tagFetishThe Diaper Spa Pt. 07

The Diaper Spa Pt. 07


The couple days off from work had been nice to Angela, but she was glad to be back at Padded Bliss. She was feeling a bit stir-crazy, only leaving briefly to pick up some groceries. The weather was still cold, but the frozen pipes had been fixed. Plus, having a wet diaper made her feel a bit warmer, if only slightly.

Her and Maria's recent tryst was wonderful, but they both decided it wasn't something they should repeat, at least not without Maria's husband around. She trusted Maria's confidentiality. Despite the positive experience, she felt like she had gotten carried away. She apologized to Maria for being shortsighted. Maria said she was to blame as well, and they agreed to carry on as professionally as possible.

Her first day back was rather slow. Thanks to the still-cold temperatures, only a few customers came through. Never one to let her employees slack, Megan designed the day to be all about cleaning. There had a couple call-offs, so Angela, Fatima, Ashley, and Tiffani were tasked with making sure their stations were all properly sanitized and stocked. Then, they had to clean up around the masseuse area and sauna. It didn't affect Angela much, as she was constantly polishing up her station during downtime. Tiffani, on the other hand, was generally nice but absent-minded. She didn't have her diapers organized by size and type, like she was supposed to, and she had a habit of spilling powder everywhere on her station.

Angela was also her diapering partner for the day. While Tiffani was certainly good at changing diapers, she was rather high-maintenance about being changed herself. She would wet her diaper once and then ask for a change. Even if she was relatively dry, she would still insist. When she had a poopy diaper, she would be overly-apologetic. That day, she produced some small lumps that required minimal wiping from Angela, but she couldn't stop apologizing.

At the end of the day, Angela knew she had to bring this up to Megan. It hadn't been her first time working with Tiffani, but this day made her realize she wouldn't want to do so again. But she knew she couldn't just say she didn't want to be paired with her. She didn't know the slightest clue of how to phrase it, even as she was knocking on Megan's office.

"Come in," she heard.

Upon entering, Angela saw Megan's diapered bottom as she was brushing crumbs with a small broom and dustpan. Megan greeted her and explained that she was doing some cleaning of her own.

"Megan, I want to talk to you about Tiffani," Angela said with some hesitation. Megan stopped what she was doing, quickly disposed of the crumbs, and gestured for Angela to take a seat.

"Is she giving you problems?" Megan asked knowingly.

"Unfortunately, yes," Angela replied. "She's got a big heart but taking care of her can be a hassle."

"I've talked to her about it," Megan said. "I think it's a matter of pride."

"Pride?" Angela asked.

"Yes," Megan said. "Tiffani was one of our earliest Diaper Specialists. She and Ashley were actually my first two hires. I knew I wanted Ashley, since she has to wear 24/7 anyway. But Tiffani never quite took to diapers. I told her all about needing to wear and use them, but I gathered early on that she was using the toilet constantly here. It wasn't until I gave her a warning that she needed to start peeing and pooping her diapers. Even so, she's still embarrassed."

"But we all wear diapers here," Angela said.

"Yes, but only Tiffani is work-exclusive. I think the more she sees us loving our diapers, the greater the disconnect is," Megan said.

"Well, why doesn't she quit or why don't you..." Angela asked, gesturing at Megan.

"It's a tough job market, and I think we treat her pretty well," Megan said. "And she hasn't done anything terribly wrong. Not loving diapers is unfortunate, but it doesn't warrant termination. "

"It'd be nice if she didn't need changes so often, though," Angela replied.

"You think this is bad?" Megan asked. "When we first opened, she would barely pee and insist on a change right away. Meanwhile, Ashley had the biggest poo-poo ever and would still wait at least ten minutes. Not that Ashley has changed much in that regard."

Angela laughed and thanked Megan, who told her to notify her if she had any more concerns about Tiffani.

The next day, Angela was glad to see that everyone scheduled had shown up. It was a very important day. Once a month, new clients got 50% off their visit to Padded Bliss if they came with a friend who referred them. It was hectic, but lots of fun seeing new faces and wiping new asses.

She looked at the chart for the day. She had been hoping to get Fatima or Maria as a partner. Instead, she was with Tiffani again. She thought Megan had forgotten to make a new chart, but she saw the date written clearly at the top. Something written next to their names puzzled her the most: "Mentoring."

She was about to go see Megan and ask when she noticed her approaching her.

"What's this all about?" Angela asked. "Is Tiffani mentoring me?"

Megan shook her head. "Other way around. I was thinking about our conversation, and I realized that Tiffani does need help. She has our lowest customer satisfaction rating when it comes to diaper changes, and you have the highest."

As pleased as Angela was to hear that, she still felt unsure. "So, what do you need me to do?"

"Well, you'll be changing her and she'll be changing you, of course," Megan said. "But you need to be guiding her with others. Make sure she's being friendly and engaging. Help her to not turn away from poopy diapers so much." Angela promised Megan she would try her best, but she didn't know if that would help.

As expected, there was a large amount of women coming into Padded Bliss. There were a couple of sorority girls, one who Angela knew from previous visits. There were some housewives looking to be "pampered" (they would say with a knowing laugh). There were longtime diaper lovers bringing along their skeptical friends. Across the board, Angela knew they needed to be taken care of.

Angela knew that Megan had spoken to Tiffani about what was happening, though Tiffani was displeased, based on her body language. All previous clients would be handled by Angela. Tiffani, however, would handle new ones under Angela's guidance. They would take turns so there wouldn't be overlap.

"Hey Ang," Judith, a middle-aged diaper lover with frizzy hair and glasses said as she popped over to her station and stripped off her pants. Angela remembered when Judith first started coming to Padded Bliss. Like most first-timers, she seemed nervous about the experience, but she was soon a regular, updating Angela and others about the status of her interior design business while giggling about how lumpy her mess was.

"Hey Judith," Angela said, retrieving her favorite Bambino. "What's new?"

"Well, I have this amazing plan for a master bedroom that will really impress you," Judith beamed. "Also, I had chill last night, so..."

"Prepare for poop?" Angela asked, to which Judith admitted.

"Oh, I almost forgot," Judith said as Angela taped her snug. "This is my friend Sarah." A tall, attractive woman with sharp, long brown hair greeted Angela. "Judith told me all about how great you are," Sarah said. "I don't believe you'll be diapering me though?"

"No, but this lovely lady will be," Angela said, gesturing to Tiffani, who didn't seem to be paying attention. When she realized it was time to get Sarah diapered, she didn't offer any greeting. Instead, she just started pulling out supplies and diapers.

"Aren't you going to ask what kind of diaper she wants?" Angela whispered.

"I know what size she is just by looking at her," Tiffani protested.

"But what about the kind?" Angela pointed out.

"M4 will be fine," Tiffani said.

"Actually," Sarah said, having overheard their conversation. "I'd like one of these," she said, pointing at Judith's Bambino Magnifico.

"With pleasure," Angela said, which Tiffani passively mimicking her enthusiasm.

There was a protocol to making new clients feel more comfortable. One was asking how comfortable they were undressing. Tiffani did manage to ask this, with Sarah going down to her bra. Then, there was the ice-breaking. The Diaper Specialists needed to engage with their new customers so they would feel at ease. Angela liked to mix it up. Sometimes she would comment on how a diaper would look great with someone's skin tone. Other times she would ask about piercings or tattoos. Tiffani took a more uniform approach. She asked Sarah if she had ever tried diapers before. It wasn't a bad question, but it was the same one she had always asked, and it wasn't delivered with much enthusiasm. You could easily tell it was done out of obligation, not curiosity.

"I think this diaper really goes well with you," Angela said as Tiffani taped Sara up. "Don't you, Tiff?"

"Uh...yeah," Tiffani said with great hesitation.

"Do you wanna take off your shorts?" Angela asked Tiffani. "It's pretty stuffy in here and we're all stripped to our diapers anyway." She knew it was asking a lot. The only time Tiffani exposed her diaper was when it was time to be changed. She didn't want to embarrass her, but she wanted to help her become more of a team-player. With her, Judith and Sarah all in witness, Tiffani reluctantly pulled down her shorts to reveal her Abena M4.

As she was revealing her diaper, the smell inside of it became more apparent. Angela could see why she wanted to keep her shorts on.

"Did you make a nice poo-poo Tiff?" Angela asked, trying to make her feel more comfortable.

"Yeah," Tiffani said bashfully, "I'm sorry. I should've told you."

"Oh my diaper will be just as bad soon enough," Angela said with a laugh.

"How did you poop so discretely?" Sarah asked with wonder.

"I have to go when I get nervous," Tiffani said. "And when I get nervous, I'm too tense to squat."

"What did you drop?" Judith asked.

"What did I drop?" Tiffani asked, confused.

"In your diaper," Judith clarified. "Little nuggets? A big log?"

"I think it was pretty big," Tiffani said. "Wanna see?" She stuck her ass out and let Angela and Judith peek into her diaper while Sarah hung back. It was a couple of mushy logs, plus a bit of pee. They all were impressed and Tiffani seemed to be taking the attention relatively well.

Angela said goodbye for the time being to Judith and Sarah and set to work on Tiffani's diaper. She had a very dirty ass, but Angela obviously didn't mind. She noticed that when Tiffani changed poopy diapers, she would wipe quickly and sloppily, like she just wanted to get it over with. On her first visit, a friend of Ashley's remarked about how self-conscious Tiffani had made her feel, even without saying anything. The best Diaper Specialists knew to take their time and make everyone feel welcomed.

Moving the wipes fully down her pussy and ass and getting as deep as possible, Angela hoped to impart to Tiffani how to clean someone up properly. She kept the conversation flowing, joking about how much she impressed Judith and Sarah. Tiffani still seemed a bit embarrassed, but Angela knew she had to weaned off the embarrassment.

"I can't believe I showed them my poop," Tiffani said, with an apparent mix of disbelief and excitement after her change.

"Don't worry," Angela said. "I think they liked it. I mean, I know Judith did." It had slowed down a bit since the initial rush, and they were now waiting for people to come back for changes.

"Can I tell you something?" Tiffani asked.

"Sure," Angela replied, her curiosity piqued.

"I know everyone thinks I just wear diapers here," Tiffani began.

"But you wear them at home too?" Angela asked.

"Yes," Tiffani said, "Well, no. I used to. I had a boyfriend who was into diapers. We would wear them together and I loved it. The spa opened after we broke up. I hadn't been diapered in at least a year, but I was hoping it would reinvigorate me. It didn't go so well and still isn't."

"Wow," Angela said, processing it slowly. "Did you tell Megan?"

"No," Tiffani said. "I didn't want to create too-high expectations in case things didn't work out. I thought I would get back in the groove, but I realized something."

"What's that?" Angela asked.

"I do love diapers," Tiffani said. "But it needs to be with another person. I need a partner into them too."

"For companionship?" Angela asked. "Or sex?"

"Both really," Tiffani said. "I loved hanging out with my boyfriend and cuddling, but I also loved when he would wet his diaper and have me suck his cock. I just feel distracted here, and I don't know how to help it."

"I think I can help," Angela said.

"How?" Tiffani asked.

"I can help you find a guy," Angela said. "I mean, that is what you want, right?"

"It is," Tiffani said, "But I'm not sure if I'm ready."

"You're never gonna be any more ready than you are now," Angela replied, to which Tiffani agreed. Judith and Sarah came back with diapers ready to be changed, and as Angela untaped Judith's diaper, she thought about how she could help Tiffani.

By the end of the day, Tiffani seemed to be doing a lot better. She was more engaged than usual with customers and didn't inadvertently offend anyone. Megan had texted Angela, asking to meet with her after Tiffani left. Angela knew she wanted to bring this new issue up; she just wasn't sure how to.

"Good day, right?" Megan said after Angela entered her office. Angela was a bit thrown off by how she didn't really even ask for her assessment, but she agreed. Tiffani, while still not perfect, had shown incredible growth in just a single day.

"It's really interesting," Angela said. "I was talking with Tiff and it turns out she likes diapers, at least she used to before working here."

"I knew it," Megan said. "Well, I didn't know it, but I had a real good feeling. I'm glad you could coax it out of her at least. Bad breakup, right?"

"Yeah. How'd you know?" Angela asked.

"Kinks are tricky in relationships," Megan said. "Even if you think you're only doing it for your partner, it can be a huge emotional investment. I just hope she has things figured out."

"Well, I think we can help her," Angela said.

"How's that?" Megan asked.

"It's pretty simple," Angela said. "We help her find a guy who's into diapers that she'll get along with. I know we can't force anything but it's worth a shot, right? Plus, I've already told her I would help her with this."

Megan put her hand on her chin in apparent consideration. Angela didn't have any further ideas and was counting on her to pull through. After all, she figured Tiffani was counting on her.

"I have an idea," Megan said after a moment. "But let me put it to paper first."

At home, Angela changed out of a soaked diaper and reorganized her bookshelf. Her phone buzzed with a message from Megan: "Got an idea - mixer event for diapered singles at PB. Men allowed!!" It didn't seem like too bad of a plan to Angela. She was about to reply when she realized she was beaten to the punch. First by Ashley, then Brooklyn, and Fatima. It had been in the group chat and seen by almost everyone, including Tiffani.

Angela texted Megan privately, telling her that she wished she had done so in a more tactful manner that wouldn't have embarrassed Tiffani. Megan responded by saying that she did so with the intention of not embarrassing her., but instead letting other diaper lovers connect. Angela knew it wasn't worth arguing over, but she was worried by Tiffani's lack of response.

The event was on the following Friday evening at Padded Bliss. The team had been spending the better part of the week getting the place ready, including emptying all diaper pails, with the knowledge of how many wet and messy diapers would be produced that night. However, there were some clear conduct rules put in place. There was a dress code which required proper covering of diapers. Changes would need to be done in a considerate way. The event was taking place in the Diapering Room, but the stations had been put aside to make room for people. Instead, there were mats on the floor, spaced about three feet apart from each other. Guests could change each other on them, but they needed to be respectful of each other's space.

Guests started arriving in droves. Angela wasn't surprised by how male-heavy it was at first, given how many guys she knew with the kink. Her friend Ian, an architect who loved standing-up changes, greeted her with a hug.

"It's so great to see you. Don't worry, I'm soggy but not stinky," he said, showing his diaper waistband.

"Well, you're in good hands should that change," Angela said. "I would say go mingle, but there might not be many ladies for a while." She scanned the room and only saw a select few women. However, there were some gay and bisexual men who were hitting it off, which was nice to see. She also felt like Tiffani would have a better chance with less competition.

More woman started coming through, just about all of them who had been to the spa before, including employees like Megan, Brooklyn, and Ashley. Angela enjoyed people-watching, so it was fun to see people hit it off or falter. She knew how important timing was. Diapers were bringing them all together, but it couldn't be the only thing. She saw several men who were rejected swiftly by asking women if they need changes. But a few others succeeded by being complimentary and respecting boundaries. She noticed Ian engaged with a lovely Asian woman named Lily in her twenties and politely told her that he needed to poop. She definitely appreciated it, as minutes later, Angela saw her changing his diaper while his cock was rock hard.

Angela had wished Tiffani had been able to meet Ian. During his poopy diaper change, she was being something of a wallflower. In fact, she was like that for a good portion of the evening. There was all sorts of energy and laughs going through the air. But Tiffani wasn't participating. She was having a couple drinks to evidently calm her nerves. Angela could see it was having at least some sort of impact.

"Tiff," Angela said gingerly. "You're leaking."

"Oh shit," Tiffani grimaced as her pee trickled out of her diaper. Let me go change."

"That won't be necessary," Angela said. "Excuse me, sir? This wonderful woman would love for you to change her."

A man that looked to be about Tiffani's age came over and greeted her. His name was Jason and he worked as a paralegal. Though Angela wished they could've spoken longer before the change, she had a good feeling about him. She noticed how much attention he gave to her, from taking off the first tape to disposing of her wet diaper and getting her in a dry one. He was clearly calming her, given her happy demeanor.

Angela was happy for Tiffani, but she realized she had to pee herself. As she filled up her diaper, she wondered who would change her. Megan was being changed by Brooklyn, and Ashley was flirting with a guy bragging about how he wet himself during a job interview with no one realizing it.

Guys had been approaching her all night, and it was difficult to turn them down. She couldn't quite decide on the best way to assert that she was a lesbian. A few queer women were present, but they seemed to have paired off already.

Angela decided it was pointless to wait for someone and just changed her diaper herself. As though a miracle happened, she heard a familiar voice right when she positioned herself on the mat.

"Now don't let your sexy self not get a first-rate diaper change," Judith said, entering and looking beautiful, albeit with her hair still a bit teased out. Sarah wasn't with her, as Judith explained it, she thought diapers were interesting but not something she really desired.

Angela was relieved to see her and immediately asked if she needed a change, forgetting about her own needs. Judith, being so patient and loving, got her situated and changed her diaper incredibly. She had never been with someone who had ever applied tapes as precisely as she did. A little bit later, Judith had a much bigger job in her Bambino. When Angela was done, she made sure the tapes were as even as possible.

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