tagBDSMThe Disciplinarian Ch. 04

The Disciplinarian Ch. 04


Please read the earlier chapters before you read this one. Otherwise, it won't make much sense. Also you'll find it a lot more erotic if you first understand who these characters are and where they are, physically and emotionally.

Small and Sweet Things

My mobile rang the next morning just as I was about to leave for work.

"Soo May?"

I recognized the voice immediately. I tried to keep my cool, but I couldn't entirely suppress excited giggle in my voice.

"Mr. Daniels!" I practically chortled. Damn, how this man makes me act stupid, I thought.

Jennie, who was paging through a magazine at the far end of the kitchen table, looked up with interest at the sound of his name. Unconsciously, she smiled and flushed just a smidgeon. This irritated me a bit. She has a boyfriend, I thought. I can blush when Mr. Daniels calls but she has no right to!

"Glad I caught you," Mr. Daniels was saying. "There's a new Cajun restaurant opening downtown tonight. How about we have dinner and catch a play afterwards? Sorry for the late notice, but I just heard about it this morning and for some reason the thought of delicious spicy food made me think of you."

"Well [giggle], my goodness—"

"You can bring Jennie along if that would make you feel more comfortable."

"Oh ... well ...," I hesitated. Jennie could hear my side of the conversation. I needed to respond without tipping her off that she'd been invited.

"... oh ... ah ... ya know ... um ... that— that won't be necessary at all, no, not at all, and I would love to come!"

I know "The Rules" say you should always turn down a man's first invitation to a date; but what the hell, getting a bare-assed spanking from the man on your first encounter is probably against "The Rules" too; so it was a bit late for me to obey "The Rules"!

We quickly made arrangements for where and when to meet and said our "goodbyes.

"So," said Jennie, "what's up with Mr. Daniels?" As she spoke she looked back at the magazine as if to show that she really didn't care what the answer was.

I decided to torture her a bit. After all, for years she had teased me about my lack of a boyfriend.

"Oh, it's nothing, really. Go back to your magazine. We can talk later," I said, while I pretended to brush lint off my top. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her jaw set with frustration.

"No, really," she said, looking up with a smile, "I'm interested. What is it you'd love to go to?"

"Oh, it's just dinner tonight at this place he knows. No big deal."

"Ah, that's great! So he's meeting a bunch of friends there, is he?"

"No, not a bunch," I called over my shoulder as I headed for the door.

Then, after a pause, I added, "Just me."

I felt like I'd taken a stiletto to her throat. And it felt good.

Revenge, I thought, really is sweet.

That evening I took too long getting my make-up on, so I missed the first bus to the neighborhood with the new Cajun joint. As a result, I was 15 minutes late meeting Mr. Daniels in front of The Blue Crawfish. As always, he didn't seem to mind. In fact, he beamed again when he saw me and complimented me on my little black dress. To my surprise, he was wearing a black turtleneck with a dark leather sport jacket instead of a suit and tie.

Once, again, I can't remember what we ate, but it was good and he let me sample everything he ordered while he had a couple of bites of everything I had. I like a man who lets me eat off his plate.

But we were still on our salads when I asked him a question that had been nagging at the back of my mind ever sense I'd first met him.

"Mr. Daniels, do you have a wife?"

His eyes widened and his mouth opened in surprise.

"Good grief," he said, "I've never told you my first name, have I? It's Mickey."

"Oh, thanks ... well, Mickey, are you—"

"Married? No, not anymore. I was divorced a few years back. It was before I got into all this discipline activity."

"Oh, I'm sorry if I was prying—"

"You've nothing to be sorry about. It's a legitimate question and I'm glad you asked. Oh, and, we didn't have any kids."

After the food, I slid over in the booth to sit beside him. We drank wine and we talked ... and talked and talked. We talked about our careers, our plans, where we wanted to travel and where we'd been.

After nearly an hour and half, the waiter came to our table for the third or fourth time to ask if we wanted any dessert.

"We have some wonderful beignets, Sir, would you like to try some?"

"You have beignets? Great! Yes, we'll have some," Mickey said with enthusiasm.

Then, still speaking to the waiter, but turning to look at me, he smiled and added, "I like small sweet things."

Tardy Girl and Courteous Lover

When we finally stepped out the restaurant into the brisk night air, we were way too late to go to the play but we didn't care. So we decided to just take a walk. He put his leather jacket around my shoulders and we walked hand-in-hand in what I thought were random directions. We didn't say much. I just held his hand and felt somehow warmer— safer— happier than I ever had before. The whole city seemed to have a warm glow to it.

"Do you know where we're going?" I asked after a few minutes.

"Yes, toward my apartment," he replied. "It's just a few more blocks."

After a pause of a few seconds, he asked, "Is that alright?"

I just nodded my head in approval.

His place was high up in a 30 story building. We kicked off our shoes by the door and he gave me a quick tour. It was very modern; lots of black and white furniture, lots of glass surfaces and aluminum framing. There were two bedrooms, a study, kitchen, and a large combination dining/living room that had floor-to-ceiling windows providing a view of the twinkling city below.

When I commented on how clean and neat it was, he chuckled.

"I get no credit for that. I have a cleaning lady that comes in once a week and today was her day. You're lucky you didn't see it this morning."

I walked to the window and looked at the lights for a moment before I felt him behind me. His arms encircled my waist and he began to kiss my neck. Then he turned me around, cupped my face in one hand and tilted it up. I closed my eyes and he bent to kiss me on the mouth. My arms were around his neck in seconds and I stood on tip toe to kiss him back.

We held the kiss for several minutes while his fingertips roved around me. Finally, he broke it off and stepped back.

"I'm afraid we have some unfinished business to take care of first, Soo May," he whispered softly but ominously.

"What unfinished buh-business?" I asked, suddenly nervous.

"Well, you've got a spanking coming."

Thinking back to the powerful orgasms I'd had under his ... uh ... hand, this wasn't necessarily bad news, but I was curious.


"To start with, you've been late for every meeting we've had."

"Yes, I know. I'm sorry, too. But you didn't seem to mind."

"Well, I didn't mind, actually; but still there's a principle here. Besides, there's another reason, which I'll tell you later. Now turn to face the window and raise your arms above your head."

I obeyed, and seconds later I felt my dress being pulled up and off me. Then my slip made the same journey. As usual I had no bra on, and I instinctively clasped one arm over my bare chest and put the other on the front of my black silk panties. I started to back away from the window, but Mickey held me place.

"Stay right there, and drop your hands to your sides," he instructed.

"But someone will see," I whimpered.

"That's not very likely. But I can't rule it out entirely. It is theoretically possible that someone in another skyscraper could be looking at my window with a telescope."

I slowly moved my hands to my sides and tried to imagine how I would have looked to any telescopically-equipped Toms. A near naked Chinese girl standing, seemingly at attention, before the window; or perhaps since my hair was hidden behind me, they'd have taken me for a boy.

"Now, turn around again, Soo May, and take my clothes off," he commanded.

I turned to face him and took hold of his turtleneck shirt on both sides, pulled it from his pants, and then pulled the hem of it up to his shoulders. He was not wearing an undershirt and I immediately inhaled an intoxicating scent of man. I felt the first fizziness in my canal.

I couldn't reach high enough to take the shirt the rest of the way off, so he pulled it over his head and tossed it on a nearby chair.

Next, I fumbled with his belt. It took a minute because I'm not experienced at stripping someone else. Blushing, I unbuttoned the pants and unzipped the fly. He let them drop on their own and then kicked them over to the chair with his shirt.

All that remained were his boxers.

I was too embarrassed to see his privates, so I looked off to the side as I put my thumbs into the waistband on either side and pulled them down. The elastic waistband kept them from dropping on their own, so I squatted to pull them down to his ankles. As he stepped out of them, I straightened, still looking off to the side. I began to giggle and blush like a virgin.

He took my hand and led me over to a coffee table with a thick glass top, saying as he did so, "Now, Soo May, you are going to go over my lap, or more precisely, over half of my lap."

Before I could ask him what he meant by "half" his lap, he stood facing the table and put one bare foot on it. This bent his knee 90 degrees and made his thigh horizontal, so it was a kind of padded platform. He pulled me over to stand just in front of this thigh, my right side toward the table and my left side toward his body.

"OK, I'm going to boost you up and you will lay yourself over my thigh," he explained. "Got it?"

I nodded assent and put both hands on his thigh. I pushed myself up while he lifted me from my waist and in a single motion I was lying over that thigh. My legs could not reach the floor, so they dangled down one side while my upper body hung down the opposite side. His left arm held me at the waist, but to steady myself more I grabbed the ankle of the foot he'd rested on the table with my right hand.

The only thing I could find to hold on my left side was his left bun, so I grabbed it, my fingers in the crack of his ass. He said nothing, as if he had expected this, so I gathered that this wasn't the first time he'd spanked someone in this position.

So there I dangled, my hips resting on his thigh with my black-silk-encased hindquarters raised high, perfectly positioned for a spanking. The indignity of my position was embarrassing but I also felt myself growing wetter.

I felt his hand stroke back of one thigh. When his palm reached my buns, it made circular rubs of them both and I squirmed involuntarily.

"Now, then, Soo May," Mickey said, in his 'Disciplinarian' voice, "tell me why you find yourself in this ridiculous, shameful position."

"I've been chronically late," I confessed.

"Yes, indeed," he agreed. "And I'm going to help you learn a lesson tonight. Are you grateful?"

"Well ... uh ... yeah ... I mean, I guess so."

"Then ask me politely."

"Please, Mickey, help me to remember not to be late."

"That's all well and good, Soo May, but could you be more specific?"

"OK. Please give me a good spanking to teach me not to be late so much."

"That's an improvement, but tell me what part of your body you need to have spanked."

"Um ... my bottom."

"Ok, and what kind of a bottom is it, Soo May? Is it naughty or nice?"

"Naughty," I whispered.

"And what kind of spanking should it be? Quick and soft or a lesson you will remember for a long time?"

"Uh ... one I will remember."

"Good, now put that all into one complete request."

"Um ... Ok ... Uh, Mickey, please teach me a lesson that I'll never forget by giving me a long hard spanking on my naughty little boy butt."

I flushed at having to ask for my comeuppance. The fact that Jennie and Angie weren't present to witness my shame was cancelled out by the fact that I was being scolded like a naughty little girl.

You might think that by this time I'd have grown used to the ignominy of being spanked; but if you think that then you haven't been spanked. Or at least you haven't been spanked multiple times. Humiliation isn't something you grow used to. If anything, it builds in intensity. Just consider, if a bully kicked sand in your face at the beach, would it grow easier if the same bully did it again and again every time you went to the beach? If you were poor and found yourself without enough money when the cashier finished ringing up your groceries, would it be any less embarrassing if it happened a second time? Or a third or a fourth? If you were unpopular in school and the other kids refused to sit with you on the school bus, would it become less painful if they continued to refuse, day after day after day?

"Gladly," Mickey responded to my request.


"Uh!" I gasped in surprise, as always, at the first spank.

He followed that up with five upper cuts that hit the lower peak of my butt and slid up to the top of it.

Smack! ... Smack! ... Smack! ... Smack! ... Smack!

Then he added three to my right bun, followed by three to my left. I couldn't suppress the first quiet sounds of pain.

Smack! ... Smack! ... Smack! ... Smack! ... Smack! ... Smack!

"Ow ... Ohh ... Unh"

He continued without let up, alternating right and left.

Smack! ... Smack! ... Smack! ... Smack! ... Smack! ... Smack! ... Smack!

"Ahh ... Enh ... Ergh ... [gasp] ... Ennurh ..."

Suddenly, he seemed in a hurry and picked up the pace and my cries grew louder.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

"Oww! Unh! Uuh! [gasp] Nhow! Huhguh!"

I began to twist and kick a little as the rain continued.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Finally, he paused and I lay there draped over his thigh, panting, butt muscles clenching. Every few seconds a sting of pain would shoot through one bun or the other and my hips would jerk involuntarily.

As I began to catch my breath I became aware that the spanking had had its usual effect on me. I was very wet despite my pain.

Suddenly, he yanked my panties down to my ankles in one quick motion and they fell to the floor. An enormously powerful erotic thrill shot through me at that moment and I gasped. His strength and his control and my submission all combined into a single spear of pleasure that started at my crotch and shot through the rest of me, as if for one nanosecond my entire body became a clitoris. A split second later, I felt a rush of cool air tickle my naked pubes as if the air itself wanted to call attention to my nakedness.

SMACK! He spanked me very hard on my bare bottom.

"Owww!" I called out.

But he didn't pause. He just continued, fast and hard.


Errgghh! OH! NNuhh! [pant] Ahh-Ahh!"


I kicked and twisted furiously as tears came to my eyes.

"OUCH! Oh, God! OWW! Oh, Please! Unnhh! Huh-hurts! Erggh!"


"Ahhrrgh! Please, Mickey, [gasp] st-stop. OW! I'll never to be late again. I promise."

Finally, after a full minute of fierce bare butt spanking, he stopped. I was panting as if I'd just run a marathon. The lower half of me, however, couldn't stop moving, as electric stings continued to shoot through my sore red bottom. I clenched and twisted and jerked uncontrollably for another half a minute as I sniffled.

I was aware that I was giving him another performance of the trashing girl bottom road show, but as mortified as I was I was powerless to stop. I was aware of something else, too. My pubes were flooded.

As I lay there recovering, he tickled my clit gently with a fingertip and I gasped as I felt another electric shock of pleasure like the one I'd had when he pulled down my undies.


After a few seconds he did it again and then again. Each time I gave a little gasp of pleasure.


"ahhh, yes"

Finally, I felt Mickey move his foot from the table to the floor. To keep me from falling, he held me under my arms and lifted me up to kiss my lips. As he held me dangling in the air, his lips on mine, my right arm encircled his neck while my left hand massaged my bum.

The next thing I remember is that he was carrying me into his bedroom, my legs were around his waist, my arms around his neck, and my lips on his.

He tossed me on the bed and I saw that he was stiff ... and large. I spread my feet and pulled him down. His size scared me, but I wanted him in me.

"Wait, Soo May," he said, turning me over, "let me kiss your 'owwy' and make it feel better."

I giggled as he covered my bottom with kisses. Then he turned me over again and kissed me on my mons. I gasped in surprise.

He said, "I don't usually do this so early in a relationship, but you're special."

And with that, I felt his tongue softly lick my click. I groaned and instinctively put my hands on his head and pushed it into me harder as he continued licking and nibbling. No one had ever done this for me. In fact, no man I'd ever slept with had ever thought to give me an orgasm before having one of his own. In a few more minutes I was in a delirium of pleasure as my thighs compulsively squeezed his head and I bucked rhythmically upward.

With a loud moan of pleasure and joy, I came.

My muscles relaxed and I sagged back into the mattress only to realize that he wasn't stopping. His tongue was going at my little friend with even more enthusiasm that before. I came again quickly and then again. I lost count of how many times he brought me to climax that way.

After letting me catch my breath, he repositioned himself and gently spread my legs.

For a brief moment I felt a flash of fear seeing how big he was, and in truth it was a stretch; but I was so wet, he was able to slide into me. I loved how it felt to have him in me; and as he became a raging animal pounding into me, I felt that I was controlling him as much as he controlling me. All this strength, all this power, harnessed just for my pleasure.

We made love for hours and afterward I lay beside him, my head tucked under his chin as he wrapped his arms around me and held me close. I was so happy, I felt like purring.

As we lay there I thought about the evening and I realized that the best moment of all was right after my first climax when he continued licking me. I realized that, instead of immediately taking his turn after my first climax, he was going to make sure that I was good and satisfied before he took his own pleasure. For some reason this made me feel that he really loved me.

But I also had a question.

"What was your other reason for spanking me tonight? You said it was partly because I've been late, but you also said that there was another reason."

"Oh ... well ... actually ... the tardiness wasn't even the main thing. In fact, I don't really mind it at all. Travel times in a city are unpredictable. To be perfectly honest, I was just using that as an excuse to spank you, which I wanted to do for another reason."

"OK, so what was the other reason?"

"Well, I knew from what you've told me that you haven't had real sex for a couple of years and you are ... well ... kind of small and I'm ... kind of large, so I was kind of worried that intercourse might be painful for you. So, anyway, I wanted to get you as wet as possible."

"Seriously?" I asked as I popped my head up to look at his face.

"Absolutely," he confirmed.

"So what you're telling me is that you spanked the livin' daylights out of me because ... because you're a courteous lover?"

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