tagFetishThe Diaper Confession

The Diaper Confession


I always enjoyed the nights when my husband was out. It was pure relaxing bliss -- I could do whatever I felt like, lounge about in whatever (lack of) clothing suits me, masturbate as much as I want, watch whatever kind of porn I want, anything. Meanwhile I know he's away getting something he needs.

It wasn't always like this. He used to be very pushy in bed. He had an insatiable sexual appetite and an endless list of fantasies he wanted me to indulge. Me? I never really thought about my fantasies before. I just wanted to be played with, to feel nice, to maybe reciprocate... that was all. After endless rounds back and forth, in exasperation I told him to go see a prostitute if he wanted someone to humiliate him.

I was mean, I admit. I still have some regret over saying it like that. We managed to negotiate a more civil solution within a few weeks, and he began his search. On the first Friday of every month he is gone, out of the house, and I cannot tell you how freeing that has been.

The entire night is mine. The entire night except for the ritual.

I was lying naked in my bed curled up with a novel when my phone beeped. I retrieved it and checked the notification, knowing already that it was trying to tell me it's 8:55 PM. Almost time for our appointment.

I rolled over and wandered over to the closet to retrieve a fluffy pink bathrobe. From there I exited the bedroom and paced down the hallway to find the computer. I sunk into the office chair, and opened Skype. I reached my left-hand into a bag of Smartfood popcorn I had left on the desk.

The video conference began.

Hubby was kneeling on the floor with his head bowed and Katrina was occupying a leather seat next to him. She was clearly reaching somewhere out of sight to make adjustments to a computer. Katrina was wearing a long red dress and my husband was wearing, well... nothing. I smiled at the sight.

"So David, what time is it?" asked Katrina as she crossed her legs, showing off her red high-heels.

"Time for my public humiliation, Mistress."

Katrina looked up at me, "Can you hear us, Amanda?"

I smiled and nodded. "Loud and clear, Katrina."

Katrina grinned. My husband turned a deep shade of red. She fixed her eyes upon him. "David, do you want to tell us a little bit about what happened today?"

I let my eyes wander down to where his penis should be, but it was obscured by the kneeling position -- tucked away and out of sight. Quite unfortunate, really, because I always love to confirm that he is happy down there. I mean, that's why we pay so much for this service.

Instead I looked to his face. David was slowly shaking his head, not wanting to say. He was visibly distraught, even. By what? Could be anyone's guess... I never understood the humiliation thing. It always looked so uncomfortable. I never really wanted to push his buttons and hurt him too badly. Maybe that's what I was missing. Maybe I was missing the ability to give him that look, that feeling.

"Hey, little dinky boy! Tell me what you saw!"

He fixed even closer to the ground as he started mumbling, "A... a person. A... um..."

She then leaned over and put her hand under his chin, pushing his face up and pointing it directly at the camera. "That's your wife over there, and she really wants to know what you saw."

As we made eye contact through the camera, I couldn't help but giggle wondering what was bothering David so much. This was the first time I was actually eager and excited about David's humiliation -- last time I had to watch him take a butt plug or something. Didn't do much for me. I obliged, even felt a bit weirded out as she talked down to him. But for the most part it was uninteresting.

"I... saw a man walking around in... in a..." he hesitated again. She held his head up and slapped his face. I winced a bit, I admit, but then I looked into his helpless eyes. He started again, "He was wearing a diaper."

I tilted my head curiously, not really sure what this had to do with his humiliation. We see strange things all the time, and I guess Katrina's dungeon caters to all kinds of clientele. Wearing diapers makes sense to me. I let out a nervous laugh and said, "That's nice honey. I'm sure you see a lot of strange things over there."

Katrina then continued. "David, will you show us what happened when you saw that man?"

David immediately looked away, off into the corner, clearly feeling slightly in over his head and wishing he could get out of it. Katrina reached to the side of her chair and lifted a small crop, slapping at his thighs back and forth. As she did so, he slowly spread his legs. I looked very closely and saw his erect penis poke out. She slapped his dick with the crop a couple times as it flopped back and forth.

"Hey little slave, did you get one of these when you saw the man in the diapie?" she pushed the stiff penis up against his stomach with the crop.

I looked at David curiously while he slowly nodded.

"Are you gay?"

"No Mistress," he said defensively.

"So it wasn't the underwear model's charm that aroused you when you saw the man in the diaper?"

My stomach felt a bit sore as I watched him go through this. His eyes were clearly tearing up. "No Mistress, it wasn't the fact that he was a man."

I knew what was coming, but Katrina was obviously drawing the humiliation out. Despite David's comfort, his erection made his feelings clear. This scene was pushing him, but he was obviously turned on.

Katrina physically moved his chin upward to face the camera. "Tell your wife what it was."

David looked at me almost blankly, and his erection started to soften a bit. Katrina snapped the crop at it to help. His face winced, and the penis engorged again like it was before. She ran the crop along the shaft to encourage him. Clearly he needed it.

"I was... aroused... by the diaper. The -- the diaper, wearing a diaper, I liked it, wearing a diaper."

I looked on in disbelief as his eyes connected with me. This is not something he told me before. He never told me this, not in our five years of marriage. This must be some kind of joke. This must be part of the scene, to realistically confess to something that isn't true.

"How long have you liked diapers?" asked Katrina, nosy as always and drawing out the moment for as long as possible.

"Since... forever... I can't remember when."

"When did you first wear a diaper?" she continued.

"When... um... before I was in college." Tears were slowly rolling down his eyes as he talked.

She moved her foot inward and pressed it against his penis, pushing it right into his stomach. The look of relief in his face was immediate as the energy surged through his body. I guess for a scene this intense to work, the submissive needs some kind of stimulation or reward. Or punishment. Whatever it is... I sort of felt like him at this point. Anchored to the chair, not really able to leave without violating a social agreement. At the moment I reached down between my legs, through my bathrobe, and placed a finger on my clitoris.

Katrina continued the interrogation. My naughty movement was not within view of the camera. "What do you use them for?"

"I ... I pee in them," said David. Immediately I felt a rush of arousal. I'm not sure if it was him talking, or if it was my masturbation. Whatever it was, I needed this to continue.

Katrina started into his eyes. "What else do you use them for?"

"Um... I masturbate. I come in them, Mistress."

She slapped him on the face. "Who are you telling this to?"

"My wife. I'm... telling my wife." His eyes had still averted from the camera.

Katrina then said quite sternly. "Try again, then."

David then forced himself to look up at me of his own power and said, "I pee in my diapers and I masturbate in them. I come in my diapers and I leave them on, Amanda. Please... please don't be mad."

The entire thought of it was kind of funny and I let out an uncomfortable laugh. Katrina was still on the offensive. "Have you ever gone number two in them?"

His eyes widened. She kicked off her high-heels and started massaging his penis with her foot. She wrapped her toes around his dick quite skillfully and he dropped into a submissive bliss. "I... yes, I have."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes Mistress. Yes... Amanda. I enjoyed g-going number two in my diaper."

"Good little dirty boy," said Katrina as she massaged his penis.

My initial discomfort elevated to a smile as I watched how happy David was. It almost seemed as if this confession brought him relief.

Katrina continued, "Does the dirty boy sometimes make stinkies?" Those words alone seemed to bring him deeper into subspace as his kneeling pose grew weaker and weaker.

"Oh, yes Mistress. Yes."

"Does the smelly boy love making a stinky bum?"

His breathing elevated. "Yes. I love it. Yes."

"Hey little slave, what brands of diapers have you tried?"

He looked back at her slightly perplexed, and her foot grasped his penis tightly while slowing the massage. "Well, what if your wife over there doesn't think you're serious? You need to tell her details."

David looked slightly concerned again, and at that point I started cracking up. Katrina noticed. "See? She's laughing! She is so not taking you seriously."

Then, for the first time, I had something to add. "Oh, David honey, the thought of you in a diaper..." I couldn't finish the sentence. I just erupted in laughter.

Katrina and David were both surprised at my sudden participation, even if it was minor. Perhaps it's because I didn't actually take these sessions seriously. In fact, when they began I only did it begrudgingly. Sometimes I would just read the news until it was done. I guess that it was unusual to have so much of my attention this time.

Katrina smiled brightly. "C'mon my slave, tell your wife about the diapers you've worn."

David looked at me incredulously. "I... uh... I've worn... Depends. Tenas. Um... Tranquility. Bambino."

Katrina interrupted, "Bambino, eh? You must be really into this then, if you ordered those online." David nodded slowly. "What do you like about Bambino?"

"I... uh... they're really thick. They have ABC's on them. They are.. white.. there's no wetness indicator, they just look like a real diaper." I continued to rub my clitoris as he talked. His penis stayed hard throughout, but his level of comfort seemed to improve.

"Do you use baby powder?" asked Katrina. Suddenly I remembered something. While I was cleaning the bathroom one day I totally found a container of baby powder sitting behind the toilet. I meant to ask him about it, but it slipped my mind. I guess I didn't really make the connection.

He responded, "I love baby powder."

She then pressed him even further. "Do you have a pacifier?"

He nodded. "Several. I have one that is enlarged for an adult's mouth." I burst out in laughter again at the thought of my husband lying there with a pacifier in my mouth. They both looked towards me.

Katrina then said to me, "Amanda, you're awfully noisy over there. Do you have any questions for your husband?"

My heart raced in that moment. I rubbed my clitoris more quickly in attempt to relax my body. They both stared at me curiously, and I started to wonder now if the scene was about me -- about putting me on the spot. It almost seemed like I had a small taste of what David goes through in these humiliation scenes.

"I... um..." They both kept staring at me as I blushed. I reached furthest to the back of my mind, trying desperately to find something to contribute to the scene. Trying to find something to say that David would enjoy, while at the same time trying to find a way to get them both off my back. Why was this so hard?

Finally I just blurted out the stupidest thing I could think of. "Does your butt crinkle?"

It seemed to have an impact, as David's shoulders sunk a bit. He stuttered a bit. "Y-yes," he said.

It was somewhat remarkable how easy it was to create a reaction from such a simple and inconsequential question. At that moment I really wanted to bombard him the same way Katrina was doing, but I couldn't think of much else to say. Lucky for me, she was on the task.

"How loudly does it crinkle?" asked Katrina.

"It... um... it's really audible, no matter where I am, I have to wear track pants or, or something, to make that go away."

"Bad baby!" she teased, and released his penis with her foot in order to give him a quick shot in the balls. I didn't expect this, but I winced here too as he grunted and groan and whined about the sudden pain. "Good babies don't get to hide their diapers. They only get to wear a t-shirt. T-shirt and diaper, so that everyone can inspect the baby's business."

"Yes Mistress."

It's funny how cheap that shot was. A part of my brain almost thought it... unnecessary. I guess that's why I wasn't really David's dominant. I didn't really understand the whole idea of looking for my submissive's failure and capitalizing on it. Meanwhile Katrina was a natural -- almost a bully, even -- constantly searching for openings and vulnerabilities and skillfully fleshing them out, making my poor David look and feel insignificant and weak.

Katrina walked off the screen for a second and produced a folded up disposable diaper. She returned to my husband, still kneeling there naked, and slapped him across the face with it.

"How often do you wear these?" she asked.

He looked up and me, then back at her, then back at me again. He responded, "Uh, ah, everyday. Before... before I leave for work I put one on."

Suddenly something else was making sense to me. David never showered in the mornings. He always wanted to take a shower as soon as he got home from work. I never gave it much thought, to be honest, but he must have been changing out of his diaper before interacting with me.

"Do you ever change during the day?"

He nodded. "Usually... once a day, yeah."

"Describe how you do this when you're not at home."

David blushed deeply and looked my way. "I... I walk to the McDonalds across the street, and go into the bathroom, press my butt against the stall. I ... untape the diaper and hope no one knows what I'm doing in there. Then I quickly put another one on and sneak the dirty one into the garbage."

"Have you ever been caught?"

His face grew very tense. "Once... once someone from accounting was there having lunch and they came in just as I was tossing the diaper. I try not to make eye contact with him anymore."

She knelt down in front of him and slid just his penis into the diaper, wrapping her hand around it on the outside. "Do you love masturbating in it?"

"Y-yes Mistress."

"Do you ever masturbate in the diaper before you get home?" Her questions were becoming very pointed. She seemed to be drawing out David's uncomfortable look again. The humiliation scene seems almost like a fragile ecosystem of drawing your slave into a sense of comfort in order to thrust his emotions into disarray. A push and pull, push and pull. She tugged at his penis through the diaper and it crinkled quite loudly.

David hesitated for a minute. Then he responded, "I... have. I sometimes, um, sometimes do it in the bathroom before changing."

Katrina grinned as she continued to press him. "But no other times?"

"Um..." he looked up at me for reassurance, and just saw my amused grin. He continued, "In the car, in the parking garage, before leaving, I will... sometimes..."

"Sometimes what?"

He shut his eyes tightly. "Sometimes... I masturbate into my diaper while in my car, after work."

"What about the office?" she continued. "Do you ever masturbate at your desk?"

"No!" he said loudly, defensively. At that moment Katrina squeezed his penis really hard through the diaper and his face sort of relaxed. I wasn't sure how she planned to continue on this one. I wasn't even sure it was a great idea, but I guess I'm not the expert.

Katrina didn't let up too much. I noticed her using one hand to steady the diaper around his penis while she reached behind his balls with the other hand, running her fingers over his sensitive skin. The effect was almost immediate. He was pacified, his face completely relaxed.

She then continued the questions. "So you never masturbated in your office... not once? Not even early in the morning, when no one was around?"

His breathing was in rhythm with the diaper hand job and his body was in a helpless trance. "I... one time, early in the morning, yeah, maybe a few times, yeah."

"What a dirty, horny little pervert you are, wanking in your filth in public."

I couldn't help myself. I reached my hand further down and eased a couple fingers into my vagina, using my thumb to slide around my clitoris. I just loved the sound of that -- being called a dirty little pervert. For a moment I imagined it was me. I wasn't sure what I enjoyed more -- seeing my husband being called a pervert or being told I am one myself.

The impact on David was clear too, as at once I heard a loud groan. Then his entire body tensed up and erupted in pleasure. Katrina continued to grasp the tip of his penis through the crinkling diaper while she massaged his prostate region. He grunted several times, and panted heavily after that. His eyes were shut as he thoroughly enjoyed the moment.

Katrina extracted the diaper from his penis and inspected it carefully. She then pointed to it and said to him, "Look what you did! Right there, in the diapie. Good little slave. Want me to show your wife?"

Seeing him come like that was almost enough to put me over the edge. I decided to give myself the extra push, and pointedly ran my finger over my clitoris to lure my body into a climax. All of my joints tingled as my body was pushed over the edge, just half a minute after my husbands orgasm. I don't know how or why this excited me so much -- maybe it just felt so wrong. But they both stared at the camera in awe, and Katrina smiled quite brightly.

"That was a lovely show, dear," said Katrina.

I nodded, turning bright red myself, not sure what to say or do. I think this is the closest we've ever been to coming together. The most synchronized I've ever felt with my husband, and he wasn't even in the house with me. As I fell out of my delirious bliss, I looked over at my husband and found his penis hunched over, no longer hard. I was still taking deep breaths as I reflected on the scene.

Katrina then handed the diaper to David. "Go on," she said, "show your wife what you did."

David hobbled over on his knees and held the diaper up to the camera, and I gazed as the semen that was slowly being absorbed by the garment.

I smiled brightly, wanting nothing more that to cuddle with him and hold him close. "Well done, my diaper boy!" I said to him. He responded with loving bright eyes, the look he gives me on days when he's feeling particularly enamored with me.

Katrina pulled him back. "C'mon," she said, "lie down." She then got up and tilted the camera down at my husband, who was now lying on his back with the diaper resting on his belly. Katrina knelt beside him and picked up the diaper.

"Let's get you all padded up." She reached down and tugged on his soft penis. "What a nice little peepee you have. It's so small we can just tuck it into a diaper, right?"

"Yes Mistress," said David.

"Lift your bum now, peepee boy."

Katrina scooted the diaper under his bottom and lined up the back end with his torso. She then grabbed his soft penis and rubbed it against the semen already inside the diaper, slathering it back and forth. "What a dirty little boy," she teased. While his period of arousal was over, he was still obviously appreciating the attention.

She ran her finger along the penis, making it quite wet with his spunk, and then brought it to his mouth. "Good babies lick up their cummies."

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