tagErotic CouplingsThe Dick Whisperer

The Dick Whisperer


Cherry Valentine was now a dick whisperer. Dick Whisperer sounded much better than what she had been called in high school, which was slut. In some ways, it amounted to the same thing but now she had a diploma from Mark and Madison's School for Dick Whisperers.

Mark had been so helpful when she answered his ad on the Internet and Madison had even offered her an advanced course in Pussy Whispering absolutely free at their first meeting. Of course, Cherry had to pass the oral exam first and demonstrate her tongue fluttering technique to qualify.

After Madison's third orgasm in twenty minutes, Cherry was accepted with honors. It was another ten minutes before Madison could even sit up. At which point, she groggily wandered off to bed muttering to herself.

"Is she alright?" Cherry asked Mark with concern in her voice.

"Oh yeah, she's just peachy keen. I don't think she expected such an excellent and advanced student."

Cherry beamed at such high praise and from the head instructor of the school.

Speaking of head, that was the first of the many courses Cherry, took. Not to mention refresher courses, oral pop quizzes, and some very deep, and detailed cramming sessions in all course work. Overall, it was a very tiring and rigorous line of study. Mark even brought in four other guys to help him with the teaching after he found out she was such a good student.

Penile oral inflation and stimulation, better know in the vernacular as cock sucking 101, had been a breeze and she had even gotten through deep throat 101 and 102 easily. Skull fucking 101 had been hard and fast but she ended up swallowing the whole thing so she had passed with flying colors.


On the third day of classes, Mark decided that he might have bitten off more than he could chew with this student.

Cherry, who was on her knees as Mark stumbled over and flopped down in an old overstuffed chair, only heard the part about chewing and said, "I never chew. Well, not since my second boyfriend smacked me in the back of the head and told me not to, anyway. Although there was this one football player that liked for me to scrape my teeth over the head as I took it out of my mouth."

Mark groaned softly, his shaky legs falling open. With a grin, Cherry knee walked over between his knees and leaned over to lick at his soft dick. When it did not twitch, she sucked the head into her hot little mouth.

After a few minutes and it didn't start to harden, she let it slip out of her mouth with one last deep slurp. Looking up at Mark, she pouted and said, "I think I broke it."

Mark nodded and mumbled about getting some help.

From the recliner across the room, Madison said, "Don't look at me. One more orgasm and my clit will explode. I've had more orgasms in the last three days than I've had in the last three years."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, my dear," Mark said sarcastically.

Madison only grunted as she got up from the recliner and wandered off down the hall toward the master bedroom. She paused at the door and turned around. "Call those lazy buddies of yours and be sure and charge them twenty, no, fifty bucks a piece. There are overhead expenses, you know, for running the school."

Mark nodded and reached for his cell phone. Then he thought better of it and turned to Cherry. "I think we'll call it a night early. I wouldn't want you to get a strain or anything. Be here at eight tomorrow night and we'll have a refresher course in what you've learned so far."


At eight on the dot, Cherry rang Marks doorbell. Entering the living room, she faltered a step and then grinned. A cardboard wall had been erected at the end of the room that opened onto the dinning room. Four dicks with their associated balls hung through holes in the cardboard.

"Oh yeah, I love glory holes," she whispered loud enough for Mark to hear.

"It figures," Mark replied as he glanced at his wife in her recliner.

Madison grinned back at him and winked. "I'm kind of tempted myself, in a kinky sort of way. I know all four of those guys but wouldn't touch any of them normally, but this way adds so much mystery."

"Exactly," Cherry said. "You get to suck a dick and have all the fun without ever having to know who it is on the other side of the wall. It makes my pussy all wet just thinking about it."

"Not all the fun," someone said from behind the wall with a laugh.

Cherry sat her purse down and slipped off her coat. Her hard nipples were trying to poke hole in the thin see through blouse she wore. Mark and Madison both licked their lips. Cherry did not notice as her eyes were on the four semi hard dicks hanging out of the thin wall.

She went toward the wall and then went to her knees a few feet from it. The first dick was black, thick, and a nice length for being only semi hard. The next one was brown and short but really thick. She wondered if it would lengthen out or keep its girth. She loved thick over long, although the two together were the best.

The third was white. It was neither thick nor long. It looked ordinary. The fourth was also white but it was very long and very thin. Cherry shivered as she imagined it slowly sliding up her tight little asshole.

"Where to start, now there is the question," Cherry whispered as she looked around at Mark.

"That's up to you," Mark said and then added, "We're here to grade you and to observe."

Madison moved out of her recliner and went to her knees in front of her husband. She unzipped his pants and hauled his dick and balls out. She let go of his dick after looking at it closely. Then she turned and studied the dicks hanging out of the wall.

Mark and Cherry were both watching her closely. With a grin, Cherry asked, "Well?"

Madison looked at Cherry and then up at Mark. "So far I have the best of the bunch."

Cherry shrugged and point to the black and brown dicks. "These two have possibilities and that one on the far end is an ass fucker if I ever saw one.

Madison eyed the three dicks in question and nodded. "Very good observations. Why don't you start with the one you didn't say anything about?"

Cherry nodded and moved over in front of the dick she had called ordinary. She flicked the end of her tongue against the tip and it jerked upward. It did not come down as far as it had been. When she touched the end of her tongue to the shaft, it jerked again. As it settled back, she licked the top third of the shaft and swirled her tongue around the spongy head.

As she licked and teased the shaft and head, the dick got harder and harder. It grew in length and got a little fatter. When it was standing up to the point of touching the cardboard, Cherry pulled it down with her hand and sucked on the head. There was a loud moan from behind the thin wall.

At the sound of the moan, Cherry swallowed the dick whole. There was an even louder moan and it continued as Cherry bobbed her head up and down, using her tongue to tickle and tease the shaft as she did. A few minutes later, Cherry moaned around the dick in her mouth, her hips jerking as she came right along with the guy behind the screen. She continued to suck but now it was just the head as she milked the shaft with her hand to get the very last drop.

Cherry released the dick and sat back on her heels. She looked around at Mark and grinned. "One down," she told him.

Mark nodded but did not say anything. Madison had his dick in her mouth and was slowly moving her head up and down.

Cherry watched Madison for a moment and then looked up at Mark. "Am I supposed to suck them all off or can I do other stuff? I sure would like to take advantage of the ones on each end."

Mark groaned and then made a soft sound of frustration as Madison took his dick out of her mouth. Looking at Cherry, Madison said, "Why don't you do just that. In fact, I insist. I'd love to see how you handle three dicks at one time."

Cherry turned back to the cardboard wall to find only three dicks. The ones on the end were standing tall, really tall. The brown thick one was also fully hard but it had not gained any length to speak of. Cherry leaned over and sucked the thick one into her mouth. She groaned, as did the guy behind the cardboard. He was a mouthful to say the least.

She raised her head and popped him out of her mouth, literally. She flexed her jaw a few times to loosen up the knotted muscles at each side. He was a jawbreaker for sure. Moving sideways, she licked the long black shaft from the base to the head. Two more licks and she got a soft deep groan from behind the wall. Encouraged, she wrapped her fingers around the base of it and swirled her tongue around the head.

The groan she got for that was louder and more forceful so she sucked on the large head. It wasn't as big around as the brown one but it was filling and very tasty. It would stretch her little pussy so good. Her tongue was working magic on the spongy head as she sucked and bobbed her head slightly.

"Oh damn!" Came from behind the wall in a deep resonate voice.

His dick came out of her mouth with a slurping sound. As she knee walked to the other end of the wall, she heard. "Damn that girl can suck a dick."

She grinned and replied, "Thank you, thank you very much."

The long thin dick was standing up tall and proud. She used the whole width of her tongue to lick it from the very base to the small pointed head. She covered it from side to side and from the bottom to the top. Finally she pulled it down and sucked on the head. There was a soft groan from behind the wall.

Cherry looked at the dick for a second as she wondered just how much she could swallow. Then she tried to swallow it all. She got two thirds down easily but had to come up for air when it slipped into her throat unexpectedly. She took a deep breath and dropped her mouth over it as she moved her hand out of the way. It rammed down her throat like she was a sword swallower.

When she moaned loudly, the guy behind the wall yelled, "Holy shit."

She lifted her head and turned to look at Mark and Madison. Mark was sprawled out in his chair and Madison was trying to grin and lick her lips at the same time. Seeing Cherry looking her way, she said, "That's two down and three to go. Do you really think you can take them all at one time?"

Cherry grinned and stood up. "There is only one way to find out," she said as she started to unbutton her blouse.

As she stripped off her skirt, she said, "Why don't you three guys come on around here so we can get down to business."

Three dicks disappeared and there was a mad scramble behind the cardboard wall. There was also some cussing as belt buckles hit the floor, along with shoes and other stuff. The black guy was the first around the wall and he was gorgeously muscular and powerful looking.

"Holy shit, Clyde," Madison whispered. "I didn't know all that was hiding under those baggy sweats you always wear."

The white guy with the long thin dick was next. He wasn't much to look at, thin and sickly looking but his dick was perfect for where Cherry wanted it. "I'm Marvin," he said in a shaky voice.

"Hello Marvin," Cherry said with a big smile. "Have you ever fucked anyone in the ass?"

When he quickly shook his head, Cherry's smile turned into a grin. "Want to? I have a nice tight ass and that thing of yours will drive me nuts."

Marvin's eyes were darting all over Cherry's body. "I... I'll try anything once," he got out nervously.

"What do I get?" Clyde asked with a leering grin.

"You get to be pivot man," Cherry said, still grinning. "I'm going to sit on that big old black dick of yours and see just how much I can stuff in my little very wet pussy."

"If Marvin's in your ass and Clyde is in your pussy, what do I do?" The very Mexican looking man said.

"Poncho, there's only one hole left," Clyde said.

Poncho grinned and replied, "I know, I just wanted to hear her say it."

"You get my small, warm, wet mouth and my tongue to go with it," Cherry whispered in a sultry voice.

Poncho groaned and said quickly, "Then lets get it on."

Looking around Cherry tried to decide where and what would be the best place to get it on, as Poncho had said. The couch was a little narrow but the coffee table looked strong and just the right height. With Clyde's dick in one hand and the long thin one in the other she walked over to the coffee table.

"Clyde, why don't you laid down on the table and let me see what I can do with this monster of a dick you have."

With Clyde laying down on the coffee table, Cherry spread her legs and straddled him. She moved forward until her pussy was right above his dick. She sat down on the long ridged member below her and rubbed her slippery pussy along its length. He clit brushed against the flange below the head and she groaned.

"Oh yeah, this is perfect," Cherry said as she grinned at the large man under her. He nodded and grinned back.

Looking around at Marvin, she leaned forward and wiggled her ass from side to side. "Why don't you come over here and get that beautiful dick of yours all slippery in my pussy."

Marvin swallowed hard but moved up behind her. Cherry reached between her wide spread thighs and guided his long thin dick to her pussy. It slipped in easily. She whimpered softly as it went deeper and deeper. She groaned as it finally stopped going in and his hips touched her ass.

"Oh yeah, that feels so good," she whispered as Marvin fucked her with long slow strokes. Her hips were moving back to meet him on each stroke, which was rubbing her clit on Clyde's shaft. An orgasm was building deep inside her sex.

When Poncho bumped the head of his beer can size dick against her cheek, Cherry turned her head and ran her tongue all around and over the head of it. When he moaned, she sucked on just the head and fluttered her tongue over and around it wildly. Her orgasm was building even faster.

Cherry moaned deeply and released the head of Poncho's dick. She was getting into the two dicks much too quickly, not to mention too deeply. It was time to move to phase two so she looked around at Marvin. He was grinning like a fool.

"It's time to move up a hole," she told him with a smile.

Marvin groaned softly and stopped fucking her. "But that pussy is so good."

"That ass is going to be even better," Cherry said in return as she wiggled her ass back and forth.

Marvin gave her a wide-eyed look. "I haven't ever tried it but...." He moved his hips back until his dick came out of her hot wet pussy.

Cherry felt the head rubbing against her asshole and moaned softly. "Just take it slow and easy. If I move away from you, just wait until I come back toward you. We'll work it in slowly so I can get used to it."

Marvin lined the head up on the tight pucker of her asshole and added a little weight to it. The head of his dick felt squeezed and then it popped through the tight ring. Three inches of his shaft followed quickly before he could stop pushing. Her ass was way hotter than her pussy and twice as tight. He groaned long and loud.

Cherry groaned right along with him and pushed back hard. Over half of his long dick went up her ass before she could stop her hips from moving. "Oh yeah, that feels so good," she said loudly and pushed back again. Her ass bumped against Marvin's hips.

"Oh shit!" came from Marvin.

With a big shivering shake, Cherry whispered, "Fuck me slowly, like before."

She didn't have to tell him twice. Marvin pulled his dick out slowly until the head was just inside and then he pushed forward just as slowly. He was savoring the tight feelings around his skinny dick both ways.

"Oh yeah, just like that," Cherry said as she wiggled her ass from side to side.

She heard Madison moan loudly and looked her way. She had Mark's dick swallowed as she watched Marvin fucking Cherry's tight ass. Seeing Cherry looking at her, Madison lifted her head and said, "I've got to get me some of that thing."

"He's a perfect ass fucker if I've ever felt one," Cherry replied and then looked down at Clyde. "Now for the main course."

As Marvin pushed his dick in slowly, Cherry slowly straightened her legs. She used both hands to maneuver Clyde's big dick into position so she could rub the head against her slippery hot opening. Marvin pulled out almost all the way and paused. Cherry saw her opportunity and sat down slowly on the dick at the entrance to her pussy.

It filled her up quickly and she had to lift up off of it several times to finally get it completely inside. She could feel Marvin's dick in her ass even more now. Clyde's dick had her stretched so good it almost hurt. Marvin moaned and then groaned as he sank his shaft to the hilt.

Cherry could feel her legs shaking as both holes filled up. She had never felt so full. Her orgasm had slacked off slightly earlier but now it was headed for orbit quickly. She pushed up onto her arms and turned her head to suck Poncho's fat dick into her mouth. With all three holes filled she moaned long and loud.

Clyde hunched his hips and used short strokes to fuck her pussy as Marvin still made the same long slow strokes. She couldn't get more than the head of Poncho's dick in her mouth but her tongue fluttering over that sensitive surface had him flexing his hips and groaning.

Cherry was getting close to overload when Marvin groaned even louder than normal and slammed his dick all the way into her ass and came like crazy as he spanked her ass hard with little short hard strokes. The feel of his hot cum and the spanking he was giving her ass, pushed her over the edge. She throw her head back, abandoning Poncho's dick, and sat up straighter so she could bounce up and down on Clyde's big dick.

"Oh, fuck yeah!" Clyde said loudly, as Cherry fucked him with wild abandon. She was bouncing up and down so hard that she pulled Marvin's softening dick out of her ass. He moaned softly and sat down hard on the floor. This just gave Cherry more room to bounce.

Cherry was in another world of sparkling lights and electric jolts as her clit was trapped against Clyde's big shaft every time she sat down on his hips. That long rub on the down stroke got so intense she had to lift up to get some relief. Then it was gone and she would sit down again. Over and over it went until her knees felt like rubber and would not lift her body again.

Clyde quickly sat up and wrapped his arms around her waist. Then he stood up. Cherry felt his big dick go even deeper as she slipped down slightly. He was definitely in virgin territory now. The next thing she knew, she was flat on her back on the coffee table and Clyde was kneeing between her legs.

As he began to fuck her with long full strokes, her eyes and mouth flew open. She was getting the fucking of her life. Then Poncho was trying to cram his big dick down her throat. It wasn't long enough to go there but it filled her mouth completely. Then she was coming for all she was worth and trying to yell around the monster in her mouth.

Seeing that she was having trouble breathing, Poncho pulled his dick out of her mouth. Cherry took a deep gasping breath and then yelled long and loud as Clyde came what seemed to be gallons in her wide stretched pussy. She was off in another world again.

***** When she returned, she heard Poncho saying, "Man, you made one hell of a mess."

"Uh, sorry about that." Clyde replied.

"I don't know about no sloppy seconds," Poncho said as he shook his head.

Everyone had forgotten about Madison and Mark until Madison stepped in front of Clyde and knelt down between Cherry's wide spread thighs. "I think I can fix this," she said as she leaned over and ran her tongue over Cherry's outer lips. Cherry groaned and then whimpered as Madison gently lapped at her swollen pussy. It felt so good after the pounding she had taken.

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