tagFetishThe Dirtiest Cunt I Ate

The Dirtiest Cunt I Ate


My friend had left town on a holiday for a month and he had asked me to keep a check on his house for him. He was a Gynecologist and he ran a practice from his house – He had given his staff leave and had asked me to check up on the place from time to time. I had the keys with me and I enjoyed going there and sitting for a little while on his chair pretending to be a doctor – I would usually just sit around, make a few phone calls and then lock up and leave.

It was one such day I was just sitting there looking around doing nothing when a lady rang the bell. She was a black lady in her mid 40’s very large around the hips and chest – a BBW – she had black hair till shoulders and was wearing a long dress – which clung to her and I could make out the contours of her big body through it – she was fat and wobbly – and It aroused me. She asked for the doctor and I found myself nodding and letting her in to the office room.

She sat down in front of me and I started to play along with her – I always had a fetish for women like her – maybe I thought – I could do something about it now.

She sat down in front of me and I could make out that she was figeting with her dress around her thighs – I could make out she was a bit uncomfortable and she stood up and excused herself for a minute – she went out into the next room – I was curious so I went behind and stood at the door – I could see her standing in the outer room with her feet apart – her hand under her dress and she was scratching her crotch wildly- she just went on scratching and scratching for maybe a full minute and when she stopped she saw me looking at her.

“Its kind of embarrassing really” she said taking her hand out from between her legs “Its so scratchy doctor I don’t know what to do and that’s not all – for some time now doctor I’ve been having problems – I am noticing some heavy vaginal discharge and its very smelly – slightly grayish in colour and how much ever I douche it – it still doesn’t go away – when I take my panties off It really smells – as it is I’m single now but with this problem I’m too embarrassed to be with a man – I haven’t been with anyone for a long time now doctor and this problem is making things worse – the one time I was with someone he took one look at it and ran out – it was very embarassing” – She started to get teary at this point and was almost crying.

I was out of my depth here – I got myself into this but I didn’t know how to get myself out – I handed her a tissue to wipe her tears. The only thing I could do now was to play along - so I did. I told her that Ill have to examine her – god knows what I was going to do but somehow I was getting very excited by the thought of looking at this big womans pussy.

I asked her to go behind the screen and change into the examining gown. She came out wearing it and lay down on the chair. I asked her to put her feet on the stirrups and slowly spread her legs apart. I turned on the light and saw her pussy staring at me right in front of my eyes. She had a hairy black cunt – black thick lipped and swollen with thick curly hair all over the place. I pulled her pussy lips apart and I saw a very smelly and a grayish fluid was oozing out – when I saw it and the smell hit me I made a face and she saw me – “Not you too doctor – is it really so bad” – and she began to cry. I didn’t know what to do – I mean it looked really nasty but it did turn the kinky side of me on.

I asked her to relax but she began to cry more and I didn’t know what to do. She said crying “I don’t think any man will want to be with a cunt like this”.

I looked at her crying and I told her that’s not true and looking at her there I didn’t know what to do.

I wanted to pacify this woman and so I gently began to pet the jungle of pubic hair on top of her pussy – “Its allright – everything will be ok now “ – I said – as soon as I began doing that she started calming down - I noticed this is where she was scratching herself – so I began to scratch her pussy for her – she started to react – liking it – I became more adventurous now and I brought my hand to her cunt lips and slowly started to play with it. She looked at me surprised and said “Doctor!”.

“There are some men – like me – who happen to love a dirty cunt like this” - I could tell now that she was enjoying this but she was still surprised. I kept rubbing her cunt and the more I rubbed it the more it oozed out the smelly fluid – it was dripping down all under her and on my hands and the smell of her cunt was quickly filling the room.

“You don’t have to say that just to make me feel good”

“Oh but I want to” I said slowly inserting one finger up her pussy.

“I don’t believe you – If you really wanted to – it wouldn’t be your finger but your tongue between my legs” she said this half hoping I would do it and half thinking Id stop. I was quiet – I had two of my fingers up her cunt now but I wasn’t moving – just standing there frozen – She didn’t really expect me to eat that filthy cunt did she.

She just stared at me expecting me to say something – after some time I heard myself saying “A doctor isn’t supposed to do that – you know”.

“A doctor isn’t supposed to have his fingers up his patients cunt either”

I was dumbfounded I quickly removed my fingers from her pussy and just stood looking at her – I had done it – I had gone too far – I was gonna kick myself for letting my horniness take over me.

I turned around and heard her from behind – “I knew when you didn’t put your gloves on that you were no gynecologist – not even a doctor – I knew you were pretending – and now I can create problems for you – you could go to jail for this you know”

As soon as I heard this I turned around dead scared – “What!!!”

“Do as I tell you and no one will know – If you dont then….” She smiled as she said this.

“What do you want me to do”

“Something that no man would do willingly” she pushed out her hips at this point and said “Eat it”

“but what If I get infected or something”

“Don’t worry – you wont die – youll just get a bad taste in your mouth for some time that’s all – Oh yeah and one more thing – If you don’t make me cum – Ill still go to the cops – now start licking – lets see if your tongue can clean it up for me”

The only way out of this mess was through that mess between her legs – I had to do it and I had to make her cum – this was gonna be one day I wouldn’t forget.

I went down on my knees and brought my face right up close to it – it was stinky and gooey – I closed my eyes and just threw myself at it – I started to lash it and lick it and taste it – it tasted as bad as it smelled – I just forgot about everything and kept licking it – the more I licked the more it oozed - I must have been at it for some time when a strange thing happened – I actually started enjoying it – here was a sticky smelly cunt and I was loving it – it tasted salty and bitter smelled fishy and foul – it was gooey and thick but I was enjoying it – now I was into the mood – I had eaten enough it was time to fuck.

I stood up and unzipped my pants – “You want a good time don’t you – well Im gonna show you a great time” saying this I yanked my cock out – I had a long thick hard ten incher and seeing it she just gasped. I climbed on top of her and slowly inserted my hard thick meat into her – I realized by the look in her eyes she wasn’t used to something so big inside her but her cunt was so wet and gooey that it was heaven for my cock – I just slipped inside her easily and started to pound her hard – I tore open her robe and it was just me and this big black fat woman going at it on the chair- I fucked her so hard that she was crying again but this time the pain was of ecstasy – she started to scream when she came and I kept pounding her through her orgasm – finally when she was spent – I whipped out my monster from inside her and jerked off all over her body.

I was done and so was she – she kept lying on that chair eyes closed in bliss – while I wore my clothes and got out of there – I had a bad taste in my mouth and I felt like I had fucked an animal but I had loved it – I would come back later and lock up – but for now I just wanted to get out.

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