tagBDSMThe Dinner Date

The Dinner Date


We go out for dinner. This particular restaurant has got sofas, instead of the customary chairs. As we are led to our seats, you decide to sit next to me instead of on the opposite end of the table.

As we sit next to each other we are hidden by the table cloth and the deep seats. We order our drinks and while away the time in catching up. I am wearing a skirt and deep neck top. The drinks arrive and as we toast each other I feel your hand on my thigh.

As I look around in case somebody is watching you pull my legs apart. My skirt rides up and you push it up further. I am not wearing any panties. Your hand starts playing with me. The other is holding the drink. Since I am not used to alcohol the drink combined with what you are doing has my head spinning. You order a second round and then continue playing with me.

As the waiter leaves you drop a fork and ask me to pick it up. I bend down and you choose that moment to slide your finger in me. I am bent down in a restaurant where we can be discovered any moment, my face less than an inch away from your crotch. You now have two fingers inside me your thumb massaging my clit.

I am biting my lips to keep from moaning. Bent in that position I try to unzip your pants but you swat my hand away. Instead you slide your hand in my shirt and start pinching my nipples twisting them and pulling them.

You then notice the waiter arriving with our order. I straighten up but you do not withdraw your fingers till I look at you pleadingly. You make me suck each of your fingers and then wipe your hand on my skirt. We have the rest of the meal as though nothing had happened.

As we are leaving you notice a wet patch on my skirt and move closer to me so as to cover it. I look at you gratefully and try to thank you. You tell me to save it as you still hadn't been able to get off.

We drive away. As the car pulls out of the parking lot you ask me to get rid of my skirt. I sit in the car naked from waist down. You drive till we reach a lonely road.

You pull to a side till the car is not visible from the road at all and stop. We get out of the car. As I get down, You come to my side and pull my top over my head. I am standing naked in front of you while you are fully clothed.

You bear down slightly on my shoulders I understand what you want and kneel in front of you. I unzip your pants and softly pull them down and then your briefs. There we are parked by the side of the road me fully naked you from waist down.

I slowly take your erect cock in my mouth. But you are done with being gentle by now you have been waiting for a long time for this release. You pull my head towards you holding me in place with my hair. You thrust yourself fully in my mouth till you are all the way in.

We are on the road you are facefucking me now in earnest. With each thrust you seem to grow bigger and longer going deeper in me. Just when I think I can't take you anymore you pull out.

You still have your hands in my hair. You drag me by my hair to the car you push me on the hood. I yelp as I feel the hot steel against my back. You push me back I am lying on the bonnet and then you pull my legs apart at the same time pulling them over your shoulders, you place your cockhead against my dripping cunt.

You bend over to take a nipple in your mouth and hold my hands above my head thus keeping me trapped and then enter me forcefully in a single stroke biting hard on my nipple. I scream the pleasure and the pain mix together as you start fucking me hard. I can feel you cumming inside me filling me up. and then relaxing. You pull out and light a cigarette I continue lying there totally spent.

You walk over to where you had thrown my shirt. You use it to wipe your dick clean and then use my skirt to wipe the car and then my legs. I smile at you as you throw my now stained clothes in the back seat of the car.

You pull me into a hug and start fondling my butt. I rest my head against you feeling warm and tingly. I clench my hips together as I feel part of our juices trailing down my leg.

We drive down to my apartment complex, with me sitting naked in front with you. All through the drive you continue to play with my nipples and cunt. We stop twice on the way - once so I can suck you off, and then for one more quick fuck.

As we reach the block where I stay I look pleadingly at you but you ignore me, I sigh as I realize that this what you had in mind all along. You want me to show everyone how completely you own me. I want to speak but then I remember you had asked me not to utter a single word till you gave me permission. I alight from the car and start to close the door. You throw an old grease stained shirt at me. It has no buttons and barely covers my ass, but it is better than nothing.

What are you doing tomorrow night you ask me casually as I stand framed by the lights of the doorway, the shirt doing little to cover me. "Nothing" I say, hope lighting up my eyes, I can already feel my pussy getting wet at the thought of being used by you once again. You say its a date then. I can't wait to discover what you have in store for me next.

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