tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Doctor's Ladies Ch. 02

The Doctor's Ladies Ch. 02


Disclaimer: All rights to the characters, objects, etc. are owned by CE Webber, Sydney Newman and the BBC Network.


Martha Jones was sitting in her study reading the newspaper. She turned down her low jazz playing and listened carefully. In the distance, a groaning and thud could be heard. Martha couldn't believe what she was hearing. She grabbed her keys and ran out of the house.

The Doctor, Amy and Rose stepped out of the TARDIS and examined their surroundings. They were on Earth, the year 2011. The Doctor looked around and smiled seeing he successfully landed in London. "Alrighty girls, the next person should be close, I think," The Doctor said. The trio walked around the neighborhood, the girls following The Doctor who was searching for a certain house.

"So, you and The Doctor hooked up," Amy whispered to Rose. Rose blushed in embarrassment, making Amy laugh. "You should really work on your volume," Amy joked. Rose laughed along with her as they followed The Doctor. "Didn't you have a boyfriend back home," asked Amy.

"Yeah, it was The Doctor himself, a clone actually. But we split up because he cheated on me with some alien whore," Rose explained.

The Doctor stopped when he heard a car speeding towards them. It screeched to a stop in front of them. Martha stepped out and ran over to Rose, "Rose, where's The Doctor?" Rose pointed to The Doctor. He came over and hugged her tightly. Martha looked at the new Doctor, "Doctor? You've changed."

The Doctor smiled, "I missed you Martha. We have to talk about something important." All of them got into Martha's car and went to her house. The Doctor walked in a looked around, "Where's Mickey?"

Martha's face fell, "He died a little over a year ago. He was killed in a gun fight against a Sontaran while on a." Tears fell out of her eyes, she began to sob softly. The Doctor brought her into his arms and soothed her. Unseen by anyone, Martha's eyes glowed a gold color.

The Doctor pulled away from her and wiped the tears from her face, "I'm sorry, he was a good man and a best friend." The Doctor took Martha into her study to talk.

The Doctor explained the predicament and the side effects of the sexual energy. Martha sat back in her chair, soaking in the information. The Doctor stood up, "We should get to the TARDIS and get you scanned." The Doctor walked out of the study, but Martha stood in one place. He came back in confused, "Martha, are you com..."

Martha cut him off by kissing him, backing him into the wall. The Doctor groaned in surprise. Martha broke away to speak, "You know I was always in love with you Doctor, you just didn't notice me."

The Doctor grabbed her shoulders and pulled her in for a lustful kiss. The Doctor broke away, "I loved you too, I just didn't want to be hurt like with Rose." Martha smiled and jumped in his arms, kissing him passionately. The Doctor carried her to her bedroom bridal style and gently laid her on the bed. The Doctor took of his jacket, bowtie and shirt. He took off her shirt and bra and cupped her B cup breasts. He massaged them as he kissed the sweet spot on her neck.

Martha let out a moan as she tried to take off The Doctor's pants. He grabbed her hand and stopped her, "I don't want you to do anything, just enjoy this." He kissed her and started to kiss down her body. He kissed her neck to the valley between her breasts. He took one of her dark nipples in his mouth and played with the other. He kissed down her stomach, tickling her navel. He took off her dark jeans and through them across the room. He took the waist band of her lacy panties in his teeth and slid them off.

He spread her legs and gazed at her shaven cunt. Her dark skin glistening from her juices. The Doctor bent down and teased her lips with the top of his tongue. Martha tried to raise her hips but The Doctor held her down. He looked up at her with a cocky grin, "Just relax and enjoy it." He spread her lips with his fingers and plunged his tongue deep inside of her. Martha gasped as The Doctor's tongue wiggled inside of her. He licked her walls, savoring the sweet taste of her juices. He nibbled on her clit lightly making her buck her hips. The Doctor held her in place, "Relax."

He inserted a finger into her tight, sopping cunt. He hooked it up and rubbed her sensitive G spot. He continued his trick and sucked lightly on her clit. Martha moaned loudly as The Doctor continued his assault on her dripping pussy. The Doctor rubbed her G spot quicker, driving her towards the edge. Martha grabbed a fist full of his brown hair, "Doctor, I'm close, I'm gonna cum!" The Doctor quickened his pace and sucked harder. He suddenly hit a spot deep inside of her she didn't even know she had. Martha's back arched and she let out a high pitched screech as her orgasm shook her body. Martha's pussy contracted around his finger tightly, locking it in place. She suddenly shot juices out of her cunt. The jets of liquid landed on the other side of the bedroom.

Martha finally relaxed and collapsed on the bed. She gasped for air, "Doctor... I've never... done that... before." He smirked and took off his pants. He released his monstrous erection and grabbed her hips. Martha's eyes widened when she saw his thick meat aligned with her. The Doctor pushed into her, her tight pussy pushing him. Martha dug her nails into his shoulder, "Doctor, it's too much, you're too big!" The Doctor gave one giant, powerful thrust and rocketed into Martha. She threw her head back and tried to scream, but only whimpers came out.

The Doctor allowed to her to adjust to his size. After a minute or so, he began to pump into her tight vag. Martha groaned in pleasure as The Doctor repeatedly hit her G spot. He cupped her firm ass and lifted her hips. He plowed her cunt, hitting her G spot every time. Martha put her face in a pillow and screamed in pure ecstasy. The Doctor pressed down on a spot near her womb with his finger as he fucked her senseless. A giant wave of pleasure washed over her, making her wail loudly.

The Doctor drove into her at full power, the sound of flesh clapping echoed throughout the house. Martha moans were nonstop as The Doctor's hard, thick rod filled her up. She grabbed the sheets in her fists and wrapped her legs around his waist, "Doctor, I'm cumming again!" The Doctor thrusted up into her new spot hard. Martha screeched again, shaking violently as her juices sprayed onto the bed and The Doctor. Her body went limp and she practically blacked out. The Doctor began to pump into her again. Martha tried pushing his hips away, but he was too strong. "No, Doctor, no more, I can't take anymore," she slurred.

The Doctor went back to full power, thrusting his rod into her. Martha cried out as he plowed at her womb, his large head pushing open the entrance. He flipped her over onto her stomach and fucked her from behind. Martha couldn't take anymore and came again, soaking the sheets even more. The Doctor felt a familiar tingling in his loins. He grabbed Martha's hips and plunged deep into her, his head entering her womb. He grunted as he sprayed his load deep inside of her, filling her womb. Martha's eyes rolled to the back of her head and she shook violently from another orgasm. The Doctor sighed and pulled out, his spunk spilling out a little.

Martha lied on her stomach for a while, trying to regain her strength. The Doctor managed to get dressed before she was able to move. She sat up and looked at him, "I want to be with you Doctor. Can I come with you in the TARDIS?"

The Doctor sighed, he really needed to learn how to control himself. He walked over to her and kissed her, "Of course you can, we'll be waiting outside." Martha smiled happily and went to shower. A few minutes later, she ran outside into the TARDIS with her belongings. She marveled at the new console room and put her things in her room.

Amy and Rose went over to The Doctor. Amy raised an eyebrow at him, "Do you ever say no?" The Doctor sighed, he knew he wasn't going to live this down.

Rose grabbed his arm, "I want what she got, no less. Next time, I want to scream my head off."

The Doctor started the TARDIS and disappeared into the time vortex. He scanned the vortex for the next signature and gasped at who he picked up.

To be continued...


Thanks for reading, chapter 3 should be up soon and will have more stuff to enjoy.

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