tagFirst TimeThe Doctor Will See You Now

The Doctor Will See You Now


(All characters are older than 18 years of age.)

"Who is next, Miss Pulliam?"

"Annie Cooper, Doctor. Acne, mild but persistent, new patient."

"Thank you. Please have her come in."

Miss Pulliam went to the door of the waiting room and called, "Miss Cooper? The doctor will see you now."

A young girl put down a magazine and rose, and came forward.

"Room 4, please, right here. Have a seat on the table and Dr. Rodgers will be right with you." Miss Pulliam slipped away then to handle some paperwork. She didn't really have any training for this job, but she was perfect. She'd been a troubled girl, almost unhireable because of certain mistakes of poor judgment at a couple of previous positions. But Dr. Rodgers had seen the value she offered, and gave her a break, and in turn, she was willing to expand the usual definition of the job a little, and do whatever was needed around the office.

Stephen Rodgers had been practicing dermatology for 17 years now, but he looked younger than he was, in great shape, with dark hair cut in a young style. He had many teenaged patients, and he found that he could exploit his youthful looks to put them a little more at ease. Especially when he explained that, not so long ago, he had suffered from multiple daily blemishes, but with a little uncomplicated treatment, he had been able diminish them more and more, until he before he knew it, he had outgrown it. When he told the teens this, they took hope and were willing to tolerate a little discomfort, knowing it would be worth it.

Rodgers knocked on the door of Room 4 then entered. Sitting at one end of the examination table in the room was a teenaged girl. Despite a few mild blemishes, her face was lovely, shaped perfectly by a delicate jawline. Her eyes were large and dark, with long lashes. Her left ear had three piercings, revealed by long hair that was tucked behind it. She smiled nervously. Her arms were crossed over her stomach, her legs pressed together. He needed to put her at ease.

"So, Miss Cooper. You'd like us to look at your acne today. We'll have to look hard; yours is a very mild case. I'll bet that when you smile, the brilliance prevents people from seeing it at all." At this, she did allow a little half-smile to emerge. He softly grasped her chin and gently moved it from side to side, as he gave her cheeks a cursory examination. "So you've probably just graduated from high school, eh? What's next for you?"

"I'm going to Piedmont State on a tennis scholarship."

"Well, congratulations! That's great." And it explained a few things, like her fitness and lithe shape, her toned arms and her spectacular legs, left fully in view by her short shorts.

"Yeah, thanks, I'm pretty excited. I'm hoping to make some of this acne go away before team photos are taken in August. It's never been really terrible like my friend Mikayla's, but it won't go down or go away, no matter what I do. I've done most of the stuff you can buy in the store, and had most of the usual treatments. My mom thought maybe we should try a new doctor."

"Well, we'll do our very best for you here, I promise." He stroked her cheek with two fingers, to feel the contours of the skin. In clinical tones he said, "We do have a treatment here that most practices don't really know about yet. It's easy and safe, painless, and affordable, and it's often worth a try, especially for stubborn cases. If it doesn't work for you, nothing's lost but a little time."

"Hmmm. Like, what do you do?"

"It's a natural salve. The body produces a cleansing and healthy fluid that is designed to help things flow, and when applied to the face it can help loosen the clogged pores. Because it's something we naturally produce, there are no negative side effects."

"Hmmm. Like, I don't know. It sounds OK. I don't know what my Mom would think."

"We can go out to the waiting room and ask her."

"She's not here. She says acne is no big deal, and that I need to start handling these kinds of things for myself, 'cause I'll be on my own soon. So she went shopping. I've kinda gotta decide what to do myself."

"I see. Well, it's up to you then, but like I say, there's nothing to lose by trying it."

"I guess." She didn't seem confident in her ability to think this through.

"Miss Pulliam, could you come in please?" he called out to the assistant."

The young woman appeared at the door. "Yes, doctor?"

"Miss Cooper is a little unsure about our proprietary treatment."

Miss Pulliam turned to the girl on the table. "Oh, let me assure you, you'll be totally pleased with the results. It's quite painless, and it's so easy. We've had a lot of girls...people try it, and they've all been happy."

"Well, OK I guess."

"Tell, you what, I'd need to take a sample to see whether it could work in your case. Why don't we do that, and you can keep thinking about how far you want to go with it."

"OK sure," Annie said. Painless, they said, so what the hell. She'd like to be able to say to her Mom, "See, I handled it. Don't worry about me."

The doctor turned away from her and opened a drawer, and pulled out some latex gloves. "Take your shorts and underwear off, please, Miss Cooper," he said, in his most clinically professional voice. Pulling just one glove on, he turned back to her, and saw her still sitting, hesitating, with the nervous expression once again. Kindly, he added, "I know it sounds a little unusual, but remember, I'm a doctor, and Miss Pulliam is right here." His tone was patient and reassuring.

Shyly, she unbuttoned her shorts, and wiggled as she pulled them forward, to clear her butt. Slowly pushing them further down her thighs, she got them to her knees, and then folded her legs up against her chest to get the shorts off her legs without dropping them. Now in just her panties, she tucked the shorts close by her. Perched on the edge of the examination table, she sat with her legs again pressed together. The fleeting moment of seeing the backs of those tennis thighs and the crotch of the girl's panties had stopped the doctor's breath for a moment, but he knew he must remain fully professional.

"Miss Cooper...Annie...I'm afraid you'll have to remove the underwear too. The sample we need, the fluid that makes up the treatment – it comes from your vagina."

The girl seemed a bit shocked, but underneath that, the doctor could see that she had guessed this a while ago. She just needed to work up to accepting the idea.

"Miss Pulliam will be right here the whole time." Annie still hadn't budged. "The treatment will require that your underwear be removed, just for a few minutes. You can remove them, or Miss Pulliam can do it, or I can do it."

She seemed to come to a decision, and with no further delay, Annie began to take off her panties. Slowly, with her legs together, she pushed them down her tanned, tennis-player legs. Just a hint of fur was visible, nestled in between the tops of her thighs.

The doctor thought he might get dizzy and fall down. Something was spinning inside him, and he thought that watching this cute young girl push her panties down those gorgeous legs might make it spin off its axis and knock him out

"O...OK, good girl. Now we need to take the sample, but naturally you'll be too dry to begin with. We can't use lubricant, because it will contaminate the natural fluid that we want. So, I know this is kind of a sensitive topic, but this is how the process goes. You'll have to stimulate the area, to get the flow started."

She blushed, and hung her head to hide it, allowing her long hair to fall forward. She made no move to comply.

"You can do it, or Miss Pulliam can do it, or I can do it. Usually patients prefer to do it themselves, but we can do whatever you are most comfortable with. I know this seems unorthodox." Still no movement, just more blushing. Legs tightly shut.

"Tell you what, Annie. Just lay yourself back here like this." He took her shoulders in his hands and gently reclined her down towards a horizontal position on the table. Her lovely face came back into view, reddish, lip trembling a little. "Just lay back, close your eyes, forget we're here, think about your boyfriend, or a movie star or rock star you think is really sexy. There was a time when you felt totally comfortable with a guy, and you wanted to show him what you were feeling. Maybe you are remembering that moment right now. You can recall how that felt, can't you, how secure and loved you felt, and recalling that makes it easier to feel it now." The doctor had read a book on hypnotism; he was no expert, but he was good enough to relax innocent young girls.

Annie closed her eyes, and after a few moments, began to relax a little. Her hands, which had been nervously grasping at the table edges, now rested on her stomach. After another few moments, she exhaled a big breath, eyes still closed, and her hands began to rub her tummy, and up to the undersides of her breasts, pushing her shirt up to the bottom edge of her bra in the process.

"Good. Good. All relaxed now. Your guy is with you, and he is gentle, and he loves you so much. He is going to show you, show you how much he loves you. You can feel him touch you." Annie's right hand slipped down to her groin, and her thighs parted ever so slightly. "He will touch you exactly how you like it best."

Eyes still closed, Annie parted her legs a little more, and moved her hand down to her pussy, still held close between incredible thighs. The hand rested there, not doing anything helpful.

"You don't know how you like it? You're not sure? OK, let me take your hand, and let's try a little movement like this." The doctor gently grasped the hesitating hand, laid his index finger atop hers, and began very gently to stroke her pussy lips with it, gently, gently. A stroke, a stroke, then a gentle press inward, then a stroke.

While he was doing this, Miss Pulliam bent down and pulled back a curtain that was hiding a space underneath the examination table, and quietly knelt within it. Pulling the curtain closed about her except for just a little space, she reached out and parted the front of the doctor's gown, and began pulling at his belt. In moments she had his pants down, without making a sound.

Under the doctor's practiced guidance, under their shared rubbing of her pussy, the girl began to respond a little, to spread her legs just a bit, her eyes still closed, but now her mouth just a bit open. Her finger, under soft pressure from the doctor's hand, began to sink into the moist cleft a little more on every stroke. Soon there was enough moisture to slide easily, and to slip a fingertip inside. The doctor curled his index finger, and Annie's finger went with it, just knuckle-deep. The doctor's scientific mind observed that the necessary fluid was starting to flow, and felt warmly slippery around their fingers.

And now the girl's eyes were not just closed but a bit lidded, and her mouth was wider open, her breaths were coming a bit harder and faster, her legs spread much wider. The doctor's other, ungloved hand went unnoticed as it began caressing and lightly squeezing her inner thigh.

And now the assistant reached out and squeezed the doctor's cock through his boxers.

"OK, you're doing really well," the doctor said. "I think I can get my sample now. Let me just make sure we have a really good flow..." Above the usual clinical smell in the examination room he could smell that tell-tale aroma, stronger and stronger.

With the doctor's slacks already pooled around his feet, down came the boxers, and then Miss P. had his rigid member in her hands, and began to stroke. The examination table was high enough that the girl would not see these goings-on if she merely opened her eyes, but if she sat up, there was some risk of discovery, especially if she swung her legs over the edge of the table. Dr. Rodgers sidled up to the table to make himself easier for Miss Pulliam to reach, and to hide some of the activity behind the curtain under the table.

The doctor slid his gloved hand in the now gently thrusting pussy before him, and started alternating between circling the lips, rapidly sliding past the clit, and plunging in to tap the innocent girl's g-spot. The patient now began to lose control, to pant, sigh and give little cries, to flex her legs in and out, to thrust at his hand...

"Good, good, this is going very well. You are a terrific, lovely patient. That makes it easy."

Miss Pulliam began to lick and suck his cock, drawing her tongue up the underside and then taking the head inside her hot mouth, and gently sucking, tongue tip dancing her and there. All those years of medical study, all that hard work, had brought him to this point, and god, how they had been worth it. And Miss Pulliam had put in some time, too, learning exactly what she needed to know to assist. The sloppy suckling sounds were masked by the sloppy pussy sounds issuing from the tabletop.

He pulled his hand out just long enough to get his glove off. The now-lost girl cried softly, "No don't stop!" but to fill the gap while he fiddled with the glove, he bent down and licked at her clit. Her gyrations accelerated, and her hips came up off the table, as her desperate pussy sought its release. He got his glove off at last and reinserted his hand, and returned to his cycling routine with 2 fingers now. So, so warm and inviting. The girl was very close to coming.

Miss Pulliam was sucking his cock deep into her mouth and torturing it with lips and tongue, and he began to feel the slightly burning rise of a come approaching.

"I think things may be ready – let me just run a quick little test." He removed his hand again and tasted a finger, then a second, sucking off the juice from the base to the tip on each. This took about ten seconds but it was far too long for Annie. She cried again, "God no, don't stop, don't stop aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh..." she howled as he dove back in with his mouth and two fingers. The girl was way too far gone to notice any particulars. She could barely hear what he had been saying, and had lost track of what he was supposed to be accomplishing, or why she was in this office, or on this table, or what planet she might be on. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and her mouth was wide open and offering a breathy, rising, wordless cry.

And it hit: she came hard with his tongue on her clit and his fingers on her g-spot, gasping "oh Oh...OH" as she soared up, twisting and jerking with every thrust, and "OH Oh...ohhhhh" as she came down, still writhing a bit, slowly, side to side, as the pleasure continued to pour like warm honey through her body.

With his fingers lying in the sopping trench of her satisfied pussy, the doctor gazed upon the young loveliness he had just pleasured, while another woman brought his cock to the brink. Miss Pulliam began to rub and tap the underside of his balls while giving one long suck, and that was all he could stand. He came in waves, surging in the assistant's mouth, and it came in the nick of time, because Annie began to rouse from her reverie.

"Uh...that was fantastic, Miss Cooper," Rodgers said, with a hesitant gulp in his breath. "I have all the samples we will need, and you were just terrific." Quickly but quietly, Miss Pulliam was putting his cock back in his pants, doing up his fly, stepping out of her hiding place and pulling the curtain shut. As the girl rose up on her elbows and began to look around, the doctor grabbed a small sample jar with some filmy liquid inside and said, "Miss Pulliam, please take this sample back to the lab and prepare the ointment. Miss Cooper, I know that this procedure will still seem unorthodox, even after you have been through it, and many patients might wonder if it isn't vaguely related to a sexual act. It's all a matter of intent, and after all, it is well known that sex is good for the complexion. Not that I am prescribing sex for you, you understand. You are probably still too young, but it's not for me to say."

While he spoke, the girl recovered, blushed and became a bit abashed, and hurried to put her pants back on. The doctor was now looking the other way and disposing of his wet glove.

"Thank you, Miss Cooper, you've been a very cooperative patient. If you'll go out to the waiting room, I'll bring out your ointment and instruct you on how to use it, and I'd like to see you for a follow-up in two weeks to see whether there's progress."

In a moment he'd take a standard preparation out to her, and maybe if she did improve, she'd tell her friends. If it didn't work well, maybe she would return for some different treatment. He hoped so. He never wanted a patient to go away unsatisfied.

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