tagInterracial LoveThe Doc & The Cop

The Doc & The Cop


After the last student submitted the final exam and wished her well, she sighed. She shouldn't feel such sorrow. She had taught dozens of introductory classes. She should be used to interacting with a group of people and then never seeing them again. She sighed again, gathering up the exams and her briefcase. The semester was over, that's all that really mattered. After she graded the exams and submitted their final grades, she could get some rest.

Except she wondered how well she would rest considering she thought about him all the time. Those blue-gray eyes, the stubble of his five-o-clock shadow on that dimpled chin, the sculpted muscles of his arms, the expanse of his chest...she couldn't shake the thought of him. He was older than she and married. His life was heading in a direction that had nothing to do with her. She was a professor and taught at a university a hundred miles away. She was moonlighting at this police academy, doing her part to help these officers get their degrees. This was probably the last time she would work with such a group. God, she couldn't believe she would never see him again.

He had been unable to take the final exam tonight because he had to attend a conference. She had given him a take-home exam days before. She would never stop him from participating in an activity that could further his career. How could she? This was only an introductory class. The conference was essential for promotion. But she had to admit she'd been reluctant to let him skip the exam...she'd been reluctant to let him go at all. Tonight would have been their last night. She would never see him again. She sighed for the third time.

Not that anything could happen between them. He was married, she reminded herself, and she was in a committed relationship with a woman. Although she had once considered herself bi-sexual, the thought had not crossed her mind for years. For the last 12 years she had only been attracted to women. Why was she so intrigued by this man? This uneducated cop. This nobody.

But he wasn't a nobody. He was a doctoral candidate trapped in cop's body. The way his mind worked was fascinating. He sprouted advanced theoretical concepts as if he had studied for years. He had been such a delight all semester. Such an unexpected treat. She felt they'd bonded. They had IM exchanges about the class late into the night. And after class, he always waited to walk her to her car so that his voice was the last she heard before her two-hour drive home. There were a few nights she thought he wanted to kiss her, but he always retreated. And now he was gone.

She switched off the classroom lights and caught a reflection of herself in an oversized window. Who was she kidding anyway? She was a dark-skinned, slightly overweight, five-foot-five African America college professor. He was six foot, white (although he admitted there was black in his family), exquisitely built police detective. She found herself wondering about the old adage, if a fish and a bird fell in love, where would they live? Not that she wanted him to leave his wife. And not that she wanted to leave her life partner. But she could fantasize about what ifs, couldn't she?

She shook her head, jumping as the door to the building slammed shut behind her. The parking lot was deserted for the most part, only her car, and a few cars all the way at the other end, occupied the lot. There was someone standing beside her car, but it didn't appear to be one of her students. She hesitated. Although she was on the lot of a police academy, anything could happen. It was 9:30 at night after all. And there was no one around to hear her scream. She approached the car slowly.

"Can I help you?" She called from some feet away.

When the figure turned, she could feel her heart stop beating for just a moment. She should have realized who it was from the breadth of his shoulders and the muscled thighs clad in form-fitting jeans. She had burned the image of him into her mind after all. But when he turned and she took in that chest, the shadow on his jaw, those piercing blue-gray eyes, she could do nothing to prevent the slow smile from spreading across her face. She tried to gain her composure, forcing herself to decrease the intensity of that smile. She was, after all, still his professor.

"I thought you were at a conference." She asked casually as she approached the car, unlocking the door to dump her bag and papers in the back. Her fingers were trembling, what was he doing here?

"It was canceled. I found out Sunday morning. But since I had already taken the exam on Saturday, I didn't think there was a reason to show up for the final exam."

She turned and was only inches from him. He towered over her and she stared at that well-muscled chest for just an instant. She finally looked up into his eyes.

"So, what are you doing here?" She asked softly.

He smiled and reached out to caress her cheek. She could feel her breath catch in her throat. She had imagined his touch, had imagined that look in his eyes. She could not believe this was happening. His hand made its way to the back of her head and he gently, ever so gently, pulled her forward. She could not resist him...she didn't want to. When their lips met, she could feel her body ignite with pure, unadulterated lust. She knew her hardened nipples would be protruding through her silk blouse. She knew her juices had just soaked the cotton panties she wore beneath the ankle-length skirt. He stepped closer until their bodies were flush. She took a quick breath as his manhood swelled against her slightly rounded belly. She thought she heard ringing in her head. When he broke the kiss, she realized it was her cell phone. She took a deep breath, diverting her eyes and grabbing her briefcase to search for the phone. She glanced at the number and winced.

"Hi," she swallowed, trying to sound normal.

"Hey, I hadn't heard from you so I was worried. Are you on your way home?"

Her lover's voice did little to cool the sensations coursing through her body. If she thought guilt would put this fire out, she was wrong. She looked up into his blue-gray eyes again and he smiled down at her.

"Hold on a moment, okay?"

She covered the mouthpiece and lowered the phone. "Do you have to go home right now?" She asked him.

He shook his head, "no, I had other plans" he responded softly.

She smiled again, bringing the phone back to her ear and turning from him. "Sweetie, there's a student who's learning disabled and has asked me for some extra time. So, I'm going to be a little later than I thought, okay?"

There was no response at first. She knew her lover would be pissed. "So you're not going to get home until after midnight? Did the student discuss this with you in advance?"

"It's the last day of class and I don't want to rush him for the final. So, I'll see you in a few hours. Don't wait up for me."

She wasn't surprised when she heard the line disconnect in her ear. She shut off the phone and placed it back in her bag. She was afraid to look up at him. She couldn't believe they had finally kissed. And she had no idea where this was going. She felt his hand on her shoulder and she turned to face him, her dark brown eyes meeting those penetrating blue-gray ones. He was smiling, but she could see something lurking beneath the surface of his eyes.

"Come on."

She nodded, slamming her car door shut and following him across the lot. He stopped before a huge SUV. He opened the passenger door for her and she hopped up onto the seat. She looked back at the other two seats behind her. She wondered where they were going as he slid behind the wheel. But instead of starting the car, he reached behind the driver's seat and fished out a half finished bottle of vodka. She smiled, he remembered her drink of choice.

"Officer, you're not allowed to have an open bottle of alcohol in your car," she teased.

She watched him take a hefty swallow. She did the same when he handed the bottle to her. They were silent, sharing the bottle until most of it was gone. He drank more than she did and she watched as his shoulders relaxed just a bit. He turned to look at her and she finally identified the look in his eyes. He was as hungry for her as she was for him.

"I don't know what you've done to me" he started softly. "I've never wanted to be with someone like you. I thought people with PhDs were elitist assholes. I thought all blacks had a chip on their shoulder." She waited as he found the words. He sighed, "I think about you all the time...the thought of never seeing you again..." he trailed off, the last few words rushed from him as if he was in pain. She smiled as she reached out to caress his lightly bearded cheek. He closed his eyes and pressed his face into her hand. She watched him turn the key in the ignition but again, he did not start the car. Instead, he pressed a few buttons and she watched as the seats in the back flattened. The final result was certainly something you could sleep on for a night. She had the feeling they would not be getting any sleep however.

He took a deep breath, "I don't have much more time with you. And I know I will never see you again after tonight...I just want to be with you. Just once."

She met his lips half way as he moved toward her. She could feel the passion sweeping through her again. He broke the kiss and moved to settle himself on the flattened seats in back. She joined him with little hesitation. They lay beside one another, kissing hungrily, their hands undoing buttons and snaps until they were unclothed. She didn't worry about what he thought of her body, their minds had connected long ago. This was not about physical attraction, it was much deeper than that. She molded herself to him, caressing the length of his form as he caressed hers. She nibbled at his lips, his chin, his taut nipples as his hands and lips teased her. She moved down, anxious for the taste of his flesh. The feel and taste of his flat, muscled stomach was intoxicating. It was lightly seasoned with a saltiness she knew hailed from an excited sheen of sweat. She could feel a similar sheen covering her own body. She continued downward, licking lightly, teasingly, tasting his hips, his inner thighs...and then his manhood. She could feel his body tense as she slid the tip of him into the heat of her mouth. This was the first time she has ever had a man's organ in her mouth, but she seemed to know what to do. She explored the length of him with her tongue, suckling the tight sacks at the base, enjoying the scent of him as it filled her nostrils. His fingers were gripping her shoulders tightly as his breath became increasingly ragged. She reveled in the pleasure she brought him. She enjoyed the strength of his powerful hips as he slowly pumped himself into her mouth. She had never dreamed this could be so erotic. She could feel her own juices trickle down her inner thighs.

His manhood became harder as his hips increased their speed. She thought he was about to explode in her mouth but he took hold of her shoulders and moved her lips away instead. He kissed her deeply, his hands covering her breasts, toying with her nipples. She followed his lead, their lips never parting, as he shifted into a sitting position, his back against a tinted window. He helped her straddle his hips and together they slowly eased him into her. She had never had anything fill her up so completely. Her female partners had never enjoyed vaginal penetration. The heat of him...the slight throbbing as she adjusted to his size...she had never understood how women could become so aroused by penetration. Now she knew. She kissed him again and again, enjoying the sensations as his thumb slowly teased her engorged clitoris. She began to ride him, using her vaginal muscles to milk his hardness. He moaned into her mouth softly as his hips drove his tool into her. As their fervor increased, she curled her arms around his neck, her lips hungrily meshed with his. His free hand grasped one of her generous, dark chocolate buttocks, spreading the cheeks and he slid a finger into her tight puckered hole. She could feel an orgasm building as his thumb continued to trace an erratic pattern over her clit. She didn't know if she could wait for him.

"I'm going to cum," she whispered against his cheek.

He nodded, signaling that he too was near. Their tempo increased ever so slightly, his hand working its magic against her button. Within moments she bit into his shoulder to stifle her scream as she climaxed. Seconds later, his hips moving furiously, he joined her.

Two hours later, he opened the SUV's door for her. She was exhausted. They had fed their lust twice more, much to her amazement considering all she'd read about a man's inability to get hard again. But not him. She shook her head, turning to face him for the last time. He leaned down to kiss her passionately, longingly. She reached up to stroke the darkening shadow on his jaw. Then she hurried to her car and quickly started the engine. He was still watching as she left the parking lot, and him, behind.

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