tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Divorcee and the Yard Boy Ch. 04

The Divorcee and the Yard Boy Ch. 04


Gloria's stomach fluttered as her yard boy, Danny, and his friend Brian walked in the door. They had just agreed to put on a show for her in the shower, to do whatever she wanted, for 40 minutes.

The price was her, as their sex slave, until they left for college. Being heavily fucked by two studs for two months straight didn't seem like too big of a burden.

"Okay, boys, here's the deal," she said. "You do whatever I want until you've both tasted each other's cum or until 40 minutes have passed, whichever comes later. If you cum early, you still have to put on a show for the rest of the time. If both of you haven't cum by the 40-minute mark, you need to keep going until you have."

"In exchange, you get this." She untied her white silk robe and let it fall to the floor. Her curly black hair fell to her should. Her 36C breasts stood firm and her pink, puffy nipples poked out at them. Her pussy was shaved bald. "I will, quite simply, do anything you want as long as it's not illegal, doesn't interfere with my job, and doesn't do anything permanently damaging to me. No tattoos or piercings or scars. And, just to be clear, this is a No Strings Attached deal. I'm not your girlfriend. I'm just a woman you sleep with."

"I don't know what you two are doing for the summer now that school's out," she said, "but if you wanted to spend every minute of it you can fucking me, that would be fine."

Danny and Brian looked at each other. Danny swallowed. But they turned back to her and nodded.

"Okay, then, boys. Time to hit the shower."

She made a scooting motion with her hands down the hall, and Brian and Danny headed to her bedroom and its bathroom. She followed along, eyeing their muscular legs and arms. Yeah, she could handle two months of fucking these guys.

Once in the bathroom, she pulled out a white wooden chair from her dressing table, turned it to point to the shower, glanced up at the clock on the wall, and sat down, crossing her legs and putting her hands in her lap. She was still naked, and the boys couldn't keep their eyes off her.

"Take off your shirts." The two young men crossed their arms, grabbed the edges of their shirts, and lifted them up, exposing two chests bulging with firm muscles and two flat, toned stomachs. Danny and Brian were water polo players, and the sport had paid off well in the physique department.

"Put your hands on the other's chest, and rub them up and down," she said. Brian closed his eyes and put his hands out to Danny's chest. Danny lifted his hands, and they were shaking as he put them on Brian's chest. Danny started rubbing.

"Danny, you're not trying to remove his skin. Rub his chest the way you'd want me to rub yours. The way I'll have to do it whenever you ask for the next two months." Danny moved his hands more slowly. Not exactly intimately, but she was pushing their envelope. Still, if she was going to do whatever they wanted for the rest of the summer, she'd damn well make sure she got her satisfaction from this part.

Brian was being a better sport, running his hands up and down Danny's chest, letting his fingertips move over the muscles. He knew what the prize was, and he was willing to go through with this for a bit.

"Danny, turn and face me." He turned and looked, letting his eyes wander over her body. "That's right, Danny. Take a look at your toy. Imagine what you can have me do. Brian, stand behind him."

Brian moved behind Danny, though he leaned his head to the right so he could keep checking her out. "Great. Okay, Brian, put your arms around Danny, and run your hands down his chest, down his stomach, and onto his jeans."

Brian leaned his head back a bit and did as she told him. Danny turned a little pale as Brian's hands framed his cock.

"Brian, unbutton Danny's jeans and pull them down to the floor. Danny, step out of them when he does."

As she watched Brian's hands work the button on the jeans, scoot over to Danny's hips, and tug the pants down, she felt her body get warm. She was already primed from having shown off for the two in the yard. She pushed her hands up to her breasts and began kneading them. Danny watched avidly.

"Do you like this, Danny? Do you like watching me feel myself up?" He nodded as he stepped out of the jeans that Brian had pushed into a bundle on the floor. "Maybe you can tell me later to lick my own nipple. Maybe you can slide your big dick between my big tits as I squeeze them around you. I could suck on the tip as you slid it up to my mouth." Brian was watching as well, but his hands were back by his side. Time to change that.

"How about you, Brian? Do you like this? Maybe you could bend me over in front of the full-length mirror in my bedroom and fuck me from behind so you could watch my big tits hang down and swing back and forth as you pound me."

"Oh, yeah, Gloria, I'd like that."

"Reach back around Danny's front, and pull down those little boxer briefs he's wearing. Hook the waistband with your thumbs and tug it down a bit. I want that cock out where I can see it."

Danny's cock sprung out, already a little hard. Her pussy began to get wet. This was the part she wanted to see.

"Brian, move your hands up and start stroking Danny's cock." Brian closed his eyes, but she stopped him. "No more eye-closing, Brian. I want you to watch what you're doing." He opened his eyes, and began moving his fingers along Danny's cock.

"No, Brian, stroke it like you do your own cock when you're masturbating. Wrap your hand around it, and start sliding." For all his bravado, his hand was shaking, too, as he did what she said. Still, it was a good show.

"Tell me, Brian. Have you thought about me since we had sex? Have you masturbated to the thought of me?" He nodded. "Tell me what you've thought about."

"I thought about fucking your face," he said. "I thought about you getting onto your knees and grabbing my ass as I push my dick so far into your mouth so far that you gag. I thought about you trying to push me away when I go too far, but I move your hands away and push in deeper. I thought about you begging to take my whole cock. I thought about you moaning as your lips hit my stomach and my cum fires down your throat."

She moaned as she listened and uncrossed her legs. She began to rub her pussy lips as he talked.

"Ooh, I like that, Brian. I like the thought of you being rough. I like the thought of your powerful body taking control. Of being unable to stop you. You know, I can deepthroat a cock. I can do it all summer long for you." He was rubbing Danny's cock more vigorously, but it had softened as Danny tried to absorb the thought of a man's hand on it.

"Danny, you're getting soft. Is Brian not doing a good job?" Brian grunted, and Danny shook his head.

"I'm sorry, Gloria. It's just still weird."

"Danny, you know how some women are mad for shoes?" He nodded. "I'm the same way, but you know what I like to buy? Lingerie. I have drawers full of it. I wear lingerie every day. Do you like seeing women in lingerie?"

He nodded again, but his hands were still shaking and his dick was still soft.

"Some of the lingerie I have is simple. Cotton nighties. Of course, I buy them short. Can you picture that, Danny? Me in just a simple, tight cotton nightgown with little flowers, with maybe heart-covered panties peeking out underneath? Can you picture lifting that nightie up and off my body, my tits quivering as you expose them? Picture me standing there, in nothing but those little panties as you tell me what to do next. Or maybe you like satin and lace? I've got tons of that lingerie. Some are elegant; some are slutty. Imagine me in a tight corset, with my tits pushed out for you to suck. You could make me do a show for you. Or you could come by every day and see what lingerie I'm wearing. Because I wear it all the time, Danny. Even to work, under my blouse and skirt. I love the feel of sexy underwear. I love to have it as a little secret that all the guys at my office would love to know. But they don't, Danny. Only you and Brian would know, and you could see it every single day."

As she talked, his cock began to stiffen under Brian's rubbing.

"You know what else, Danny? My ex-husband and I liked to role-play. So I don't just have lingerie. I have whole outfits. Want to see me dressed like a cheerleader, Danny, in a short, flouncy skirt and a tight sweater? Want to bend me over a table and fuck me like that, with my little skirt riding high and my tight little panties down around my knees?" She thought of how she had seen her ex-husband doing just that to his bimbo secretary. Maybe she'd have Danny take a picture of her in the same pose so she could email it to the bastard. "How about a maid outfit, Danny? I have a pretty one, with a little tiara, an off-the-shoulder top that shows off lots of cleavage, and a short skirt lifted high by lace. Oh, and my schoolgirl outfit? It wouldn't be something that any schoolgirl could wear without getting expelled. I like to wear it without a bra, with a button-down blouse that's tied off at the bottom, and with white cotton panties. I don't even need to bend over for people to see those panties, because the skirt is so tiny. I like to wear it with pigtails, too, so you'd have something to grab on to as you pushed your dick into my mouth. If you can find it in a catalog, Danny, I probably own it. And if I don't, I'll buy it. And you could tell me to wear it for you. I'd have to do it. I could be your own slutty Barbie doll, Danny."

By now, Danny was hard. His cock jutted straight out as Brian continued to move his hand along the shaft from behind. She so wanted to lean forward and take that tip in her mouth, but she imagined she'd get the chance soon enough. As Danny watched her stroke herself, she moved her hand fully over her pussy. She began to work one finger into her slit.

"Okay, Brian. Stop for a bit. Come out from behind Danny and turn to face him. Danny, you turn to face Brian. I want to see you two in profile." They did as she asked. Brian was obviously hard as well from what she had said to Danny.

"Danny, why don't you take off Brian's shorts for him? Let's see how he's doing." Brian fumbled with the snap, unzipped the shorts, and bent over to take them off. He stood up.

"Oh, why don't you finish taking off your boxer briefs, Danny. Do it standing just like that, so I can see your luscious cock bouncing. He looked up at the ceiling and did as she said.

"Nice. I love seeing you naked, Danny. And I love seeing Brian naked, too. So why don't you take off his boxers. But when you do, go down on your knees so you're staring right at his dick."

Danny shook and broke out into a sweat. Well, they were showering soon enough. He looked at her, with her finger moving in and out of her pussy, and she added a second one, stretching herself a bit more. "That's right, Danny. I'm getting myself nice and wet and wide open so that you can take that big cock and slam it into me later. Do you want to do that? Do you want to tell me to ride that big pole and impale myself on it? Do you want to see if you could get your fist into my pussy? Ooh, I'm going to be so wet, I'll bet you could." Brian looked at her, too, as she said that. He licked his lips.

"You like that, too, Brian? It's been a while since I've had a fist between my legs. You'd have to get a lot of lube onto your hand. Even then, I'd probably scream as you worked it in, because it would still hurt." Brian's cock twitched.

Danny swallowed and knelt down, pulling down Brian's boxers as he did. Brian's cock stuck straight out, pointed directly at Danny's face.

"Okay, Danny. Give Brian's cock a little stroke, just like he gave yours." Danny's hands were shaking hard as he wrapped his hand around his friend's cock and began to rub.

"Now give the tip a little kiss." He turned to her and started to talk. "Danny, you know the price. And you know the prize. Just imagine what you're going to do to me." He closed his eyes and moved forward just a bit.

"Open your eyes, Danny. Look at it." He sighed, opened his eyes, and gave the tip of Brian's dick a little kiss.

"Ooh, yeah, Danny. Now put the whole tip into your mouth and run your tongue around it." Poor Danny, he looked like he was going to be sick.

"Danny, look at me." He turned his head gratefully. "Want to see a third finger in this pussy? Want to see more than half of my hand going in and out of my wet cunt? You know what would send me over the edge, Danny? Watching you lick the head of Brian's cock. Think of how good it's going to feel when I'm doing that to you, every single day if you want."

He turned back to Brian, swallowed, and leaned his head over Brian's dick. His hands were shaking violently.

Gloria was about to hit the ceiling. She had watched gay porn before, but this live version was making her heart pound. She pushed a third finger into her pussy and used her other hand to feel up her left tit as she watched Danny's tongue slide around Brian's cock.

"Dude, watch the teeth," said Brian. Danny pulled back and mumbled an apology.

"Oh my god; I am going to cum so hard watching this. Mmm." Brian and Danny looked at her, pushing fingers in and out of her pussy as her thumb began to stroke her clit. "I may faint, the orgasm will be so big. I'm going to cum all over my hand watching you two with each other." She pulled her hand out with a squish. She wanted to prolong the orgasm a bit.

"Brian, I'm going to give you a taste of things to come. Tell me to lick all this pussy juice off my hand. Tell me as if it's twenty-five minutes from now, when I'm yours to command."

"Do it, Gloria," he said. "Lick your hand clean. And make it look nice and slutty."

She put her hand up in front of her face and began to give it big, sloppy licks with her tongue. She then put one finger at a time into her mouth and sucked on each with a loud slurp.

"Like that, Brian? Mmm, my pussy tastes so good. It's going to taste even better when I orgasm. Was that slutty enough for you? Because that's what I'm going to be for the rest of the summer, Brian: A slut. Your slut. I can't wait for you to use me. I can't wait for you to ride me hard. Maybe next time I'm licking off my hand, it will be because you came all over it when I gave you a handjob. Or maybe you'll make me rub it all over myself. Maybe you'll just cum on my face and make me sleep like that, your spunk drying on my lips and in my hair."

He moaned. Danny's hand, still on Brian's cock, began to move back and forth as he listened.

"Just a little bit longer, boys," she said, "and all that and more is yours. Danny, why don't you stand up and turn on the water for the shower. Brian, why don't you rub his ass while he's bent over?"

Brian was still rock hard, and he grabbed Danny's ass with gusto as he bent over to turn on the water for the shower.

The water came on, and Gloria told them to get into the shower. She and her ex-husband had designed it to fit two comfortably. It even had a second shower head, but she was going to make the boys stand closer to each other than that.

"Brian, Danny's all sweaty from his yard work. Maybe you should soap him off."

Brian grabbed a washcloth, wet it, and picked up her bottle of body wash. He began to rub the soap all over Danny's body as Glora went back to pushing three fingers in and out of her pussy.

"Remember what you said in the yard, Brian? That you'd be willing to go down on Danny for the chance to have me as a fuck toy? Now's your chance to prove it. Kneel down, and suck on Danny's cock until he cums in your mouth."

Brian made a face. He was game for this, she knew, but she was still asking him to suck a dick for her. He slowly got down on his knees and began to lick Danny's dick.

"Suck," she said. "Get it deep in your mouth." He pushed down a bit and then gagged. He pulled back, coughing.

"Don't worry, Brian," she said. "It gets easier. But remember this the next time you ask a girl to go down on me. Well, some other girl. I've had lots of practice. And you're going to give me plenty more, aren't you?" She began to move her hand faster, and her breathing got deeper as she watched Brian move forward again. She scooted her chair forward some more to get a good look at the two studs.

"Ooh, Brian," she said as she let out a moan. "God, that looks so hot. You're being so good for me. I can't wait to suck your cock so hard your eyeballs pop out. I can't wait to be your devoted sex slave for the summer, to see how hard you can pound me." Brian, to his credit, was doing his best on Danny. But Danny, looking down to see another guy sucking his dick, was flagging again.

"C'mon, Danny. Just think of it as another blowjob. Think of me giving you a blowjob instead. Think of just popping over in the morning, asking for one, and then leaving, your cum all down my throat and on my tongue so that I'll taste it all day at work." He was still drooping.

"You want something else, Danny? You know what else I have in my bedroom? Sex toys. I mentioned my new big dildo to you, Danny. Do you want to see that stuffed in my cunt? Do you want to watch me moan and squirm as it goes in?" She could see his dick getting hard again, though whether it was Brian's blowjob or her teasing, she didn't know.

"I have one that you'll like. It's a remote-controlled vibrator. My ex-husband and I used to go out for dinner and a movie, and I'd wear it for him. I'd give him the remote, and all through the night he'd just reach into his pocket and give me a buzz. By the time our movie ended, I'd have cum a few times. Do you want to try that, Danny? We go out to a movie, and you just buzz me and buzz me until I'm practically screaming right there in the theater, with everyone around us? I could wear a short skirt so that you could tell me to hike it up as you buzzed me. You could see my underwear getting wet from my juices, all because of that little remote in your hand."

Danny was good and hard now, and Brian was sucking on that dick as well as he could. She watched and then pushed a fourth finger into her wet pussy. "Oooh, look, boys. I'v'e got practically my whole hand up my cunt." They turned to look at her and watched as all of her fingers slid into her pussy while her thumb worked her clit. She wondered what the boys were thinking as they went through this. She figured they were going to really take her to town after this, and she couldn't wait.

A few minutes went by, and she saw Danny tense a bit. "Brian, I'm going to cum."

"Don't stop, Brian," she said before he could pull away. "I want you to taste it, remember?" Brian paled as Danny clenched, but he took a deep breath and kept going. Suddenly, Danny moaned and started pumping forward. Brian gagged as Danny's cum pushed into his mouth.

The sight pushed Gloria over the edge, and she started yelling as she came. "Yes! Yes! Oh, god, that feels so good!" Her body was shaking with the power of the orgasm. She knew Brian was going to cook up some rough stuff for her, but this feeling alone made it worthwhile.

"Oh, god, Brian. I am so hot for you. I almost want to stop and just have you fuck me senseless. I want to be your cum bucket. I want to be your slut." Her voice was rising as she worked herself to another orgasm.

Brian was sticking out his tongue and opening and closing his mouth. He looked sick.

"Yeah, cum doesn't taste great the first time," said Gloria. "But then, if you're me, you start to love the taste of it. I love the taste of your cum, Brian. I can't wait to have a bellyful of it all the time. I want you to cum over my food and tell me to eat it. I want you to cum in my pussy and then tell me to scoop it out and eat it. You don't have to eat cum again, Brian, but you can make me eat it all summer long. God, I am so impressed by you right now."

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