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The Dinner Guest


A visit from her ex enters unexpected dimensions~

We had been in a band together during college, for a few years; he was the drummer, the sure, steady beat over which I played. We became lovers, fucking hotly after our practice sessions. One summer we had toured for a few months; he'd enticed me to fuck both our bandmates along the way. You had heard the stories before in our shared bed; you were a good listener, fascinated by my wilder past.

We hadn't seen each other for many years, had gone our separate ways, not too much to say. He happened to be coming to town for work for a couple weeks; a mutual friend had told him that I now lived here and he had tracked me down, curious about my new life. I invited him to join us for dinner Friday night.

It wasn't difficult to convince you to cook; you make a better housewife than I ever would. He had a wife and two kids now, the pictures were cute. I worried too much about whether you would like eachother; I wondered if there would still be a spark between us. you had similar concerns, unvoiced, not wanting to seem insecure.

I felt it immediately when I opened the door for him; not overwhelming but most definitely present. His smile was warm and affectionate, unassuming; my yoni started humming when he spoke my name. He smiled and handed me flowers, for the first time ever (married life had taught him a few new things), and a bottle of the petit noir we had favored back when.

I handed you the flowers and the bottle, sent you for a vase, corkscrew and glasses. I helped him take his coat off, wanting a reason to touch him. After I hung it he wrapped his arms around me and held me in a close embrace, my cheek on his chest. "You are as beautiful as ever," he breathed into my ear. We lingered until you returned from the kitchen, setting the wine and the bouquet on the coffee table.

We sat together on the sofa; I filled three glasses while you went to check dinner and bring out the appetizers. You took a seat in the cozy chair across from us, watching us intently, looking for signs, little to say. He asked innocent questions about our life together; I told of our meeting on a chartered sailing trip, recounted mundane details of our married life. You laughed at the right places, smiled and nodded, and were quick to top off our glasses, not your own.

You left to turn off the oven and his hand found my knee, casually intimate; his willingness shone in his eyes, and my pulse and breathing both responded, my nipples rising against the soft fleece of my sweater. He began to withdraw his hand as you rejoined us but I quickly covered it and held it in place with my own.

You said dinner was ready whenever we were; I wondered if you could sense how ready I was. He mentioned that he had some really good hash if we would like to indulge in some before we ate; you declined: "It's not my thing, just makes me sleepy," but encouraged me not to restrain myself on your account. You topped our glasses again, finishing the bottle, your first glass still half full, or perhaps half empty. We passed the small pipe back and forth a few times while you went to finish setting the table and plate us up.

Moving to the dining room; I put on some music, new things I'd found that I thought he'd enjoy. He complimented the sauce you'd made for the pasta, the perfectly moist flakiness of the grilled salmon. You deflected, ever the humble, gracious host. You asked him about the work that brought him here, about the family awaiting him at home; harmless topics. He was moving up in the corporate world, unexpected, and spoke glowingly of his kids, not much of the wife. He didn't seem unhappy but perhaps a bit restless; I'd never imagined him to be one to settle down. You offered to wash the dishes while we caught up.

We returned to the sofa and smoked more of his hash; you brought out a bottle of cognac and tumblers then returned to finish with the kitchen clean up. My position on the sofa incrementally shifted toward him as we reminisced about old friends, gigs we'd played, avoiding the memories that burned brightest in my mind, the way his mouth and his cock had reveled in me. When you returned, you didn't mention how close I had moved to him or our casual touches, but I could tell you noticed.

I asked if he had been involved in any music projects lately. He said he'd been working on a solo album for a couple years, but now that he could afford studio time he lacked free time. I recounted my previous season with a local choir, lamented drifting away from playing my guitar much; he told me I was depriving the world of splendor. Never musically inclined yourself, you listened well.

We laughed together, you joining in conspiratorially, steady counterpoint to my smoldering desire. He referenced an inside joke, a subtle innuendo, and I placed my hand on his chest, playfully pushing. As he caved to my pressure, leaning into the armrest, my momentum carried me forward into my fall. Suddenly I was upon him, like a predator, my hands exploring his firm muscles, my mouth frantically searching his out.

I was dimly aware of your presence, a secondary consideration to the raw lust that was fervently fountaining up within me. He offered no resistance, you no complaint. I straddled his thighs and pressed hard into him, our mouths working fiercely, devouring the distance that had accumulated between us over the years.

His hands slipped deftly under my sweater, molding around my small, sensitive breasts, pinching hard and tugging at my stiff nipples, remembering immediately what they wanted in ways you had not yet learned to touch them. A flush rose from my core to spread over my chest, I moaned into his mouth as my tongue explored and reclaimed this distantly familiar territory.

I was sweltering, stewing in forgotten sensations. I broke the kiss and swiftly removed my sweater, turning only the briefest glance in your direction as he caught a rigid nipple between his lips, unconcerned with the anxiety and judgement that I could clearly sense beneath your stoic mask, your mastery of perfected superficiality alien to the churning visceral tempest within me.

I centered my attention on my immediate desire, taking hold of his hand and guiding it under my skirt; it knew the trajectory, well practiced in past encounters, and his fingers slipped unhesitatingly into my panties to dabble in the engorged, glistening folds of my sex. I pulled his head tight to the breast he suckled intently as first one then two thick fingers plunged easily into the space that had been ours alone for years. I moaned his name as I turned to meet your gaze.

Your blank inaction encouraged me to drive forward, your unresponsiveness stoking my passions. Your eyes silently pleaded with me for normalcy while I fumbled to unbuckle his belt and unzip his fly, then nestled my hands around his firm, naked shaft. Neither you nor I had fully anticipated this scene, and while you struggled to maintain equanimity, I resolved to dismantle the stifling comfort of the placid rut our shared life had worn into my soul.

I slowly stroked this old and faithful companion, my fingers readily remembering its heft and rigor. Our gaze remained unwavering as I spoke my intention: "Darling, you can join in with us or you can leave, or just sit there and watch this unfold before you, but I am going to enjoy this to the fullest extent regardless of whatever decision you choose to make. Tonight I do not belong to you, but to myself alone."

With his fingers still slicking in and out of my yoni, I managed to work his pants down his thighs and, grasping his eager pillar, guided him to lay prone. His fingers slipped out of my moist channel and dragged my panties over the swells of hips and ass; I relinquished my grip, shoving my skirt down as well, relishing my complete nakedness in his eyes.

I mounted his face and lowered myself over him, lifting his turgid flesh to my parting lips for a kiss before sucking the swollen purple knob inside and working slowly down to envelop his length while his tongue danced thru my musky petals. My focus remained tightly fixed on my play, savoring the steady wash of sensory stimulus as we surrendered to our mutual pleasures.

I was surprised when your fingers swept my hair up out of my face; I'd missed your approach. Your face was intimately close to the action as I sucked my way up and down his prick; I felt your breath on my cheek as you whispered: "I've been afraid of this moment since we met, now that it has arrived, I have nothing to fear."

Your lips pressed into my neck near my jaw, your hand stroked down the center of my back resting on my sacrum as I rocked against his face. "I've also wanted this but was afraid to admit it. I didn't expect you to do it in front of me though; somehow it's a lot easier to accept it this way. I don't want you to hold yourself back anymore."

I drew my lips up his pulsing, rigid flesh, sucking hard at the head as it popped free. "You wanted this? Or you wanted me like this?" I swirled my tongue around his sensitive ridge, watching your eyes, watching you watch me, feeling the pleasure of his mouth on me below.

"Both," you sighed "I want all of it, all of you."

I gripped tight around his base and shook it, smacking the moist, fat head against my face, observing your fascination, sensing your need. I licked up and down his length a few times, your eyes tracking the path of my tongue. "Do you want to share this with me, darling?"

"I want to share all of it with you, everything." Your hand smoothed back up my spine to my heart. "I'm ready to let go of my fears and truly live with you. I'm ready to follow you; I trust you, show me the way."

I peered deep into your eyes and felt our love blossom, releasing restrictions we had both unwittingly held. "I want to share this with you too, darling. Kiss me."

You leaned in slowly but without hesitation, your lips meeting mine with reverent grace as my circling hand stroked his thick manhood. I traced your lips with my tongue, calling yours out, then turned to lap the clear fluid beading at his slit and pass it to you in a tender dance of desire.

"Lick it," I invited, angling it toward your face, watching your tongue drag over the plump flesh, your first taste of another man's, my ex-lover's, sex. I pulled your head into mine, open mouths pressing and closing together around his swollen knob, our tongues lashing in tandem at his jewel. He moaned into my wet chasm in response to the increased stimulus suddenly provided.

"Suck it," I directed, pulling back from his cock, watching it slide into your willing mouth, feeding it to you, guiding your head down. "Get it nice and sloppy wet for me darling," I urged, pushing myself up from the sofa, rising up to focus on riding his masterful mouth, watching you prepare him for me.

I dipped my fingers in to stroke at my clit. "Give me your thumb in my ass, lover." He was the one who introduced me to anal; he had a sensitivity that made it a delight as he eased the digit into my tight ring. I squeezed and tugged at my nipples and rode the sensations rushing thru me to my first deliciously satisfying climax.

He licked me tenderly 'til I rose up and turned to look down into his face. He glanced down at your head in his lap and smiled up at me. I knelt beside him; "It's his first time, our first time," I whispered, leaning in to kiss him deeply for a moment. "I'm ready to feel you inside me again, lover."

I moved down to kiss your face and his cock; "I want it inside me, darling, you will help me." I straddled his hips and told you "Guide it in." As I eased down slowly I felt you fit it into the yielding flesh of my still quivering yoni. I rocked against it a bit, then told you "Hold it right there for me while I take it in." I eased back, feeling it split me wide open as I sunk down its length until I hit bottom.

"Oh, lover, you feel so incredible," I cooed. "I had no idea how much I've missed you!" Our mouths met in a deep sensual kiss. "Let's get you properly undressed, lover. Darling, take his pants off," I directed as I pulled his sweater and shirt up and off, then pressed my naked body against his.

We kissed deeply as I rode his swollen pillar of flesh, your presence fading into the background as my awareness was focused upon the snug embrace of my clinging yoni sliding up and down his girthy shaft, the feel of his lean strong body beneath me, his scent in my nostrils, his hands on my ass. "My sweetest lover, why did we ever let this go?"

"I don't know, I never stopped dreaming of you. I've never had another woman who could make love to me body and soul like you do. That's why I couldn't pass up a chance to see you." He thrust his hips up strong into me from below. "I've always wondered if the magic was still here. Now that I know it is, I don't want to lose it again."

"Oh lover, I feel the same way," I cried out to him, tears spilled down my cheeks, splashing his face. "I don't know how I went all these years without this; no one else has ever been able to touch me like you." I sobbed as my hips bucked hard along his length and my yoni spasmed with my second climax. I looked up to see you in front of me, eyes burning, witness to the unfiltered truth I had just revealed. My orgasm pulsed even brighter than before.

I knew what you required; "Oh my darling, you have been servicing my desire quite nicely, but this is something far beyond, and I need it. You don't really want to deprive me, do you?"

A tear streamed down your right cheek; you replied "I want you to be free and I'm afraid you will leave me."

I smiled; "You truly are the perfect devoted husband." I turned my gaze to him; "How devoted a husband are you?" I asked.

He pulled me down into a passionate kiss; "I'm a much more devoted lover!" he laughed. "And what does the lady desire right now?"

I squeezed myself tightly around his rigidness; "Riding this lovely beast to another orgasm is my overwhelming priority in this moment." I began to sway my hips front to rear.

I traced a fingertip along the track of that lone tear then brought it to my full lips and slipped it in. "Your tears are sweet my darling, are there more?"

I dropped my head into the crook of his neck and shoved back hard against his hips to get the maximum possible penetration available. Honestly, I imagined you inside me for just a moment, wishing he had the length to which I was accustomed, but he was close and his greater girth made up for it.

I unleashed myself upon him, years of desire unmet now fully embodied, expressed, and mutually satisfied. When I slowed to catch my breath, I looked to you. Yes, there had been more tears; I beckoned you to me. You leaned in closer, your face nearing mine, and I curled out my tongue to lick them from your cheeks. "I could get addicted, darling; give me all you've got." I slipped my tongue between your pliant lips and sealed my hungry mouth against your moans as I grasped and pumped your straining erection

His hands roamed the round mounds of my ass; it had always been his second favorite part of me. His fingertips slowed over my delicate pucker as they stroked up along my nether crevice from the place where we were lingeringly joined. I pulled my face away from you to meet his gaze. "Is my lover getting frisky with his lady's bottom?" A digit paused at the point of entry and pulsed, sending sweet ripples into the core of my yoni.

"I've really missed playing with your ass, babe. She won't let me, thinks it's too dirty," he sighed. I glanced back to you as his finger eased into me. You and I had tried anal a few times, you were fascinated; it failed repeatedly and we stopped trying long ago. I had kept quiet for your pride, let you think it was my fault. "Oh lover, I've missed you in my ass too!" I moaned. "Put it in, fill me up, open me for your cock." I watched twin tears racing down your cheeks.

I ground down on his shaft and kissed him fiercely as his finger plundered my unfettered backdoor. "Oh lover, this is what I have been longing for, I want you to fill every hole, fill me completely!" I dropped my mouth to suck in his tongue, delighting in his simultaneous penetration of all my orifices, occupying all my passages. Orgasm number three hit me like a hurricane; I screamed, I writhed, I swore like a sailor.

When the storm had settled, I looked to you; it was no wonder you were wet as well. "Come give them to me, my darling," I smiled; you submitted again to my tongue's gentle lashes. It seemed time to cheer you up with a treat and a chance to regain a bit of your tarnished honor. "Darling, I want you to lick my asshole," I cooed "you were pretty good at that part as I recall."

I saw a spark light up in your eyes at the challenge. You kissed me briefly, a bit hesitant, unsure, then you rose. "It may be more fun without clothes, but suit yourself," I added. I propped my elbows upon his muscular chest, squirming my well warmed and wetted yoni around the axis of my lover's rampant lance; he gripped my glutes and spread my valley wide. We shared sweet words of affection and praise as you undressed, on your own and unnoticed.

I felt you kneel beside the sofa and lean over us, felt your warm breath spread across my skin, felt your lips press lightly to my stretched pucker and your tongue flicker at the edges of my anus. You'd never been comfortable or confident with it so I urged you on: "More tongue, fuck it, deeper!" using my dirty words to guide you to my pleasure. You proved an eager pupil; as your aptitude grew so did the fire inside me as I shimmied my hips and clenched my yoni, clasping my lover's cock.

My pleasure peaked and I moaned deep in his mouth as my twin holes pulsed and quivered around his shaft and your newly impassioned tongue's insistent probing. To your credit, you maintained diligent attention even as my hips jerked violently against your face; as I settled down you slowed to a gentle lapping. He whispered in my ear and I giggled in consent. "Darling, he loves having his balls sucked on; go ahead and give it a try, see who enjoys it more."

Your tongue trailed down across our clinging union and your nose pressed into me rhythmically as wet slurping sounds issued from your feasting. "He shows some promise, babe; not too bad," he smiled. He whispered once more in my ear, making me moan with the erotic impact of his lascivious suggestion.

"Darling, I want you to put his cock in my ass now, but first, go ahead and clean all my juices off of it."

I raised up on my hands and knees, dislodging him, then spun and settled my crotch on his willing face, gaining a good vantage to watch your performance. You kept glancing at me as you laved my nectar from him while he nestled in to collect it directly from the source. Before too long you had his prick well cleaned but flagging, your novice technique obviously a bit underinspiring; I leaned in for a demonstration to reinvigorate the situation.

I sucked his whole rubbery member into my mouth, settling it into my throat with only minimal gagging, and hummed a tune around it while you watched; he returned my tune thru the pathway to my womb, which pulsed along with our entrained heartbeat. As he fully stiffened he filled my throat until I gagged so I pulled off and pulled you in for a deep kiss, filling your mouth with a wad of my viscous spit; "Save that to lube us up with."

I spun and settled over him again, straddling his hips, and looked back over my shoulder to see you there, lips tightly pursed with my offering awaiting delivery. "Darling, lift my lover's glorious cock and guide it in; it's been far too long since I've had my ass reamed properly and he's so thick it might require some assistance." I felt his tip graze the enflamed lips of my sex as you raised his battering ram in line with my bull's-eye.

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