tagRomanceThe Doctor & The Dalliance

The Doctor & The Dalliance


They hadn't met. She was a single mom. He was a college professor. Only in the halls at their children's elementary school had their paths crossed. He always sat alone, along the rear wall, during plays and concerts; she was always busy with her daughter's hair, or substitute teaching. There lives were a world apart.

Yet that Spring Tuesday she had worked at school a bit late, and he came a bit early to the concert (she found out much later that he had to see Steven's coach about what constituted 'legal' shoes). When she ran out the door to her car, they collided and her armful of manila folders flew everywhere. He pardoned himself, introduced himself as Joel, and gallantly flitted here & there, picking up papers tossed by the wind. His self-demeaning attitude wholly unwitted her, and when the last paper was collected, his offer for dinner, "To make up for my clumsiness," was so charming she couldn't say no. They exchanged phone numbers and addresses, and Deb, blushing, slipped into her car and went home. She couldn't decide what it was about him that suddenly had her cheeks crimson. She also couldn't deny the fact that she was, suddenly, attracted to him.

For his part, Joel had tried to make the incident seem a game. His wide smile belied his laboring lungs as he lunged about collecting papers. Deb appeared to be a handsome woman, though for some reason she tried to hide it behind horn-rimmed glasses and a thick, pleated blouse with a high collar. As he went on to the coach's office, his thought strayed to their Saturday night date, and he decided that pleasant conversation was all he would likely have with her. He thought to himself, "What else is new?" and recalled his recent attempts to visit with women in the local bar scene. Decided disasters! When he finally arrived at the coach's office, he got the date entered into his pocket calendar, then nearly forgot about it.

Thursday morning came & went without incident for both of them, but when Steven came home he said, "Dad, Chuck's having a team sleep-over Friday night. It's ok if I go, isn't it?"

And Deb's daughter, Tiffany, came home with similar news, "Mom, Amber's mom is letting her have 6 girls over Friday, its ok for me to go isn't it."

When Joel got his calendar out to make the appropriate note, he rolled his eyes, worrying about how he could have come so close to forgetting about Deb. In any case, she would have to be called, because he would be later than they'd planned picking her up. When Deb's phone rang, Tiffany answered. "Mom, it's for you!" she yelled, before wandering over to the TV.

Deb picked up the receiver, expecting yet another tele-marketer, half cross already that her macaroni might boil over. Yet when Joel asked if she remembered him, her mind raced to her own calendar note, and she offered an off-hand, "Of course," then added, "But I'm going to have to ask you to pick me up an hour later, if that's ok. I have to take Tiff to a party. I'm sorry, I didn't know about it until an hour ago!" Of course Joel was delighted, and explained his situation to her, and commented that it was quite a coincidence that their schedules had 'just worked out' so well. Friday dawned, and for once, Deb wasn't needed at the school. She mused, "I guess all the teachers have used up their personal days!" On the spur of the moment, she called the Beauty College. "Yes, we do have an opening if you can be here at 9:30 sharp." When she got there, the beautician suggested a new hairdo, fuller than she normally wore, but she decided on the spot to be adventurous. When the job was done, she was surprised! Just for once, the hair on her head looked just like the hair on the model. And it even complimented her face! What she thought was overly-wide cheeks were slenderized, and her skinny chin made to blend in nicely.

When she got home, she went immediately to her closet. Her thoughts were bent on finding the right outfit to compliment the new highlights in her hair. Most of her clothes would do for school. After all, the only thing they asked was that you dress "proper". She laughed to herself… color coordination was NOT required! But in honor of her new hairdo, she wanted to be perfect! And there was that little number there in the back…

When Tiffany got home there was an hour of hectic activity before Deb was able to get her packed up & ready to go. Driving her over & back was a little crazy, because of all the town traffic, and took 45 minutes. "Oh well," she thought, "there's plenty of time."

In any case, it gave them a chance to talk, and Tiffany noted, "Nice do, Mom! Goin' out on a date?" The two of them laughed, because they both knew how seldom Deb dated. And Deb, suddenly remembering the heat in her cheeks last Tuesday, didn't want to change her daughter's perception. And she eyed her daughter, wondering just when would be the 'right time' to have 'the talk'.

Back at the house, Deb began to scurry, changing clothes, adding make-up and running the brush through her hair one last time before setting down in the living room, ready for Joel to come.

For his part, Joel had less to concern himself about. The dinner would be at the Country Club, and he would wear his blue sports coat. The trip across town to take Steven over to Chuck's house took longer than expected, but if he was quick, he could still make it to Deb's on time. When he arrived at her address, he was momentarily confused… which apartment was it? Was that a 6 or an 8 he had printed so tiny on his calendar? After he deciphered it (apartment 6) he ran up the steps lithely, his 6'2" frame betraying his athletic history.

And so it was, when she answered the doorbell, he still seemed the gallant warrior, while she had transformed her slender figure into a photographer's dream. They gazed at each other briefly and, unknown to them, shared a single thought, "He/She's hot!" Both were embarrassed at their own thought… and the attention their date gave them… and glanced away immediately, tints of rose tingeing their cheeks.

He offered her his arm, and their date began. The walk to his car was too slow… the trip to the club seemed too slow… their meal came & went too slow… and all the while the merest eye contact between them seemed to cause their breath to catch, their cheeks to beam, and their bodies to heat. Yet they each were so self-conscious that neither noticed their effect on the other.

On the way back to Deb's home, Joel wondered whether Deb would accept another date.

On the way back to her home, Deb wondered if Joel would ask her out again.

In the cool of the evening, as they mounted the steps, Deb wondered if Joel could actually feel the heat coming from her body. When they got to the top, she didn't want to be alone while she was still so dizzy… she asked, "Care to come in for a cup of coffee?"

Joel's knees were a bit weak as they climbed the stairs, and her invitation seemed like a chance to recover… though from what, he was afraid to guess. "Of course," he answered, with his most sincere smile. He really wanted to get inside & sit down before he fell down.

Inside, she poured water and started coffee while he watched her figure move through her kitchen. He asked, "Where's your… ummm… daughter?" when he finally noticed they were alone.

Deb said, "Oh, she had an overnight party to go to tonight. How about your son, Steven?"

When he answered they realized, at that moment, that they were, indeed, truly on their own.

As the pot began to perk, Deb decided she needed to get out of her heels. She thought to herself, "But wouldn't this dress look silly without me wearing those heels?" When she'd kicked off her shoes, she backed up a step to Joel, and asked, "Would you please unzip this thing? I always have trouble with this zipper."

Joel complied, taking the top edge of the dress in one hand, and tugging the zipper with the other, coaxing it so as not to damage the delicate fabric, slowly exposing her pearl-colored skin. But her proximity to him, with all the intimate scents and images, the beauty of her hairdo, and even the season of the year ganged up on him; as her skin was revealed, he bent forward pursing his lips, and kissed her spine.

The sensation of a man's hands on her clothing, followed by the brief puff of air from his lips was already sending a shiver down her spine. It seemed to lodge just inside the points of her hips. Then his lips touched her skin, and she stood still, not wanting the moment to end. But a new need was growing, and she couldn't deny it. She turned slowly, leaned her head forward and placed it on his Blazer. "Thank-you, Joel," she murmured, as she wrapped her arms around him.

Her hug was returned, first tentatively, as he realized the first kiss was enjoyed. Then he tilted her face to him with one hand, and smiled, saying, "It's my pleasure."

Heat from her body began to course through him as they stood their, initiating a reaction in him, and when her eyes opened to see his smile, their lips were drawn together.

His hands began to cradle her face, allowing him to kiss her nose, across her forehead, and as he tracked back, his lips opened, allowing his tongue to lick lightly across her eyebrows. His tongue continued to across to her ear, where he licked its perimeter, occasionally flicking inside it, finally coming to rest on her ear lobe which was nibbled momentarily.

She gasped at the contact of his hot hands with her face, welcomed his kiss, and accepted the ministrations of his lips and tongue. Her hands worked around to the front of his jacket, and began to pull it outwards, and down, off his shoulders. When he released her face, she made the movement final, and his arms were freed of it. She tilted her face towards him, and when their lips met, they parted. Tongues, freed of inhibitions, frolicked together, twining themselves about each other. Each sought deeper inside the other with their tongues as their hands began to explore and their bodies heated even further.

Deb straddled his leg, then reached downwards with her hand, finding the bulge below his belt.

Joel tugged the dress off her arms, letting it fall to her waist, and let his hand cradle her breast, now doubly cupped in bra and hand.

The touch, each of the other, ignited their bodies and minds, making their passion rise. Her scent which earlier seemed to him to be of roses, now became richer, earthier. His scent, reminding her earlier of Spring itself, became muskier.

His hand found the clasp on her bra, and he opened it quickly, easily, allowing the thin material to fall from her bosom. He suddenly began kissing down her neck, and began to kneel… his tongue leaving large, damp spots across her upper chest. As his knee met the floor, his mouth began its trip across her breast, stopping finally at the upper crest of her areola.

Deb's body knew her need, and began to take over. She stood still, her hands in his hair, as he began to kneel, arching her back as his mouth moved down her chest. At his pause, she whimpered, and pushed his head lower, needing his lips' caress on her nipple. Joel complied after only a moments' hesitation, licking round her areola's perimeter as she forced his head lower, then rising round the opposite side as her hands relented. Finally his tongue traced a radius to her nipple, licking round its base before climbing to its peak.

When his tongue began to move across her areola, Deb's body trembled. As his tongue touched her nipple and began its ascent, the bloom from her lips began to move to the corners of her hips. It made her feel like she was blushing there, and the heat was spreading, slowly moving to the center of her body.

Joel's need was taking over his body as well. He could feel the heat in her now, both from her exposed torso, and from an area directly in front of his chest now, too. And his hands, freed from her bosom, began a slow motion climb up her legs. Starting from the hem of her dress, they moved along the outsides of her knees, rose to her thighs, and finally to her buttocks. They made little designs as they moved, seemingly in no hurry, but demanding more all the same. O's and curly-qs found room along their way, and allowed them to finally reach the top of her nylons. As he began to tug, she moved, helping him to remove her clothes.

Conscious of her nudity, Deb took Joel's tie in hand, and began to lead him into the back of the apartment. He didn't resist, but followed her willingly, unbuttoning his shirt, losing both jacket and shirt in the hall, and getting his belt open before she twirled on him, forcing him backwards onto the bed. Deb, now fully consumed by desire, slipped his zipper down, unhooked his slacks, and began to tug them off his long, hard legs. As he raised his body up to help, she looked at his near-nakedness, wondering at the effort taken to maintain it. His abs rippled… his pects bounced on his frame… his thighs, as they were revealed, were shown to be made of iron rods bound in a paleness called skin. Yet another vision took precedence, and as she slowly crawled back up his body, she kissed his leg all the way to it.

The bulge in his pants had engorged to become an impressive cock, fully an inch and a half around. She took him in her hand as her lips reached his hood, and not only it, but an inch of shaft stood out above her hand. A moan escaped Joel's lips as her lips reached his hood, and when they parted to let her tongue caress its edges, his hips flexed, arching his back and raising his buttocks off the bed.

He reached down putting his fingers in her hair. Not directing, nor insisting on any particular contact. Yet he had to sense the source of the exquisite sensations in some other member than his swollen cock.

Deb began to stroke his cock with her hand, up & down its length, as her tongue completely wetted her lover's hood. Her body, hot in her own need, waited for… something. Her movements, of hand and tongue, quickly evoked the ancient, answering movement in Joel's body. He was needy, and as his cock pulsed in her hand, she soon found a small drop of fluid at the point of his cock.

She smiled, licking the tiny drop off his cock, and gazed up at him to find him looking at her in wonder, smiling in an odd way. As her mouth broke contact with his cock, he pulled her up his body and began to roll her over in a single movement. The strength in his shoulders would have easily overcome any resistance in her, if she had offered any. As it was, she quickly found herself beside him on her back on the bed.

Joel began to caress her body now, first kisses falling on succulent, red lips, before moving quickly down her body. His free hand strayed quickly down her tummy and thighs, before moving between them. Deb, pleased at his interest in her, spread her legs slightly, then wider as his fingers slid up her thighs. She gasped when they brushed her labia, as his lips surrounded her areola simultaneously. He sucked her nipple and areola into his mouth, making the rough edges of his teeth move along the dimpled ridges of her areola, while his hand positioned itself with its heel on her pelvis. Joel moved his middle finger between her lower lips, with his first and ring fingers along the outsides of them, and began moving the three fingers up & down the length of her lower lips. Not QUITE down to her vagina… not QUITE up to her clitoris… teasing her body. She responded as he knew she would, finding the same rhythm he had found under her ministrations earlier. Then his lips began to move again.

When Joel's lips slid down her torso even lower, Deb's body had already begun to respond. Her labia and clit, under the tender movements of his fingers, were swelling, as were her nipples. She literally felt ready to burst in a flow of hot liquid, and thoughts of having more than fingers and tongues touching her were nearing center stage in her mind.

Yet Joel wasn't done, and as his tongue drew lower, his fingers moved. First, to his lips, where he got the first taste of Deb's womanhood, then lower. Her vagina succumbed to his first finger. Then, while his tongue took up position at the base of Deb's clitoris, his thumb replaced his finger. At his first lick, her back arched, allowing him to move his second finger against the petal of her anus. At his second lick, when she arched again, moaning, he slipped his second finger between her anal lips, the moistness on it allowing penetration to the first knuckle. There he paused to let her body accept the movement.

He wasn't disappointed. With both thumb & finger in her, and his tongue at the base of her clit, Deb was quickly losing control. The moisture in her pussy was seeping out along Joel's thumb, and the finger in her anus was in contact with another erogenous point inside her. Her clitoris, meanwhile, was throbbing too, seemingly with a mind of its own, and her whole lower extremity was hot, making her moan repeatedly. She needed him, more of him, if he would only bring her a little further…

Joel began to move his hand in a steady motion, keeping time with the sounds and motions coming from Deb. In… out… his tongue flicking along left… right… Her waist came up & forward to meet his tongue. Her legs now spread quite wide, allowing him to begin to twist his embedded fingers. In/clockwise tongue flick left; out/counterclockwise tongue flick right. As she began to huff in the quiet way of pre-orgasm, he moved his tongue down to the tip of her clit, and began making little, light circles on its tip: round & round, fingers moving in & out, hand rotating round & about. Just as she began to climax, he extended his thumb and reached up, contacting her g-spot.

The effort was well rewarded, as Deb had an orgasm at the point of that contact, virtually sitting up in on the spot, and Joel, smiling, began to kiss her torso.

Deb came to out of the fog of need, her body experiencing waves of delight, to feel a contact deep inside her pussy. Her orgasm lifted her head of its own accord, as his hot lips left her clit and his fingers slipped out of her body. "OOOOooooo," was all she said at that moment, but it communicated all that was needed. She was dazed with the intensity of the sensation, but as he kissed up her torso, she began to recall all the points of contact. And wonderful as they felt, she knew he needed to something more for her. She pointed to the bathroom, saying breathlessly, "Wash up."

He smiled, realizing a practical suggestion when he heard it, and moved immediately to the bathroom. His cock, nearly parallel with his abs, allowed him access to the basin, and he washed his hands there. When he turned towards Deb, she had rolled onto her side and was watching him. As he approached, she simply licked her lips, smiled, and said, "Come here, lover."

As his hand touched the bed, she reached out and took it by the wrist, bringing it to her mouth and kissing it. Then she drew him to her as she parted her legs, wrapping them around him, and rolling so that he was atop her. She reached for his face, and began kissing him, lips parted, tongues twining, begging with her body to have him take her with more than hands and tongue.

Joel's own need had been placed on hold while he helped Deb find her orgasm; he hoped she would find his cock as pleasing as his hands. But pleasing or not, his need began to press him onward, and his engorged cock, already at her pussy's door, needed little extra urging. Her fingernails scratched down his back, and when they reached his buttocks, they grabbed, helping him to thrust into her. As his cock entered her pussy, both backs arched, both mouths gasped, as the sensations rumbled deep inside their bodies. His cock tortured her body with its size and heat and throbbing. Her pussy tortured his cock with its heat, and tightness and moisture. They slipped along each other's length, and each time they moved, his cock throbbed deeper, more demanding. Her clitoris throbbing too, rubbed against the fine hairs around his dick, serving to engorge her again. They were in sync, both needing and wanting each other, sweaty bodies adding more lubrication to the movement.

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