The Discovery


I love to be nude. I love the feeling of sun and wind on my skin, and not having anything hindering my movement. The feeling of coming home at the end of a long day at work and taking all your clothes off is indescribable. And on Friday's, you know that when you get home you don't have to get dressed again for 3 days. This is my life for the most part. With the exception of the every so often trip to a nude beach or club, or maybe an adventure or two (or more).

But I haven't always felt this way. In fact I grew up in a pretty conservative household. Well, to be honest it wasn't like a convent or anything, but it's not like anyone could walk around nude whenever they wanted.

In fact, the most anyone did was walk naked from the shower to your bedroom to get dressed. I did this a lot, but that's because I didn't think it was a very big deal at the time. And I didn't think that I was a nudist or even liked being nude. I was never really ashamed of my body, but then again I was never really into showing it off.

I guess I should describe myself for those of you (guys) that are wondering. At the time, I was your average teenager. I had just turned 18, and was in between my junior and senior years of high school. I stood 5'8" tall, about 120 pounds with shoulder length black curly hair. My body was just about finished going though all of its changes, as I had grown some pretty impressive (if you ask me) 36C breasts. What I loved most about myself though, was my butt. I thought I had the cutest butt that a girl could ask for. Nice and round, not too flabby, but not too tight either.

For the most part I liked how I looked. I wasn't as athletic looking as I am now, but I wasn't out of shape either. I had dated a few boys in high school but nothing really serious, as I wasn't the social butterfly I am today.

I never really wore revealing clothing, as my mother was never the type that would let me wear that sort of thing. I guess I wore normal clothes growing up, nothing too revealing and nothing too plain.

I had never even considered that going nude was something someone would do normally. It wasn't until my discovery one hot summer day, that being nude was actually something that could be done outside of showering.

It was the summer before my senior year in high school. It was June, and in Florida where we lived at the time, it was incredibly hot and humid. It was the kind of weather that made you want to take your clothes off.

My parents' house was in a typical neighborhood, but had a high privacy fence, so one could venture around in the backyard without being noticed by the neighbors.

I had just woken up and showered, and the air conditioning in the house didn't seem to catch up with the heat outside, so even though it was cooler inside, it was still very hot. I wandered to my bedroom to get dressed when I decided I wanted a drink. And being that no one was home, I thought that I'd go ahead and just go down and get a drink nude.

I thought I was so naughty, wandering the house like that. In reality, there was no chance of being seen since no one else was home, or expected home. But the feeling had done something to me, as once I got back to my room I thought it might be fun to stay undressed.

I lay around reading and watching TV for an hour or so, but I was kinda bored with being nude. I was about to get up and get dressed when I looked outside and thought it might be fun to see what it was like to go outside like this. No one was gonna see me cause our backyard was very private, but it was still new territory and therefore it got me excited. It's that feeling of pushing your limits even further that makes it feel so exciting.

So I walked to the sliding glass door that overlooked the backyard. I slowly opened the door and peered all around the backyard to see if there was any activity or anything that could get me in trouble. It would be pretty embarrassing to have to explain how I got caught in the backyard naked to my conservative parents. I stuck my head out and kept on looking all around, keeping my ears pealed for anything or anyone that could catch me like this. I stuck one foot out onto the deck while still listening and looking for anything. The deck felt weird against my bare feet, but it felt fantastic and I wanted to feel more. So I slowly took those last few steps out of my parents' living room and onto the deck. It felt WONDERFUL!!. The wind, the sun, the feel of the wood on my bare feet, all of my senses were going crazy.

As I stood there, just a few paces from the door on the deck, I looked around at my scenery. The backyard was so peaceful, and it felt very natural to be nude there. The trees were blowing in the wind, and the flowers looked so beautiful. I walked around the deck feeling the sun and wind on my nude body, but as I walked, I kept getting braver, wanting to go further and further out into the yard.

So I cautiously went down the front steps of the deck, and ventured into the backyard. The grass felt so amazing under my feet. I had never felt so free in my life. I knew that no one was coming home, and I could enjoy my "adventure" to its fullest by exploring the entire backyard.

I spent about a half hour or so wandering around the backyard, exploring the entire yard in a way I had never done before. It was all very new to me, being that my senses seemed to be taking in my surroundings in a way that I had never experienced before.

After my time exploring the backyard, I thought that I'd enjoy the nice day and do some sunbathing. It was not the first time I had lain out in the backyard before, but it was the first time that I was doing it nude. I still felt a little nervous as I lay down on my towel in the grass at the foot of the deck. I was worried that my parents or some crazy neighbor could come home early and unexpected, and catch me like this. I had a hard time relaxing, even though I knew no one was expected to come home for several hours. Eventually, I was able to relax and take in some sun.

At around 4 or so, I knew that I had to go in cause my parents were due home from work at around 5 or so. But I just didn't want the day to end, it was the first time I had ever done something as "naughty" as this before, and I felt like I was discovering a new part of me that I didn't know existed. I had not put on a single item of clothing since I took my shower this morning, and it felt really natural. After awhile, I didn't even notice that I was nude anymore.

So, as I made my way inside from my "adventure" in the backyard sunning and exploring, I vowed to myself that I would spend more days like this. I had the whole summer to relax and do what I wanted since I was going to be at home alone most days with no job and nothing really to do.

I did eventually get dressed, but I got on the internet right away to look for others that shared my enthusiasm for going naked like this. I found not only that there were many places in Florida that one could go nude, but that there was a nude beach about a half hour near my house, that I could go to anytime.

I wrote down the addresses and directions on how to get to some of these places, vowing to check some of these places out when I could. After all, I had the whole summer to do what I wanted.

At the time, I had no idea that the summer that lay ahead would change me and my family more than I had ever imagined possible.

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by HereKumsKatie09/26/17

Great little story about being nude outside for the first time!

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