouth Sir." She practically begged.

He guided his hard penis back into her mouth and following a few rough thrusts, released his semen.

"Uhhh...Ohh. Oh Yea." He grunted as stream after stream of his cum splashed the back of her mouth and dripped down her throat.

He pulled out and she coughed a few times, a few light droplets splattering onto her chin and cheeks. She swallowed the heavy load that was released before letting out a gasp and a satisfied moan.

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