tagBDSMThe Disciplinarian Ch. 03

The Disciplinarian Ch. 03


This story continues from "The Disciplinarian Ch. 02." You'll need to read that one first to understand who these people are and where they are, both literally and emotionally.


Jennie spent the night at her boyfriend's place and when she came home the next morning she seemed ... uh ... satisfied. She reported that their sex had been great again just as it had been after the first session with Mr. Daniels. She wanted another one as soon as possible.

"So, what did you do last night, Soo May?" she asked with just a hint of sarcastic smirk.

"Nothing, I just read," I said with irritation, knowing full well what she was hinting at.

It was a lie, but I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of the truth. Damn her and her gloating about having a boyfriend.

Angie called just before I left for work and reported that she, too, had had fantastic sex with her husband, Roger. She wanted to make sessions with Mr. Daniels a regular thing at our Wine and Fantasy evenings.

Brains Too

So, with the go ahead from both of them, I called Mr. Daniels. I wanted to spend more time with him, so I was pleasantly surprised when he suggested a lunch instead of another meeting at the coffee shop.

In the days leading up to the lunch I found myself getting more and more nervous, much to my surprise. I hadn't felt this way since I'd had crushes on older boys in high school. These were the boys that made me feel gooey and dizzy and kind of stupid when I was around them. If you're a woman I think you know exactly what I mean. Anyway, it had been several years since any man made me feel that way and I was actually a little annoyed at myself that he had this effect on me.

We met at an Indian restaurant. Once, again, I was late. Once, again, he said nothing about this.

He was dressed more casually this time, wearing a dark turtle-neck under a sport coat. He smiled much more than in our first meeting and his eyes, which were a light, icy, blue seemed to twinkle a little when he smiled.

We talked mostly about me. I don't remember if the food was good. I don't even remember what we ate. We laughed a lot. I told him of my troubles at work. He did not offer advice which I wasn't really looking for anyway, but as I talked, he leaned in a little and listened intently, nodding his head in understanding. At one point as I was explaining a complex project at work, his eyes widened in mild surprise.

"So," he said, "brains, too."

"Too?" I echoed, puzzled.

"Besides beauty."

I blushed and surge of giggly stupidity welled up in me. I began yammering and giggling. He just smiled and nodded and twinkled.

We lost track of time and at least two hours had gone by when he suddenly reminded me of the original purpose of the lunch. "You mentioned on the phone that you and your friends wanted another session."

"Oh, yes, [giggle]", I said. "Silly me, I almost forgot the whole point. [giggle]. Would next Thursday work, same time, same place?"

"That'll work fine," he smiled, "and same rules, too."

"Oh, of course, that's understood."

He paid the check and after saying our goodbyes outside the restaurant door, we went in opposite directions. As soon as he was out of sight, I grabbed by mobile and made an appointment with a hair dresser.

New Appearances

Angie's husband was pulling away from their home as we arrived. He waved to us and sped off to his poker game.

Angie expressed surprise at my appearance. My new do was shorter and curlier. I was also wearing a new outfit, more girly than most of my clothes. My top was frilly with a high, lacy, almost Victorian collar. My slacks were pink with a curly blue design woven into the sides that, I hoped, would make my hips look at least a little bit wider.

"So," Angie asked with a sly smile, "why the new look, Soo May?"

"That's what I'd like to know, too," Jennie injected before I could reply. She also had a wicked smile.

"I don't know why you two are looking at me like that," I fibbed. "I just want to try a new look. Ok?"

"Ok, Ok!" Angie said, "I was just curious. No big deal."

Angie, incidentally, was in a simple blue shift. Jennie was wearing blue jeans with a baby tee top.

We started on the wine while we waited for Mr. Daniels. Having had two sessions now with Mr. Daniels, Angie and Jennie were quite relaxed. But I was nervous again at the prospect of seeing him again ... and being seen by him, not necessarily with clothes on.

The doorbell rang and I nearly jumped, which caused Angie and Jennie to exchange knowing smiles much to my irritation. A minute later, Mr. Daniels was at the kitchen table with us, drinking wine and making small talk.

"All right," said Mr. Daniels after a few minutes, "I think it is high time for a group session. I think you all are ready."

With that he got up and marched to the living room, confident that we would follow, which we did.

When we were all gathered together in the living room, he gave us his instructions.

"As always, you must each ask permission to rub your bottom," he said. "Try to use complete sentences when you speak and be polite. As I did in our first two sessions I'll push each of you to the limits of what you can take but not past the limit. Finally, as you all know by now, I don't give the same treatment to all three of you. Each of you will get what I think you need. Any questions?"

We all shook are heads negatively and looked down.

"Alright, then," he continued, "all of you take off your shoes and socks."

We quickly obeyed.

"Now speaking of treating you each differently," he turned toward me, "I want you to strip completely right now, Soo May."

"What?" I said in surprise, "Why? I mean why only me?"

"I can't entirely explain my own instincts, Soo May," he said with what sounded like genuine understanding, "but I believe very strongly that you'll find the evening most effective if you are naked through it all."

All three of them had seen me naked at our two previous sessions, but somehow that didn't make it much easier to strip. I unbuttoned my blouse and draped it on a chair. As usual, I was braless. Then, with one arm clamped over my breasts, I unfastened my pants and pushed them and my panties to my ankles, and kicked them aside as I clamped my other hand over my private estate.


"Angie," he said turning his attention to his host, "in their first sessions with me in the bedroom last month, both Jennie and Soo May told me that you can be quite egotistical at times."

"They did?" she said with surprise as she glanced at Jennie and me.

We kept our eyes on the floor and said nothing.

"Indeed, they did," Mr. Daniels continued. "They say you even try to dictate what clothes they wear."

He paused to let this sink in and then continued, "Don't you think you should change this behavior, Angie?"

"Yes," she whispered, clearly uncertain where this was going.

"Can you think of something that would show your friends how contrite you are and that would help you remember in the future to not be so conceited?" he asked patiently.

"You m- mean p- punishment?" Angie stammered, suddenly quite nervous.

"Yes, that's what I mean, Angie," he answered, and then he added, before she could say anything, "Now, I want you to tell Jennie and Soo May how sorry you are and ask them both to give you a spanking to help you learn."

There was a long silence in the room as Angie overcame her shock. Jennie and I were shocked, too. We hadn't realized that a group session with The Disciplinarian would mean that we'd be helping in each other's discipline.

Finally, Angie spoke, "Soo May and Jennie, I'm very sorry that I've been so conceited. Please help me learn a lesson by giving me a spanking."

"Good," he approved. "Now, Angie, kneel on the sofa as you did on my first visit and rest your head on the top of the back of it.

When she did, he added another command "That's right, now pull your dress up in back."

She did as told and the effect was to reveal her white lacy panties stretched tight over her beautiful model's bottom. Again, as I had the previous session, I felt a flash of annoyance that she had put on sexy undies for our session with Mr. Daniels.

"And, one more thing, Angie, arch your back," he instructed.

As a former model, she needed no explanation of what he meant. She made her back concave, causing her bum to rise and stick up and out as if it were anxious to receive spanks.

"By happy coincidence," Mr. Daniels said, "Soo May is right-handed and Jennie is a lefty, so the two of them can stand on either side of you and spank you at the same time."

We positioned ourselves as Mr. Daniels directed and he stood a few feet behind Angie's backside where he could see it and us.

"Alright, Jennie and Soo May," he explained, "you are each going to spank Angie 20 times. You will alternate strokes. And no soft spanks. I can get the ping pong paddle at any time, and for every too soft spank you give Angie, I will give you a hard one with the paddle later. If it helps, just think about the last time she behaved arrogantly. Soo May, you go first."

I had a choice of exposing my pubis or my tits. I decided the lesser of evils was to let my tiny breasts show, so I clamped my left hand over my mound and pulled my right hand back and up. I wasn't going to risk a paddling, so I smacked Angie hard on the peak of her left, white-clad, buttock.

"Uhn!" she grunted in surprise at the force of the blow.

Jennie made it plain that she, also, was afraid of the paddle. She reared her left hand back and smacked Angie's butt on the opposite side.

I gave her my second right in the middle and Jennie spanked her on the same spot.

"Hold on there!" Mr. Daniels said, and he caught my hand before I could land a third blow.

"Angie," he asked, "aren't you grateful to your friends for this lesson they are teaching you?"

"Uh, ... yes," Angie said warily.

"Then I think you should thank them for these spanks. Understood?"

She nodded her acceptance of this and the spanking resumed.

I slapped her hard on the lower peak of the left buttock.

"Uh, thank you, Soo May," she said breathily.

Jennie gave her one just as hard on the other side.

"Ow, huh ... thank you, Jennie."

And so we continued.

Smack! "Thank you, Soo May."

Smack! "Th- thank you, ... uh ... Jennie."

Smack! "Ahh! Thank you, Soo M- May."

Smack! "Th- [gasp] thank you, Jennie."


After we'd each given her 7 swats, Mr. Daniels stopped the action again.

"Angie," he asked, "I wonder if there isn't any way we could make this spanking even more effective. Can you think of any way?"

She shook her head negatively.

"No?" he asked, "well, how about you, Jennie, can you think of any way to make this spanking more effective?"

"Well," Jennie said slowly, not wanting to antagonize him, "it could be on the bare."

Angie grimaced at this, but said nothing.

"That's absolutely right," Mr. Daniels said, "and so it will be."

"Angie," he commanded, "reach back and take off your underwear."

She gulped and as she slowly reached back and inserted her thumbs into the waist of her panties, I saw her blink rapidly as her eyes watered up. We'd all seen her naked bottom at the previous sessions, but this was different. We were about to witness the act of submission itself. She was about to offer up her naked bottom to her friends for punishment.

She gave a choking sob as she lowered the panties to the backs of her knees. Lifting one leg and then the other, she pushed them past the knees and kicked them off.

"Don't forget to arch your back, Angie," he reminded her.

With another groan of embarrassment, she obeyed. As I watched her kneeling there submissively holding her unprotected bottom up for her friends to spank, and as I imagined what she was feeling, I felt sympathy, but I also felt myself growing damp again in my love canal.

At Mr. Daniels's signal we resumed. The spanks, I knew from my own experience, would sting a lot more on bare skin.

SMACK! "Ahh! Thank you, Soo May."

SMACK! "Unh! Thank y- you, Jennie."

SMACK! "Ow! Thank you, ... uh ... Soo M- May."

SMACK! "Huh! Oh, thank ... a ... thank you, Jennie."


After we had each given her seven on the bare, her bottom was bright pink. Mr. Daniels stopped us again and pushed Angie's punishment to the next level.

"Angie, pull your dress off and take off your bra. I want you naked for the remainder of your spanking."

Once, again, there was a pause and I could sense that Angie was considering using the safe word; but in the end, with a sniffle, she pulled her dress over head and dropped it behind the sofa. Then she unhooked her bra and tossed it away, too. Her large breasts, of which I'd always been envious, swung free.

After she put her head back down on the back of the sofa, Mr. Daniels gave a further command.

"Spread your legs about a foot and half apart and keep your back arched."

Angie gave a small sob and then complied, setting her knees apart as ordered and arching her back. Both her rear orifices were now visible.

I could only try to imagine what Angie was feeling. This was a woman who could make nearly half a million dollars by posing nude, but who, out of modesty, refused. Now, here she was, kneeling naked in front of a man she'd hardly knew, her back arched, her legs spread, her hindquarters pointed directly at him. Her pose was the very picture of submission, or wanton sexual fever. It seemed to say, Take me, take me. Fuck me from behind. Take my anus. Spank me. Do whatever you wish with me!

I felt another surge of my own fluids and I realized that my left palm, covering my pubis, was damp.

Mr. Daniels interrupted my reverie, "Resume the spanking, Soo May."

SMACK! "Ooo! Thank you, Soo May."

SMACK! "Unh! Thank you, Jen- Jennie."

SMACK! "Ahhh! Thank [gasp] thank you, Soo- Soo May."

SMACK! "Grrhaahh! Thank ... uh ... thank you, Jennie."

By this time, the once haughty model was bucking and twisting with each spank causing her breasts to jiggle uncontrollably. Her buttocks clenched and unclenched as she gritted her teeth and gripped the back of the sofa tightly. I noticed, however, that her nipples had grown taut.

"Faster," Mr. Daniels commanded.

Jennie and I gave our final four smacks each as fast as we could, not bothering to alternate. Sometimes our smacks fell at the same time. Angie's voice became garbled by tears and she stopped trying to say our names as she squeezed her eyes shut in pain.

SMACK! "Argghhh! Thank you, Soo Ma."

SMACK! "eeeehhh! Oh God! Than-oo, Jenzee."

SMACK! SMACK! "Unnuuaaahh! [gasp] Thunkk voo, "

SMACK! SMACK! "Grrhaahh! Owwwwooo. Thank uh."

SMACK! SMACK! "Uauannnhhh, Hank-oooo, owww!"

It was over and Angie seemed to sag, her eyes closed, panting as if she'd just run a marathon.

"Mr. Daniels [gasp]," she panted, "may I please rub my bottom?"

"Yes, you may."

And, so, she threw back both hands, one on each of her glorious globes, and rubbed in a circular motion. But pain wasn't the only effect that the spanking had had: I could see between her wide-spread legs that the hairs around her vaginal lips were glistening with moisture. This reminded me of what Mr. Daniels had told me: that all women are turned on by a spanking.Her husband, I thought, is going to have the night of his life when he gets home tonight.


"Now, Jennie," Mr. Daniels immediately turned our attention away from Angie, "Soo May tells me that you sometimes tease her when she doesn't have a boyfriend. Is this true?"

"Well ... uh ...," Jennie was caught off guard by the question. "Yeah, a little bit, but it's all in fun."

"I see," Mr. Daniels replied in a tone that conveyed that he did not think it was innocent good fun.

"And Angie," he continued, "tells me that you flirted with her husband at their last Christmas gathering here. Did you?"

"You knew?!" Jennie exclaimed, turning to look at Angie.

Angie was now sitting up on the sofa, one arm covering her breasts, the other hand covering her mons.

"Everyone there knew, you ninny," she responded with genuine irritation at the memory, "You were stroking Roger's arm and giggling at everything he said."

"I'm so sorry, Angie," Jennie implored, "I was so drunk, but nothing would have happened, I swear!"

"You are going to be a lot sorrier soon," Mr. Daniels interrupted them, "because Angie and Soo May are going to spank you."

"Now, then," he continued. "Angie, when I asked what would make your punishment more effective, Jennie suggested that it be on the bare. Perhaps you can return the favor. Can you think of any way to increase the chance that Jennie will stop teasing her friends and stop flirting with their husbands?"

Angie thought for a moment and a smile slowly formed on her face. She said just two words:

"The paddle."

"My thoughts exactly," Mr. Daniels interjected before Jennie could protest. "Ten paddle swats from each of your friends sounds about right. Soo May, go get the paddle from the closet."

Instinctively, I obeyed and ran naked to the closet, my tiny bottom churning behind me. I found the ping pong paddle on the shelf where Jennie had found it two weeks before. I returned, still running, with the paddle and handed it to him. Only later did I remember that he did not ask me to run. I did so in subconscious response to his commanding manner.

"Angie," he instructed, "stand over there about 10 feet on that side of the coffee table. Soo May, you stand 10 feet to the other side of it, so you are facing each other about 20 feet apart."

"Good, now, Jennie, take the paddle, walk over to Soo May and hand it to her," he continued.

Jennie did as she was told and Mr. Daniels gave her the next instruction.

"Now, bend over beside Soo May, pull down your pants and undies, and ask her to give you a swat on your bare behind as you put your hands on your knees. Use a complete sentence and be polite."

Looking fearfully at the paddle in my hand, Jennie undid her jeans and pulled them and her panties down. She let them drop to her ankles as she bent at the waist. After a moment's hesitation, she spoke.

"Soo May, please give my bare b- bottom a swuh- swat with the paddle," she was already sniffling. I noticed that her panties were sexy pink bikini cut. It seemed that she too always wore sexy knickers for sessions with Mr. Daniels.

"No, no, Jennie," Mr. Daniels interjected, "I want you to ask for your spanking simultaneously with bending over and lowering your clothes. Now pull up your pants and do it again."

Jennie pulled up her clothes and then, after a pause, she simultaneously bent and lowered them again as she said "Please give me a swat on my bare ass, Soo May."

The difference was immediately apparent. The first time, when Jennie bent, then uncovered, and then asked for her spanking in sequence, there was an element of ritual about it. But when she did them simultaneously, it seemed more natural, like she really wanted the paddling. It also made her seem like she was in a hurry to get the swat, as though she was some lust-crazy masochist. The effect was powerfully more humiliating. I had to admire Mr. Daniels for his mastery of the subtle details. I was reminded of how, in our first session, he had made me hold up my pants and underwear halfway up my thighs for part of my spanking and how much more humiliating that was than when I was allowed to just drop them.

I contemplated Jennie's situation for a moment. Barely a month ago she had sat at the kitchen table and firmly declared "No switch, No paddle." Now she was bent before me, baring her bottom and politely requesting that I use the paddle on it. It must have been humbling and I felt new flows of love juice in my privates.

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