tagErotic CouplingsThe Doctor Diaries

The Doctor Diaries

byThe Big Bopper©

I wasn't sure which category to enter this story in. There is some mild fetish involving a lactating mum. Otherwise, it's all just erotic couplings. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter One

My receptionist buzzed me to say that I had a cancellation. What happened … did the patient cure himself? Everybody needs a doctor, how can they skip an appointment like that? Anyhow, it gave me a little respite from my busy schedule, a moment to reflect before my next patient.

I am Dr. James Martin … a respected member of my community … a G.P. – that's a general practitioner, the sort of doctor who has to know the symptoms of nearly every disease and how to treat it. That doesn't make me an expert in anything … I leave that for the highly paid specialists. Me … well I collect my $65 per ten minute consultation. That is, I collect $65 from those who can afford to pay. The elderly and the unemployed, well, I just get a rebate of less than half my $65 fee to treat them … the Government pays me that.

Anyhow, I do alright, I'm lucky enough to service a community that has evolved from average middle class with a demographic around 50 into one of those rapidly emerging inner suburbs that had become trendy for the hugely successful up-and-coming high-flier 30+ couples, many already starting families. Me – well I'm one of the original 50-year-olds who didn't move out of the neighbourhood when it changed to the next generation. So these days, I service the ailments of the 30-somethings

I'm married to Jane, have been for 25 years … she's a good lady and she's been a good wife … we raised a couple of kids together and they've recently moved on, one's married … the other ought to be soon. Jane and I have managed to survive the perils of modern day marriage and remain together … although if I were the type to complain about anything, I'd tell you that I don't get enough sex these days.

Well I don't, I have to be honest with you – the reader. I guess I've always been a horny bastard and in our younger years, Jane was usually able to match my libido, so I was never tempted to stray looking for sex outside the marriage. It's just that nowadays, I'm not getting as much, but I reckon I'm hornier now than I've ever been. Maybe it's got something to do with the age of the patients I see these days … as I said before, this whole area has got younger and that is reflected in the age of my patients. Shit, there's some hot young things that come in and sit in my patient chair … and I sometimes think the young mothers are the hottest of them all.

I know, you're thinking that I shouldn't have sexual thoughts when I am a medical professional that these patients come to seeking confidential care and advice. Shit, I'm not in my grave yet. I am a man first and foremost before I am a doctor. When my hands are examining a young woman's pert and shapely breasts, or worse still, I am using a miniature torch to peer into the spread pink lips of a woman's cunt, her labia lips spread wide by having her feet locked in the table stirrups. Well, let's face it, I get incredibly horny and if those women could see beneath my crisp white jacket and my tailored trousers, they would find 7 inches of hard flesh throbbing stiff as a board.

For example, just the other week, this young mother came in, she's 33, married to a top lawyer – there's trouble for you – and the minute she sits down, she starts taking off her blouse to reveal quite a full nursing bra with no spare space in there. It was not her first visit, but the previous two consultations were for calluses on a finger and a spot of conjunctivitis.

As I see the blouse being discarded, I decide to seek the reason for her visit before I am embarrassingly face to face with a pair of nipples. "So Ms. Jackson, what brings you here today?"

By now, her hands have moved around behind her back in that classic move that indicates to all hot-blooded males that a woman is about to remove her bra. "Doctor, I have been nursing my young son … he's six months now. But to my disappointment, I seem to be drying up."

"Drying up?" I echo back to her as my eyes are riveted to the sight of her hands, now back in front, cupping the bra cups and easing them forward and off her large milk-filled breasts. As they are freed of their confinement, I am stoked to see what a great pair she has … round and full, a couple of substantial breasts that have obviously been doing a fine job providing nourishment for her first-born. And man, look at the size of those nipples! What … oh yes, that's right, stop ogling her tits and get back to being professional.

"Yes doctor, my little Jeremy just cannot get any milk from them these past couple of days. Because of that, I feel so full, I am sure that the supply is still in there … it just won't come out. I love the whole process of breast-feeding and I fully expected that I would be able to do it for at least a year. Doctor, this is my first child, I don't want to fail at this."

"Ms. Jackson, don't consider failure just yet," I tried to reassure her, but within my trousers and my jocks, there was rapid growth occurring. Damn! My white jacket is still unbuttoned from when I took a toilet break between patients a few minutes ago. The patient is sitting in an upright chair alongside my desk and I have wheeled my chair so that I am sitting directly in front of her. If she looks down, she is going to spot the fuckin' tent that's rising by the second within my trousers.

She has now placed a finger and thumb of each hand on her breasts and is squeezing each nipple hard to show me how they will not produce any milk. "May I?" I ask as my hands reach out and push hers away, sliding the tips of my fingers around in a circular massage, just outside the ring of areolae. As I feel the soft smooth skin of her milky white breasts under the gentle touch of my fingers, the natural tendency is to close my eyes and relish the moment. But hey, this is business and I am supposed to be giving advice and comfort to this first-time mother.

So I break myself from out of my sexual reverie and actually use my own thumb and forefinger to squeeze her nipples in the same way that she had just been doing. I tear my eyes away from ogling her magnificent breasts for just long enough to see her close her own eyes. Is she enjoying my fingers on her breasts and nipples so much that she is savouring a quiet sexual moment? Actually, the moment is not that quiet because next she emits a whispered moan … now that definitely sounded sexual and I feel my erection quiver in my trousers.

"Are you alright, Ms. Jackson?" I ask, eager to know if I have aroused her to the same fever pitch that my cock has reached within my trousers.

Her eyes fly open and she kind of looks back at me a little embarrassed. "Oh dear, I hate to admit it, you being a doctor and all … but your hands … oh my God, they were beginning to feel really nice. Oh shit, I shouldn't have such thoughts … I'm very sorry doctor."

Her eyes dropped downward to hide her embarrassment. Uh oh, with her eyes downcast like that, I can see where they are now looking and she surely cannot miss seeing the state of my excitement. I shuffled in my chair, wanting to conceal my unprofessional rampant arousal, but it's no use … I am sure that I am sprung when she lifts her eyes and looks into mine, a confident smile on her face.

"I … err … Ms. Jackson, I … err … I'll just get a breast pump and we'll … err, we'll see if we can get your milk started again." I rose from my chair awkwardly, the move bringing my tented erection up closer to her vision. If for some obscure reason, she had missed seeing it before, she wouldn't miss it now. I turned around and went across the room to a glass cabinet from which I removed the breast pump and brought it back to my desk.

"I have one of those at home and I tried it, but with no success, doctor."

Trying to regain my stature as a cool professional physician, I adjusted the contraption and brought it over to her left nipple and attached it. "Nevertheless, we will try again … maybe you didn't do it right. Let's just give it a go!"

"Sure, I'll try anything," and she eased back in the chair and let me try to get the process flowing with the pump. We were both silent as I worked at getting her natural process going again. After a few minutes, I switched the pump to the other breast. We both spotted an encouraging sign when the first nipple began to ooze a little white liquid. I was really enjoying myself and I figured that this might not be the only white liquid oozing soon. My boner was becoming uncomfortably confined within my clothing.

"I think we might be getting somewhere," she said brightly as I removed the suction cup from her second breast and even more milk had seeped from that nipple too. I placed the breast pump down on my desk and turned back to look at her breasts and appraise where we were.

"Oh dear, I think we might have some success, doctor. It's a shame I didn't bring young Jeremy with me, I left him with my mother. I hope this is not all going to leak out before I get home to him."

As I watched her magnificent breasts, the milk became more than an oozing, I had indeed released the pent-up supply. I placed my finger under one nipple and used it to wipe away the milk that was bubbling from her engorged teat. Yes, I know you're going to think how stupid I was, but you know what I did with it. With a smear of her breast milk on my finger, I brought that finger to my lips and my tongue snaked out and licked it off. This was not the gesture of a dedicated medical professional, but more a sex-starved lecher.

What's worse, I gave a contented sigh as I swallowed her warm milk!

I looked into her eyes to see her smiling back at me, "Looks like you really enjoyed that."

"There's nothing better than mother's milk!" I told her.

She brought her own fingers up to each nipple and wiped away the milk now pooling there. "I think I might be in for a flood … you better have some more, doctor." She pushed first one milked-up finger at my open lips and I licked and sucked on her finger, perhaps a bit too suggestively. Then I did the same to the other finger. She let out a girlish squeal, "Oooh, you are very naughty, doctor."

I must have turned red with embarrassment … I had crossed over the line. I knew it and she knew it. I should have stood up and walked away at that moment … and tried to salvage what was left of my career. But I didn't!

She leaned forward seductively in her chair until her face was only inches from mine and whispered to me, "I don't think our fingers will be enough. Can you help me catch it, I'd hate to see my precious milk go to waste."

I leaned forward too, so that our upper bodies were engagingly close, then my head pushed forward and lowered and my lips closed around one of her engorged nipples and I sucked for all I was worth. My mouth filled with her warm milk and I gulped it down to make room for still more. I felt her hands close behind my head, holding me firmly to her bosom and she let out an audible moan that told me that she was enjoying an illicit sexual experience with her doctor.

My left hand came up and cupped her right breast, trying to hold back the milk leaking from that teat until I was ready to feast on that side too.

"I can't believe that I am sitting here, letting my doctor do this," I heard her say, tweaking my conscience and reminding me of the Hippocratic Oath that I had sworn all those years ago in medical school.

The Oath said something like 'to practice and prescribe to be the best of my ability for the good of my patients and to try to avoid harming them'. Was this going to harm her? It states the very purpose of medical practitioners … their mission is to do their best to improve human health and avoid harm, adding 'to avoid violating morals of the community'.

I couldn't answer her, my lips were devouring her extended nipple and my throat was gulping down her nourishing product. Still, she was compliant, one of her hands held my head to her breast, the fingers slowly twisting through my hair, massaging my scalp. Her other hand had slipped away and I was worried where it might be headed. All too soon, my fears were realised when I felt her fingers pulling on the zip of my trousers.

She managed to get the zipper down and then her fingers were fishing around inside my clothing, touching my extended hard-on through my silky boxers. Then she found the opening in this last layer of clothing and pulled on the hard knob of my cock, fondling it with her soft fingers and it was my turn to moan in sexual pleasure.

"My God, you're so wet!" she gasped, feeling my pre-cum juice that had been leaking from my tip, swirling it all over the head of my cock. Her hand felt so good that my resistance was shot to pieces. Where was this going to end up? Already, this whole scenario was not good … well, actually it was fucking fantastic, but it was just not good from a moral and ethical standpoint.

A baby drinks mothers milk by slurping away at the nipple, but I was partaking of this mother's milk by having my mouth address her nipples (yes, I had now switched to the other side) in a sexual way with heaps of lips and tongue – and even teeth – action. This woman was swooning as I thoughtfully relieved her of the pressure of the milk that had built up over the past few days. See … I was really just doing my bit to help the poor young woman out. I was sure she would be so grateful when this incident was over.

While my mouth worked on her breasts, held there by one of her hands holding my head firmly to her, the fingers on her other hand fondled by hard-on. My hands had been idle, but hesitantly, I pushed one hand down onto her knees that were pressed together. I touched just where the hem of her dress ended. She jumped at my touch, but I felt her knees part invitingly just a little. I pushed my hand forward between them and slid it upward, my fingers lightly grazing the skin of her inner thighs. She made no attempt to physically stop the movement of my fingers, but she revealed to me, "Oh no, I'm gonna go off if you touch me down there."

There was nothing in her warning that would make me want to withdraw and my fingers continued inexorably creeping along her seated inner thighs, my thumb pushing the hem of her dress up as I went. I heard her moaning, seemingly with pleasure and I wondered if it was due to my suckling of her breasts, my fingers heading for her mons or her playing with my hard cock … probably all of them.

Her upper thighs were only slightly parted so that when I reached the point where they met her torso and one finger touched her silky panties, her whole body jumped from the sensation of having her pubic slit touched. She must have liked my touch, her thighs spread wide apart. I pushed my index finger into the groove of her pubic slit still covered by her panties and ran it up and down, finding this garment sopping wet from her arousal.

Her breathing had become laboured and heavy and she let out little whimpering sounds that indicated that her arousal was nearing a peak. "Oh no doctor, I shouldn't be letting you touch me like this, it's not right, is it?"

I didn't answer her, what was there to say? I just kept going for it.

Her previous plea turned out to be only her words plaintively seeking a justification for what we were both doing to each other, "For God's sake doctor, yes, touch me more … touch me harder!"

With her thighs spread wide now, I insinuated my fingers into the leg band of her panties and pushed the gusset aside, allowing three fingers to contact her skin directly and she shuddered violently at my touch. I ran the fingers down to her cunt opening and plunged one, then two, then all three into her cunt in an aggressive series of firm thrusts. Her own hand on my cock reacted by taking a firm hold and wanking on my shaft. Meanwhile, my thumb slid up and rubbed on her clit while my fingers maintained their fast movement in her cunt.

My patient came violently, her body shuddering and jerking in front of me, her whole pubic region spasming and throbbing around my fingers and thumb. She screamed out, vocalising a noisy release and I was scared that she would be heard through the closed door in the waiting room beyond. Her body was bouncing around so violently from her orgasm that my mouth lost its grip on her breast and I pulled back to watch the reaction of what I had just done to my patient.

Her bra was lying on the floor beside the chair she sat in, her blouse pushed aside to reveal her magnificent breasts, no longer quite as full as they had been when she arrived. The hem of her skirt was pushed up to the tops of her thighs - they were spread lewdly wide apart. I looked down at one of my arms that lay on the chair she sat in, tucked between those spread thighs, my hand still cupped over and inside her pubic region, her panties pushed off to one side. What had I done to this woman, giving her a sexual experience beyond belief?

But it wasn't over yet. As I gazed at her dishevelled form, partially slumped in the chair opposite me, I saw too that her hand that had been masturbating my cock for me, had indeed started up again after a brief pause for her while she savoured her climax. I was balanced on the edge, trying to mentally hold back my cum, but knowing that would not be possible, and that my resistance would only make the final charge more intense.

"Oh shit, I'm gonna need tissues," I warned her breathlessly, looking across my desk at the tissue box that was just out of my reach, but closer to her.

She opened her eyes and gazed into mine, telling me, "No you won't!" Her other hand joined the first and she now used both to stroke my cock toward its inevitable release. "You can cum in my hands."

I would much rather be doing it in her cunt, but there wasn't time to attempt that manoeuvre, so I leaned back in my chair and let her have her way with me. Normally, I would worry about where my cum might splatter when I had my erection facing a beautiful young woman, but I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of the surge of my cum as it raced up the inside of my cock and burst from the tip. My patient closed her hands around the end of it and milked (there's an appropriate word to describe it given what I had been doing to her) the cum from my cock.

I kept my eyes closed, shutting out the illicit scene, until my cock had ceased spurting cum into her soft warm hands. When I dared to look again, my patient still sat opposite me in the same dishevelled state, but she was smiling. "I think you've cured all my problems, doctor."

"But you only came to me to get your milk flowing again," I told her.

"I hadn't got around to mentioning how little sex was happening between my husband and I lately and how I was climbing the walls with frustration. It might have been the most unorthodox treatment I've ever had in a doctor's surgery, but I think you gave me everything I needed. She slid her hands off the end of my deflating cock and held them cupped up in front of her, between us. To my surprise, she leaned forward and stuck her tongue out into my cum that lay pooled in her hands. She licked some up, causing a web-like strand to drip from her chin back down to her hands. "Not very elegant, is it?" she said.

"But powerfully sexy, you are some woman."

"Thank you," she said, licking up some more of my cum and I watched her Adam's apple moving as she gulped my seminal discharge down her throat. Then she turned her head to look at the tissues and I realised that she wanted her hands cleaned of my deposit. I reached across, tore a couple of tissues from the box and wiped my liquid remains from her hands.

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