tagFetishThe Diaper Spa

The Diaper Spa


The sign reading "Innovative New Relaxation Treatment" was all Angela Rivers need to enter. She'd been feeling constantly restless for the last couple months. Her recent promotion to sales manager came with more money, but also more responsibilities. She had to let several people go to save money. While it was the right call, it also made her worry about having to make more difficult decisions.

She would try relaxing through yoga and drinking tea, but those felt too easy and never really stuck. For weeks, she'd be promising she'd go to a spa. Now, she had basically stumbled upon one. She wasn't sure if she would go in, but she knew she would check it out.

When she entered, she noticed how quaint it felt. The reception area seemed like a bit of a fixer-upper, but she figured that would mean a more reasonable rate. As long as it was in decent enough shape, she would stick around. The relaxing music had already begun to entice her.

"Welcome to Padded Bliss," the receptionist cheerfully greeted her. "is this your first time here?"

"Yes," Angela said.

"All right! Well, I'll let you look at our package options. For this month, we have a special on-"

"I'm sorry," Angela interrupted, but where's the restroom?"

"Oh," the receptionist replied, seeming a bit throw off by this basic question. "It's the third door on the...left. Yeah, I'm pretty sure."

Angela nodded politely, but felt more than a little confused. Was this receptionist new? Did people not use the bathroom very often here? It was where she said it was. It was also very clean. She figured they must've cleaned it very often, though she would've recommended some special air fresheners or candles to really enliven it. The lack of any decoration concerned her as well.

When she came back, she was greeted by a familiar face, her best friend Catherine, who was enthusiastically greeting the receptionist.

"Catherine?" Angela asked with a smile.

"Angela?" Catherine said with a fright, her face turning red. "Wha-wh-what are you doing here?" she asked, clearly trying to maintain composure.

"I'm just here to unwind," Angela said. "Are you okay?"

Catherine took a deep breath. "I'm okay. I just didn't know you were into this."

Angela smirked, "Look, I told you I would take a day for myself eventually and I..."

"No, I don't mean go to a spa," Catherine said, "I mean--"

"Hey Catherine," the receptionist interrupted, "Did you wear a diaper here or did you want one to put on?"

Angela's eyes widened as she looked at the rates $60 for two hours and three diaper changes (wet only), $90 for two hours and three diaper changes (wet and messy), or $200 for an unlimited package. She didn't know where to begin, but before she could ask, Catherine was explaining.

"So, I've never told you this, Angie," Catherine said, "But I'm actually into wearing diapers. It's kind of like a kink, but it just makes me feel really good. And this spa is amazing. They diaper you and change you and it's wonderful."

"I don't understand," Angela said. "You put on a diaper and pee and poop in it and that feels good?"

"Well, not everyone poops," Catherine says. "Actually, my first time here, I chose a wetting-only option but had to drop a pretty big load. It cost me $50 extra for not choosing the option."

Angela looked at her best friend, still not sure if this was a practical joke or not.

"Look," Catherine said. "I know this seems crazy and that you probably want to leave, but trust me, this is worth trying, if only once. I'll even pay for both of us."

Angela knew she couldn't say no to Catherine and agreed.

"Two unlimited packages," Catherine said to the receptionist.

"Oh," Angela said, "I'm actually good with just one...diaper."

"You're definitely going to need a change," Catherine said, to which the receptionist concurred.

"All right fine," Angela said. "But I'm not going to, you know, poop in it."

"Your business is your business, Ang," Catherine said, "But in the meantime, we're getting two unlimited packages." With that the receptionist swiped her card and they were headed into the main area. Angela had a uncomfortable feeling in her stomach. Maybe the diaper would come in handy sooner than she thought.


With Catherine leading the way, they entered a room with a door labeled "Diapering Room." Inside were different stations, which Angela saw were for putting people in diapers. She realized it was a women-exclusive spa when she saw only other adult women being put in diapers or being changed by the all-female staff. She saw an Latina woman with stunning legs having her ass wiped by a blonde woman like it was nothing. She was definitely smelling some strong odors, especially from the Latina woman's diaper. but she also felt a strange admiration for her. She was so confident, getting her dirty ass cleaned. She was giggling and gossiping with the other women, who were getting their own wet and messy diapers changed. She had to remind herself to look away, because she knew it was rude to stare and also because she was having trouble accepting this was real.

"Hi, I'm Ashley," a black, college-aged woman wearing a uniform shirt and a diaper of her own greeted the two. "Is this your first time here?"

"It is for her," Catherine said, pointing at Angela.

"Great! And I see by your bracelets that you're doing the unlimited package," she said. "I just need you to take off your pants and underwear so we can diaper you. You can undress more than that if you want. It's up to you."

Ashley turned around to retrieve diapers. "Is she going to put me in a diaper?" Angela whispered.

"Of course," Catherine said. "Is that a problem?"

"I'd rather do it myself," Angela protested.

"Ang, you're here to relax," Catherine said. "Diapering yourself is a hassle. I do it when I have to, but I love getting someone else to do it."

Not wanting to start an argument, Angela relented. When Ashley came back with the diapers, Catherine volunteered to go first. She took off her shoes, socks, pants and panties, revealing an shaved pussy and round ass that Angela was greatly aroused by.

"Wow, you look great, Cat," Angela said.

"Glad you like it," Catherine said with a smile. "Can you help me out of my shirt?" she directed Ashley. With that, Ashley was pulling off Catherine's top and then undoing her bra, letting out her full-bodied breasts. Angela started to feel herself becoming more than a little wet.

"Okay, butt up," Ashley said as she slid a diaper under Catherine's ass and powdered her. She had to re-position it a couple times before fastening the tapes. Angela now understood why another person was necessary. When Catherine's diaper was on, she bounced up and patted her ass. "This feels so good," she said, thanking Ashley.

"Ready?" Ashley asked Angela. She wasn't, but decided she would have to go for it. She stripped from the waist down, showing her own pussy and ass, which immediately drew Catherine over.

"You're gonna look so good in your diaper," Catherine said as Angela fit her into the diaper. It was a rather snug fit and the cushioning felt good as she sat up. She just had to decide what to do with her shirt and bra. While she wasn't comfortably getting naked around strangers, it would be nothing compared to being put in a diaper. Plus, she felt safer around Catherine. She lifted off her top and undid her bra.

"You have really sexy tits," Catherine said, and Angela blushed.

"So, what now?" Angela asked.

"This room is just for diaper changes," Catherine said. "But there's lots more that we can check out."

"Like what?" Angela asked.

"Well, you look a little tense," Catherine said. "So, I'm going to recommend a massage. They do them really well here."

Angela was feeling tense and agreed. She walked with Catherine through the Diapering Room into a massage area.

"This feels so weird," she said, as she felt the crinkle of her Abena M4 diaper.

"Just wait until it's wet," Catherine said.

"Do they hold a lot?" Angela asked.

"Yeah, you can pee a lot before needing to be changed," Catherine said as they entered, "But poopy diapers need to be changed immediately."

"That won't be an issue," Angela said.

It turned out the Latina woman getting changed earlier worked there as a masseuse. She was finishing with another customer when Angela and Catherine came in. Angela noticed how strongly she used her hands on the woman, from her shoulders all the way to her toes. She also rubbed her diapered bottom passionately, making the woman moan in pleasure.

"That was wonderful. Thank you so much, Ashley," the woman said as she got up. Ashley thanked her in return and greeted Angela and Catherine.

"Hi Catherine," she said, "Who's your friend."

"This is Angela," Catherine said. "And she would love one of your signature massages."

"After you, you mean?" Maria asked.

"I'll let her go first this time," Catherine said. Based on Maria's reaction, it seemed that Catherine craved these massages.

Maria brought Angela to the massage table and put up a curtain. As she started pressing her firm hands into her back, Angela felt at ease.

"Is there any part you don't want me to touch?" she asked.

Angela thought about it. She wanted as much relaxation as possible, and that included on her breasts and lower regions.

"I'm good with everything except inside, you know..."

"Your diaper?" Maria asked.

"Yeah," Angela said, still embarrassed.

"There's nothing to be ashamed of," Maria said. "You're rocking this diaper well." Angela giggled and thanked her. She had a thick accent which made her words all the sexier. Angela was starting to feel more relaxed and confident.

"How did you start wearing diapers?" Angela asked. "I mean, as an adult."

"It was actually after I started working here," Maria said, tenderly rubbing her shoulders.

"Really?" Angela asked.

"Yes," she said. "It's part of the employee policy to wear diapers so that our guests feel as comfortable as possible."

That made sense to Angela. "Was it weird?' she asked.

Maria shrugged, "A little bit, but I got used to it quickly. Some of the other women who work here can't handle it, but we do all we can to support them."

About midway through the massage, Angela began to squirm a little bit.

"Need to pee-pee?" Maria asked.

"I think so," Angela said. "Should I get up?"

"Up to you," Maria said. "How bad do you need to go?"

"Pretty bad," Angela said, feeling at her diapered crotch.

Maria recommended she get up, citing the difficulty of peeing in large amounts lying down for inexperienced diaper wearers. Angela got up and crouched down. Her diaper swelled with her warm piss. Though it was a very large wetting, her diaper was able to absorb all of it. She smiled a sigh of relief as she came back to the massage table.

"Ooh, you're nice and soaked," Maria said as she patted her wet diaper.

"Should I get a change?" Angela asked.

"If you think you need one," Maria replied. "No poop in there, right?"

"Um no," Angela said. "I'm just going to wet."

"That's too bad," Maria said. "I love pooping my diapers."

"How come?" Angela asked, in as polite of a tone as possible.

"Well, I had to for this job, but even then I just love letting my poop out and filling my diaper," Maria said. "Plus, I love getting my poopy diaper changed."

"Really?" Angela asked.

"Mmmhmmm," Maria said. "Everyone gets to see what a stinky mess I have and clean my dirty ass."

"Yeah," Angela said. "I think I saw you getting changed before this massage."

"Oh God," Maria laughed, "That was such a big poo-poo. I hope it wasn't too stinky."

"Well, I didn't get that close," Angela said, "But I'm sure it was fine."

"You're sweet," Maria said as she finished Angela's massage. "I hope to see you again soon." Angela thanked her and went out to greet Catherine, who marveled at how soaked Angela's diaper was and went in for her own massage.

While she was waiting for Catherine, Angela felt how wet her diaper was and thought about her conversation with Maria. Part of her wanted to poop in her diaper but another part was worried. She knew logically there was nothing to be afraid of, given that everyone else was wearing diapers around her. It didn't matter for now, since she didn't need to poop. If she did before they left the spa, she would have a rather difficult decision to make.

Catherine came out of her massage positively glowing. She rubbed her hands through her long, black hair and hugged her best friend. Her breasts pushed against Angela's, which made Angela's nipples get hard.

"That felt so good," Catherine said.

"Definitely," Angela said. "I haven't ever had a massage that good."

"How's your diaper?" Catherine asked, as they examined a directory.

"It's wet but I don't mind," Angela said, patting her ass. "You were right, these can hold a lot. How's yours?"

"Yup, I wet mine too," Catherine said. "But, um, I have to poop."

"Oh," Angela said. "Do we need to go the Diapering Room?"

"Nah, that's not until I get changed," Catherine said.

"So, where are you going to, you know, go?" Angela asked.

"In my diaper," Catherine laughed. "I can go wherever. That's why I have this on."

"But don't you want privacy?" Angela asked. She looked around and realized how many other women were openly peeing and pooping their diapers..

"Okay, I'm ready," Catherine said.

"To find a place to poop?" Angela asked."

"No," Catherine smiled, "To be changed."

Angela gawked at her friend. Sure enough, a light brown stain was at the end of Catherine's diaper.

"How did you poop so discretely?" Angela asked.

"Practice," Catherine said. "I like to be subtle with my poops."

"Can I take a look?" Angela asked. "I'm just curious."

"Sure," Catherine said. Angela pulled back the waistband of her diaper and saw the mess that was inside. "Wow, Cat," she said. "You took a really nice poop in here."

Catherine thanked her as they headed for the Diapering Room. Angela kept thinking about how arousing it was to see inside Catherine's wet and messy diaper. Even the smell of her poop was strangely pleasing. She was now looking forward to seeing her get changed out of her diaper.

"Ready for a couple changes?" Ashley asked when they came in again.

"Yeah," Catherine said. "I took a poop."

Ashley came in and peaked inside Catherine's diaper. "Ooh, that's a pretty nice turd," she said. Angela agreed. She loved how Catherine's poop looked like a solid log in her diaper.

"Do you need a change?" she asked Angela.

"Not yet," Angela replied. "But I was wondering if I could help change her? I mean if that's okay."

"It's okay by me," Ashley said, looking at Catherine.

Catherine looked at Angela with a huge smile and said it was more than okay.

Once Catherine was on the changing station, She lifted her legs up. Angela and Ashley untaped her diaper together. Her poop had mostly stayed intact and made her fairly easy to clean up. The wipes helped get the poop off her ass as quickly as possible. Though it smelled a little strong, no one was bothered. Her shaved pussy definitely made things easier as well. When Angela was done wiping her best friend's private parts, she could tell how wet her pussy had gotten.

Once Catherine was re-diapered, Angela and Ashley went to wash their hands. When Angela was done, she got a sudden urge. She crouched down, relaxed her stomach and took care of something.

"Hey, Ashley," she said as Catherine got off the table.

"Yes?" asked Ashley.

"I do need a change now," she said as she smiled at Catherine.

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