tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Doctor's Family

The Doctor's Family


I should have had a very privileged upbringing. My father was a medical doctor and we seemed to have a very affluent life.

But appearances can be very deceiving.

He was a big man - 6 feet 5 inches tall. He did not believe in birth control of any means and he believed that a wife's role in life - and later his adult daughters - was to please and obey him in all things. He believed that a man was not a success unless his women were giving birth as often as humanly possible and it did not matter to him who sired those children as long as he chose the men to mate with them. He arrogantly believed that he was above the law and he had a right to lead his life of depravity..

Our home stood back from the main road just outside of town on a 20 acre plot of land. On the front of our home was the medical offices and the patient area. Five other doctors worked in the facility as well as my dad. Most of the other doctors were new Canadians who had recently come to Canada. They had no family in this country and they roomed and boarded at our home. My father often boasted that he had spared no time and effort in making sure that he got the right personnel to work in his medical facility. Each and every one of them had gone through a very very comprehensive screening to make sure that they fit in perfectly. He also said that if he was to be able to keep good men on staff we had to ensure that their every need was met and it was the females in the household who had to make sure that all of their needs were met.

My mother was a small woman - barely 5 foot 3 and one hundred pounds and she had to work very very hard to keep up the huge house and look after the children–a new one arrived almost every year. During the day when my dad was working my mother worked at cleaning the house and preparing the meals and looking after the children. Baby sitters were hired to look after the children in their quarters in the evenings and on the days when Mother was needed so that the adults would not be disturbed.

The year I remember most clearly was the year I turned 18. This was the year that my dad said that it was 'my time' as I was old enough and big enough to start helping my mother out in a much more meaningful way. I wasn't sure what he meant but I was scared - very very scared because I saw some of the things that my mother had to do and I thought there's no way that I'd be able to do the things she does.

For example:

Each evening after office hours were over the six men would come in and we would all sit down at the huge dining room table and have dinner. When dinner was over my mother would hurry and clear up the table and do the dishes, This usually took about an hour and and during this time the men would sit around and chat.. We would help mother put the younger ones to bed and safely in the care of the sitter. When that was done mother and my two younger sisters and I would jointly go with mother back downstairs where the men were.

Mother would wait anxiously for father to give her his signal. He would say 'games room' and my mother would quickly go into the games room and everyone else would follow.

The games room was just behind the garage and it was soundproofed so that no noise would penetrate to the rest of the house. When the heavy doors were closed and locked from the inside it was like another world. Easy chairs lined the perimeter of the room and in the center there was a large king-sized bed.

My sisters and I knew exactly what we were to do and we did it without any fuss - we would go and sit quietly in the chairs and watch as my father said we were to 'watch and learn'. By a motion of his hand my father would direct my mother to let her know what she was to do next. Usually it was to remove her clothes which she did quietly and obediently. Next he might make a motion for her to lie down on her back - once again she quickly obeyed.

Most times my father would remove his pants and by that time his penis would be erect. Then without any hesitation or preamble he would just get on my mother plunge his penis inside her and start pummeling her - we could see her stomach rise and fall as that huge penis went in and out of her. Sometimes we'd see her tears run out of her eyes as we knew that he was hurting her but she never once would make a sound. When he was finished dumping his load in her he would get up and motion for the other men and take their turns. One after another they'd thrash in an out of my mother until she was just panting for breath. Often after they were finished my father would turn to them and say, "Seconds anyone, you're quite welcome the go-ahead and use the Bitch."

Some nights this would go on for hours. My sisters and I would often find ourselves getting wet and very aroused and we felt so guilty because our mother was suffering pain while we were getting aroused.

Some days my father would tell my mother to prepare enough food for the following day because she had an appointment that next afternoon. When that happened our whole house was filled with expectation and fear of what was about to happen. I learned later that on those days my mother's 'appointment' was to go over to the medical facility to have a series of enemas so that she would be completely cleaned out. On those days she was to fast and not eat anything - just drink liquids.

On those nights my mother served the younger children earlier and got them to bed in the sitter's care so that the 'party' would be able to go on as long as needed.

There would be a special apparatus set up in the middle of the games room. After dinner my mother would go out and place herself facedown on the apparatus. She would be lying there naked in wait for everyone else to gather.

Father would come and say,"What do you have to say to me tonight, Bitch?" She would obediently reply that she needed to be disciplined. My father and the other five men would take turns whipping her with a cat of nine tails. After each strike she had to thank them and ask if they please give her more. All the men and my father would be completely naked and their penises would be totally erect a by the time they were finished. My mother's back would be laced with angry red welts.

My father would then ask my mother, "What request you have to make, Bitch?" and she would reply, "Please fuck me in the ass. My Lord - I beg you. Please fuck me with your precious cock so you will know how much I love you."

Then father would rub some lubricant on her ass and place his penis at the entrance. After a few pushes he would be in and begin to fuck her wildly. In spite of the pain my mother would would begin to push and raise her bum back to meet father's thrusts. We could never understand how she could do that but even watching it made us get aroused.

After father was finished the other men took their turns. Whenever they finished mother would be lying there as limp as a rag but with a dazed smile on her face saying, "Thank you, Thank you," Sometimes we would have to go and get a cold cloth and put on her head to get her out of her trance. This really embarrassed us because we were ashamed for the men to see the wet spots on the back of our dresses from our constant state of arousal.

On most of those nights when that part of the entertainment was over mother would have to go around and suck each of the men's cocks - In my mind I can see her yet, bent over sucking their cocks with her ass hole still stretched wide and and white fluids running out of it. And thanking each man as she finished with him. Once again I felt guilty because I would get very aroused watching her suffer.

Neither my father or the other men ever touched my sisters or me. We were just required to sit and watch.

On my 18th birthday all that changed. My father got me up early, wished me happy birthday, and told me I was not to eat anything that day. He also told me that I was to go over to the offices that morning at 10 a.m. for a physical checkup. And my birthday celebrations would start at about 4 in the afternoon. When my mother heard him telling me that she turned ashen white and started to cry. There was nothing she could do–she was powerless because the will had been beaten out of her many years before and she knew it was her husband's wishes and he was not to be denied.

The many years of watching my mother being used had taught me that my father was to be obeyed without question so at 10 a.m. I was sitting nervously in the waiting room at the facility. I was ushered into the largest examining room and told to strip and lie down on the table. My father and the other doctors came in and checked my heart, listened to my chest, and felt all over my body. This caused my cunt to throb and get wet. Then a cold instrument was inserted into my pussy but it would not go far so my father said that the hymen could wait until evening when my Birthday celebration was taking place.

Then a large bag of water was placed on a hook beside the table - a hose with a nozzle was attached to the water bag.

The nozzle was inserted into my rectum and soon I felt a very pleasant warm feeling as the water began to come inside me. Soon that pleasant feeling turned to sharp pains as I filled more. I cried out and was strongly reprimanded and told that that was just the beginning. My stomach was rubbed in a circular motion to help me accept more. I could see my stomach bulging up and I feared that I would burst. When the bag was empty they clamped my hips together so that the water would stay inside me. I was held that way for an hour. I couldn't help crying out so they placed a ball in my mouth and fastened it on with a strap around the back of my head.

After an hour I was led to the toilet and they unclamped me so that the water could rush out.

As soon as I finished emptying I was taken back and the whole procedure was repeated - this time with more water. The pain came quickly and my father told me that pain was a necessary part of learning to be a woman. I still had the gag in so I remained silent.

In all I was given three enemas until the water that flowed out me was perfectly clear and I was so weak that I could hardly stand. I had had nothing to eat and was so very tired. They put a house coat over my nakedness and put me in a wheelchair to go back to the living quarters.

A sitter had been hired to care for all the younger children except my two younger sisters so they would be out of the way for my birthday celebration.

It was past 4 p.m. so I was wheeled directly into the games room. They removed my housecoat, laid me face down on the bench, secured my arms and feet, and covered me with a warm blanket. I dozed off.

I awoke to the chorus of 'Happy Birthday'. My mother, two younger sisters and the men were all circled around me. My father began by explaining to my sisters that I had been cleansed for the birthday celebration and part of that celebration was for me to learn that from now on my only duty was to obey and please the men in the house. My mother and sisters were told to sit back and watch. The men had removed all their clothes but their penises were for the most part hanging limp.

I was terrified because I knew what was about to happen but at the same time I could hardly wait to experience the things that I had seen my mother subjected to over all the past years. My whole body was craving for fulfilment. I desperately wanted to be filled in every hole and by every man in the room. Would I be able to take everything they gave me and how would it make me feel? My cunt was throbbing and I was getting wet.

Father came to my head and stuck his penis at my mouth and told me to suck. I had learned well from watching mother so I took it into my mouth and started to lick and suck it. Soon it was hard. Father removed it and then I felt a coldness around my anus as he applied an ointment.

One of the other men put his cock in my mouth and I felt my father prodding at my opening. He pushed and pushed - then I felt a pop as his head entered and a pain tore through my body - the pain was never ending and he pushed back and forth - farther in each time. I screamed but when I opened my mouth wide for the second scream the man I had been sucking pushed his penis down my throat. I felt his cock pulsating as he shot his load right down my throat and into my stomach. My father was filling me with his load in the other end.

Each of them pulled out and two more men took over. This time the penis was stuck in my mouth and before I had a chance to suck it was rammed down my throat. I thought I would smother to death as he head fucked me and pumped another load into my stomach. The man who had replaced my father in my ass was sending white hot sheets of pain through me but I began to feel something else. I was trying to open to him. When he started to dump into me my body was filled with a great warmth and just as I was getting a new cock in my mouth I had an earth shattering climax - the first of my life.

Still in the afterglow of that climax I took to the next cock that I had presented with to be sucked with enthusiasm and I raised my hips as much as I could to welcome the next invader into my ass. It still hurt but my arousal was overpowering. Soon all three of us came together. Three loads had been shot directly down my throat into my stomach and I had received three in my ass. Now I could rest . . . I thought.

"Good girl," my Father said. This unexpected praise filled me with gratitude.

"Now to finish the first part of your Birthday celebrations."

My restraints were removed and my wrists and ankles were rubbed to get the circulation back. I was so thankful for this attention that my cunt began to get even more wet and sloppy. One of the men said, "Look, she's ready to be bred. It won't take many days to knock this little Bitch up. Her whole body is asking for it."

Then I was placed on another apparatus. This one had padded shoulder cups and a raised area under my hips. The shoulder caps were to keep my body from sliding up off the hip risers. My wrists were secured to the side and my legs were bent open and my ankles were also secured. My cunt was dripping from my climaxes so when my father tried to enter me I was well lubricated but he pushed and pushed - it hurt each time he pushed but it didn't go in. Finally he gave a harder push and the pain that came with that push told me that I was torn open. I cried out, "I'm torn open! I'm dying! I can't stand it! Please stop.I'll do anything you want but please stop now. I beg you"

Father kept plunging and soon I felt a warmth as he filled me in that hole too. He pulled out and I heard him calmly say, "Next? It's important that we all get to use her cherry cunt on this night."

Those words made me anxious to please the men and as each one was filling me with pain they were also filling me to the heights of pleasure and I heard my self begging them to fuck me harder and harder. And I climaxed and climaxed again and again.

I fainted.

When I came to I was lying on the floor with a leather collar around my neck. There was a chain attached to the collar. Just like the Bitch I was, my father explained. I was led around to each of the men and I had to suck each of them off without spilling a drop.

"Please is it over? Can I rest now?" I asked my father.

"Look, little cunt, don't you ever talk like that again. It is not for you to decide when it is time to stop. You need to be punished so that you will know that as long as you are able to draw breath you will know that your only purpose is to serve and pleasure us."

I was stood up and had my hands fastened to hooks on the wall and I was whipped. Each time I received a blow I had to thank them. After all of the men had taken their turns I had to hang until their cocks had time to rest. The pain washed over me in great waves but my cunt was hot and throbbing with its need for more fucking.

Then I was unfastened and they used me in my cunt again. It was close to midnight when I was allowed to sleep. The exhaustion was so great that in spite of the pain that was wracking my body I slept through the night.

The next morning I awoke sore in every part of my body but I was in a glow knowing that now I was truly a woman and my body had been used as it was meant to be. I was allowed to eat and that night they only fucked my cunt and had me suck them off. That night it seemed even more painful than the night before but Father said that now that I was broken in it was important for me to be used as much as they could make time for because likely they would likely get only six or seven good months out of me before I would be too pregnant to use.

After my birthday celebration I was required to serve as I was directed almost every night and often if they had a break between appointments during the day. They were using me much more than I ever remembered them using my mother. My father remarked that there was nothing as satisfying as a young Bitch who needed to be trained and was easily aroused by abuse and degradation. And it seemed that the more I was degraded the hotter I became and the more I craved their cocks. This gave my mother a rest but she had to go back to heavy duty after I reached the fifth month in my pregnancy. They no longer used my ass and cunt but they did allow me to suck them off every night.

I gave birth to a healthy boy exactly nine months after my birthday. Father delivered the baby without anything for pain and three weeks after the birth I was back in service again.

I am now 21 years old and I have just given birth to my third baby. My two next younger sisters are now also in service. Father is talking about the possibility of adding more doctors in his medical centre because there are four of his Bitches to service the men and it isn't good for Bitches to be idle and forget their place - he is screening applicants now but a requirement this time is that he wants men with extremely long and thick cocks so that his Bitches will experience the ultimate in pain. This fills me with both anticipation and fear.

It is our life and it has been an exquisite mix of pain and pleasure. The men are the source of unbearable pain but also with them I have reached the heights of ecstasy. I will never be able to leave. It seems that my only happiness is in serving them.

Tonight Father informed us that three new doctors are joining his practice. He says that they will will be a real test of our abilities. My cunt wets at the mere thought of it but I fear for my sister, Leah, who turns 18 in two more months. She is barely 5 feet tall and weighs 85 pounds.

Perhaps another story . . .

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