tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Doctor Will See You Now Ch. 01

The Doctor Will See You Now Ch. 01


Writer's note: A million thanks to my editor, aisielynn for the help.

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This is not a fast-paced erotica, so if you're looking to read about fucking right off the bat, this is not it.

Thank you.


"Good morning, Dr. Anderson," Vanessa Waters greeted in a small, sweet voice as she entered the office.

Dr. Jake Anderson looked up and smiled at his young patient as she took a seat perpendicular to him at his table. "Good morning, Vanessa. Are you ready for your yearly checkup?"

"Yes, I am," she replied with a shy smile.

Jake hadn't seen her since last year, when she had been here for her annual checkup. He knew she had always been a shy person, even as a child. Jake's father had also been a doctor and was a friend of Vanessa's father, and Vanessa had been his patient since she was born. When the senior Dr. Anderson retired eight years ago, his son took over the clinic and had been overseeing Vanessa ever since.

Because of the relationship between the two families, Jake knew the Waters. Vanessa had been the only child to Donny and Cynthia Waters. She was only eleven when Cynthia died in a car accident. Donny became so overcome with grief that for the few months after that he couldn't care for his only daughter. He hired a nanny to look after Vanessa and, after he had finally recovered from his depressive state, he threw himself back into work as a lawyer, opting to let Vanessa's nanny play the role as both father and mother. He became extremely obsessive of Vanessa's safety so he had her pulled out of school and hired private tutors for her. The playdates and sleepovers stopped and for the past seven years, Vanessa's link to the outside world only involved her nanny and tutors.

Jake craned his neck, looking at the door as if expecting someone. "Hmm, that's funny."

"I'm sorry, but what's funny?" Vanessa asked nervously.

"I expected Jenna to come in with you," he said, referring to Vanessa's nanny, who was very zealous of her duty over her little charge.

"Oh," she said and blushed. "I asked her to wait for me at home. You see, I'll be going off to college in September; I can't afford to have her following me around everywhere anymore, can I? I have to learn to do things by myself."

The doctor was surprised at her words and glanced down at her medical file. "Oh, my, someone's turned eighteen last month," he said with a laugh. "Where has the time gone? One minute you were here in your mother's arms and now you're heading off to college."

Vanessa's eyes narrowed slightly in conviction. "You never saw me as a baby; it was your dad. You only started seeing me when I turned ten after your dad retired."

"All the more reasons for me to think how old I'm getting, because my memory's failing me," he groaned, making her laughed in delight.

"You're what, thirty-eight? That hardly qualifies as old, Dr. Anderson," she said.

He grinned back at her, glad to have gotten her out of her shell even for a brief moment. "I'm thirty-six, actually; I'm at the stage where I can't afford to have a couple of years added to my age," he said solemnly, making her laugh again. "Which college will you be going to, Vanessa?"

"Bard," she answered softly.

"You've always been talented in arts, Vanessa, just like your mother," he observed. "I'm surprised your dad didn't make you go to Yale. That's his alma mater, right?"

"And Bard was my mom's," she replied politely, though Jake detected a hint of teenaged stubbornness in her voice. "My dad couldn't argue with my choice."

"Yes, that's true. You're a big girl now; you're free to make your own choice," he agreed. "But New York! Bet you're excited to go there."

"I am, Dr. Anderson," she said, her face lighting up with excitement. "I can't wait to go there. I've never been."

Jake looked down at Vanessa's medical records and frowned. "Since you'll be heading off to New York, I think it's best that as soon as you found a clinic, you'll let me know so that I can direct your file to them."

Vanessa nodded slowly. "I will, Dr. Anderson," she answered, her voice subdued. "I hope I can find someone I feel comfortable with, like I do with you."

He smiled at her. "I'm just doing my job, Ms. Waters." He hesitated for a moment as a plan slowly took form in his mind. "If you like, I can tell you the kinds of exams you will get now that you're a young woman so that you'll be mentally prepared for them."

Her eyes widened with surprise and she looked slightly nervous. "There are different exams?"

"Yes. You'll need to be examined for various diseases. Breast and cervical cancers, for starters," he said, reeling her in.

Vanessa looked startled. "So...does that mean the doctor is going to touch these parts of me?"

"Of course, but you won't have to have these examinations until you're twenty, at least," he said. "Plenty of time for you to get used to your...new doctor," he added slyly and went to the sink. As he washed his hands, he looked to the mirror at Vanessa's reflection. She was frowning and biting her bottom lip, as if mulling over his words. Jake crossed his fingers, hoping his little patient would take the bait.

He didn't say anything else as he went back to the table and proceeded to check Vanessa's eyes, ears and throat and took note of her body temperature and blood pressure. He made sure to keep talking to her and made some jokes here and there, to remind her of the familiarity that she may or may not establish with her future doctor.

"All done here. If you'll go and change, I'll be right with you in five," Jake said.

As Vanessa disappeared behind the curtain to change, Jake took in a deep breath before releasing it as quietly as he could, mindful of the nurse who was standing nearby, ready to assist him. His accidental discovery of the beautiful Vanessa Waters' coming of age wrecked his senses. Even as a young child she had been pretty but Jake had never paid any attention to it. Until the year she turned sixteen. Her baby fat had disappeared and her face became more angular as her cheekbones and jawline became more pronounced, softened only by her long blonde hair. Her baby blue eyes became more cat-like and her voice deepened and became sultry though no less sweet. Her waistline and hips took form, and he'd watched the change in her innerwear from camisoles to bras to accommodate the size of her rapidly changing body. But even then he didn't allow himself to wallow in immoral thoughts.

The one thing that hadn't change was her innocence, which emanated from her in waves. Her footsteps were always hesitant and when she spoke her voice was always soft. Sometimes he felt sorry for the girl for leading such a sheltered life that she was always shy and meek around strangers.

He turned to the nurse. "Amelia, I'll take it from here. You can help me get ready for the next patient's appointment," he told her.

The nurse took his request without question and left him alone in the room with his patient. Jake took another deep breath and stepped around the green curtain. Vanessa had already changed into a light blue patient robe, sitting on the exam table waiting for him. She was a picture of school-girl innocence with those white socks pulled up to her knees. A flash of the smooth skin of her thigh where the robe parted was a seductive distraction.

"I'm going to listen to your heart and lungs first, okay?" Jake said calmly and when Vanessa nodded, he said, "Open the robe, please."

She reached down to undo the tie at her waist and parted the sides. Jake never required his female patients to strip off completely; allowing them the option of wearing their underwear during the examination if that was what they were comfortable with. Only when certain examinations like breast check or a pap-smear test would he require them to take their underwear off.

So he was not surprised to see Vanessa still had on her bra and panties. He warmed up the chest piece of his stethoscope with the palm of his hand before pressing it over her left breast. The soft flesh gave away from the applied pressure and Jake had to suppress a groan as a surge of blood pumped downwards, hardening his dick.

He had to clear his throat before attempting to speak. "Let's check your lungs now."

Vanessa turned her back to him and shrugged out of the robe so that it pooled around her waist. Jake enjoyed the view of her shoulders and the gentle curve of her spine, the span of smooth skin interrupted by the straps of her white bra. He swept her hair away and over one shoulder and marveled at the smooth column of her neck before pressing the chest piece to her ribcage.

Next he requested her to lie down to palpate her abdomen. She had to take the robe off so that she could lie down comfortably. The white panties molded so perfectly to her body that it looked like a second skin and Jake caught a glimpse of camel toe before he covered the lower part of her body with the robe.

"Everything's great, Vanessa," Jake said after they were done and she resumed her upright position on the exam table. He looked into her blue eyes, so gullible and innocent. "Are you ready for your big girl examination?"

Vanessa smiled wryly at his description. "I guess I really am a big girl now, huh?"

He nodded. "Yes, you are. And you're one smart, beautiful girl."

She blushed and ducked her head. "I just want my parents to be proud of me."

"I'm sure they are, Vanessa," he assured.

"Thank you," she said shyly.

Jake smiled at her. "You sound so nervous, Vanessa. I won't do the examination if you're feeling uncomfortable. Besides, you're still too young. I can teach you to do self-examination now and you can start practicing doing it and wait until you're twenty to be examined by a doctor. It should be fine."

At last, after what seemed to be an eternity of waiting to Jake, Vanessa said, almost in a whisper: "Please, Dr. Anderson, y-you were right, I think it's best that I know now what I'll be expecting to happen so that I won't feel so scared later. And I've known you all my life; I'm much more comfortable if you were the one to show me."

Jake could almost dance with excitement. "Do you need a few minutes to yourself then, to get ready?" he asked gently.

She shook her head. "N-No. Let's get on with it, Dr. Anderson."

Jake watched in fascination as Vanessa reached behind her to unhook her bra. Taking a deep breath, she slipped the straps from her shoulders and let it fall forward, revealing dusky pink nipples that hardened immediately from the low temperature in the clinic.

"Are you cold?" he murmured. She nodded and he smiled at her encouragingly. "Let's get this over with and you can get warmed up again." He took the bra away and placed it on top of her clothes that were piled neatly on the counter. "Now when you're at home you should strip down like now and stand in front of a mirror and look at your breasts," Jake began and walked her through the basic steps of self-examination. He was careful not to touch her; instead he gave her instructions and told her what she should look out for.

During one of the steps Vanessa had to lie on her back again. Jake continued with his instructions and she listened to him like a good little student, with her left arm tucked behind her head whilst her right hand pressed and molded her breast. Her long hair fanned out on the plain white covers and she had looked like an angel then. Jake wished fervently to touch her, to taste her, to bring that lithe young body ultimate pleasure.

But he told himself, not yet. Now that she was here, he would take his time to seduce her.

"Very good, Vanessa," Jake praised when he asked her to repeat the steps and she did them perfectly. "Now you know what you should do when you're self-examining at home. Do this at least once a month right after the end of your period so you won't forget."

"Thank you, Dr. Anderson," Vanessa said. "A-Are you going to touch me now?"

"I'm going to have to, Vanessa, if I want to do my job," he answered. "It's going to be slightly different though. I've developed a technique to check for abnormalities," he bluffed. "Hang on, I'll be right back."

Jake went to the office door and turned the lock. Then he went to the other door that separated his office from the nurses' station, closed and locked it as well; he didn't want any interruptions. He went back around the curtain and was pleased to see that Vanessa was still sitting obediently on the cot, her beautiful pert breasts in full display.

"Still nervous, Vanessa?" he asked.

"I just wonder if it will hurt, that's all," she said.

He tapped a finger against his chin, as if considering her trepidation. "Hmm, did it hurt when you did the self-examination just now?"

She shook her head slowly. "No."

"Then it should be fine," he said with confidence. "But like I said: the technique which I am about to use is going to be slightly different. It is going to set off a chain reaction in your body. You may feel ticklish or tingly in various parts of your body and I will need you to tell me every single sensation you're feeling so that I can assess them."

"But it won't hurt, right?" Vanessa asked worriedly.

Jake didn't know how far he would take this with Vanessa so he decided to give her the truth, or something close to. "It would probably hurt, but it'll be the good kind of hurt," he said.

Her eyes widened and his stomach gave a lurch in satisfaction when he detected some level of intrigue on her face. "There's a good kind of hurt?"

"Yes, but only if you're calm and relaxed. If you fight against it, it will become the bad kind of hurt," he said.

"Sort of like taking my shots? When I didn't think about the needle, it didn't hurt that badly. Well, it still stung like crazy, but it was still bearable," she said.

Jake's smile widened and he nodded. "Yes, that's it. You explain it even better than me, Vanessa. But the difference is instead of not thinking about it, I need you to pay attention to it and tell me how you feel."

"So that you can assess it," she concluded.

He put his hands on his hips and gave her a playful look. "You're pretty good at this. Maybe you should skip college and come to work for me instead."

"It's not that hard to follow, Dr. Anderson. That hardly qualifies me to be your assistant," she said.

"Vanessa, you should learn how to take a compliment," Jake said. "Where you'll be going later, young men will fall at your feet, vying for your attention. You need to learn how to separate the genuine ones from the sleazy ones by listening to their compliments. The good ones would pay attention to your academia and respect your work and interests. The bad ones only see the surface, the pleasure your body can offer. Make sure to steer clear of those."

Vanessa looked slightly surprised by his commanding words, but she nodded and said, "Thank you for the advice, Dr. Anderson."

"You're welcome. Let's get back to business, shall we?" Jake brushed her long hair behind her shoulders and Vanessa tensed visibly. "Take a deep breath and relax, okay?" he murmured and watched as she obeyed and her breasts heaved gently. "That's good. Relax and you won't get the bad hurt. Do you trust me not to hurt you?"

Jake couldn't help but feel like a hypocrite. Wasn't he now one of those bad ones, the very ones he had just warned her against? He should ask her to get dressed now and give her a peck on the cheek before sending her off, back to her world untainted by dirty men and their unbridled desires. But Vanessa looked up at him then and all thoughts of remorse and redemption flew away from his mind as she whispered, "I trust you, Dr. Anderson. Um, should I lie down?"

"No, you may remain seated. I'll need you to place both hands behind your head," he said, keeping his voice soft and soothing to alleviate her nervousness. Vanessa complied and he nodded. "Straighten your back a bit more, please. That's it." He almost groaned at the visual presented to him: Vanessa thrusting out her breasts with her back arched, as if offering him her body. He lightly chafed his hands together to warm them and reached out to slide his fingers along the underside of her breasts and up the sides. She squirmed slightly when his fingertips neared her armpits.

"I'm ticklish here, Dr. Anderson," she said.

"I'm sorry. Thank you for telling me that. But you'll remember to tell me if you're feeling ticklish or tingly elsewhere?" he said.

"Yes, I will."

Jake gently swiped his fingers downwards, watching Vanessa's cheeks turned pink with embarrassment or perhaps, as he was more inclined to think, the first touch of arousal. He listened to the small gasps that she made as he kneaded and massaged her soft flesh.

"So far so good, Vanessa," he murmured. She bit her bottom lip and nodded.

"Um...Dr. Anderson?" she said haltingly.

Jake stopped and looked at her. "What is it, Vanessa?"

"I have been having these tingling...uh, is it normal?"

His brown eyes softened at her question. "Is the tingling somewhere along your spine?"

She gasped. "How do you know?"

"It's a good reaction; it means your body is normal," he said. She hesitated for a moment and he automatically knew there was more. "Vanessa," he said. "If there's something else, you know you can tell me."

"There is something else," she admitted with a whisper.

"Something else, like what?" he asked coaxingly.

She blushed. "Like...there's tingling," she stammered and closed her eyes tightly, "down there."

Jake put his hands on her knees and gave them a light and reassuring squeeze. "By down there, do you mean your vagina?" Vanessa nodded but kept her eyes shut. "It's okay, Vanessa, open your eyes and look at me." She immediately complied and looked up at the doctor before averting her gaze. "Hey, don't be shy, Vanessa. It's just a body part, a part of you. Like your arms and legs and heart and lungs."

She took a deep breath before replying. "I know; it's just that I feel uncomfortable with it."

"You're feeling uncomfortable? Do you want to stop?" he asked gently.

"No, I'm not uncomfortable with this," she said, indicating the checkup. "I'm uncomfortable with my...my vagina."

"Why are you uncomfortable with your vagina?" he asked in genuine surprise.

"It gets wet during the most inconvenient times at inconvenient places," she said.

"When did that happen?" he asked.

"Well, lots of times, actually," she admitted. "Once I went to visit my aunt and uncle at their family home and me and my cousins stayed up to watch a late-night movie. There was a scene where the main characters kissed and had sex and...and I felt my panties getting wet. I actually thought that I'd peed without knowing!" She choked back tears, clearly distressed by the memory.

Jake listened attentively and nodded by the end of her short tale. "Vanessa, it's just a natural body reaction."

"But my cousins didn't look like they were affected," she argued. "They are girls too".

He smiled. "I'm pretty sure they had the same reaction as well; they were probably just better at hiding it."

Vanessa sniffed. "Y-You're sure about that?"

"Hey, I'm a medical doctor, Vanessa. It's my job to know the functions of a human body."

"But...but I'm wet now. What does that mean?" she asked timidly.

Jake had already known Vanessa was sexually aroused the first time she'd admitted to the tingling feeling but he'd nearly blown his load then to hear her saying that she was wet in that straightforward manner.

He cleared his throat before speaking, hoping his voice hadn't turned gruff. "Let's complete this examination first and we'll tackle your other issue later. Is that okay?"

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