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The Dinner Dance


Whilst I can fully understand 'wife watching' and the thrill it can give not only to the husband but also to us readers when they write in and tell us all about it, some of us are not so lucky, to have actually watched, however my wife and I have had other adventures. These for me end up to be very satisfying because I get the pleasure of fucking my wife after one of these events.

My wife Sue is a sexy brunette with a desirable body, full breasts, slim waist and well rounded hips, who has always had men sniffing around her. She enjoys that kind of attention. I am not jealous because I trust her completely and like her to tease other men. Here is the story of one of her 'adventures'.

Sue worked part time, at a small shop in a large hotel, that sells, newspapers, magazines and small convenience items that a hotel guest might need. Since there were a large number of businessmen staying there during the week, trade in top shelf magazines was brisk. Another time I will relate a story about that.

The shop owner, Philip, was a typical small time business wheeler dealer with an eye for any opportunity who often made it clear that he fancied Sue. Nothing was going to happen between them, he was ordinary and Sue did not fancy him in any way.

One Friday, he called into the shop, and told Sue that he was due to go to a smart dinner dance that evening, but his wife had become sick and would not be able to go, would Sue like to go in her place so that the tickets did not go to waste? This was clearly a thin excuse, but Sue was not repulsed by him and fancied a night out but said she would have to ask me. Her call came to me in my office, and I agreed if she wanted to go that was O.K. with me. I am not the jealous type and knew Sue could look after herself if he tried anything she did not like.

I know that she went home early from work and prepared for the night out with a bath, glamorous makeup, perfume and put on one of her sexy dresses, low cut and clingy. Underneath she wore tiny panties and a half cup bra that projected her luscious boobs and emphasised her nipples.

She was surprised, but impressed that Philip had hired a limo to transport them to London. He explained that they would be drinking, and would be over the limit for the drive home, but Sue realised that he had an ulterior motive, and resolved to keep control.

The dinner, at a luxurious hotel went off successfully, their table of ten consisted of three other couples and two other men, Peter and John, who Philip knew well. Philip and the other male guests, thoroughly enjoyed dancing with Sue who they seemed to regarded as a 'free agent' and was therefore up for grabs. Sue danced all evening, and had drunk a fair amount and was, as they say, 'feeling no pain', and revelling in the constant attention. In that state she was happy to allow her partners a good bit of freedom to press their erections against her and did not object now and then as they groped her backside and brushed her tits whenever they could during the slower dances and when the lights were lowered.

When the evening started to wind down the couples from the table said their good-byes, leaving Sue with her boss and two other men. She indicated that she expected to leave as well but the men pleaded with her to stay a while and to go for a last drink. Expecting to go to another bar in the hotel, she was surprised that they went to the lifts. Peter and John explained that they lived a long way away and had taken a suite for the night, and had drink in the room. Naturally Sue smelled a rat, and that this was a set up, but as I said she knew how to look after herself and felt that she could control the situation, she went up to the suite.

In the lounge of the suite everyone sat down and drinks were served. Music came from an unseen source , but soon Peter asked her to dance again. In the low lights of the room he proceeded to dance close to Sue and quite openly started to touch her breasts and caress her round buttocks over her dress. John interrupted them and took his turn at dancing, that was just an excuse for touching Sues body where ever he wanted. He squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples that had become erect, pushing through the thin material of her dress.

Philip now took his turn and taking Sue in his arms leaned in to kiss her. This she accepted for the moment and did not resist at first as he tried to slide the straps of the dress off her shoulders. Here she stopped him and asked him what he thought he was doing.

He said that she had been teasing them all evening and he thought she should at least let the guys have a look at the goods. Sue was wary about how things were progressing and really was enjoying the evening but was not prepared to end up possibly being gang banged or fucked by any of them, that was not on her agenda. On the other hand she had enjoyed a super time being admired and complemented for her looks, having a gourmet meal in posh surroundings, and she thought it reasonable to 'pay the piper'. Anyway she loved showing off and indulged from time to time in exhibitionism. She was pleasantly relaxed with drink, but intended to stay in control of the situation.

Taking charge, she told them that she would dance with each of them in turn and after that she would give them a special treat before Philip took her home.

She told them to wait a moment and went into the bathroom there she took off her bra and panties, checking in the mirror she could see that her nipples showed well through the thin material, a little lower than before but now but still very erect, Sue was very turned on.

Back in the room Sue made sure that as she moved it was clear to the men that something had changed, lots of nubile flesh moved under her dress. As promised they each had another turn at dancing with her, but this time there was no hesitation about touching or feeling and Sue allowed the straps of the dress to slide from her shoulders. At last her tits were out and each man fondled and kissed or sucked the full round globes. At the same time while nominally 'dancing' they mauled her hips and generous arse cheeks. lifting the dress to caress the naked flesh beneath. The only liberty Sue did not allow was direct access to the juicy slit between her legs.

When she called time and lightly kissed them goodby, they protested weakly, begging her to stay the night in the luxurious suite. That was not on for her, and she made Philip call for his car to be delivered to the front of the hotel. While they waited she made them all sit down and then stood in front of them. She told them, 'This is your final treat guys' and slipped dress completely off and posed for them totally naked. The men clapped their appreciation and made to get up but she ordered them to sit back down. She had teased them mercilessly, so stepping forward to each one in turn she took their hands and pressed them into her dripping cunt, allowing a brief finger fuck. She enjoyed the control she had over them. They all had smelly hands as she stepped back into her dress and moved to the door calling Phillip to follow her.

In the limo it was not long before Philip leaned across and tried to kiss her, placing his hand firmly on her thigh. Initially Sue resisted his advances, saying that he had enjoyed his self back at the hotel. Naturally that did not please him and he continued to plead for Sue to allow him to continue what they had being doing at the hotel. Sue knew she could not get away scot free and was simply stalling him off for the first half of the journey home. Accepting a final drink from the minibar in the car she thanked him for a wonderful evening as the car came to a point about fifteen minutes from home. Looking him in the eye she leaned forward and kissed him, he took his chance and put his arms around her. 'Wait just a minute', she told him puling back. He looked dismayed, but that look changed to pleasure as Sue lowered the straps of her dress exposing again her breasts, and then reached behind to unzip the dress fully and take it off again. 'There you are she said this is my proper thank you for the evening.' His hands reached out, one went to her tits and the other went to her legs.

Pinching one nipple his hand caressed her thigh moving higher and higher. Sue was still in control as she spread her legs for him and let his hand reach the dripping centre of her body, her cunt. Philip was in ecstasy kissing her tits biting the dilated nipples as he knelt between her legs. Moving further down, now kissing her tummy, she pushed his face lower between spread legs her until his mouth came to her cunt. 'Lick me' she ordered him, 'suck my clit.' He dutifully obliged, his nose buried in her thick bush of pubic hair whilst his tongue probed her vagina. Thinking that he was now going to go all the way he fumbled with his belt and opened his trousers and fished his turgid prick out of his boxers.

Sue, resuming control, pushed him back to his seat telling him she wanted to see what he had to offer. Taking his good average sized penis in hand she wanked it gently. Looking him in the eye she told him that this was going to be her final, final thank you, she placed her mouth over his cock and sucked and licked it at the same time as wanking the shaft and caressing his balls. Being so worked up it took only a few strokes before the balls tightened and she felt him reaching his climax, quickly taking her mouth away she directed his dick up so that it squirted strings of spunk up over his shirt, leaving herself clean. As he slumped in his seat, Sue quickly pulled her dress back on, just in time as the car arrived at our house, she had timed it exactly. With a quick peck on his cheek Sue got out of the limo and smiled at the driver who had smartly moved to open the door for her. He smiled knowingly at her, said 'Lucky Bloke', she returned his smile and hurried to our front door.

I was asleep on my side when, a few minutes later Sue, naked, slipped quietly into bed. The first I knew about about that was feeling her hand gently caressing my penis as I woke up. Holding her I kissed her and felt her smiling, she told me the next day that it was the thought of me kissing her soon after she had been sucking another mans prick made her smile. But now having been woken, my prick roused itself and swelled in her hand. Rolling me onto my back Sue pushed the bedcovers down and bent to suck my member into her mouth. Reaching round I felt between her legs and was not really surprised to find that her cunt was dripping. 'Feels as though you had an exciting evening,' I said, 'are you going to tell me about it?'. Raising her head from my prick she said, 'Yes but later, just now I just need this wonderful meat inside me'. With that she straddled me and impaled herself on my now very hard penis. There was no resistance in the highly lubricated tunnel between her legs and she rode me frantically. Very quickly her first orgasm came, as she screamed, 'Yes....Yes.....! '. over and over. Instead of collapsing on top of me she continued to bounce up and down and soon reached a second climax, clearly the evening for her had been the biggest turn on. Now it was my turn to tense up as my prick inside her tingled before exploding with a mighty gush of love juice, triggering her third orgasm, as Sue continued to scream in pleasure, before falling exhausted onto my chest breathless from her exertions.

Gradually we both relaxed and she rolled off me, but we kept our arms around each other tenderly. Sue now fell into a deep sleep as I lay there wondering about what had happened to her to bring her to such an excited state.

The next morning and over a few days she related the whole story to me several times and fuelled our passionate love making over and over. I know she was naughty on that evening but she did not actually fuck the other men, and I benefitted time and time again from the adventure. Perhaps on another occasion, I realised, I might not object if her little games did lead her further astray and I would like to be there at that time. I shall let you know if anything happens.

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My take on the negative comments.

this does not happen every day in the life of a couple but this does happen. Give the presenter a break. If you do not like just pass on by. But from my side of the desk this goes on more than a lotmore...

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