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The Doll

byjust 4 fun©

Alan woke to the familiar sound of the door bell; it was 7:30 am, usually he would have rolled over and ignored it, today was different. Alan jumped out of bed flinging on the first clothes he came to and dashed down the stairs. He flung the door open and standing before him was an elderly man with a wrinkled face and grey thinning hair, the relief post man,

"Hi, sorry to bother you, could you tell me where number 57 is?" asked the old man slowly.

"It's just over there," Alan replied politely, trying not to curse at being got out of bed to answer a simple question which if the man had bothered to look, he would have seen it was only next door.

The man hobbled away as Alan shut the door, angry that his sleep had been disturbed for no reason. He went to the kitchen to make a coffee, still angry with the post man. The door bell rang again, Andy stormed to the front door, flung it open,

"No I don't......!" Alan stopped mid sentence, "Sorry I thought you were someone else," he said.

"I have a delivery for Mr Alan Holmes; if you could just sign here I'll get the parcels." The delivery man said quickly and firmly. Alan signed; this was why he had jumped out of bed when the door bell had rung earlier. His early anger had evaporated, three months he had waited for this delivery. The delivery man returned with several parcels and Alan took them thanking the man and apologising again for his earlier outburst.

Alan was like a child at Christmas, the difference being he knew exactly what was in his boxes. He unpacked each box carefully, the first contained six memory cards he counted them and checked their condition, the next a digital camera, and then a small laptop computer and the final box contained a set of six plastic dolls. The dolls were approximately 6 inches tall and very flexible.

Usually, Alan wouldn't bother to read the instructions that came with electrical goods, but this was different. He wanted to make sure he knew exactly what he was doing this time; there was no room for error. He sat down and began to read the instructions, hours passed while he read, re-read and made sure he understood.

Confident that he fully understood what he needed to do he inserted the first memory card into his camera and placed the others into his bag. He went back to his room and got dressed; he had a shower and a shave before heading to the door with everything he needed.

Alan headed to the local shopping centre, where he knew there was an art exhibition. He studied the exhibits carefully admiring the artist's choice of colour and the composition of each piece. One piece really caught his attention; it was a large painting showing a countryside landscape, not too dissimilar to an area he had visited as a child. He took out his camera and took a photograph of the painting. He looked carefully at the image on his camera display, and then as he was happy with the image he turned the camera off and removed the memory card replacing it with a new one.

After admiring the art exhibition, Alan returned home. He made a drink then went to his study and turned on the laptop. He entered his password and waited for it to load. While the computer loaded up he took the two memory cards from his bag. The screen flashed in front of him 'Welcome To Control Box', 'Congratulations on your purchase we hope Control Box will meet all of your requirements.'

Alan inserted the first memory card into the special slot on the side of the computer. A window popped up, he entered the number: 00001236, this was the number on the side of one of the dolls that had arrived with the computer. He picked the doll up and sat it next to the computer. A series of prompts came up on the screen,

}Name...... Andy entered the word LAUREN. The picture he had taken at the art exhibition appeared on his screen, a box automatically located a person to the left of the picture. }Is this Lauren? The prompt box on the screen questioned, Andy clicked yes. }Configuring Lauren Please wait, the message on the screen read.

Ten minutes passed, the screen eventually said }Please remove card, process complete. Tentatively Andy removed the card, shaking he placed it into the slot on the dolls back, the eyes lit up showing the doll was activated.

The art exhibition at the shopping centre had all been packed away as Alan had expected. He found a seat at the café opposite the beauty salon where Lauren worked. Sat in the corner where no one would be able to see what was on the screen he ordered a coffee. He powered the computer up and waited till the waitress returned with the coffee. Alan clicked on the box showing Lauren, and pressed the control option, the menu bar turned green showing it was active.

Alan typed, {move to the window} Lauren moved to the window and looked outside. This was the beauty of Control Box, although he could type commands controlling Lauren's every movement the program ensured that her actions did not appear unusual.

To ensure it wasn't just a natural action Alan typed again, {walk outside and check the time} sure enough Lauren walked out and looked at the clock. {Return to shop} Lauren walked back into the shop. Alan clicked deactivate control, returning Lauren to her normal routine.

The next feature Alan wanted to try was the programme feature. He could type in a list of commands which Lauren should follow. {Walk to door, change sign to closed, walk to chair, pick up rubbish, deactivate program} and sure enough she began to carry out the actions. As she bent over to pick up the rubbish, her skirt rode up, showing her nice firm ass under her black tights, Alan couldn't believe his eyes.

Later that night, Lauren went round to Alan's house, as instructed. He apologised as she came in as he had some urgent work to finish. He assured her it wouldn't take long and he was happy to chat while he worked. Lauren helped herself to a drink and then sat in the armchair opposite Alan.

Alan activated Control Box, he knew that under normal circumstances he would have no chance with Lauren, but tonight was different. {Stand up} Lauren stood up as instructed, {lift skirt} she lifted her white skirt once again revealing her tight ass covered by her black tights. The tights clung to her perfect cheeks, {remove dress} Lauren lifted the dress above her head. She stood at just over 5' tall, her small perfect breasts hidden beneath her white padded bra.

Feeling his cock hard as a rock, Alan stripped. {Suck cock} with that Lauren dropped to her knees. She took his hard cock in her hands and guided it into her soft mouth. Her mouth locked on the tip sucking gently as, her tongue moved in small circles teasing him. She held the base of his shaft firmly. As Alan began to groan, she sucked harder, she moved her hand rhythmically along his shaft. Her little mouth felt fantastic around his throbbing cock.

Alan had located the clasp on her white bra; with expert precision he unhooked it allowing her small pert breasts to be free. His hands explored Lauren's soft firm breasts, pinching her small pink nipples, making her suck harder. She looked longingly up at him, it was almost enough to make him cum.

Typing again {undress}, Lauren stood up leaving Alan's hard cock. She rolled down her black tights, and then slowly wiggled out of her black thong. She stood in front of Alan. He looked over her pale soft skin, her smooth waxed pussy. He pulled her close letting his tongue rest on her soft pussy. His tongue lapped gently at her small clit. Lauren moaned with pleasure. Alan continued to devour her pussy, his tongue greedily licking at her.

{Fuck} with the command Lauren positioned her moist slit over the tip of Alan's hard cock. She lowered herself down letting a low moan out as he slid inside her. His lips finally found hers. They kissed, tongues entwined between Lauren's soft pants. Alan's hands squeezing her firm ass, he guided her up and down on his shaft. Her hard nipples rubbing against his chest, as she moved rhythmically on his shaft. He could feel the pressure building within him. He broke of the kiss and began planting kiss after kiss on her neck and breasts. This only made her fuck harder. She moved quicker on his cock. The increased determination in her movements made him start to cum.

He fell back into his chair; Lauren continued to fuck him as he collapsed. Her small breasts bouncing as she continued to ride his softening cock. Alan realised he needed to type another command, {Clean up} Lauren removed his cock and began to lick it. She greedily licked the remaining cum from his cock, swallowing each drop. Watching her do this made his cock start to cum back to life. He knew it would be a while before he was ready again.

Although, he knew he could have her anytime he wanted, he didn't want to waste this opportunity. {Masturbate}, Lauren's hand moved down between her legs. Her little fingers ran over her cum filled slit. She rubbed the cum over her pink clit, gasping as she did. Her other hand was massaging her breast pinching her pink nipple. Her eyes closed as she was lost in pleasure. Her fingers slowly but firmly entering her slit, making her moan louder.

Alan could feel his cock hardening as he watched Lauren pleasure herself. He moved over to join her. Using a little lube, he pressed his cock against her tight ass hole. The pressure against her ass made her moan. As instructed she continued to rub her clit. His cock gripped by her tight hole. Her body began to quiver as she approached her orgasm. He slowly fucked her little ass as her orgasm gripped her body. The tightness combined with watching her smooth body writhe in pleasure proved too much. He again climaxed, sending a shot of cum into her ass.

Once more he stood and admired her body. Noticing the time, he dressed and returned to the computer. {Shower and dress} Lauren made her way to the bathroom and showered cleaning the cum from her body. Alan tidied the room while she dressed. {Deactivate}.

"Have I been asleep?" asked Lauren,

"Just for a while," Alan said.

"I had a really strange dream while I was asleep," Lauren said.

"Perhaps you can tell me about it over a drink?" laughed Alan. As they headed out to their local pub.

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