tagInterracial LoveThe Doctor's Widow Gets Blacked

The Doctor's Widow Gets Blacked


Juliana looked into her bedroom mirror as she climbed into her favorite yellow bathing suit. It was a very sexy one that was very revealing, strapless up top and cut very high on the leg in the back allowing her ass cheeks very little coverage. It was her favorite bathing suit and she looked very good in it. Even though it was all one-piece, it technically was two pieces of spandex connected to a large hard plastic white ring that rested in the center in the front against her flat white stomach.

As she pulled and pushed the material over her petite thin body trying to get it in the correct places, she thought about her late husband Kevin and how he had always loved when she would wear this bathing suit. He used to call her his 'Sexy Little Canary', and the bird puns and innuendo would flow out all day making Juliana giggle and shake her head with a smile. He always made her laugh like that. It had only been two months since his car accident and she still missed him terribly.

Doctor Kevin Westcott was a great young man. A very skilled surgeon, only 35 years of age, and destined to be one of the future leaders of the Cleveland Clinic and it's many affiliated hospitals. Sadly, he was killed when his car collided with a telephone pole after hydroplaning into the air during a heavy rain storm. The impact of the collision snapped his neck and killed him instantly.

They had only been married for about two years and they didn't even have children yet although that was always the plan. He had died so young but had already made enough money to buy a very nice house in an upscale neighborhood of the suburbs of Pepper Pike, Ohio, a small town just outside of Cleveland. It was a big house on a large piece of property and now it solely belonged to Juliana. The house was way too big for just one person, at some point in the future logically she would have to downsize but everything had been a whirlwind since her husband died and nothing like that had been thought of yet.

Juliana put her long light brown hair up in a ponytail. It was a nice amber color, almost identical to a nicely brewed lager, and it always smelled of strawberries due to the type of shampoo she frequently used. She put on her dark black rimmed glasses and began to apply some lipstick onto her full but very small set of lips. She always wore the glasses which made her look a bit nerdy but contacts irritated her eyes so this was the best alternative.

It was Wednesday morning, a day that she usually was in work. But she had decided to take a personal day from her office job mostly because she was a little bit burned out from all of the craziness the past two months. Except for the day of the accident and the two days for the wake and funeral, Juliana had been working non-stop without taking a break. It was by choice and not by obligation that she was working so hard. She needed something to keep her mind off her husband's death and work seemed to do just that. But she was in dire need of a personal day and she planned on spending it relaxing by her pool reading a book. She might even take a swim so she didn't want to apply any heavy make-up.

She never really wore much make-up anyways. At 31 years old, her face was still very young looking and her tiny 5'1" frame made her look like a teenager. She always was very cute with modest 34b-25-32 measurements and her alabaster skin made her look almost breakable like a little porcelain figurine. She had very nice short legs that were shapely, and her feet were always groomed and pedicured nicely. Yes, Juliana was a tiny and gorgeous work of female art.

She exited her bedroom and as she walked down the long spiral staircase to the first floor of her house she heard voices coming from her kitchen. Who was in there? Ever since her husband had died she'd been the only one in the house. She tried to surmise who it could be. Then she remembered that her Husband had told her a few days before he had died that he was hiring some plumbers to fix the garbage disposal in the kitchen. It never crossed her mind that it could be two burglars. But that's exactly who it was.

Rufus King Jr. never amount to much in life. He quit school in the eighth grade and he never held a paying job. He practically stole everything that he ever got and the crew he hung with in East Cleveland were some very seedy individuals to say the least. At 6'5" 245 lbs. and very wide and very muscular, Rufus was a monster among men. Not too many people crossed him and those that did try never did so more than once.

East Cleveland wasn't ever a mecca of riches or good living. It was a crossroads of broken and destroyed lives where crime never took a holiday. A forgotten ghetto and some place that most white people mostly avoided and weren't welcomed anyway. Everyone that lived there was African American and dirt poor. That is why Rufus usually did all of his thievery far from his hometown there wasn't much of anything there to steal anyway. He liked to drive a few towns over and case the rich white neighborhoods and that is how he made his living.

Rufus had hit Pepper Pike once before, a few years ago and felt that the quiet little town was now ripe again for a big score. He had come to that assessment when he had read the obituaries and came across Dr. Westcott's unfortunate accident. That's who he hit, doctors, bankers, big businessmen, people who had lots of money and possessions. And the good doctor was adequately and summarily loaded.

Rufus and his close associate Luther Jacobs had been casing the good doctor's house for a few weeks now. They knew when the gardeners were there. They knew when the mailman came each day, and of course, they knew when Juliana was there and when she wasn't. Oh, so they thought. Misfortunately they chose the one day that Juliana decided to stay home from work to make their move on the place. They had no clue what-so-ever that she was still in the house.

As she got further down the steps Juliana tried to listen, but she couldn't make out what the voices coming from the kitchen were saying. They just HAD to be plumbers, she thought. Why would burglars be in the kitchen? Before she reached the bottom of the staircase the two men walked out into large foyer and were visibly startled by the small woman standing there. Juliana jumped a little two, mostly due to the size of them both. Each man was almost triple the size of Juliana and was very intimidating looking.

Juliana: "Y-You guys are the plumbers, aren't you? The ones that my Husband hired?"

Luther: "Say what?"

Rufus: "Yes...yes we are ma'am. The plumbers. That's us."

Juliana: "Oh. You gave me a fright. I thought I was being burglarized. Pardon me for asking, but how did you get in my house? Did he give you the extra set?"

Luther: "Who?"

Juliana: "Why, my husband silly."

Rufus: "Ahhh, yeah. Mr. Westcott gave my boss the keys and he told us to come in through the door off the ah...kitchen? We didn't think nobody was going to be home though. Sorry Ma'am."

Juliana: "Oh I see. That makes sense. Yeah, I took a personal day today. Sorry if I frighten you guys. Things have been really hectic around here lately."

Rufus: "They have?"

Juliana: "Oh, you don't know the half of it. Wait...I'm sorry. Neither of you know. But then again, how could you?"

Luther: "Know...what?"

Juliana: "Well about my husband Kevin of course. He was in a car accident last month and he passed on."

Rufus: "Oh we're sorry to hear that ma'am. Would you like us to reschedule?"

Juliana: "Oh no. It's okay. I've accepted things for what they are. Life goes on, right? I suppose I have to learn to take care of these type of things being alone now and all."

Juliana walked over to a desk and she pulled out her check book. She had forgotten that she was dressed in a very revealing bathing suit, a sight not lost on the two black men who were following her body's movements with their widened eyes this whole time. They both danced their gazes across her body, from her thighs to her ass, to her small but nice-looking tits. Because Juliana was headed for the pool she wasn't wearing any shoes so she was also barefoot. Both men's cocks were getting rigid in their loose-fitting pants and it was very visible.

Juliana: "What was the name of your company again? I'll give you a blank check and your boss can fill in the amount later okay?"

Neither man spoke. They were both still staring at Juliana's barely covered ass as she was bending over the desk. Not getting an answer she quickly turned around and caught them both dead to rights staring at her.

Juliana: "Ahem. Excuse me. Your company's name is?"

Rufus: "Ah yeah ...you can just make that sh...wait...I mean...my boss' name is Luther. Yeah that's right Luther...Luther Jacobs. You can just write his name."

Luther looked over at Rufus and smiled. That was a stroke of genius and they both new it. Juliana filled out the main parts of the check then pulled it from the book. As she walked over to them with it she stole a glance down at their trousers and smiled a little bit at their bulges. As she handed the check to Rufus, she tried her best not to acknowledge the two tent poles in front of their crotches.

Juliana: "Here you go. You guys can get to work now. There's plenty of refreshments in the fridge. I'll get out of your hair and be out by the pool if you need anything. Okay?"

Luther: "Sure thing Mrs. Westcott."

Juliana glimpsed another quick look down at Luther's bulge again, then another glance at Rufus before she smiled again and turned and walked away. Both men continued to watch her little white ass move as she walked on and out to the back yard.

Luther: "Man. You see that bitch looking at our cocks?"

Rufus: "Yeah man. She's so tiny and hot. I wouldn't mind getting a piece of dat!"

Luther: "Sure would be nice! Sure would! But...what the fuck are we gonna do now? She's home and we can't steal anything. And I don't know a mother fucker about plumbing!"

Rufus: "What you talkin' bout? She's gonna be by the pool all day. You heard her. We can still take what we want as long as we keep an eye on her."

Luther smiled and they two men slapped hands a bit and then went to work. In the next hour they took all of the silver, the good china, and even went upstairs and found Juliana's jewelry box. They found all of Kevin's watches and his expensive golf clubs as well. They cleaned out anything that was valuable all the while the lady of the house was reading a book in a lounge chair just out back relaxing in the sun.

Out by the pool, Juliana was having a devil of a time concentrating and reading her book. The thoughts of her two 'plumbers' and the large bulges in their pants was all she could think about. There was no way that those men had penises that big, she thought. They had to have some socks or something stuffed in there. They just had to. Juliana never saw a black penis before. Well, not one in person.

She remembered back in college when she and her sorority had gotten a porno DVD that was being passed around at the time. It was aptly named 'Mega Monsters of Cock' and they watched it during one of the sorority's pajama parties. Juliana remembered seeing a black guy swinging his 14-inch cock in the video like a small baseball bat and her and her friends were all giggling at it, none of them believing that it was real.

Still though, could all black men be that big? Or at least close to it? Since the video tape from college, the two men in her house was the only other barometer. How could something that big fit in a vagina without hurting? She never ever saw a black woman naked either so she loosely deduced that if black penises were really that big, maybe black vaginas were bigger than normal too to accommodate them. That had to be it she thought as she yawned uncontrollably. She then closed her eyes and pondered her thoughts some more and before long fell fast asleep.

Inside the house, Rufus and Luther were busy carrying everything of value into the kitchen. They took all of it out to their van and locked it up, then returned to the house. Finished with their thievery, they both then looked out a window to check on Juliana.

Luther: "Man look at that. She's out there sleeping."

Rufus: "Imagine how tight that little pussy is? We definitely gotta get a piece of dat! Shit, I gots me an idea."

Luther: "What fucking idea?"

Rufus: "Never mind. Man, just follow me out and be quiet. Do what I do, you dig?"

Luther: "Yeah, okay."

Rufus headed towards the back door. Just before going outside he shockingly removed all of his clothing and left them in a pile just inside the door. A bit apprehensive, Luther did the same and then followed him outside.

Luther: "Fucking nigger always getting me into some shit."

Both men, totally naked, tip-toed towards Juliana with their big black cocks flapping up and down between their legs. If was comical to say the least. They stopped and stood directly behind the little white girl's lounge chair with their dicks hanging just above her head careful not to wake her up. Then Rufus made his play.

Rufus: "Mrs. Westcott we're all finished. Would you like to inspect our pipe work?"

Juliana woke up and was startled when she saw the two large black men, naked, with their flesh poles hanging just inches from her face.

Juliana: "What? What are you guys doing?"

Rufus: "What's the matter? We both saw you staring at our cocks earlier. We know what that little smile meant. Tell the truth, you never seen dicks this big before and you were curious."

Luther: "Yeah. You think we didn't see dat? We know what's up! We know what you were looking at!"

Juliana didn't know what to say or do. She was laying beneath two very large naked black men, and their cocks were very large and pointing down at her. She was still half asleep and thought she was dreaming. The pungent musky aroma from the two black men was quickly going up her nose and was working like smelling salts. Not to mention the fact that her body was betraying her and her pussy was soaking her yellow bathing suit and making a wet stain that was very visible. Rufus suddenly reached down with his hand and without warning put it between her legs and rubbed her pussy with his fingers thru the material of the suit.

Rufus: "Look at this right here! Looks like somebody is getting a bit turned on."

Luther: "Wetter than a Mofo! See I knew it!"

Juliana just lay their frozen and silent. She couldn't process what was going on or how she was feeling. Her whole body was afire from Rufus' fingers as he continuously rubbed her vagina thru her bathing suit. It felt so good and the electricity flowing through her was creating a feeling that she never ever felt before. Then all of a sudden, Luther took her left hand and placed it on his rigid charcoal colored cock. It felt hot and heavy, and soft to the touch. And big. Very big. She thought about her husband's cock and what the differences were. It was like night and day, literally and figuratively.

Luther: "That's it bitch! Stroke my shit. Play with that motherfucker."

Rufus put his own cock into Juliana's other hand. She was now jerking off two big black men while she lay beneath them on a lounge chair by her pool. She then suddenly felt Luther kissing her neck and at the same time Rufus started to suck her nipples through her bathing suit, still rubbing her pussy through her suit with his other hand. All this attention was driving Juliana mad and she let out an involuntary moan.

Juliana: "Ohhhh!"

Rufus: "That's right. Feels good don't it? You know what else would really feel good? If you got on your knees and sucked these two big dicks that's in your hands like you really want to."

Juliana: "But, I never...wait a minute..."

Rufus ignored her and pulled Juliana up onto her feet. She looked so small standing there between these two black giants. Rufus then eased her down to her knees by pushing on her shoulder, but because of her small stature and the two black men's 6'5" and 6'3" heights, there wasn't going to be a chance that she could reach their cocks with her mouth.

Luther: "This bitch is too small to suck our dicks this way."

Rufus: "Naw man. It'll be okay. We'll just take her inside and couch her."

Juliana listened to their conversation but it wasn't computing. She sat there on her knees still staring at their cocks dangling high above her head. Her body was completely turned on by all of the recent attention and the sudden reawakening of her sexual senses. Her nipples were hard as little rocks and she could feel the cool breeze through her bathing suit which was wet with Rufus' saliva around the nipple area.

Luther: "Alright then. Let's get her inside."

They then each took an arm and lifted Juliana back up to her feet and led her into the house. She could hardly keep up with their stride and her feet barely touched the ground as she was led in. Her heart was pounding very fast, like a clock ticking seconds away in an audibly quick fashion.

Once inside, the two naked men led her to her couch and sat her down on it and stood on either side of her. Luther bent down and kissed her on the lips shoving his tongue deep into her mouth. It wasn't the best kiss she'd ever gotten but it was definitely the sexiest. As they kissed she could feel Rufus pulling the top of her bathing suit down to her waist exposing her breasts and still hard nipples. Rufus then started to go to work on her breasts with his mouth and hands. This lasted about three minutes. It felt so good. These two black guys were stimulating her little body like no one ever, not even her late husband had done before.

The first one to put his cock near her lips was Luther. He was the shorter of the two men but only slightly shorter. His cock was huge though. At least 9 inches long and about the width of a basic prescription bottle in circumference. He pushed it between her lips slowly. It felt like an expensive piece of soft velvet as it slid across her tongue and it tasted surprisingly pleasant. After a few pumps in, Luther put his hand on the back of her head and pushed his ebony tool as deep as he could get it into her mouth. His cock head punched at the back of her throat and Juliana gagged.

As this was all going on, Rufus had gotten the crotch of her bathing suit pushed to the side and was now rubbing his index finger directly against her sobbing wet pussy. Rufus also was still working his tongue and lips on her bare breasts, nibbling on her nipples, and driving Juliana increasingly insane. She didn't know which event was more pleasurable, the tasty black cock in her mouth, the fingers teasing her pussy, or the hot mouth that was lovingly making out with her breasts.

After a few more minutes, Luther pulled his cock from her mouth and then Rufus directed her head onto his. It was much bigger. Ten inches long and about another half inch around more than Luther's. Rufus also had a little extra skin surrounding his cock head, almost like he was half circumcised. Juliana liked the way it ruffled against her tongue each time he pushed it into her mouth.

They switched off and on, taking more turns fucking her mouth. They played with her tits and fingered her pussy non-stop during all of this which kept Juliana in constant arousal. After a little more Rufus pulled her up by one of her arms to her feet. They then pushed the rest of her bathing suit off down to her ankles and she stepped out of it. Rufus lay down on the couch and directed her to climb between his legs and suck his dick some more.

Rufus: "Get over her girl and fill that mouth again."

Juliana obeyed and got on her knees between his legs. She put his cock back into her mouth and hungrily tried to swallow what she could of it. Luther then got behind her and positioned his own hang low at the opening of her pussy. Juliana began to get nervous. She'd never fucked a black man before. She'd never fucked a cock that size before either. She hadn't had sex since her husband passed away and never had she been with two men at once. This was going to all happen in mere seconds though, and it felt right.

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