tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Diamond Club

The Diamond Club


Adam Colson was in his fathers club, no one knew the club belonged to his dad; he acted like a silent partner. He didn't want people knowing he ran this upmarket type of place.

It catered for all sorts and types of people, whether they are deviants or straight, it didn't matter, if they had a dream, if they had the money, they were welcome.

Some would cost a stack of money, but he usually delivered on a promise that the dream would be enacted.

It had taken him years to get the right place, in the right area; most of his best customers were high ranking people in society, low royalty, bankers, politicians, and celebrities.

Foreign dignitaries and Arab princes etc.

Their home was in the plushest part of the city, and was worth around 2 million, his neighbours were not the sort to associate themselves with the kind of club.

Not out in the open anyway.

Although 2 of them used the club, they were unaware that he was the owner, no one had ever met him, and no one ever would.

If someone were to insist on an answer, they were told it was owned by a business conglomerate.

His club, which one day would be Adam's hopefully, catered for all needs asked for, he tried to make people desires come true. Whether they were lustful ones, or otherwise.

If anything near to illegal was asked for, then he would make sure it wasn't connected to his club.

Once a wealthy woman, who was married, came and raised a request, it was an anonymous one at the start. She was married but wanted to seduce and make love to a certain man in her life. She wanted to be masked, he tied willingly to a bed, so she could and would ravish him.

It was finally arranged after the man was contacted and taken through the story, he was assured it was a legitimate request from the woman, who had been vetted, he had also been vetted.

It was set for a week hence in a house that he owned in the country.

He had an employee in attendance, but not present anywhere near the set scene.

It went off without a hitch, the woman revealed herself to the man when she had drained him dry.

It was his beautiful married daughter! He loved it, and was more than happy too.

It was a desire since she had reached puberty, but never dared to try it.

His club wasn't an illegal club, and illegal acts were never allowed to be committed on the premises.

Drugs were a definite no no. And anyone found with them would be unceremoniously thrown out and banned sine die.

It had a dance floor, a 3 piece band, a combo, and served the best cuisine.

There was 30 seated cinema.

It had 10 bedrooms where couples could stay over if they wished, be it man and wife, man and girlfriend, lady to lady, or man to man.

It was all housed over 7 floors.

And because he did what he did, he had made many connections, which brought him many business deals that made him lots of money.

He had been raided several times in the previous premises, and twice here. But the powers that be went away satisfied that he was well within the law, and was now left alone.

It also acted as a normal night club, but the patrons had to be members or members guests.

The dress code was smart casual, but full dress on Fridays and Saturdays, no concessions to anyone. Many a time one or more of the silly celebrities tried to gain entry dressed in rags and nearly naked, and had been quietly turned away.

Much to their annoyance, and chagrin, didn't they know who they were?

Adam was out of college now, and was there this particular Friday night, he was allowed in before 8:00pm but had to be in the back before anyone arrived, identity thing, his dad would say.

But he would watch the large security screen in his dad's office, and use the stick to swivel the cameras.

He loved watching the beautiful ladies who came in, and some of the antics they got up to were amazing.

The 21 year old would get a raging hard on at some of the beauties who patronised the club.

And a wank would have to be taken to relieve it.

He was sat there watching this particular Friday night, when he panned the camera to a couple who had just come in.

He was a distinguished looking grey haired man of about 50.

Dressed to the nine's in a tux etc.

She was a dark haired beauty, so elegant, so sexy, tall, walked as if on wings, beautifully made up, long clinging dress, which promised everything, sexy cleavage, big pronounced upturned tits, a smile that could dim the sun, hair gorgeously piled onto the top of her beautiful frame.

He hadn't seen her in the club before so he closed the camera on her, and him, and set the tape to run. He wanted to watch her, and maybe have a good wank about her later in the privacy of his bedroom.

When she turned her back, the dress plunged to the top of a fantastic arse; you could actually see the crack where her cheeks started, and it was so rounded. He immediately thought of himself kissing and licking it.

God, he said to himself, what it would be like to fuck and make love to a woman like that.

His dad came in so he moved the camera a little, then said to him.

'Dad, who is that there,' he pointed to the man, 'he seems familiar?'

'Oh him, he is something to do with the foreign office, a high up, and thinks he's a jack the lad.' His dad told him.

'Is that his wife then?' he panned into her face.

His dad looked the woman. 'No it isn't,' he said, 'and it has nothing to do with me, who she is, and nor you Adam.'

But his dad knew very well who the woman was! And he wished he could get a woman like her to front the club, she would make a top hostess.

'Yes dad, I know the rules okay? And he laughed.

But then said to his dad, 'she would make a fantastic hostess dad, I know you are looking for one, aren't you?'

But he had still to hide the hard on he was sporting for her.

His dad went out again, so Adam panned back to her, she was sitting at a table with the man, and being very attentive.

He wasn't quite all over her, but he was obviously enamoured with her, she really is a beauty he thought, you are a lucky bastard, whoever you are mate!

Adam had the feeling that he had seen her before, but wasn't too sure.

He panned in close up, only her face was in focus, he followed her movements with the joystick, then at one time, she was sat still for about 10 seconds, and her beautiful face was there on the screen.

'It can't be?' he said, 'its Mrs fucking Harcourt, Mrs Amber fucking Harcourt! And she lives 2 houses down our road!'

He watched and looked, and he was becoming more and more certain that it was.

And she wasn't with her husband, and then he remembered his mother telling him one day, that her husband worked in the foreign office too! That was someone else there with her, his dad had told him what he was, he would check the book later to find out who he was.

'God she is fabulous,' he said to himself again, 'how I would love to fuck that.'

He watched them, or rather her for most of the evening, and as the night wore on and it came to a close, they didn't leave, they went upstairs, he had booked them a room, she was going to be fucked by that lucky bastard.

Using the cameras he followed them to the elevators, they had cameras in them too, he watched the man kiss her, and he saw her giggle, she felt for his cock, he squeezed her tits.

Leaving on the top floor, they went into room 7001, the rooms didn't have cameras sadly, but he knew she was there, and now he knew it was her.

That night as the place was being locked up; he told his dad he would stay in one of the rooms that were empty, as he had to be in town early in the morning.

His dad okayed it, and he went home.

Adam went to bed, wanked himself about Mrs Amber Harcourt. What he would like to do to her, what he would do with her, if he ever got the chance.

He set the alarm for 6:00 am; he wanted to be up and about to watch her and him leave.

He had an early breakfast, walked into the office, and downloaded the tape of them onto a DVD, loaded a new one to record them again, and then he watched and waited, the camera focused onto the door of room 7001.

They came out at 7:15, they were now casually dressed, him in jeans and a jacket, she in a trouser suit, and again she looked fantastic, 'she would look brilliant in a bin liner' he said to himself!

They shared kisses as they made their way down, and when they left the club, they got separate taxis, supposedly to go home?

Adam downloaded the new tape and put that on disc too, then he checked the book, the time was on the tape, so now he knew who he was now.

Donald Taylor was his name, he left and went home.

Later that day he loaded them up onto his computer, and had another wank about her.

I wonder if her husband is aware of her dalliance with good old Donald, he laughed to himself.

On the Monday morning he rang the government office building where Amber's husband worked, and asked for Mr Donald Taylor, he was told he was in a meeting and could you ring back please?

'Yes,' he had said, but before ringing off, he casually asked if Mr Taylor was the head man?

'Yes,' was the answer, 'he is head of the department.'

'Okay, thank you, I will call later.' Adam said.

'So Mrs Harcourt is having it away with her husband's boss is she?' He was talking to his self.

Then an idea popped into his head, 'maybe I could get something from this?'

He looked in the phone book, found her number, and before he could lose his courage, he called her home.

'Hello, this is Amber Harcourt, can I help you,' her voice was like honey, it was every bit as beautiful as she was.

'Hello Amber,' he replied.

'I just wanted to ask you if you enjoyed your self at The Diamond on Friday night.'

'The Diamond, what do you mean?' She asked.

'You were there with Donald, Donald Taylor, weren't you?'

That's when she stammered, and stumbled over her words.

'Look, I don't know who you are, or what you want, but you had better be careful of what you say, about me, or other people,' she said forcefully.

'Had I really Amber?' He was getting braver, she was scared, he could tell.

'Well you were there all night weren't you, did your husband know about it?'

'Or was he away, is he still away Amber?' Adam said.

'What do you want, who are you?' she squeaked.

To drive home his advantage, he said, 'I don't suppose Donald's office, and your husband, would be happy to learn of any shenanigans, which are going on under its roof, would it?'

'Please, don't do that, tell me what you want, and we can work something out, can't we, please?' She asked.

That's when he embarked on a blackmail, which would lead him to her body.

'Your husband, where is he Amber?'

'He's in the northern office for 8 days, working on immigration, he will be there until Friday next'

'When are you having a set to with our Donald again?' He asked her.

'What do you mean?' she said.

'When will Donald be meeting, and fucking you again, is what I mean Amber,' he growled.

'He won't ever again, I'm sorry I let him get to me now,' she blubbered softly.

'But he has somehow hasn't he?' Adam said.

'How he get to you Amber?'

'He told me that if I was nice to him, Colin would get a much wanted promotion, but I refused to do it until he got it.'

'I'm a bloody fool, aren't I?'

'Not really no Amber, your problem is, you've been caught, that's your problem isn't it?' Adam told her.

'It seems to be so yes, I'm so sorry, are you going to try and ruin my life now?'

'Me?' Adam said, 'not at all, but we are going to have to meet and talk, about what to do with the DVD that's in my hands Amber.'

'DVD? you have me on film? Oh my Jesus God no!'

'Please don't hurt me, I will do anything you want, but please let me free?'

'I won't hurt you Amber, when can we meet, how about in 30 minutes at your house?' Adam asked.

'Here, here at my house, 30 minutes?'

'Oh dear, I'm not sure I could get ready in such a short space of time.' She gasped.

'Please tell me something about you; you sound youngish, are you?' She whispered.

'Well I am 21,' he said, 'if that's considered young.'

'Oh my,' she said.

'I'll be there in 30 minutes Amber, be ready for me okay? Bye.'

He hung up before she could say more.

Adam was your every day sort a guy, not bad looking, got girlfriends, had a good life, 6ft tall, well built, he thought he was a nice guy, had a good cock, knew how to use it.

And he was fit, he had played sports at school and college, loved boxing on a low scale, he had no desire to end up with a flat nose and the like; he was at peace with himself.

He had showered, put some nice deodorant on; he was shaved, and ready to go.

He was feeling nervous, but just in case she tried to turn the tables, he wasn't taking the DVD, and had an excuse ready to hand, to justify his visit.

He walked around to her house, and knocked on her rear door.

She opened it, and had a look of shock on her beautiful face, when she saw him standing there, she was carefully made up, but lightly so.

'Adam?' She said.

'Oh Adam, it's not you, is it you?' She whispered.

'Looks like it Amber, doesn't it?' Adam said.

'I can't believe this Adam, you?'

'Sorry to disappoint, but yes, me.' He told her.

He immediately took control, by saying.

'Do you want me to leave Amber?'

'No no, please don't, come on in, lets talk,' she said to him.

He smiled to her his best smile, and followed her into her house.

'Bingo,' he said to himself.

'Adam, what do you want from me, I can give you money, anything, but you have rich parents, what could you need?' She asked him.

'Money can't buy what I want from you Amber,' he told her.

That's when the penny dropped.

'Oh no Adam, we can't, I've been stupid once, I can't do it again, please?' She was begging him in a way.

'Amber, I don't like me much for this, believe me, but, I want you, I have film of you and your hubby's boss in the club, you can't deny it.' He said.

'Where is it?' she asked.

'It's at home, give me your e mail address and I'll send it to you okay?' He offered.

'I want to see what you've got!' she said.

He explained exactly what was on it, what she was wearing, what she did, but more to the point, the room number. And them entering it, and also leaving together.

That sealed it, her head bowed under the weight of his evidence.

'Okay Adam, I believe you.' Her defeat was there in her voice.

'Good,' he said, 'I'm sure we will be okay with this Amber, and I have a feeling that you will be happy with me too.'

She was wearing yellow shorts that made her toned long legs longer, a green tank top that highlighted her perfect tits, and heels, as he looked at her his prick jumped.

Her long soft dark hair was down around her bare shoulders.

She looked wonderful; he felt like he was about to win the lottery, there are not many women as lovely as this he said to himself.

He was so looking forward getting his prick into her very soon. But he also did a bit of a reality check too, he had to consider her feelings.

He wanted her to go with it, if not straight away, then later. He would take as much time as he could with her, so as to let her know that he was putting her first.

He went to her, took her in his arms and kissed her, she didn't respond at all, which hurt him.

Her lips were so soft and cool, and her breath was sweet, and smelled terrific.

He kept kissing her, his prick was already hard, and he felt like he could, very easily cum in his pants.

He lifted her arms and put them around his neck.

'Please Adam, please don't do this?' She whispered.

'Amber, if you were me, you would do the same thing too, you are an absolute knockout, so soft and sexy, and beautiful.' he said.

'Yes, its been a problem for me all my life, every man I have ever met just wants to get me into bed, but none love me for who I am,' she complained.

'I will love you Amber, you wait and see if I don't, I will love you for who, and what you are, I promise you,' he whispered into her mouth.

Her arms tightened around his neck when he said that.

This pleased him immensely.

'Amber, you know, and I know, that I am not in your league, I am about 5 or 6 years younger than you, I think?'

'And haven't been with that many women.'

'So I'm being honest here, you will have to show me the way with you okay?' He told her, hoping that his openness would break down some of her barriers.

It did, more than he could have guessed.

'Can we go somewhere more comfortable?' He asked her hopefully. Between hot kisses from him, his hot hard prick sending her messages that her body was picking up.

'Like my bed?' She asked him quizzically

He smiled at her in the disarming boyish half smile way, he knew very well how to do.

'Adam, are you really sure you want to do this to me?'

'Yes Amber, I'm sorry, but I've never wanted anything more in my life,' he said, as he prodded his prick into her lower regions.

She smiled her own half smile then that said, 'yes I just bet you do, you fucking young dog!'

Turning away from him, she locked her rear door, took his hand and said.

'Come on, if I can't do anything to dissuade you, let's go upstairs.'

She led him up, and into a wonderfully decorated white bedroom that was filled with light, it was a woman's room, Amber's room, it smelled of her, it was her.

'Amber this room is so beautiful, just like you,' he said admiringly.

'Thank you Adam.' She said as she started to unbutton his shirt, before sliding it over and down his arms.

He leaned forward to kiss her, this time she returned the kiss, it made him very happy.

His hands went to the bottom of her tank top, to get it up over her head, so he could get at her tits.

She stopped him with a no shake of her lovely head.

'Let me?' She told him.

His shirt was off, and now she was undoing his trousers with deft fingers.

They fell to the floor, and she bent slightly to take his shorts too, they slithered down his legs, and Amber took hold of his so very hard prick.

'Hmmmm, very nice,' she whispered softly, as she held and stroked it.

'Amber, you keep that and I'm gonna have an accident,' he told her.

'Yes?' She mused, 'will you now?'

Then she giggled a beautiful girly giggle.

She went and stood behind him, and reaching round with both of her hands, took a good grip on his prick, her other hand took his balls, and she began an irreversible wank.

She pointed it the chest box at the foot of her bed, it would be easy for her to clean it afterwards, she promised herself.

He didn't last more than 30 seconds before he blew a huge wad of hot cum all over it.

Amber gasped at the sight; it was so erotic and exciting, it turned her on completely.

He almost lost his stance; his knees were weak with the sensations of her hands running up and down his prick as he came.

She let go, got some tissues and cleaned him off gently, knowing his sensitive bell end would be on fire still.

'Oh Amber, that was fantastic, it really was, thank you,' he said quietly.

His bravado was gone now, if she had told to him to leave and not to bother her again, he would have dressed and gone.

But she didn't, much to his relief.

She told him to remove his shoes and socks, laughing as she said it, and to go and get into her bed.

As he got in and lay down, his cock restarted its inevitable rise to the sight he was about to witness.

Amber cleaned off his cum which was splattered all over the top of the chest, and, taking off her own shoes, she climbed up and onto it.

She spread her dainty feet, and said to Adam.

'Watch okay?'

He did, his mouth wide open, as she began to peel off the tank top, she pulled it upwards, but so slowly, as she never took her beautiful dark brown eyes off his.

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