tagBDSMThe Dinner Party

The Dinner Party


They seem to be leaving me alone for the moment, though I know their curiosity will get the better of them once they have finished their meal!

I try to adjust my footing, but since I am standing on tiptoes, I have very little leeway. My whole body aches, particularly my arms. Passively hanging from a hook is exhausting! It takes as much psychological effort as it does physical. Strangely, it seems harder when left alone to my thoughts. It is all I can do to control the anxiety!

I try shifting again but the trousers around my ankles are impeding my movement. The laughter in the room rises and falls. The dining table is just too far away for me to make out their conversation, though sometimes they call out and mock me. I can hear them well enough then!

Breathing is a problem too. Gretchen has stuffed her knickers in my mouth and Becky has pulled hers over my head with the leg holes wrapped around my ears like a surgeons mask. I therefore have no choice but to breathe through the wet material. With each lung full of air, I inhale the musky smell of her excited, young pussy!

Not that Gretchen’s contribution is any less demanding, given that she stood in the bath and wet her knickers before feeding them to me!

I draw in another lung full and savour the delicious scent. Having spent many hours on my knees, lapping away at Becky’s cunt, I can tell by both the smell and the consistency of the “offending” fluid that she reached an orgasm in these knickers before giving them to me!

At least there are only women here! On the rare occasions when Becky has “gone out for some cock” as she so eloquently puts it, she has made me tongue her clean afterwards!

I make sure that I keep an eye on the dining table. It is always best not to lose concentration with this lot! I can see them clearly, as they have decided not to blindfold me tonight.

They tend not to do that when they are presenting me to a stranger. They know that I get far more embarrassed if I have to look the new comer in the eye; and those are my orders! Otherwise, they use a blindfold so that I am scared with anticipation and anxiety.

I hear someone’s chair move and watch as Grace gets up from the table. She walks over to me, smiling as she comes!

“Hey Billy!” she purrs and tugs on my cock distractedly. I am immediately hard, the blood pumping into my cock with my excitement.

She then grips it tightly and pulling me forward takes me off my feet!

The women at the table laugh at my predicament as my feet peddle the air trying to get a foothold.

Grace makes me dangle for a while and then lets me go. I struggle to regain my footing!

“We were having a debate about the food Billy and wanted your opinion,” she purrs again. Grace always uses this sweet voice when she is at her most vindictive and vicious!

Her fingers probe my backside. The physical exertion of hanging here has left my ass coated in moisture. Two fingers slip into my anus, and as she pushes them in my feet leave the floor again!

She leans in and says, “We were wondering whether there is enough chilli in this sauce. What do you think Billy?” With that, she extricates her fingers and a sharp pain explodes deep in my anus!

The women explode with laughter and make comments about “what a good little dancer” I am!

Then Jenny spots a line of pre-cum hanging from the tip of my penis and so they all crowd around to get a closer look.

“Your smelly little penis appears to be drooling Billy!” says Becky. “How do you expect us to enjoy our meal when you are exhibiting that kind of behaviour?”

“I’m sorry Becky! I didn’t mean to spoil your meal!” I stammer.

I know that this is bullshit, but not playing along could be extremely painful at this point, not that the heat in my anus is abating any!

Then Becky addresses the stranger.

“Chantelle, I must apologise for our dirty little fuck toy here. By way of compensation, we will retire to the lounge for a drink and leave you to make use of the facilities. Feel free to use him as you please. Oh, and rest assured that he will be punished for this disgusting exhibition. I think that tomorrow we will use him as a toilet for the day! Perhaps that might teach him not to spill body fluids on the carpet!”

With that, the women exit the room leaving me distressed but having to concentrate closely on Chantelle. I know from experience that my role now is to meet her every need – and boy is she needy!

Dropping to her knees, she sniffs gingerly at my penis! She quickly recoils with an exclamation of disgust! “When did you last wash Billy? Your cock smells as if it’s been up a Fishermans ass for a month!”

I decide not to answer since I am counting on Chantelle not knowing that a response is compulsory.

She crosses the room and retrieves her handbag. Then after pulling out some “wet wipes”, she proceeds to wipe my cock clean. Chantelle is most meticulous in this endeavour and makes sure that she cleans every little fold under my foreskin. The process is exquisite!

Even though my ass is on fire, I still manage to maintain my erection. Despite not knowing her, I have the feeling that disappointing Chantelle might be a mistake!

She returns to her kneeling position in front of me and sniffs at my penis again!

“I am afraid that despite my best efforts, it is only marginally better! I guess that you must have a naturally smelly cock Billy! What a disappointment, I fancied sucking on a hot young bone, but I am certainly not putting that in my mouth! I guess I will just have to improvise!”

With that, Chantelle stands and lifting her skirt, she drops her panties to her ankles. Then stepping out of them, she turns and presents me with a view of her rump.

My cock twitches as I admire her perfect ass! Then my cock begins to drool again!

Chantelle spots this immediately and marches over to the dining table. She returns a moment later holding an empty wine bottle!

Walking behind me, she holds the mouth of the bottle up to my ass and orders me to “fuck it!”

I obviously comply, but soon I wish I had another alternative. It takes absolutely ages for me to accommodate the full girth of the bottle!

As I hump the intruding object, Chantelle goes to town on humiliating me!

“I can see why you would sign yourself over to the girls. I mean, it is not as though you would get to have sex in the normal way! Not with that tiny, smelly, incontinent piece of meat you use as a dick! I bet your poor “widdle” asshole is on fire right now. Still, it is quite an achievement to wrap your bum-hole around this bottle. I bet your mummy would be proud!”

With that, Chantelle walks around to the front and presents me with a view of her ass again. As she bends forward, she pulls her cheeks apart and I marvel at her pink little opening.

“If you drop the bottle ...,” purrs Chantelle. “Now stick that pathetic cock up my ass and you had better get me excited or else!”

I edge forward and manage to insert the tip of my penis into her backside.

In response, Chantelle lets out a heartfelt moan. “Now fuck me!” she orders.

This turns into quite a frustrating exercise for me and in so many ways! The most obvious is that I have a limited reach since the forward movement threatens to take me off my feet! Limited traction certainly does not help this situation. In addition, every time I let my penis slide back in her hot, moist little hole, I run the risk of dropping the bottle!

Chantelle clearly understands my predicament and voices a mixture of threats and humiliations in turns!

“Deeper, you pathetic little shit!” she screams. “We could always stop if you like Billy. I’m sure I could get off watching you dance with that chilli sauce on your cock!”

I redouble my efforts!

“Um, that’s more like it Billy! Now I want you to hose my asshole down with your sperm!”

This was going to be a tall order! The mixture of anxiety, pain, frustration and exertion are keeping me just short of orgasm!

“I’m waiting!” Chantelle barks. “Don’t disappoint me again Billy!”

I fuck her for all I am worth! I am breathing in pants now, and sweating all over! Then with one last thrust, I flood her tight little hole with my seed!

“Um, there’s a good boy Billy. See, you can manage it if given the right motivation!” she simpers.

I watch with fascination as my now flaccid cock slips from her backside.

Chantelle quickly retrieves her knickers and begins to wipe the sticky fluid from between her cheeks before it runs down her leg. Finally, she wipes herself clean with one of her fragrant “wet wipes” and then pops the dirty knickers into my mouth along with the others!

Then after giving my testicles a little squeeze, she retires to the lounge amid catcalls from the other women.

I hang here exhausted - both wretched and fulfilled. Amid the dull ache from the ropes, I feel a sense of satisfaction. I bask in the knowledge that to these women at least, I am special.

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