tagLesbian SexThe Difficulties of Mrs Blair

The Difficulties of Mrs Blair


Chapter 1 Amy

Mrs Jennifer Blair had long accepted that her 19 year old student Amy Johnson now had full control over her. Amy could easily manipulate the lecherous old Head Master any way she wished and with the embarrassing photographs she had of the young teacher, Amy's control was complete.

The other problem had was that with her husband Derek having such a poor job they desperately needed Jenny's salary as a junior teacher to pay their crippling mortgage. Jennifer had never been a strong willed person and with the money problems on top of everything else, she felt helpless.

It was strange really as although Amy was such a headstrong young woman she had a lovely personality and deep down Mrs Blair admired her and even liked her.

When Jenny had first started at the secondary school she had been so nervous and anxious to please that it had been so easy for the Head Master who was a dirty old man to use his position to take advantage of her and taken some pictures.

It would have been even worse but for Amy. It had turned out that the Old Man had a deep fixation with young Amy and the young girl could use him in any way she wished.

Mrs Blair found out however there was a price to pay. Amy herself was no angel and she had started to use her teacher in ways that were inappropriate.

Mrs Blair had tried to resist but with the threat of the Old Head Master in the wings and the pictures she found the odds against her were unassailable.

Very often nothing would happen for a number of weeks and then it would start again.

One morning, Mrs Blair was giving Amy some private lessons and could see that the young woman was getting bored. This made her nervous as on some occasions Amy had brought the Head into class and they had been horribly abusive to her.

Amy teased her "I expect the Head would like to come in have some crumpet off you, Mrs Blair."

Jenny shuddered "Oh please Amy, don't say things like that. We have been such good friends and I have tried to be kind."

Amy relented and spoke more kindly "Quite right Mrs Blair. But I am a bit bored with lessons and it's raining." Jenny was desperate. The signs were bad.

She knew the other thing that Amy did to her sometimes. It was demeaning but better than the beastly old Head Master. She told Amy coyly "I have tried to be a good girl Amy."

Amy chuckled. She knew that Mrs Blair was trying to sidetrack her but this could be fun. She teased the older woman, "I think you are telling me that you have been a naughty little girl Mrs Blair."

Jenny nodded her head. It wasn't an ideal situation but her student could be quite kind "Yes Amy, I have been a naughty little girl."

Amy laughed, "That's good. This could be better than dragging that lecherous pig of a Head in, and I like smacking naughty girl's bottoms."

Jennifer half sighed in relief. It looked like Amy was relenting. Jenny also knew she had to play along and not upset the young girl. She whimpered, "I have been a naughty girl, Amy."

Amy spoke to her as if she was a child, "If you have been a naughty girl you had better bend over and pull your skirt up."

Jennifer didn't argue. She bent over and started to raise her skirt. As she did, she could see that Amy had started to swish a cane. She didn't feel too worried as the last few times she had her bottom smacked, Amy had been surprisingly gentle.

She still found it humiliating as Amy asked, "I hope you are not wearing tights Mrs Blair or we may have to call on the Head."

Jennifer almost gulped her reassurance "Oh no Amy. I have suspenders and stockings on under my skirt."

Amy teased her "What only suspenders and stockings Mrs Blair. That's not very respectable for a teacher."

Jennifer felt foolish "Of course not Amy. I am wearing my panties as well." She was now fully bent over and with the back of her skirt right up, she knew Amy could see her panties.

This didn't stop Amy teasing her "Tell me Mrs Blair. Are you wearing big knickers or little knickers?"

Jennifer felt herself blushing with embarrassment but she knew what she was required to say "Little knickers Amy."

She heard Amy move closely behind her and knew that her underwear was being studied closely. Then she felt her panties being prodded and the cane being smoothed across her bottom.

Then Amy said "My, My. Mrs Blair. They are indeed Little knickers. And with such a lovely fat bum, your panties are right up you bum cheeks."

Mrs Blair felt herself being bent forward more which caused her panties to pull up into her buttocks even more. This always made her feel nice but she was nervous about Amy standing directly behind her.

She was still bent over with her clothes over her waist and Amy was gently caressing her pantied bottom with the smooth sensuous shiny cane. Amy said casually "Mrs Blair, would you like to pull your panties down for me?"

Jennifer Blair didn't hesitate as there was no alternative. "Of course Amy," and pulled her panties down below her knees knowing that her plump bottom was now available for Amy's pleasure. Mrs Blair knew that she would also get pleasure but preferred not to admit this. As her panties dropped to her ankles, near her high-heeled shoes, she started to lift her foot.

Amy gently tapped her bottom with the cane telling her "Don't take your panties right off. I like your knickers around your ankles when I am sorting you out."

Mrs Blair knew this was part of the demeaning and humiliating treatment but answered smartly "Yes Amy. Certainly Amy." Actually she knew that it was the humiliation part she enjoyed most. So did Amy.

Amy said very politely "Would you mind checking the door Mrs Blair in case that lecherous pig of a Head is near. If he catches you with your panties down, he will probably give you one of his Big Jumpies."

Mrs Blair detected a softening of Amy's tone and also felt she was much nicer. Jennifer answered "Certainly Amy. Can I pull my panties up to cross the room?"

Amy thought for a moment. She wanted to be helpful but didn't want her teacher to take advantage. She said "Yes you can pull your drawers up to your stocking tops but keep your skirt up. I want to be able to see your nice bum at all times."

Mrs Blair felt a surge of pleasure. She liked being humiliated in a kindly way. She waddled across the room to the doorway knowing that her red bum cheeks were exposed to her young pupil and that her panties were partially caught in her crutch. She surged.

Amy smiled. She knew her teacher's weaknesses. She knew that her teacher Mrs Jennifer Blair liked having her bum played with. Amy also knew that her teacher didn't want to admit to her weakness. She coyly asked her "Do you want me to call the Head in Mrs Blair or shall we play a few games?"

Jennifer knew she had no real choice but was still aware that it was she was the teacher and the young woman was her pupil. She was, theoretically, in charge and should assert herself.

The problem was that she didn't feel very assertive when she was with Amy. Especially when they were alone. She tried to sound strong but really just whimpered "What sort of games Amy?"

Amy just laughed "Come on now Mrs Blair. You know very well what games. You like them when we get started. Would you like me to ask the Head Master to join us?"

Jennifer lost all her resistance when she thought about the dirty old man and whimpered "I would like to play games Amy."

Amy giggled "That's more like it Mrs Blair. I like it when you are a good little girl for me. Leave your panties down, and lie across my lap."

Amy squeezed her bottom and told her "You like me playing knickers and bums with you, don't you Mrs Blair?"

Jennifer murmured passively "Yes Amy."

Amy slid her hand down between her teacher's bum cheeks and then between her legs. Mrs Blair couldn't control a sigh. Amy smiled. She could do anything she wished with her teacher but now she knew that Jennifer was wet it as even better.

She said "I don't want to play knickers and bums now Mrs Blair." Jennifer still feared the Head.

Amy smiled and started to take Jennifer's panties down saying "I will take your knickers off so that we can play the other game."

Jennifer knew what that meant but had to ask "What other game Amy?"

Amy slipped her fingers between her teacher's legs and chuckled "Teachers tits and Teachers cunts."

Jennifer let out an involuntary grunt of pleasure but also murmured some mild objection.

Amy simply rammed two fingers up her and said "Stop moaning, keep grunting and keep your fucking legs open."

Mrs Blair sighed in resignation and simply lay back with her knees open as her pupil finger fucked her.

Although it was quite wrong, Mrs Blair knew that it was quite pleasant and murmured "I like you doing that to me Amy, with your fingers."

Amy smiled. She had other plans besides her fingers.

As she fingered her sighing teacher, Amy reached over and handed a strap on to Mrs Blair. She told her "Suck this for a minute. It will make it nice and wet for you."

Mrs Blair sobbed, "Oh Amy, you are not going to use that on me are you?"

Amy laughed dismissively "What do you think Mrs Blair?"

Jennifer sighed in resignation as Amy turned her over so that she was kneeling on the bed.

Without her panties on and her bottom so available she felt very vulnerable.

Amy was enjoying herself moving her plastic prick up and down the full length of her teachers bum cheeks. At the lowest point she slid it between Mrs Blair's legs.

She did it so smoothly and gently that Mrs Blair sighed "Oh Amy it is nice but you shouldn't push it into my pussy."

Amy carried on pleasing her teacher and said coyly "Of course not Mrs Blair. I wouldn't dream of pushing my prick up your pussy."

Jenny sighed, partly in relief but also in regret as it really did feel nice.

The feeling didn't last as she felt Amy move forward and a gentle sliding pain in her buttocks and she sobbed, "Oh Amy, I don't understand."

Amy chuckled and panted, as she thrust harder "Don't worry Mrs Blair. It's not up your pussy. My prick is up your ass."

She then added sincerely "You are a good fuck Mrs Blair." Mrs Blair sobbed. This was intolerable. She was being violated.

As these mixed feelings rushed through her head, she also felt intense pleasure. Mrs Blair started to thrust back in rhythm with Amy.

It was so exciting. She gasped with pleasure at Amy's compliment and panted "I want to be a good fuck for you Amy." Amy rammed the full length of her prick up her teacher and laughed.

Jenny's main problem was that the more Amy did to her, the more pliable she became. She would agree to all suggestions and Amy made her cum several times. Amy even programmed her to repeat "I really like it up my ass Amy."

Mrs Blair was ultra docile now as she was made to cum three times. As Amy withdrew her cock it was obvious that her teacher still knelt on the bed in the acceptance position. Mrs Blair made no effort to stand up or make herself more respectable.

Amy groaned "Mrs Blair you have a beautiful cunt and a beautiful ass hole." Jennifer felt much more in control now that Amy was all excited.

Amy was fumbling with a large dildo. Jennifer teased the young girl "I like your plastic cock Amy."

Amy panted as she became aroused once more and rubbed the dildo up and down Mrs Blair's bum cheeks and asked "Where do you want my prick Mrs Blair? Cunt or ass?" She now wanted to please her teacher.

Mrs Blair felt in control but the lovely feeling was so intense she murmured "Oh Amy, I really like it up my ass." Amy shoved it up her.

Mrs Blair was ashamed but she really did like it as the young girl slid her plastic dildo up her bum. She seemed to have no will of her own.

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