tagRomanceThe Doctor is In

The Doctor is In

byGolden Pen©

My life was a mess. I am a flight attendant for "Conus Airlines", an airline that flies within the continental United States. I had a rigorous schedule and I was overly tired and very stressed. I needed time off to rest and gather my thoughts. I had just broken up with my boyfriend of three years and needed to start a new life for myself without Jack.

I decided to take a leave of absence to rest and "regroup". A friend of mine suggested seeing a psychologist that she had seen when she went through a crisis in her life. She told me that this man was not just handsome, but helped her immensely.

The following day I made an appointment to see this man I will call "Dr. Rich".

I arrived at Dr Rich's office in plenty of time for my appointment. I would soon realize that the décor of this man's waiting room defined his masculine character and gentle loving personality. There were four comfortable looking brown leather chairs, pictures of snow capped mountains, and various panoramic scenes depicting a cabin overlooking a large lake in winter snow. Large green leafy plants filled the corners. Soft track lighting made the room warm and inviting. No one else was in this front office at the time. I saw a sign on the wall by an office door that said "In conference, please be seated." On a table was another sign along side a clip board asking to "please fill out this form". It was the normal information type of form that asked for name, phone number address and so on. I filled it out then picked up a magazine and sat down. I no sooner started to thumb through the pages when the door opened.

There in the doorway stood the kindest and most gentle looking man I had ever seen. He had blonde hair and blue eyes that just sparkled and the most sincere smile I had ever seen on a man. He was as handsome as my friend had described. He was not dressed as I had expected a psychologist to be dressed. He was clad in a sports shirt, faded blue jeans and boots, and to me he looked good.

He walked out into the waiting room, extended his hand and said "you must be Barbara." I said "yes I am" and we shook. I handed him the form I filled out. He then said "come into my office and have a seat." He stepped aside for me and held the door as I entered. In this room was a large oak desk with a brown leather chair in front of this desk that matched the ones in the waiting room. To the right of his desk was a brown leather couch. There was one window behind his desk and chair that peered out onto a lake that glistened in the sun. The blinds were slightly closed with just enough sunlight to enter the room making it warm and comfortable.

We both sat, me in front of his desk and he behind the desk. He said to me, "Now tell me about yourself and why you felt the need to come see me." It would ordinarily be difficult to talk to a stranger about my personal life, but for some reason this man made me feel very much at ease.

I began by telling him that I was a flight attendant and had recently broken off an engagement with my fiancé and I was hurting badly. I told him of the problems we had together that included my ex's sexual habits that did not make me feel comfortable. Jack was very selfish when we made love. He never seemed to be able to satisfy me. We had very little foreplay which seemed fine to him but he never seemed to take my feelings into consideration. He always seemed to cum too soon. Immediately after sex he would roll over and go to sleep. I came to the reality that I could not spend the rest of my life with this man.

Dr. Rich told me that "many men are like that and that women have the right to be satisfied also." He told me to call him ":Rich" if I wanted to. But only if I was comfortable doing that. I told him that "yes" I was. I continued to vent my feelings and frustrations to him and he came to realize that not only was this relationship not right for me but I was indeed sexually frustrated and somewhat deprived of what could be very beautiful. Before I knew it, our time was up and Rich asked me if I wanted to make another appointment. I told him that "yes I would like that very much". The same time and day next week I would once again pour my heart out to this man. He held another door that opened to a hallway from his office for me to exit. This door made certain that clients would not run into one another in the waiting room with the possibility of knowing one another. I liked this form of "patient confidentiality" and privacy.

When I got home I could not get Rich out of my mind. There was something about him that intrigued me. I knew nothing about his personal life and I almost wished we had not met as doctor and patient. I could easily become very fond of this man. I even pondered whether or not to even go back, but I wanted to be with him again if only to talk.

I did keep the next appointment and drove to his office on time the following week As I was driving, I replayed thoughts about him in my mind that yes, were sexual. Thoughts of him that aroused me since my first meeting with "Rich".

As I walked to the waiting room door my heart began to pound with excitement knowing I would see the man that had intrigued me so one more time. I entered the outer office and sat down. A few minutes later, there he was once again standing in the doorway smiling at me. I smiled back. He said "hi Barbara, nice to see you again". He held the door for me and I entered his office.

All week long this man stirred feelings of sensuality within me that I had not felt for a very long time and certainly not with Jack. But it was not just sexual. I felt a comfort with him that I had never felt before with any other man I had dated but I wanted to make him notice me. I had purposely worn a short skirt and low cut blouse showing a hint of cleavage. I had 3 inch heels that matched the purse I was carrying and I wanted to look appealing to this man hoping to stir romantic feelings within him.

He asked me how my week went. I slowly crossed my legs and noticed a glance from him as I did so. I proceeded to tell him about my week. He leaned forward with his elbows on his desk stealing with what seemed like an innocent look from my cleavage to my legs. He asked me if I had seen "Jack". I told him "no I had not" and he seemed to be pleased that Jack may no longer be in the picture or in my life.

Rich offered me some iced tea from a pitcher he had on his desk. I told him "yes I would like that". He poured a glass of tea and walked to me from behind his desk. As he handed it to me he dripped a bit onto my thigh seemingly by accident. He took a napkin from his desk, apologized and proceeded to gently wipe from my leg what he had spilled. Our eyes met and for a long moment, neither one of us uttered a word. He then cleared his throat and walked back behind his desk and sat. There was no doubt in my mind that we both felt a sexual attraction for one another, evident by that brief moment of silence and long glance.

He asked me to continue telling him about my week. I looked at him trying to recall certain things from the past few days but I could barely think of a thing. My thoughts were of him and how I wanted to just experience a kiss from him. Soon my hour was up. He told me that his schedule for the following week was hectic and that he would call me to make another appointment if I so desired. I told him "yes I wanted to see him again".

He escorted me out of the office into the hallway. Once in the hallway I leaned against the wall thinking "oh my God. What just happened here??" Did he truly feel for me what I felt for him?? What if he did not?? Did I make a fool of myself??

I did not hear from Rich for almost a full week and since my last appointment. I wanted him to call because I needed to hear his gentle and soothing voice once again. A few more days past and no call. Finally the phone rang and as I checked the caller ID I realized it was him. I grabbed the receiver and said "hello?". Rich told me that he had made an appointment for me for a two hour session the following day and asked if that "was convenient?" I happily said "yes it was". Oh my God! A two hour session?? I was ecstatic.

The next day I was up early wishing I could push the time ahead quickly to 2pm and be with this man. I dressed for the express purpose of making him notice me in a sexual way. There was no doubt in my mind I wanted this man. But did he really want me?

I had always felt sensual when I wore stockings, garter belt and lace panties with heels. I had such strong feelings for this man and dreamed of making love with him and having him see the package I had put together for him under my outer wear. Perhaps this was the day. Ethics did not enter my mind at all but I did wonder about his feelings towards a relationship with me, being that I was a "client".

I was a bit early for my appointment and very nervous but yet excited to be seeing this wonderful man again. I also felt sexy and wanted badly for him to notice me in that manner.

My heart pounded as I entered the waiting room. Five minutes then ten past and he did not come through the door to greet me. Finally the door opened and there he stood smiling at me and glancing at what I was wearing from head to toe. I stood and smiled at him as I walked past him into his office. I could feel his eyes upon me as I moved by him. He closed the door and locked it. I had not noticed him ever locking the door with other appointments I had with him but this time he did. I started to sit in the chair in front of his desk and he told me "no, sit on the couch and I will sit next to you and then we will talk."

I crossed my legs as I sat making sure that he noticed.. He sat next to me and began to speak. He told me that he had "made an appointment for me with a female counselor because he could no longer keep me as his client". I was shocked. He moved closer to me. He said that this "had never happened to him before" but he had "strong feelings and sexual urges for me." He moved closer. His hand gently touched my thigh. He told me that he felt that I had feelings for him too. I had to admit that yes I did have those feelings for him and he kissed me. He kissed me long and passionately. I have never been kissed like that before. He started out gently, then kissed me harder as I melted in his arms. His tongue separated my lips to meet my mine. He laid me down on the couch. He leaned over me and kissed me again as his hands gently touched my right breast through my blouse. I wanted him badly and would soon learn and feel what I had been missing for a long time.

His hands went to the second button on my blouse, and as he kissed me he opened it. His lips slid slowly to my neck and then to the top of my right breast. As he gently kissed and sucked, he unbuttoned another button, then another until the front of my blouse was completely opened. He slid my blouse off my shoulders and kissed each. With his hands he slowly slid my bra straps off my shoulders exposing both breasts to the nipples and then took one into his mouth and sucked making it very hard and swollen. I wanted him badly. I would later know that it was his full intention to show me how a true man made love to a woman, and made love slowly until she has had more than one orgasm before he afforded himself the opportunity of his own orgasm. He unhooked my bra from the front and began to massage both breasts. Part of me could not believe this was happening while the sensual side of me was enjoying every kiss, every touch and every tingle that made me quiver in want and need for him.

He reached behind my waist and unzipped my skirt. He boosted my hips and slowly slid my skirt from me exposing my nylons, panties and garter belt. He began to softly nibble my hips as he slid his hand down to outside my panties massaging "her" in an effort to feel "her" wetness. I could feel an orgasm building within me as he touched me where he wanted, and every touch he did give me brought me closer to orgasm. My body movements and moans gave way in indication as to where my most sensitive spots were. Those were the places he would linger, with his lips and hands.

He moved down from my hips to outside of my panties, licking and sucking. His hot breath made "her" throb. With his teeth he pulled at one side of my panties then the other until "she" was partly exposed and available to his lips. He kissed and licked just above "her" teasing until I reached an orgasm. He moaned and seemed to enjoy my satisfaction. He then removed my panties and began to eat me. I was in ecstasy with this man and whatever he wanted to do to me, I wanted it too.

He stood up and removed his shirt and then laid atop me. His chest was pressed against my breasts as he ground into me with his hard cock teasing "her" as much as he could. His kisses and touches rendered me helpless but in a way that I so enjoyed. He asked me if I wanted him to stop and I told him "no, please don't stop."

He stood up and removed his jeans but never took his eyes off mine. He gently spread my legs with his knees and slowly touched my clit with his large hard cock dripping pre cum onto "her". I wanted him inside of me and I wanted to "feel" his want for me in that way. He slowly entered me and pulled out. He entered again but this time slowly pumping into me. It was a feeling that I had never enjoyed from any other man. He started to pump faster and faster and I could feel myself wanting and needing this man for a very long time. He looked into my eyes as I looked into his. I could feel an eruption within me and I had the most incredible orgasm I had ever had, but still he did not cum. He continued to pump me fast. By the look on his face and in his eyes he was about to explode in me with everything he had. He came hard and strong and by the sound of his moan he enjoyed it as much as I did.

This man I had only known for a few weeks had just made love to me like no other man, but he was not through with me. He kissed me on the lips then took my hand and stood me up. He turned me around and kissed me on the back of my neck and pulled me to his chest while he massaged my breasts. He walked me to his desk and had me lean over it. He told me he "wanted me again." He entered me vaginally and from behind and as he was about to cum he grabbed my hair to pull my head back. This action made me cum so hard I thought I would pass out from the feeling and sheer sensuality. He groaned in satisfaction and came once again within me.

He turned me around to face him and kissed me again. He told me that it was "not a habit of his to seduce his female clients but that I was special and that somehow he had to have me." He asked me if I thought badly of him for doing this with me. I told him "no because I wanted him badly too."

We continued to see one another and because of the man he is I did not pursue counseling with the other doctor. I had all the counseling I needed from "Dr Rich."

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