tagGay MaleThe Doctor Ch. 01

The Doctor Ch. 01


My name is Alex, this is the story about how I met the love of my life. I'll tell you a little about myself. I am 25, 5'6" and I have a small but fit build. I have raven black hair and icy blue eyes. I'm really fair skinned.

It all started on a December evening, it was rather close to Christmas. I was out shopping for my boyfriend of 3 years, Michael. He was very abusive, but I didn't care because I knew he loved me and he was my first. He swept me off my feet when I had just turned 18. Michael is 3 years older than me. I was out buying him a few gifts. I stopped off in Express for men and I was looking at ties for him, since he can never have too many, due to the fact that he is a lawyer. I picked out a few ties and button ups.

I felt cool air blow past me and I looked up and saw this gorgeous Greek god. He glanced at me and I felt a shiver being sent down my spine. He gave me a quick smile and went on to picking out ties. I quickly went to the cash register and paid for the ties and left as soon as possible.

I got home and hid the gifts. Just as I finished hiding the gifts, Michael came to me and I could smell the alcohol on his breath. He grabbed me forcefully.

"Get your ass here now, I'm fucking horny!" He screamed

I let out a soft whimper, knowing how he hates when I cry.

He drags me to the bed and gets rope and he ties me up. He cuts all my clothes off. He takes his tie off and he shoves it in my mouth. Tears are streaming down my face, even though this is his usual routine. I try and undo the rope but his slaps my face.

"Don't fucking move." said Michael

I lay there helplessly. Michael whips out his 8 inch dick and he shoves it in my ass without preparing me. I cry hard, in pain. I can feel him ripping me apart, and the blood drips down.

He starts yelling at me "Stop bleeding because it's gross."

I cry more and more. He takes his dick out and wipes it clean on my stomach. He unties me and drags me to the door and he says

"Get the fuck out!"

I slide down the front steps, still naked. He throws out my clothes, and I put them on quickly. I start walking and I sit at a bus stop.

I don't have any money with me, my cell phone is at my house. I feel pain as I stand up. I start walking to the nearest hospital. I enter the front of the hospital and I collapse in front of the desk. I wake up in a hospital bed surrounded by cops and doctors. The cops ask me what happened, and I tell them. They ask if I want to press charges and I say yes. The cops leave with the warrant for Michael's arrest. The doctors tell me that he damaged some tissue but I will be okay just very sore. They give me some pain killers. I look at one doctor and he looks familiar. I then realize he is the Greek god from Express. He gives me a warm smile.

The doctors leave except him. He closes the door and sits next to me.

"Hey I'm Antonio." he says.

I blush and say "I'm Alex..... as you probably know already."

He smiles at me and asks me what happened. I tell him about Michael and I can see he gets upset. He asks me have I eaten dinner yet and I say no. He tells me that he is getting off shift and will go home and change then get some food and come back. I smile and say thank you.

I fall asleep. I am awaken by a knock at the hospital door and I open my eyes and say come in. It's Antonio. He looks extremely gorgeous. He is wearing a black tight t-shirt, and dark blue jeans with some sneakers. He has chinese food in his hand.

He sits next to me and he says "I didn't know what you liked so I got Chinese."

I say "I love Chinese."

He serves me my plate and he serves his plate.

I say "You can sit on the bed with me and share the table." He smiles and says "Okay thanks."

He gets up and takes his sneakers off and sits in front of me on the bed and we start eating and talking.

He tells me about himself and I tell him about myself. He asks me if I have anywhere to go after I'm released from the hospital and I say no. He smiles, and I ask why is he smiling. He says that I can go stay with him until I get back on my feet.

I say "No, I don't want to bother you, I'll just go to a shelter."

He says "No your staying with me and thats final."

He asks if my stuff is at Michaels house and I nod. He tells me to give him the address and he will get all my stuff and put them in his house. I give him the address and he finishes eating. I say thanks for dinner.

He says "No problem, well I'm going to head over to Michael's so I can get your stuff."

He grabs the trash and throws everything in it and I sit up and give him a hug.

He asks "What was that for?"

I say "For helping me out."

He kisses my cheek and says "There's no need to thank me."

To be continued...

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