tagErotic HorrorThe Difference Between Homeless and Helpless

The Difference Between Homeless and Helpless


A duel fought between an old homeless woman and a vicious young serial killer, in a remote Florida wilderness. Sometimes in the swamp it is hard to tell the hunter from the prey. If you like the story then take a moment and give me a vote and maybe even a comment. I hope that you enjoy it.

The cop looked hard at the old woman as he plundered through her things on the hood of his cruiser. There wasn't much in the way of money, a few coins and two one-dollar bills. The thing that the cop was hassling her over was the razor blades; the old girl had half a dozen single edge blades still with the cardboard wrapped to protect the blade and the person carrying them.

"You use these to chop your coke with?" The cop glared hard at the old woman hoping to frighten her into saying she did.

She was too smart for that though as she answered him, "No, I use them for scrapping glass when I clean cars." She knew why the guy was in her shit so bad. They didn't want people hitting up the folks going in the Wal-Mart store. They would let the churches in town set up tables and ask for money, but they refused to allow an old woman like herself to ask people for help on their property.

"OK," the cop said as he pushed her stuff back into the sack she had been carrying when they stopped her, "I'll going to let you go this time, but don't let me catch you again or I'll see that you get locked up for a few days." He handed her the bag and pointed to the highway. "I want to see you out of here right now."

As Rita turned to leave she thought that she saw a guy that she had met once before, maybe he could give her a ride. She started to trot toward where his car was moving slowly down the line of parked cars. She looked back once to be sure that the cops had gone on about their business, and was happy to see that they were driving away in the other direction. Fucking pigs, she thought to herself as she closed in on her next mark.

The killer had seen the old woman before, once in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart and once over at the Winn-Dixie, panhandling for change. She was about fifty or so, her hair, once blonde was now something less than blonde more of an off-white sort of color. Her body was trim, probably as much from hunger as from exercise. She was almost running as she came toward his car, like she was afraid that he might leave before she got to him.

Rita had hit on this guy before, she couldn't remember how much she had gotten but he was an easy mark, she just needed to get him to stop and let her talk to him for a minute or so. If she could get him to give her a ride she would most likely get a fiver or maybe even a ten spot before it was over. Hell, maybe he would want a blow job and she could hit him for twenty-five bucks, enough to buy a crack-rock. She just needed to get him to stop.

He studied her as she approached him. You could still see traces of the beauty that she once possessed in her younger days; there was still a physical fire burning inside the old girl, you could see it in the way she was exerting herself as she ran toward his car. He had only heard her talk on one occasion and that was when she hit him up for money as he was getting into his car. She had seemed sharp with a nimble mind when she spoke to him. He had given her two dollars, not as aid, rather more as a salute to her spirit.

"Sir." She called out to him again as her outstretched hand came into contact with his car's front fender. "Sir, could you help me out? I need a ride down to the Palm Grove Motel, are you heading that direction?" As she spoke she sort of caressed his car's fender letting her hands trail along the warm smooth surface until she faced the man with her hands on the roof of his car.

Having placed herself like she had, she now offered a view that was quite enticing to the man. He looked up into her face and saw the pretend pleading in her eyes. He liked the scene, her hands reaching above her head, the pleading expression, even if faked, sold him. She had called him Sir, he always made his victims call him that, it seemed like a sign. He decided that he wanted her.

"Sure, jump in." He reached across the car to open the passenger door as she ran around the front of the car, moving like she was in pretty good shape for her age. His eyes did a quick scan of the parking area, nobody seemed to be giving them any attention as the old woman slid into his car. The door closing behind her sounded solid but muted, as it shut her into his world, separating her from the rest of the world outside his car. He drove toward the parking lot exit, merging into the lines of cars waiting to blend into the highway traffic.

The cold eyes of the killer ran over her body as she settled into her seat. She was dressed in white shorts and a pink T-shirt. She must've been out working the parking lot for a while because her shirt was soaked through with sweat in several dark patches. The AC vent blowing on her sweaty T-shirt was making her nipples get hard, becoming clearly visible even though she wore a bra. He reached out to turn the blower on the air to the highest setting.

"It's awfully hot out there today, this will cool you down in a hurry." He directed the vent so that the chilled air was aimed right at her chest.

He moved his eyes back to the road but not before he saw that her eyes were green. Green like the color of shallow river water when the sun hits it just right. She still had young eyes though she must be close to sixty.

Brushing sweaty hair from her face, she caught him studying her. Rita had seen the interest in the man's eyes as he let them slide over her body. She was a creature of the streets and knew how to play an opening, hell; she had been playing this game all her life.

"You are right about that, it's been so hot today, I thought that I was going to melt." Her eyes tried to find his as she shook out a cigarette. "Do you mind if I smoke?" she asked.

"Yes, I do mind, please don't." The man had spoke but his face had remained facing forward, watching the road and his mirrors. He continued, "I've seen you before, asking for money in the parking lots, is that all you do?"

She recognized that he knew how the game was played too, and the ball was back in her court. "I used to detail cars for the Ford place but they let me go when I flunked a piss test. I was real good at detailing cars, and I liked doing it too. But nowadays I just look for anything to pick up a few coins." She waited for his mind to pick up on the 'anything', that always meant the same thing to men, sex.

The killer turned to her and openly let his eyes stroke her body from head to toe. "Anything takes in a lot of territory. How much do you make on an average day of begging in the parking lots?"

Rita did not like his use of the word 'begging'; somehow she didn't think of herself as a beggar, she felt that she was just an older woman doing what she had to do to get by. She felt the weight of his gaze as his eyes slowly scanned her body, making her feel as though she were on display. Both of them knew what they were talking about, now she had to fix a price.

"On a good day I can pick up fifty dollars."

The man gave her a chilly smile as he answered. "I bet that is a very good day when you make fifty dollars, but I will believe you if you say it is so. So if I wanted you to work for me I would need to pay you fifty dollars a day?"

"It would depend on what you wanted me to do. What did you have in mind?" Rita asked the question as she watched the motel coming into view ahead.

The killer watched the woman's hands as they fingered the forbidden cigarette, he saw the alarm in her eyes as they drove past the driveway for the motel.

"I have to run some errands and then if you want to, I'll buy us some lunch at the diner. You don't mind do you?" He let his eyes focus on her tits, the cold air had done its job, the nipples were hard and clearly visible as they tried to crash through the thin fabric of her shirt. "So what's your name and how did you wind up like this at this time of your life?"

"Rita," she heard herself reply. She did not like the way he was taking charge of things, she felt like a prisoner, trapped in this car as it sped out of town and into the swampy Florida wilderness. "I had a few bad breaks, went with some bad choices, and this is where it landed me."

She tried to hide her fear as she looked at the man beside her. He was about thirty-five or so and had kept himself in shape. He had dark hair that he wore short, his face was clean-shaven with no visible adornments like chains or other types of jewelry. His eyes were gray like the sky on a winery day, but they seemed colder. He turned to her and laid a twenty-dollar bill on the seat between them.

"That's for the money you might miss out on while we are gone. Is that enough to pay for your company for an hour or so?" The man let her see the thick stack of bills in his wallet as he returned it to his pocket.

"That's fair I guess but I got to get back before two because I have to meet a friend." As she was speaking she was grabbing the bill from the seat.

The man took his wallet back out and laid it on the seat. "Pick up my wallet and take out another twenty dollars if you will ride topless." As he said this his eyes held hers watching for the expression on her face as the proposition sunk in. If he had been hoping to shock her he had failed because she picked up the wallet and removed a twenty, stashing it with the other bill in her shorts pocket. Hell, she was used to sucking cocks for a twenty-dollar rock. Without a word she started to unbutton her blouse pulling the garment off and putting it in the back seat of the car followed by her bra. She turned back around on the seat and stared straight ahead, seeing nothing but swamp as the car drove deeper into the wilderness.

The killer smiled as he watched her; this was like fucking with the lunchroom ladies from high school. No, it was like fucking with your mother. She was about the same age as his mother. She had nice breasts, bigger than his mother's, they hung on her chest like two tears. The nipples were showing the effects from the air conditioning they sat hard and crinkled atop the otherwise so soft flesh of her breasts. He reached across the seat and took a nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She turned to face him with fire in her eyes.

"That was not part of the deal! No touching." The fear was clear in her voice and both of them heard it. The man smiled; she didn't.

He still held her nipple as he told her, "Open the wallet and take out two twenties and then shut up and let me play with your tits." He rolled her nipple between his fingers as he spoke. When she reached for the wallet he put a bit more pressure on her hard little bud as her hand removed the bills the pinch really began to hurt. The killer was loving this, he stretched the nipple toward the windshield pulling her breast painfully away from her body. They both knew she was bought and paid for only the amount remained unclear.

"Take off the rest of your clothes, and you can have another forty bucks." He released her nipple letting it slap back against her chest painfully. He seemed to pay her no attention as she struggled with her decision.

Rita had eighty bucks in her pocket now another forty dollars would be more money then she had seen for some time. Hell with over a hundred bucks she could score some rock and still have enough to rent a room, take a shower, watch some TV, and get a good supper. It was almost enough to let her live like a normal human being for a day or so. She picked up the wallet and removed forty more dollars, then removed her shorts and panties.

"Shoes and socks too," the man said.

She complied leaving herself completely nude and exposed to his stares. She was getting wet as she sat there naked with a fully clothed man next to her. She hadn't been this excited in years. She watched this man who would be the age of her son if she had one. His eyes roamed over her body. She forced herself not to panic as he reached across her to recline her seat until she was almost laying down next to him. He gave his hands free license to go where they pleased. Her skin was so soft, much softer to the touch then the younger women he had been with before. He loved the feel of it, so soft like baby powder.

The killer knew that he could take it all back when everything was over, the money meant nothing at all. He picked up the wallet and pulled out a hundred dollar bill. He held it up where she could see what it was. "It is forty miles to Lake City." He pointed to a sign as the car passed by it. "I'll give you this hundred dollar bill if you can cum three times before we get to town." As the man spoke his hand caressed the woman's stomach letting his fingers trail lightly through her pubic hair, he touched her clit.

Rita jumped when his hand found her trigger, her mind was in a jumble as she thought about how much money this guy was offering. My God! What was she doing? She was of the age that she should be going to some church garden club in the afternoons. She should be playing with grandchildren, cooking big dinners for her family. Instead she was lying naked in a stranger's car driving through the middle of nowhere selling her soul one piece at a time.

He watched as her hand crept down to between her legs, a single finger slid along the damp hair finding the bud of her clit. She looked so out of place, it was like he was watching his mother get off. He found himself getting very excited, he couldn't stop himself from reaching out and taking her nipple again. He played roughly with her breast as her fingers flattened themselves out against her mound, rubbing in a tight little circle over her clit.

"Rita." His voice cut through her dream like state. "Open your eyes."

She did as he asked, seeing only the roof of the car and to the side, the man watching her.

"Look at me Rita, look into my eyes." The man was still rolling her nipple between his fingers, the pain was gone now though, and his fingers were stroking her excitement. "I think that I have found myself a slut sure enough. This is your lucky day woman because I am going to pay you to do all kind of things for me."

His hand was all over her, one moment it was pinching, caressing, and sometimes slapping at her breast. Other times the hand was between her legs tracing the outline of her lips trailing lower to touch her asshole. She felt the heat throughout her body, she was responding stronger to the sexual urges building up inside her than she had ever responded before in years. She felt so controlled but she had adjusted her mind to the fact, and now she seemed to be enjoying the lack of being responsible for what happened.

Her hand was a blur as she worked her clit feverishly, she could feel that she was getting close.

Their eyes were locked onto one another when she felt the first wave of her approaching orgasm. As the rush swept over her, the man reached over and locked his mouth over hers. As she came she was sucking on his tongue, his fingers twisting her nipples painfully. The car they were in was going sixty miles an hour while the driver was French-kissing her. Everything combined to give her one of the hardest cums she had ever experienced.

"That's one, two more to go." His finger teased the entrance to her cunt touching but not entering. She was very wet now and seemed to be opening up for him. She would have to wait for that though. He put his hands back on the wheel and watched the woman as her hand continued to rub the area of her clit. Maybe it was because she was reclining but somehow her tits looked firmer, their nipples sticking up asking to be touched, sucked, like they wanted to be used. She had the smoky look of passion in her eyes giving her the look of someone that is high as a kite. She obeyed him and kept her eyes looking at him even when he looked away. She had slut potential.

Rita was in sensual-overload territory now and her own hand was sending such feelings through her body. She could hardly keep her eyes focused on the young man, she just wanted, she didn't know what she wanted, but she knew that there was a need building inside of her. The thought left her as her second orgasm washed over her, causing her to arch her self in the seat as if she were lifting up to meet a man's downward thrust. She couldn't help but let out a low moan as her body convulsed to her finger's demands.

"Open those eyes Rita, I want to see those slutty eyes of yours when you're cumming for me."

She hadn't realized that her eyes had closed, she opened them to see the man stroking his cock through his pants. She watched as the man teased his growing cock as he watched her beat her meat for him. She found herself thinking how much she wanted to suck his dick for him. How bad she wanted him to fuck her. How much she loved being in his power. It seemed that just the thought of what was going on was so sexy that it pushed her into her third big O inside of fifteen minutes. It made her body knot up in such a way that the stranger saw that she had cum again.

The killer watched the old woman's eyes; they actually seemed to glaze over with the emotions she was feeling inside. He thought that it was one of the sexist things he had ever seen, and he had seen a lot. Those big puppy dog eyes looking up at you and then suddenly they kind of harden and then melt into an unfocused state, open but not really seeing. And then like a ship coming out of a fog bank you see her come back into her eyes. You can plainly see the need and the want in their eyes when they are like that. Most of the time that is when he would cut their throat and watch the want fade into stark fear as they came to the realization that they were dying.

He pulled into the next dirt road that he came to, it was an old logging trail and he followed it into the tall pines far enough not to be seen from the road. He stopped the car and got out, walking around the car he opened the old woman's door and pulled her naked ass out of the car. In one fluid motion he spun her around and bent her over the fender of his car. Holding her down with one hand her freed his cock from his pants with the other. Placing his cock at her opening he shoved the entire length deep inside the woman's body.

The metal of the fender was uncomfortably hot against her skin but she lay still and waited while the man positioned himself. When he rammed home deep inside of her she couldn't help but to moan out her encouragement. It felt so good to have a man inside her once more, she found herself pushing back onto the hard dick as it tore through her body setting off nerve endings that had lain dormant for years. She traded blow jobs for both crack and cash but nobody really found her sexy enough to want to fuck her. Today she had hit the jackpot.

The heat on her nipples, which were mashed against the hot metal of the hood, was getting intense. The extra pain seemed to stimulate her even more as she felt her fourth orgasm start to build up inside her. She raised up onto her arms to get away from the hot steel that was beginning to cook her tits, but the man would not allow her this freedom of movement, his hands grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back where her held them in one hand while her pounded into her with even more force.

The killer felt his own orgasm as it rushed from his balls through his body and flushed into her waiting and open womb. There were a few more hard thrusts but mostly the man started to slow down right away until he stood still behind her with his dick still lodged as deep as he could push it inside the old woman's cunt. He released her hands and began to stroke the woman's back, rubbing her shoulders and tracing her spine as his hands ran down her body to her buttocks. Since he had released her hands she placed them over her head lying across the hood of the car. She seemed to be slipping into some sort of submissive mode, so he started to slap her ass cheeks.

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