tagFirst TimeThe Doctor's Wife

The Doctor's Wife


My sexual life began during the summer of my 18th year, and occurred with one of my grandmother's neighbors, but we will get to that in a bit. Due to my parents somewhat messy divorce, I spent a lot of time at my grandmothers house along the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. Back in those days you could walk from sea wall to sea wall and fish from the walls as you liked (as long as you cleaned up after yourself, no one minded.) This has since changed as the area has grown up over the years.

On a nice summer I was making my way around the walls fishing when I heard the sounds of a woman crying. Coming around the corner I saw that it was Rebecca the 25-year-old wife of Steve a local well to do doctor. (Let me tell you about Rebecca she goes to the gym daily and keeps herself in great shape and her clothes fit her 34,24,32 frame like a glove. She also boasts the most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen, framed with somewhat short blond hair. Doctor Steve spends a lot of time at his office and the hospital with patients, and never seemed to be around. At least that was the talk amongst my grandmother's friends.) She was sitting on a large two person swing that that they had positioned to face out over the ocean to enjoy the setting sun, with a almost empty glass of wine.

"You ok Rebecca?" I asked a look of concern on my face.


"Want to talk about it?"

"You have better things to do then listen to my problems."

"Don't be silly. You always listen to me about my Mom and Dad." I said laying down my fishing pole and moving closer to her.

"Tonight is our 3rd Anniversary and I made a big special dinner for Steve and I. I even got all dressed up in this dress with make up, and he calls me to said he got held up at the office and wouldn't be home till late."

"Sorry Rebecca, you know how busy doctors are."

"Yeah always busy when I go out of my way, to make the night extra special." She said wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. "I'm sorry, where are my manners? Here sit down."

I sat down on the swing next to her and said. "Well it smells really good from out here."

"Yeah all that work just to throw it away. Unless... have you eaten dinner yet?"

"Nah, grandma went off to play bingo with the girls and won't be back until later. I was just going to throw something into the microwave."

"Nonsense, you are going to eat with me tonight, and I won't take no for an answer." She said standing up and draining the rest of her wine, began to lead me into her house."

"Rebecca I'm not dressed nice enough for dinner." I said motioning toward my normal summer wear of swim trunks, and a tank top.

"I won't take no for an answer, besides I'm going to change out of this dress into something more comfortable."

"Ok." I said, though inside I moaned at the thought of her taking off the low cut summer dress.

"Just make yourself at home." She called over her shoulder as she disappeared deeper into the house to change.

Looking around the house I was in awe of Doctor Steve's new entertainment center, which boasted a very large TV for its time. Rebecca reappeared in some khaki shorts and a tank top. The top was tight enough to show that she hadn't bothered with a bra, and the AC in the house had brought her nipples to their full and upright position.

"Go ahead and sit down and I'll serve up dinner." Taking my seat at the table I refilled her wine glass from the nearly half empty bottle on the table.

"Thanks, go ahead and pour one for yourself if you want. I won't tell anyone if you do." I poured myself a glass as well as she went about serving us before sitting down herself.

"To good friends, who are there when we need them." She toasted, and we both drank to it. The dinner was excellent and I told her as much. We talked over the meal about random things from my school to how much she worked out (quite a lot). Once the meal was over I helped her with the dishes until I was kicked out of the kitchen, with something being said about being a guest. I took what was left of my glass of wine and I sat down on the couch.

"Your grandmother still isn't back yet, so I figured we could hang out for a bit yet. Unless of course your tired of me."

"Don't be silly."

"Good, lets watch some TV. We have all these cable channels, so Steve can watch his sports games." She said turning on the TV. Cable was a big deal since my grandmother didn't have it, only the four static filled channels from the antenna.

Rebecca choose a movie and refilled our glasses as we settled back to watch. After about 15 minutes into the movie there came a love scene in which the main characters began to make out, and my dick began to grow inside my trunks. Soon the lead actress took off her top, and I was forced to shift to try and hide the growing tent in my trunks. I looked over at Rebecca to see if she had noticed anything, but her attention was focused on the movie. Her was breathing faster, and I watched as her nipples strained against the fabric of her shirt. I guess I looked to long because I heard Rebecca cough.

"Like what you see?' She asked with a grin. She leaned over to refill my glass, and got a good view of my tent.

"Yeah I guess you do." She placed the bottle on the floor and began to rub my hard dick through my trunks.

"I wouldn't be a good hostess if I sent you home like this now would I?"

I moaned as she pulled my dick from my trunks and began to plant little kisses up and down my dick, and lick the underside of the head. A gasp escaped my lips as she took my dick fully into her velvety mouth. Looking up at me she smiled and said. "God you taste good." Before diving back into the blowjob. Moaning around my dick Rebecca took one of my hands and placed it under her shirt, I took the hint and began to tweak and squeeze her nipple and breast. My other hand she placed on the back of her head, urging me to set the pace and force her head down onto my dick. She moaned around my dick as I moved her head like a piston up and down.

"Oh, god. Think I'm gonna..." I moaned even as Rebecca took my entire dick into her mouth and throat, as the first blast of sperm shoot out of my dick. She never missed a beat and swallowed each blast, then milked the last drops from the head before letting it slid from her mouth.

"I love sucking a good dick." She said smacking her lips.

"That, was intense.'

"First time?"

"Did it show?"

"A girl can tell, but you did great. So have you ever gone down on a girl before?"

"Just a girl from school."

"Maybe next time I'll teach you how. Now I want you to go home and get some sleep." As I made my home I couldn't help but think of Rebecca, and even as I lay in bed my thoughts were filled with her. She filled my dreams that night, and even still to this day.

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