tagMatureThe Docking Doctor

The Docking Doctor


Let me tell you about a sexual experience I had some time ago as an eighteen year old boy/man. I stand six foot three inches tall, weigh in at about 230 lbs. I have blonde hair, green eyes, and carry an eight inch cock.

My story begins at work. I had managed to get a part time job at a boathouse/marina up in cottage country. My job consisted of taking care of all the privately owned boats, fueling them, emptying the sanitary bilge, checking the engines and finally washing them down as required.

On this particular day my morning started off down at the dock. I was tending to a forty foot cruiser. The soapy water splashed and spilled out of the pail as I walked down the dock towards her. I'm soaped up my sponges and started to wash down her sides. I got about halfway done when I happened to glance up when I saw a beautiful blonde sunbathing topless on the deck. I stopped for a moment and watched as her breasts glistened in the early morning sun. She must've noticed me staring at her, because she bolted and sat upright, causing her tits to bounce and jiggle up and down and from side to side. My dick grew hard as rock and bulged out against my shorts. At first she seemed shocked and pissed off, but then she smiled. She lifted her hand and curved a finger, beckoning me to come aboard.

I placed the bucket on the dock and started to walk towards the ladder. I felt as though my shorts were about to burst open. As I got closer I asked her what she wanted. She pointed to the bulge in my shorts.

I asked her what she meant. At first she seemed a bit annoyed at my clueless ness, but then she went on to say that she was a doctor and that she wanted to find out what was causing that nasty lump in the front of my shorts. I just about fainted when I realized what she meant, but I mustered up enough nerve to unbutton my shorts as she requested.

I slid them down to my ankles gingerly. I stood there in my underwear, the tip of my cock peeking out through the front pocket. I felt as though I was some kind of sexual exhibit or display.

Then, she leaned forward and in one quick motion she tore off my underwear and thrust her mouth around my aching hard-on.

Sensations unlike any I'd ever felt before were racing through my body. My mind went blank and I was lost in a sea of pleasure. Suddenly, and most certainly unannounced, I felt my hot load of cum surging through my balls, boiling up through my throbbing shaft and into her mouth. With a big grin, she swallowed every last drop and then proceeded to lick my cock and balls clean before taking her pretty face away from my sweaty body.

She stood up and peeled off her skimpy bikini bottoms, throwing them aside. I almost choked in excitement as she stood there in front of me, totally nude. And totally gorgeous.

She guided my face towards her crotch and told me to lick her pussy and suck her clit. She had me start by licking her gently, and then sucking her cuntlips and clit into my mouth. She told me to nibble on her swollen pussy and clit. I did as she instructed me to do, and in a matter of a minute or two, her body shook and she shuddered while her tasty fluids drained into my mouth. As her orgasm subsided slightly, she stood up, her legs still quivering, and planted a big kiss on my cuntsoaked lips.

She grabbed my dick and pulled me towards a chaise lounge on the deck, and we lay down beside one another. She kneeled over top of me, spread her legs and dropped down on my cock, engulfing it completely inside her warm wet cunt. The feeling of being inside her hot pussy was so intense that it felt as though our bodies were one. Soon the sensations were so strong, so intense, so wild that all of my insides seemed to flex inwards for a moment and then expand and explode outwards. My hot load shot out so powerfully that my cock felt as though it had fused inside her hot box. this nameless beauty shouted out loud and thrust her body flat on top of mine. As we lay still for a moment, with my cock still throbbing and oozing inside her, our sweaty scents filled my nostrils as I breathed in deeply.

Then, as quickly as we had started, she got up and told me I had to leave. My body resisted, but my mind told me better, and I obeyed her wish. I gathered my clothes and left. As I made my way onto the dock she told me to forget about washing the rest of the boat. Since it was almost two in the afternoon now, I was glad to hear her say that since I had quite a bit of work to catch up on now.

The rest of the day I found myself thinking about her none-stop and I couldn't wait until the next day to see whether she would still be docked here. I got home about three hours later than usual that day, I was bushed and went straight to bed.

The next day I rushed down to the dock to find my mystery friend. To my dismay and disappointment though the doctor had left the dock. I reluctantly went to the marina garage, got my pail and sponges and began my daily routine.

One thing's for sure though, I will never forget that beautiful doctor and our beautiful day in the sun!!

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