tagGay MaleThe Doctor is In

The Doctor is In

byKen Nitsua©

Revised version copyright 2007 by the author.


My employer switched health insurance carriers again a few months ago. Soon afterward we all got a memo informing us that we had the option of switching to a new plan with a lower premium. In order to qualify, an employee would have to undergo a complete physical exam to make sure there were no pre-existing conditions.

I wasn't too happy about this. Since I'm gay, I'd always had my own physician for my "special" health problems, in order to avoid dealing with the company doctors. If I wanted the price break on the insurance, though, there was no getting around it. I reluctantly scheduled the appointment and arrived at the scheduled time, fully expecting to be kept waiting.

To my surprise a nurse called my name just five minutes after I got there. I was weighed and measured quickly, then asked to wait in a small examination room.

The doctor entered about ten minutes later. I discreetly checked him out and was favorably impressed. He was a handsome man, medium height, with black hair lightly flecked with gray and wire-rimmed glasses. Somehow he seemed familiar, but at the moment I couldn't place him.

"Hello, Mr. --Wallace? Steven Wallace? I'm Doctor Smith, Carl Smith. How are you today?" he asked, extending his hand.

"Hi, Doctor, thanks, I'm fine." I said. Actually, Dr. Smith was attractive enough that the thought of undressing in front of him was making me nervous.

"Ready for your exam?"

"Yes, I am."

"Let's begin, then. I'd like you to get undressed down to your shorts," Dr. Smith said. "Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself too. I see you are thirty-two years old. Notice any health problems lately, Steve?"

"I don't think so, Doctor."

I decided to make it quick. Less than a minute passed before I was standing before him in my bikini briefs and dress socks. I felt like a dork, but I knew the linoleum floor would be cold and I didn't want to take them off. Why are examining rooms always so chilly anyway?

"Please sit on this examination table." Dr. Smith said. I obeyed and he approached me with a lighted device in his hand. "I'm going to flash this light in your eyes. Try and follow it with your eyes only, OK?"

After a moment, Dr. Smith said, "Looks good." He took another instrument with a light and put it in each of my ears, bending so that his head was very close to mine. I caught a whiff of his aftershave and felt his breath against my temple. The doctor continued methodically, getting the tongue depressor and making open my mouth and say "Ah" in the time-honored fashion.

"Now I'm going to examine your neck for any swollen glands. Tell me if anything hurts."

His big hands were surprisingly soft and gentle as he did this. Somehow this was a turn-on and I felt myself begin to get aroused. I willed myself not to let it happen.

"Looks good," Dr. Smith said. "Are you cold?"

"A little," I replied, truthfully, though that was not the only reason why I was shivering.

"I can tell. Your nipples are erect." I looked up at him, surprised he'd noticed. Dr. Smith's face was impassive. He continued, "I'm going to listen to your heart now."

"Okay." The closeness of his presence was having an effect on me that I could not deny. I still had the distinct feeling that I had seen him somewhere before.

Dr. Smith smiled apologetically. "Sorry it's so cold in here." He placed the stethoscope on my bare chest. I gasped as the cold metal touched my skin. "I know this isn't exactly comfortable, but try and relax. I'm not going to hurt you."

I had to respond to his attempts to put me at ease. So I swallowed and managed to say, "I know, Doctor, I appreciate it." I desperately hoped he wouldn't look down and see the bulge in my briefs.

"Turn your back toward me now." I obeyed, relieved not to have to face him for a while. He tapped on my back several times, then said, "Now I'm going to listen to your breathing with the scope. Take a deep breath. Good. Exhale."

He repeated the requests, moving the scope each time. "Good, you're doing very well," Dr. Smith said. "Now please lie on your back on the table."

"Okay," I said, my nervousness returning. I lay on the table, staring at the fluorescent light on the ceiling, and tried to make my mind a blank.

Dr. Smith said, "I'm going to palpate your abdomen, looking for any swelling or abnormality." He began to push in various places on my bare stomach. I was ticklish, and despite my nervousness I couldn't help smiling a little--it was a most peculiar sensation, this combination of arousal and discomfort.

"Am I tickling you?" Dr. Smith asked. His hand was below my navel now, approaching my groin area.

"Uh, yes... not too bad," I managed to get out. What would happen when he discovered my erection? The head of my penis was now very close to the waistband, and the bulge had to be unmistakable. As I thought this, Dr. Smith said, "I'm going to pull down the waistband of your underwear just a bit, okay?"

He suited the action to the words, and of course the head of my dick popped out. I was blushing and could not help letting a strangled "mmph" escape through my clenched teeth.

"Is something the matter?"

What did he think was the matter? "Uh... well, just embarrassed, I guess. You know... this." I waved my hand vaguely downward.

Dr. Smith smiled. Despite my humiliation, I had to admit he was a hot guy. "No need to be embarrassed, Steve. Erections are very natural occurrences. I see them all the time during medical exams. It's just an involuntary reflex."

He patted my stomach, and to my surprise, let his hand rest there. "You're a fine looking man." I looked sharply at him, but there was only professional reassurance in his smile. "Why don't we take a moment to let you relax? Take a few deep breaths and let them out."

I tried to obey him, and it did seem to work a little bit. His hand resting on my stomach stopped being erotic and became strangely comforting. At last I felt my erection start to go down.

"Feel better, Steve?"

"Yes, better, thanks, Doctor."

"Call me Carl," Doctor Smith smiled at me again. "Feel like you can continue?"

I nodded.

"Good. Now, I'm going to examine your testicles for any abnormalities that might mean cancer. Have you ever done this procedure yourself?"

"Uh, no." Oh God, he was going to be touching my private parts again.

"You really should do this yourself every month, you know. Look closely at what I do so you'll know how to do a self-exam, OK? If you're ready, stand up and drop your shorts."

Carl stepped back to give me room. I slowly stood up, willing myself to stay calm and in control. Not meeting his eyes, I put my hands under the waistband of my briefs, skinned them down my thighs to the floor and stepped out of them. I resisted a strong desire to cover my crotch.

Still looking down, I saw his big hand reach out and gently take hold of first one ball, then the other, rolling the nuts gently between his fingers. "Just relax," Carl said again.

I grinned weakly. "I'm trying."

"Okay, the testicular exam is done. Looks fine." Carl continued to look at me with a somewhat quizzical air. After a moment, he said, "Now I'm going to check for hernias."

He placed a hand against my left groin. "Turn your head and cough."

I obeyed. Switching to the other side, Carl said, "Again. Good, everything seems fine. Now, I'm going to raise your penis and look at the underside of the shaft for any sores or abnormalities." He suited the action to the words.

By now I was in agony again. I was naked in front of a really attractive man who was gently touching all of my private parts, and I could do nothing to respond. When was this ordeal going to be over?

"You seem to be getting another erection."

Through gritted teeth I replied, "Sure looks like it."

"Steve, there's no need to be embarrassed. Especially since you have quite a nice endowment." I heard the smile in his voice and quickly looked up into his face.

In an instant it all came back to me, why Carl seemed so familiar.

It was a Saturday night a few weeks ago. I had gone to one of the bathhouses in town, an activity I still indulged in occasionally, with caution. It was crowded but the pickings were slim.

After an hour or two, though, I noticed a man catching my eye as we both wandered around. He was in his early thirties, medium height, slender but toned, with a hairy chest. He was wearing wire-rimmed glasses that gave him an appealingly intelligent air.

I followed him, but every time I moved nearer, he drew away and melted into the crowd. At first I was annoyed. Then I shrugged. Maybe this was his first time and he was just shy. He certainly didn't look like a regular. I decided to bide my time. It was just bad luck that I had chosen not to rent a room.

Finally at one point during the night I found myself alone with him in the semidarkness of one of the common rooms. I decided to play it cool and let him make the first move. For a moment we simply stood still. I was elated when he finally moved toward me. I caught his eye and nodded, not wanting to scare him off by coming on too strong.

"Crowded tonight, isn't it?" he said.

"Sure is."

"I didn't realize it was going to be like this. I'm a bit overwhelmed."

"First time?" I asked.

"No, but I can't remember the last time I went to the baths," my companion replied.

He fell silent. I was afraid he was going to walk away so I made the first move. I reached up and began to stroke his bare chest with the back of my hand, very gently.

"Is this all right?" I asked.

A pause, then he said, "Feels nice." I looked down and saw his erection jutting up behind his towel. I knew mine must look the same. The next moment I felt his hand reach through the opening in my towel and find my hard cock. He squeezed it gently and began to stroke it.

He said, "You have quite a nice endowment."

His words were so formal that I almost chuckled, but his touch was exquisite--soft and sensuous. I felt myself grow hard.

We stood there side by side, silently caressing, for a few more seconds. Then to my dismay a pair of barfly types strode into the room, conversing in loud voices. He was gone in a flash. Just my luck. I thought of following him out, but somehow I knew that the moment had passed and we wouldn't make contact again that night.

Thoroughly pissed off, I put my clothes on and left ten minutes later.

All this passed through my mind in a flash, triggered by the sentence he had spoken. The hot man I had lost that night in the baths was standing in front of me, holding my dick again. Now, though, he wasn't an anonymous trick, but my doctor.

I made a split-second decision to continue playing dumb. I wasn't sure that he knew who I was, and I knew already he was shy. A sudden come-on from a patient might startle or even offend him.

So all I said was, "Thanks."

Despite myself some change must have been audible in my voice, because Carl's smile widened and became something more than professional. I was now sure we were both on the same wavelength.

I became even more sure when he asked, "How long has it been since your last orgasm?"

"I don't know exactly, Carl, a couple of weeks. Why do you ask?"

"Well," said Carl, "If you haven't had sex lately, this might explain your arousal. You just aren't getting enough." His smile got wider. I couldn't help but smile back.

"I guess you're right, that's not good, is it?"

Carl's hand began to move gently on my shaft, his thumb rubbing my engorged, circumcised head. "Do you masturbate, Steve? Silly question," he said as I burst out laughing, a little too loudly. "Do you know why you should? It's not just to feel good."

I kept playing along. "Really?"

"Really. Too much fluid buildup in the prostate can cause congestion, discomfort and maybe even infection. Got to keep those passageways clear. That's why lots of sex is actually good for a man, as long as it's safe, of course."

"Of course."

Carl said, "That reminds me... excuse me for just a minute."

He turned and left the office, leaving me naked, hard and puzzled. I bent down and pulled off my socks. What was the point of leaving them on?

After a few minutes Carl returned. He shut the door firmly and pushed the latch in the doorknob.

He came back up to me and said quietly, "Sorry I left. If I had just locked the door someone would have wondered what was going on. I went and told my nurse that I was with a patient who was very modest and embarrassed about being undressed. I told her you were particularly worried that a female would walk in while you were being examined, and that I was going to latch the door for a few minutes. I couldn't have gotten away with this with a female patient, but since you're a guy, she's cool with that."

His eyes sparkled. "Little does she know--"

The next moment his lips were on mine, his tongue darting into my mouth. Our bodies pressed up against one another, mine naked, his clothed. I felt the hard bulge in his trousers.

Carl broke away after a moment and said, "Damn, I wish we had more time. If the door's locked too long, someone will get suspicious. We'll just have to complete your exam.

He opened a drawer and drew out a rubber glove, putting on his hand with a snap of latex. Then he took a tube of K-Y and applied it to the gloved fingers. He caught my eye and leered. "I usually tell my patients that prostate exams may be slightly uncomfortable. I don't think that will be true in your case."

He took my arm. "Now, Mr. Wallace, I'll have to ask you to turn around, bend over and grab the edge of the examination table."

I obeyed, still rock hard, and felt him insert the cold gloved finger into my asshole.

Carl said, "I can feel your prostate. I'm going to press gently on it. Tell me what you feel."

A wave of sensation jolted me and I gasped. "Not painful?" Carl asked, concerned.

I managed to say, "No, not painful at all."

Actually, I had forgotten just how good it could feel. I felt precum start to ooze out of my cock.

"Okay, I'm going to massage the gland now." His finger moved and I couldn't suppress a groan. "Steve, are you OK?"

"God yes," I gasped. "Feels wonderful."

"Your gland does seem a bit congested. I'm going to use two fingers now." I cried out again as I felt my hole stretch to accommodate him. I wanted something larger up there. "Yes, we're getting quite a lot of fluid out of there, I see."

"Must... be... the massage."

I looked around at Carl, smiling at my sweet torment. "Your congestion may need to be relieved with an ejaculation."

I looked him in the eye. "Go right ahead."

"You would like me to stimulate you to orgasm?"

I decided to go for broke. "Doctor, to ejaculate, I need pretty intense stimulation."

Carl held my gaze. "What did you have in mind?"

I turned and fastened my eyes on the bulge in his front. The next moment I was down on my knees in front of him, unbuttoning his white coat, finding and lowering his zipper until his cock sprang out. I barely saw the flaring purplish head and pale, straight, veined shaft before it was in my mouth.

Carl moaned and thrust his hips gently against my face. After a few moments I let him go and pressed my face against his crotch.

"Fuck me, doctor. Fuck me with that cock."

Above me he said, "I'd love to. You realize we only have a little time?"

"I like quick ones."

At that Carl laughed out loud. "You asked for it, Steve." He stripped off the glove and discarded it. He opened the drawer again and, to my delight, took out a wrapped condom. Still holding the rubber, he unbuckled his belt. His dress pants dropped to the floor. Still on my knees, I grabbed the waistband of his underwear and drew it down. His raging erection sprang free in all its glory. I whistled softly.

Carl gave another short, almost embarrassed laugh. "I warn you, we can't make much noise. These walls are thin."

Smiling into his eyes, I said, "I'll be quiet, Doctor. May I do the honors?"

In a moment I had him hooded. I stood up and looked at my doctor and partner in crime. His trousers were heaped around his ankles, his boxer shorts were down to his knees, and his erection jutted out between the lapels of his white coat. The sight was absurd and fucking hot all at the same time.

"Now turn around again and we'll--um--complete the procedure," he chuckled.

"Okay, Doc," I smiled, turning and assuming the position once more.

I felt his cock against my slick anal opening. He pushed and I felt myself begin to yield.

"Just relax.....relax," Carl crooned. The head of his cock slipped in and my asshole closed behind it. I grunted.

"Doing okay, Steve?"

"Okay," I managed to say.

I felt the pole of flesh invade my innards and moaned softly.

"Am I hurting you?"

"Hell no," I gasped, "It feels wonderful. Oh wow."

Finally his balls were pressed up against my cheeks. I heard him fumbling with something behind my back. Carl began to slide in and out, slowly at first, then faster and faster.

"Oh yes, fuck me," I breathed, my eyes closed, my teeth gritted. "Yes, Carl, do it."

Carl bent, reached underneath and took my cock in his hand, slick with more K-Y. He began to jack off my slippery tool in rhythm with his fucking.

"How's... it... feel, Steve?" I heard his voice whisper against my ear, his words interspersed with grunts as his hips slammed against my butt. He changed the angle of his body and suddenly the pleasure increased. I squeezed my ass muscles against his cock inside me, hard as I could.

"Fuck me Doctor."

"That's right, take my cock, you fucker. Feel me pounding you with it, stud?"

He growled the words into my ear. All his professional demeanor had fallen away. He was finally doing what he had missed doing to me in the baths weeks ago.

"Yes, Doctor," I whispered. "Yes, oh yes."

"Take it, fucker."

"Harder. Harder. Deeper please."

The examination table shook as Carl continued to plow me. Through it all we had remained almost completely silent, which only heightened the excitement.

"I want you to cum Steve. Getting close?" I looked down at his hand, passing over and over the purple mushroom head of my cock. I felt the fire building up inside of me.

"Yes... I'm going to cum all over."

"Shoot that load. Do it, stud."

I felt the climax boil up in my lower body, pushed over the edge at last by the combined assault on my dick and asshole. "Oh god, I'm going to cum."

"Give it to me. CUM NOW, STEVE!"

I shouted as the first spurts exploded from my cock. Carl clapped his left hand over my mouth. I was reduced to muffled grunts as drop after thick drop of hot fluid fell on the linoleum floor. Above me I heard Carl's gasps as he shoved his cock into me as far as he could go, dumping his load into the rubber inside of me.

"Oh god that's fucking good," I heard Carl whisper. He thrust a few more times into me, gasping for breath, then finally stopped.

He drew his hand away from my mouth. "Sorry I had to gag you."

I laughed softly. "It's OK, you warned me."

Carl let go of my spent sticky cock, and slid out of me slowly, slowly, as if he were reluctant to go. I gasped as he finally popped out of me, and turned around, gingerly avoiding stepping in my cum.

"We made a mess," I said.

"It was worth it," Carl replied, peeling off his rubber. He pulled tissues from a dispenser, wrapped and disposed of the condom, then set about cleaning himself and rearranging his clothing. He was dressed and dapper again before I had fully caught my breath.

"You're cold," he said. Now that the heat of our activity had subsided, I was shivering. Carl opened a nearby door. "There's a little bathroom here. I'll let you get yourself cleaned up."

He was once more the cool, controlled professional. I felt a fleeting disappointment as I took my underwear and entered the bathroom. Was he going to pretend that nothing had happened? Was I going to walk out of here and never see him again? I ran water and wiped myself off, trying not to think too much.

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