tagErotic CouplingsThe Dinner Party

The Dinner Party


Things were going well. The party was moving along pretty well, drinks and people mingling. There was plenty of food in the kitchen. Becca had been wonderful, keeping glasses full and plates either covered in food or cleaned up and in the kitchen. Ashley had been the perfect hostess, making sure that spirits, as well as other things, were high. She was dressed well, but not to kill. She knew this was a big opportunity for me to get in good with the bosses, holding the end of Summer party at our place.

One thing that thankfully had occurred to us before the party was how do we explain Becca? I mean, you can't just tell you boss, 'Hey, boss. This is my wife and this is our girlfriend. Would you like some chips?' It just doesn't work that way. We finally decided against cousin, wife's sister and college friend and went with housekeeper. Becca didn't seem to like it that much, but she went along, just to keep us happy.

Anyway, like I said, the party was wearing well, though I was trying hard to keep everyone entertained. My stories got around at the office, so I didn't have much to tell at the party. Ashley, bless her heart was doing well in my place as I kept moving and going back and forth to the kitchen to make sure everything was okay and to get more food or drink. Becca kept kicking me out of the kitchen, saying that it was the housekeeper's job to run the kitchen. She had one of those looks in her eye that said we were going to have a talk later.

Later on in the evening, people were making polite goodbyes and making their way out to their cars. I looked around as the crowd thinned a bit, looking for my wife. She was curiously absent from the scene. I found Becca talking to Jack, one of our best clients. He was three times her age, but I could see he was trying to put some moves on her. I politely interrupted and asked Becca if she had seen Ashley. Becca said the last place she saw her was going into the kitchen. I thanked her, said hi to Jack and headed for the kitchen. Ashley was there, massaging her legs.

"Hey, babe. You okay?" She said she was and that she shouldn't have worn heels tonight. I comforted her and thanked her for her sacrifice. She smiled and said that it was okay, just that her legs hurt. She kicked off her heels and leaned against the island we use for drinks and salads. I asked her if she wanted me to massage her legs and she nodded yes, still leaned against the counter.

I moved behind her and reached down her sides and started massaging her legs. She gave a little moan and I felt her muscles start to relax. Unfortunately, this had the side effect of making a muscle of mine tighten. I moved back slightly so as not to bump her with it, but then I couldn't reach her legs as well. I did as well as I could, but I'm not sure how good that was. I asked if there was anywhere else. She quietly said that her behind hurt, too. This put me in a serious quandary.

First, I wanted to free my cock and take her there in the kitchen, but second, my bosses and their wives were out in the living room, which kind of precluded the massage. How would it look if my boss walked in and I was taking my wife on the island? Not good, I would think. I put my hands on her behind, but stood well away from her, trying to resist temptation. Luckily, both of my arms are about three inches longer than they should be, so it was a little easier to resist. Not much, but at that point, I'd take what I could get.

Luckily, whether good or bad luck depended on your perspective, Becca stepped into the kitchen and took a look at us and smiled. I shook my head and she told me that Mr. Calloway, my boss of bosses was leaving and that he wanted to say goodbye. I reluctantly released my wife's ass and walked by Becca, who had a smile and a twinkle in her eye. I just shook my head and went by her.

As I entered the living room, Mr. Calloway, a large rotund man, was struggling into a jacket that would've camouflaged an entire Army unit. Still, he was my Lord on High, so I helped him into his coat. We shook hands and I said I'd see him on Monday. He grunted and I showed him to the door. Before he departed, he asked where I had disappeared to. I explained that Ashley wasn't feeling quite well and that I had just been checking on her. He looked at me to see if I was lying, which I was, but I looked him right back in the eye. He held my gaze for several seconds and then nodded his head, grabbing his hat from the coat rack and stepping out into the night. I leaned against the door frame and sighed, returning to the rest of my guests.

Everyone that was left were actual friends, as well as coworkers or clients. We decided that now that the boss was gone, that things could loosen up a little. We ordered up some pizza and grabbed a movie from the shelf, rearranging the furniture. Becca, to my surprise hadn't changed her dress and was still sitting with Jack, either not knowing or not caring that he was staring down her dress while trying to put his hand up it. She caught my eye and smiled, letting me know that she knew what was up. I shook my head a little and dimmed the lights. Only after a couple of minutes did I realize Ashley had not come out of the kitchen.

I excused myself from the group and headed for the kitchen. Ashley was still there rubbing her legs. I asked if she was going to come out and watch the movie. She said no, but that she was still waiting for that massage I started earlier. I smiled and looked at the door. I looked back at her and she smiled. I smiled back and made my way behind her again, rubbing her behind with hands and the hard shaft of my cock, which was still being held in check by my pants. She moaned again, this time it wasn't because I was releasing stress.

I ground myself into her and she pushed back, trapping my stiffness behind her rock hard ass cheeks. I reached under her dress and felt her wetness under her black panties that I couldn't see, but knew were under there because they matched the dress. She arched her back slightly as I touched her sensitive clit. I rubbed it through the fabric, causing her to grip the edge of the counter and push herself into my hand. I ran my hand up her back and then dragged my nails down her exposed skin, something I knew she loved. I heard her sharp intake of breath and knew that I had to have her right there.

I kept my hand on her nub and used the other to undo the belt I was wearing and the button and zipper of my pants. Ashley looked back as she heard my zipper come down. I pulled out my shaft and began stroking it where she could see it. She licked her lips and I pushed my head into her wetness, causing her eyes to close and her breathing through her nose. I eased myself into her, holding onto her hips. I buried myself into her, she pushing back into me. I started moving back and forth slowly, but she shook her head and growled the word 'Faster.' I shrugged and started moving faster. She shook her head again and muttered 'Harder.' I shrugged again and gave it to her harder. I was slamming her harder, almost squashing her between the island and my crotch, but that was definitely what she wanted. When ever she got really turned on, with the possibility of getting caught, she liked it hard and fast and I was certainly happy to give it to her that way.

She grunted as she swayed back and forth against the island, her breasts dragging along it's surface. I had to fight the urge to give her nice round ass a smack, as that would draw attention from the living room, no matter how much we both enjoyed it. I could see her face starting to turn pink, though I couldn't tell if it was from approaching orgasm or if she was just not breathing the way she sometimes does.

For the next five minutes, which felt like five days, I pumped away, hard and fast, just like she said. Finally, I exploded inside her, my cum rushing into her hole like it was the end of the world. My vision went sparkley as I held onto her hips, not moving at all, except for trying to catch my breath. We separated reluctantly, kissing each other. I asked her if NOW she wanted to go to the movie with the others. She said sure and that she'd be along shortly. I nodded, cleaned myself up and headed out to the living room.

I entered the living room and apologized to everyone for being late, that Ashley was feeling better and would be joining us shortly. I took a seat in the back and noticed that Becca was looking at me from across the room. I turned and looked at her, noticing that Jack had one hand in the side of her dress and the other quite firmly under the hem. I shook my head and watched as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back.

Ashley came in a couple of minutes later having changed her clothes and sat on my lap. We watched the movie curled up together, occasionally copping feels or secret touches of each other.

The movie ended and everyone decided that it was time to go. There was a quick cleanup with trash cans being handed around and dishes being stacked in the sink. I thanked everyone for coming and we said our 'see you Monday's. As everyone was ushered out the door, I couldn't help but notice that Jack hadn't been among the passersby. I figured I just missed him. Ashley and I embraced in the doorway. We held that pose for a moment, then heard noises coming from the den. We looked at each other and walked over to the door. What I saw through the crack in the door surprised me to no end.

There was Becca bent over the back of the small couch, her dress up over her beautiful ass, with Jack behind her. Now, Jack is a little runt of a man. One of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet, but not much to look at, really. But when he pulled out of her from behind, he had what looked like a mule dick between his legs. He just kept pulling out and pulling out and it had to be as thick as my forearm. He pulled almost all the way out, I'm guessing, and then rammed the whole thing back in, causing Becca to yelp. He then started a forceful in and out motion, holding Becca's rounded hips in his little hands.

This went on for some time, Ashley looking through the crack in the doorway, with the top of her head just below my chin. I could tell she was getting turned on again, probably as much as I was. She grabbed my hardening shaft through my pants, keeping her eyes on the scene in front of us. I reached around her and grabbed her breasts through her shirt and could feel her nipple already hard. She inhaled quietly as I squeezed.

Jack kept up a rapid pace in and out of Becca. Her eyes had were closed and she was trying to keep from yelling as she orgasmed. We could still hear her moans from behind her hand. They joined with my own as Ashley wriggled her hand into my pants and was stroking my cock quickly. Jack pulled out his enormous cock and started smacking Becca's ass with it. We could see it leaving small pools of her juice being left on her ass cheek. He did this four or five times and then buried himself to the hilt with one quick thrust, almost knocking Becca over the back of the couch.

Jack thrust a few more times and then grunted while Becca squealed and pushed back against him. He kept hammering Becca with his monster, slowing his pace, but thrusting harder. He gasped and then fell forward, holding himself up with trembling arms. He pushed himself into her once more and then pulled out of her, his large cock bobbing in front of him. Becca collapsed completely over the back of the couch. We could see her eyes fluttering behind her lids.

Jack stood, gathering up his clothes and we realized that we were behind the door, my hand up Ashley's shirt, her hand in my pants. We straightened up as quickly as we could and took seats in the living room, in view of the door, but not where we could see through the crack.

Jack stepped out of the den as Ashley and I were taking sips of our drinks. I looked up at him and smiled. "Jack. I didn't know you were still here. I figured you left with everyone else."

"Nope. I was in the other room with Becca, getting to know her better. I better get going. I'll see you later." Jack showed himself out and Ashley and I began to laugh as the door shut. When we heard Jack's car start and pull out of the driveway, Ashley lunged to the floor and shoved her hand down my pants again. I had started to soften as we scrambled to get decent, but there was nothing stopping me now. I was hard in an instant and getting harder as Ashley started sucking me harder than she had in a while.

It didn't take me long at all, maybe a couple of minutes. Just thinking about Becca getting impaled on that massive cock had me ready to explode. I looked down at Ashley and she smiled up at me, he freckles dancing on her face. She put her hand on my thighs and I took my cock in my hand and starting jerking off while she kept bobbing the head. After about a dozen strokes, I nodded to her and she nodded back. I groaned and let go with my second orgasm in as many hours. Ashley sucked it all into her mouth and swallowed it quickly and then went to work with her hand, getting all the drops out of me she could.

I deflated and sank into my chair with Ashley finishing up and leaning her head against my leg. I was about to suggest we head for bed, to sleep, when we head a moan from the other room. We looked at each other and started heading for the den, having completely forgotten about Becca.

We got to the den and Becca was trying to push herself off the couch, but wasn't having much luck. Ashley and I helped her up and asked if she thought she could walk. She looked at me, her eyes glazed over and mumbled yes. We let her go and she took a step, only to have her legs give out. Luckily, we grabbed her again and then I carried her up to our bedroom and sat her on the bed. We removed her dress and tucked her under the covers. We undressed and joined her, all of us falling into a blissful sleep.

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