tagBDSMThe Disciplinarian Ch. 10

The Disciplinarian Ch. 10


Nervous Demolition Derby

It would be quite an understatement to say that Jennie was a nervous wreck over the following two weeks. "Nervous ten-car-pile-up" or "nervous demolition derby" would be more like it. Although I was spending most of my non-work hours, and about half my nights, at Mickey's place, I saw Jennie almost every day and it was clear she couldn't think about anything but her upcoming punishment session. She was constantly spacing out and knitting her fingers together which she always does when she's nervous. I doubt that she got any work done at her job because she clearly couldn't concentrate on anything. On one of the few nights when I didn't have dinner with Mickey, she asked me to take the baked chicken out of the oven and I found that she hadn't turned the oven on.

She was also very afraid of me and anxious to please me. She was constantly asking how I was and if there was anything she could do for me. This was a new experience for me. I've never known what it's like to be feared. I kind of liked it at first, but it actually grew irritating after a few days; being a pampered princess is not a natural role for me. I was also finding it hard to stay angry with her. I'm not someone who holds grudges and if it were left up to me, I'd probably have just cancelled her punishment. But I knew Mickey's sense of justice would not allow that, and I also knew that it really was good for her to be punished. She needed to learn that actions have consequences: if she got a free ride after humiliating her best friend, then she might someday do it again.

On the day of the punishment session, I relayed Mickey's instructions to Jennie and Angie about how to dress. They were essentially the same as two weeks before: both were to go braless and wear hi-cut panties. Angie was a little dismayed to find that the instruction applied to her as well. She had hoped that her time in purgatory was over, but she couldn't have been too surprised. After all, Jennie had to strip to her undies when Angie was punished, so it was natural that Angie would have to do so when the roles were reversed. As all three of us had learned in our very first session with Mickey, there was a kind of parallelism to how Mickey punished and humiliated us, even if the details differed. We each had to give him a verbal response between spanks — counting, thanking, or asking for another — and we each were intensely spanked until we abandoned our resolutions about what we would not do; and finally we each had to show our punished butts to the others and describe what had happened to us in the bedroom.

Mickey had two more instructions for me. First, he had me take his satchel, with the switch in it, and store it in my room in the apartment. His second instruction was very curious: he told me to be sure that Jennie's gym bag was in the apartment and not in her car, but he would not tell me why this was important.

Dani and Brad arrived first and Dani's face shown with such excitement that I wasn't surprised they had shown up a little early. She was clearly looking forward to this and I could just imagine her saying "C'mon, c'mon, we don't want to miss anything" to Brad. She greeted Jennie and me effusively, stopping just short of hugging us. It was as if she were here not to witness Jennie's punishment but to join all of us in some shared, exciting adventure, like a white water rafting expedition. I smiled and pretended to be glad to see her, but I was actually remembering her annoyingly exhibitionist behavior in front of all of us — well, more to the point, in front of Mickey — two weeks before. It didn't help that she had obviously had her hair done and was wearing full makeup and perfume; but what was worse was that she was obviously braless under her top. Well, of course, I thought to myself sarcastically, one must be dressed up sexy to witness a spanking. Damned Flirt!

Brad, on the other hand, did not look happy. His smile was tight and forced, and his greeting was polite but clipped. He and Dani each took an easy chair rather than sit beside each other on our sofa, and despite the fact that they were facing each other, with our coffee table in between, they would not look at each other. I glanced at Jennie and she nodded back at me knowingly: it was obvious that these two were having problems in their relationship and had probably been quarreling on the way to our place. I remembered Brad's shock at Dani's behavior in the previous session. Had Dani discovered a white water river that Brad didn't want to explore?

Robby breezed in next, looking every bit as excited as Dani, and plopped himself down on the sofa. Then Angie showed up at the door, dressed as per Mickey's instructions; her breasts shaking inside her blouse with each step she took. This kept Robby's eyes, and what passed for his mind, occupied. I had barely closed the door after her entrance when I heard Mickey's knock. I resisted the urge to embrace him — an urge I always had whenever we were apart for more than an hour or two — because I sensed that he was "Mr. Daniels" now and getting personal with him would be inappropriate.

"All present and accounted for, Captain," I declared in mock sailor's formal tones.

"Very good, First Mate," he replied, playing along. "Let's hoist the anchor."

Justice for Jennie

"Now," he said, addressing everyone as walked over to the conversation area of the living room, "although this is Jennie's and Soo May's place, they are going to be occupied this evening, so I'm going to ask Angie to be our hostess."

Angie sighed and didn't bother waiting for Mickey's next instruction since she knew what it was going to be. She kicked off her shoes and popped open the button on the front of her slacks. Seconds later, they were on the floor and she stood before us in all her professional model glory. I felt a small flash of envy as I often did seeing the bodies of tall, perfectly proportioned women. She was wearing the required hi-cut knickers, but this time instead of black lace they were modest white cotton, or as modest as hi-cut panties can ever be. Her blouse was tied up under her chest, baring her midriff, and as noted, her braless breasts shimmied whenever she moved.

"Soo May," she interrupted my thoughts, "could you show me where you keep the wine glasses?"

I gestured toward the kitchen door and followed her in. Mine weren't the only eyes on her half-covered ass, which had returned to its normal mildly tan color, having recovered from the pink that had been spanked into it two weeks before. As I was opening the cabinet where Jennie and I keep the long-stemmed glasses, we heard voices from the living room. Angie began to take the glasses out and I heard Robby's chuckle from the other room as I headed back there. But before I could push open the swinging kitchen door, it swung in on me and Dani pranced in.

In addition to being braless, as I'd noted before, she was now shoeless ... and pantless ... and wearing pink, lacy hi-cut panties ... and smiling.

This time, I couldn't contain myself.

"Dani! What the hell?" I hissed, and I heard Angie gasp and then giggle behind me.

"Oh, it's alright," she said, completely misreading my emotions, "I volunteered to help host and Mr. Daniels said it's OK."

"Oh, he did, did he?" I replied grimly, folding my arms over my chest, "But why are you ...?" my voice trailed off and I simply pointed at the pink "V" that covered her crotch.

"Oh," she said apparently surprised at my question, "the hostesses have to be in their undies. Isn't that the rule?"

I was speechless with rage, so she continued.

"The wine is in the fridge, right?"

She didn't wait for an answer, but just swept past me. I swear she was practically whistling a happy tune! Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Angie biting her lower lip to keep from laughing, whether at Dani or me or both, I'm not sure.

"That's a wonderful perfume you are wearing, Dani." I heard Angie say, "What's it called?"

Eau de ManStealer, I thought to myself and then I took a deep breath and pushed through the door and strode into the living room, unsmiling. I looked straight at Mickey with narrow eyes. He just gave a little shrug and looked away, but I could see that he, too, was working hard to suppress laughter.

I saw Dani's shoes and pants in a pile in front of the chair she had been sitting in. I kicked them aside and plopped down in it. Brad was still in the chair opposite and I could see that his face had acquired a blue tinge of anger around the ears and hairline. The same forced smile was still frozen on his face, but his eyes stared darkly at some distant enemy. He was clearly not happy with Dani, not a bit; and I felt a little sorry for him. You'd better jump onto the raft with her, Brad, or wave goodbye, I thought, because Dani is determined to ride the rapids.

Moments later, Angie came in from the kitchen holding a few wine glasses, followed by Dani with a bottle of red in one hand and a bottle of white in the other. They made a round of the room distributing wine to all who wanted it, and then, took positions behind the sofa. This put them behind Robby, so he immediately moved from the sofa to the chair opposite it where he could see them in their hi-cut finery.

"Well, let's get started," Mickey said. "Jennie why don't you remind everyone why we're here?"

"Uh ... yes ... well," she started, "Angie and I were pretty mean to Soo May and now it's my turn to get punished. I ... um ... deserve a bit of a spanking and—"

"Bit of a?" Mickey interrupted, "bit of a?!?"

"OK, I mean more than a bit of a spanking—"

"How much more?" Mickey interrupted again, not willing to give her any quarter.

"Um ... well ... a lot more. I mean I deserve a severe spanking ... and ... you are all here to witness it and help."

"That's better," Mickey concluded. "Now, Jennie, let's get those clothes off. You can keep the panties for now, but everything else goes."

Jennie winced at the implications of that "for now," and then after a long hesitation, she began to unzip her pants. She had known this moment was coming for two weeks, but I don't think that made it any easier. She would now have to strip, and do so not just in front of Angie, Mickey, and I, as she had done before, but also in front of an old boyfriend that she had ditched and two people that she barely knew. I guessed that stripping in front of an ex was more ignominious than stripping in front of near strangers, but I haven't had enough boyfriends to really judge that. Either way, I found myself getting moist as I watched her peel down her pants and then start to unbutton her blouse.

While she was doing that, Mickey had Dani clear the low coffee table around which our furniture circled, and then he had Angie put two throw pillows from the sofa on the table side-by-side so its entire surface was now cushioned.

Jennie, who was now down to just her hi-cuts, with her arms covering her bare breasts, looked at Mickey. He just looked back silently as if it was obvious what he wanted. She got the hint and got down on all fours on the cushioned table. Thus, the table became a kind of raised stage in a miniature theatre-in-the-round. She held her upper body up with one arm and used the other to cover her breasts.

"That's right," Mickey confirmed, "but rest you weight on your forearms, Jennie, and grip the end of the table ... Good, now curve your back a little ... Now, don't look down at the table. Lift your head so we can all see your face."

She obeyed. Her new position had two obvious effects, one was to uncover her breasts which swung freely and visibly to all of us, the other was to lower her shoulders below her hips, so her butt seemed to offer itself in lascivious invitation. She reminded me of a cat stretching itself after a nap. With her fingers curled around the edge of the table, her hands even resembled paws.

I thought back to Angie's punishment. Her pose had been Winged Victory, and Jennie's pose seemed familiar, too; but what was it? Are there any famous statues of a cat? Then I realized that there is one: The Sphinx — the giant ancient Egyptian statue of a lion with a human head. With her head raised up, looking forward, Jennie's position was nearly that of the mysterious god, except that The Sphinx was not wearing panties and sticking its ass in the air.

"Now then, Jennie," Mickey was saying, "as I understand it, Robby here is an ex of yours, isn't he?"

"Not really," Jennie replied, with a touch of irritation, "we went out a few times, but we never did anything."

We all knew what she meant by "anything," so apparently Jennie had a very precise idea of what "ex" meant and she wanted us to know Robby was not that kind of "ex." Robby, for his part, flushed a bit at the public revelation that he had failed to score with Jennie, and the child-in-a-candy-store grin that seemed perpetually on his face disappeared. It seemed that he didn't find public embarrassment nearly as much fun when he was the target.

"Oh, I see," said Mickey, with a tone of surprise at this revelation, although I doubt that he was. "Well, that's good actually because it means he won't have tender memories that might lead him to go too easy on you."

"Easy on me?" Jennie asked, although she must have understood what Mickey was getting at.

"Yes, of course, everyone else here has taken a turn spanking a bad girl. It's Robby's turn now. Why don't you ask him ... politely?"

"Oh, God," Jennie sighed, "um ... OK ... uh, Robby, please ... uh ... give me a spanking to teach me not to lie and be mean to my friends."

Robby's face lit up and the grin reappeared, wider than ever. This could hardly have turned out better for him. First, he'd had to be a passive observer as he witnessed my extended humiliation and then Mickey had denied him a turn punishing Angie. His ... uh ... anticipation must have built up to a feverish temperature. Now, he could join in the fun, and best of all, his target was a woman who had rejected his sexual advances. I had no doubt that Mickey had planned this all out in advance.

Jennie, of course, was mortified at having to first present herself nearly nude like this to a man she had rejected, and then humbly invite him to spank her to his heart's content. Her face was scorched, and that wasn't the only fire in the room. My little button was burning too at the thought of what she was going through. I involuntarily squeezed my thighs together and then looked around in panicked embarrassment to see if anyone had caught my motion. All eyes were on Jennie, so no one had, but I noticed that Dani, standing behind the sofa, was also moving a tiny bit. At first I thought she was shivering, but as I watched it became clear that she was making small, barely perceptible, motions with her legs. First one knee would bend out by just a millimeter or two and the other would bend out while the first one straightened. This caused her bare thighs to slide against each other and her hips swing, but by just a couple of millimeters. If I hadn't been looking closely, I wouldn't have detected it at all, but there was no doubt; Dani, quite unconsciously I'm sure, was performing a barely perceptible slow-motion micro hula dance.

When I turned my attention back to The Sphinx, Robby was standing just to the side of Jennie's hips. Raised up as she was on our coffee table, her butt was the perfect height for him to spank. He didn't even need to lean down. He was nearly licking his lips in anticipation and he looked at Mickey for approval to begin. Mickey just smiled and nodded. Interesting, I thought, how everyone, even other men, just naturally cede every decision to Mickey.

Whap! Robby's hand collided hard with Jennie's left bun. Clearly, he didn't believe in building slowly. She gave a little grunt in surprise at the force of it, but this was nearly drowned out by Robby himself who let out a whoop of joy as he watched her butt flatten and bounce back. His shout surprised me, I had grown used to Mickey's nearly silent spankings and, of course, Jennie and Angie hadn't made noises when they spanked me. But Robby was less inhibited, or less civilized (if those are in fact different things).

Whap! He connected with her right side just as hard, and then he continued hard and fast.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!

There was no subtlety to Robby's spanking style, which figured since there was no subtlety to anything about Robby. He just pounded it out and watching made me, and probably Jennie and Angie, realize how much more varied Mickey's spanks were, changing by angle, force, target, and other variables. Every Mickey-spank was unexpected in some way or another, and that contributed, I think, to the sense that he was in control.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!

Jennie was already moaning and twisting, and her breasts shook and swung with every blow.

Whap! "Uh."

Whap! "Anh!"

Whap! "Wawwh"

Whap! "Urggghhhh!"

Every now and then she'd jerk especially hard and Robby would whoop in pleasure.

Whap! "Ow!"

Whap! "Unh!"

Whap! "Ahh, errgg, ...,!"

"Yeah!" Robby exclaimed.

Whap! "Hahh-huh!"

Whap! "Aaaawww!"

Whap! "Wawwh ... [gasp]"


Whap! " Owwoooo! ... [sob]"

Whap! "Urggghhhh!"

Whap! "Anah anah, ow!"

"Woo hoo!" Robby chortled.

Mickey let it go on for nearly two minutes, which is a long time for a spanking that hard. Finally, he touched Robby's shoulder and said "Let's take a breather, Robby."

Jennie sagged, breathing hard and sniffling. The white crotch band of her panties now divided two sore pink melons. Robby collapsed back in his chair. He was also breathing hard. I took the opportunity to check out Dani again. She was still doing her nearly undetectable hula, and from the rise and fall of her chest I think she was breathing hard too.

Leftovers ... of a Dish Served Cold

There was silence for a minute before Mickey spoke.

"Alright, Jennie, go into your bedroom and bring out the hairbrush that was used on Soo May."

"Gad!" Jennie exclaimed with exasperation, although this could not possibly have come as a surprise.

Resigned, she pushed herself up off the table and walked, head down, to her bedroom. She covered her bosom with her arms, although that seemed a little pointless now.

Seconds later, she was back with the hairbrush. She tried to hand it to Mickey, but he just pointed to me with his thumb, hitchhiker style. She handed it to me and again looked at Mickey. This time he pointed to the coffee table. She got the message and resumed The Sphinx.

"OK, Soo May," Mickey instructed softly, "give Jennie a good hairbrush spanking. Don't go easy on her, but since her preliminary spanking from Robby was a lot more ... brisk, than what Angie got, I think you should give her just 12 smacks."

I stood up and took the place where Robby had been. I pulled my arm back and took aim directly at the middle of the lower peak of Jennie's bottom.


In truth, it wasn't very hard, and Mickey cleared his throat loudly to remind me not to go too easy. I remembered that two weeks before I had been powerfully motivated to swat Angie by thinking of the things she had done to me. Maybe that would work again.

This, I thought to myself, is for making me wear a shame bonnet.


This is for pretending to leave the apartment and then sneaking back so you could catch me playing with myself.


For making me describe my spanking to Robby.


Jennie's already sore butt began to clench and unclench and she moaned and grunted with each smack.

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