tagBDSMThe Dom and the Researcher

The Dom and the Researcher


She picks him as the subject of her article on deviant sexual behavior. But he has other ideas. This is their mental battle that leads to her inevitable submission.

Charles swept into the club at about 9 in the evening one Friday evening. It was a private club that a friend had recommended. He had never been there before but seemed quite at ease. The club was full but not crowded, with many Doms and Dommes there with their subs, both male and female. He wasn't anything particularly special to look at, about 6 foot tall with muscles that rippled slightly as he strode across the floor. His dark hair was cut short and he looked to be in his late 30s. He was dressed casually rather than being in fetish attire like many of the other patrons.

But there was something about him that drew the eye. Perhaps it was the confidence with which he walked or the somewhat cat like grace he displayed. Whatever it was, the unattended subs began to gravitate in his direction as he sat on a couch along the wall. A waitress wearing attire that displayed her full breasts for all to admire immediately approached him to take his order. "Samuel Adams Stout" was all he said with merely a flicker of interest in the charms she so openly displayed.

As she scurried off to fill his order, he scanned the room. He took note of the subs kneeling at their Master or Mistresses feet, some pleasuring their owners with their mouths. Across the room, a sub was being disciplined with a crop. It was clear from the sounds coming from her mouth that she was enjoying the discipline a little too much. But that was not his concern. He was merely here to check out the club for sometime later when he had acquired a new stable of slaves. He'd just moved to the city the week before and had not brought any of his previous slaves with him.

In fact, he had sold all five of them for a tidy profit. It wasn't that he needed the money. It was just that he decided that a new city deserved new slaves, a clean break from his old life. He had moved his business here to take advantage of the growing market for his special services, both vanilla and alternative. His vanilla business involved identifying and exploiting localized technological niches. His alternative business involved training pony girls. He only trained girls as he considered their sexual use a key component in their training and he did not desire the services of male ponies.

His gaze settled upon a woman standing off to the side. She appeared to be observing the activity and occasionally spoke into a small microphone held unobtrusively in her hand. She looked to be in her mid-20s, dressed nicely but rather conservatively. Her long blond hair was tied in a ponytail that hung to her waist. He had seen this type before. While young, she was obviously doing research, perhaps for a book or academic publication. The more he observed her, the more likely he thought she was doing academic research.

In fact, she was doing research for an academic paper. One that she hoped would be later published as a book for the general public. Her name was Laura Baxter, a single child of parents who were college professors and published authors. They had pushed her to not only succeed in school but to exceed. She was a phenomenon throughout her school years. She'd graduated from high school at 16 at the top of her class, received her bachelor's degree at 19, and her PhD. at the young age of 22. She was now 24 and a professor at a distinguished university. Unfortunately, her parents were killed in a car accident before she received her PhD. She had no other family and her grueling academic schedule hadn't allowed her to make any friends, so she was alone in the world.

Laura noticed the Dom's gaze and nodded at him. He nodded back and then turned his attention to a sub approaching him with hesitant steps. The sub was probably 20 and was not wearing a collar. She was wearing a thin blouse that did nothing to hide her small breasts as well as a short skirt. He had noticed her before but she had been talking to a man dressed in leather who he had assumed to be her Dom.

He watched her as she approached him, her eyes going down as she felt his gaze upon her. He gestured for her to speak as she approached. "Sir, I was wondering if you were seeking a sub or a slave. My last Master recently died in a car accident and I have been lost ever since."

He continued to gaze at her, appraising her body and her offer. It was not the first time he had been approached but usually not so quickly. She had a nice body with runner's legs, clear blue eyes, and blonde hair in a page boy cut. She looked like she had the potential to be a good pony girl. So he decided to take some time to assess her potential.

"I am in need of some slaves but I am very picky. But you look like you have potential, so perhaps you will do. Do you have any diseases?"

"No sir. My former Master took very good care of his property. I was tested just last week for STDs. Here is the certificate."

With that she handed him a piece of paper. He took it and quickly scanned it. He had seen these forms before and knew just what to look for. Yes, she was disease free. At least as far STDs were concerned. But before he took her as his slave he would have a doctor give her a physical. It was not worth training a diseased slave. He would care for a slave he owned if she became sick but would never take on a new one that was diseased.

"You may kneel before me. I will test your potential for a few days before deciding."

As she knelt at his feet, the man she had been talking to earlier approached. "What are you doing, girl! You are mine." With that, he began to reach for her arm to pull her up.

"Stop" Charles said in a quiet but commanding tone. The other man stopped automatically as his command. "Did she submit to you?"

"No" said the other man "But she was going to."

"But she did not, and until she has done so, she is free to choose her new owner. She has decided to kneel before me so that I may decide whether to possess her."

The man began to sputter a response but stopped when he saw the look in Charles' eyes. He stood there, mouth opening and closing for a minute before turning and walking quickly out of the club. He had thought he was a Dom until he met a real one. Charles had encountered his type before, the wannabees, he thought of them, if he thought of them at all.

Across the room, Laura noted this exchange. It was just the type of thing she was interested in. She had speculated that there was a hierarchy in the Dominant world and was writing an article for a scholarly journal about it. She thought that this would be a hierarchy based on personal power. So far her observations had shown her anything but that. The Doms and Dommes she had observed were generally cordial with each other and it was clear that many of them were close friends. Any rivalry was good natured and never resulted in physical violence.

So she seized upon this opportunity and walked quickly across the room prepared to suck his knowledge from him. She was sure he would form the basis of her next paper on this deviant sub culture. He noted her approach and looked into her eyes when she stopped in front of him. She opened her mouth to speak but the look in his eyes made her hesitate. It seemed that he could see into her soul, that he was her superior. But that couldn't be! She was Doctor Laura Baxter, noted professor and published author. He was merely some man pursuing a deviant lifestyle.

So, gathering her wits about her, she said "Hi, I am Dr. Baxter and I would love to interview you. I am researching the BDSM lifestyle for paper I am writing. I noticed your exchange with the man that just left as well as with this young woman. I would like to discuss it with you."

"You didn't say Please."


"You heard me. Since when is it proper to be impolite?"

"Oh. Please may I interview you?"

"That is better. Yes, I believe you may."

Those words sent a shiver of pleasure up her spine which she shook off a little angrily. He was just a subject for her research. But, god, he seemed to exude masculinity. Once again she had to gather her wits before speaking.

But he beat her to it. Bring that chair over and sit facing me. Pointing to a nearby chair. She pulled the chair over and sat, not realizing that she was obeying his command. There had been a closer chair or even the couch for her to sit on, but he had told her to sit in this one, so she had.

"I am Charles Poindexter. And you are?"

"I told you. Dr. Baxter."

He merely looked at her, obviously expecting something more. She fidgeted in her chair for a minute before quietly saying "My name is Laura."

"Very good. It is nice to meet you, Laura." The whole time this has gone on, Charles has been stroking the hair of the sub at his feet. Laura noted this with a little nervously. She had interviewed many Dominants and quite a few of them had had subs present during the interview. It has never ceased to amaze her how some of them treated their subs as pets rather than people. She could not understand how any person could stand to be treated like that. But the subs, both male and female, seemed to not only accept this, but reveled in it.

"Do you mind if I record this?"

"Not at all. Now proceed with your interview."

A little startled by the way he seemed to take command; Laura fumbled as she placed a microphone on the table beside the couch. She then proceeded to ask him a set of questions about his life and his experiences as a Dom. As he answered, she became aware that she was getting a little disturbed over his descriptions of how he shaped a woman into a pony. It seemed so demeaning. She had heard of pony play but this was the first time she had heard of it being taken to this extreme. The women he described ended up living permanently as a pony, living in a stall, defecating outside, and pulling sulkies for all their days.

"So you break their spirits and remake them into these ponies?"

"You haven't been listening to me, have you? I never break their spirit. I train show and racing ponies, not ponies to pull manure carts. If you cannot listen with an open mind, then this interview is over. You are dismissed." With that he signaled to the waitress to bring him another beer and began to observe the antics of two subs as they danced for their Master.

"I was listening to you. I am just trying to understand what you do."

Charles looked at her and said flatly "I thought I told you that you were dismissed."

"Please, give me another chance. I will listen better. I promise."

"Apologize to me."

"I apologize."



He didn't say anything, just looked at her until she lowered her head and said "I apologize, Sir."

"Very well. But I will not be so lenient if it happens again. Proceed."

Laura began her questioning again. After a minute or two, he stopped stroking the subs head and pointed at his crotch where his cock was pressing against his pants. The sub began to unzip his pants, and then took his cock from its prison. Holding it gently in her left hand, she took it in her mouth and began to bob her head gently. He entwined his fingers in her hair and began to control the speed at which she moved up and down.

Laura was shocked at this behavior. She had never had this happen so brazenly in front of her. It took her a moment to gather her thoughts before beginning her questions again. But the whole time she was talking, she was aware of what was happening before her very eyes. She noted the look of pleasure on his face as he pushed the girl's mouth down until it was clear that his cock was buried to the hilt in her throat. Then he released her again to repeat the process again and again. The whole time he continued to speak as though nothing was happening. Suddenly, he paused and his face took on a rather intense look as he shot his seed into her mouth and down her throat. Then he resumed speaking again like this was a normal event.

Eventually, he released the girl's head and his softening cock dropped from her lips. "Clean me" he commanded and she proceeded to lick him clean. This was too much for Laura. She just couldn't believe this girl would abase herself to a stranger. And in front of all these people!

"Look. It's getting late. Perhaps we could continue this another evening?"

Getting a business card out his wallet, Charles said "Be at my place tomorrow at 2. We will continue then." With that, he stood up and took the girl by her hand before walking toward the exit. Laura was stunned with the speed with which that had occurred. She just couldn't go to this guy's house. She didn't even know him. Besides, she had office hours tomorrow afternoon. Her mind made up, she decided it was time for her to leave also.

Charles was delighted by the way the evening had gone. He had cast his line, now it was up to her to swallow the hook. He loved a challenge and Laura looked to be a good one. But he bet he would have her at his feet someday. In the meantime, he had this new sub to evaluate. He put her in the car with him and started to drive to his house. She was obviously somewhat trained as she knew not to speak unless spoken to. So the ride home was quiet, allowing him to consider his next steps with Laura.

When he got home, he guided the girl into his living room. He didn't know her name but that was unimportant. He would name her if he decided to keep her. "Strip and present yourself for inspection."

"Yes sir." She quickly undressed, stopping only to look at him questioningly, wondering where to put her clothes. He pointed at a basket beside a chair and she began placing her clothes in it as she took them off. Soon she was naked. She immediately stood for inspection, hands clasped behind her head, small breasts thrust out, and feet shoulder width apart.

He proceeded to inspect her front. His hands moved over her small firm breasts. He pinched her nipples and got a low moan of pleasure from her. Then he moved his left hand down to her crouch. Her mound was smooth, so smooth that he suspected the hair had been permanently removed. That was good. He preferred his slaves that way. Then he inserted a finger into her cunt. It slipped in easily as she was very wet. Once again she moaned softly. He slipped another finger in and was impressed with how tight her cunt was.

"Open your mouth."

Once it was open, he took his fingers out of her cunt and proceeded to inspect her teeth with those same fingers. His inspection was much like you'd see a rancher do with a horse he was intending to buy. The only difference was that when he was finished inspecting her teeth, he said "Clean my fingers."

She immediately sucked her juices off his fingers, her tongue slithering around to get every last drop.

"Good girl. Now, turn 90 degrees to your left"

He examined her body from the side. He was impressed with her posture and obvious muscle tone. He ran his hand over her ass, feeling how firm it was. It confirmed what he thought earlier, this girl was a runner. Definitely a potential pony girl.

"Another 90 degrees"

"Now, drop your hands to your sides and bend over."

"Good girl. Now use your hands to spread your cheeks."

He fingered her holes a little, mostly to test her submissiveness. She definitely passed as she remained absolutely still as her pressed his thumb against her asshole.

"Have you worn a butt plug before?"

"Yes, Sir. My Master would occasionally have me wear one."

"I will transform you into a pony girl if I decide to take possession of you and pony girls can expect to wear one fairly regularly."

"Yes, Sir."

"Stand and turn 90 degrees to your left."

"Should I keep my cheeks spread or place my hands behind my head."

Charles smiled at her question. This one definitely had potential.

"Hands behind your head."

This time he just briefly gazed at her before telling her to turn and face him. He stepped back a pace when she was facing him and swept his eyes down her body. When his gave arrived at her cunt, he was not surprised to see her juices running down her legs. Yes, she had definite potential.

Then he began to question her about her past.

"How old are you?"

"I'm 20 years old."

"How long have you known you were submissive?"

"Oh, probably since I was 13. I always fanaticized about being dominated. It started with reading pirate stories. I wanted to be the girl who was captured by pirates. While my books never said it, I always assumed she was made to sexually serve her captors. When I was 17, my boyfriend was a little dominant and would order me around sometimes. It really got my juices up. But he wasn't demanding enough, so we broke up. I think he was a little scared by what I wanted him to do. "

"What happened then?"

"I started hanging around BDSM clubs. Then one day I met Him. My Master was 30 at the time and we just clicked right away."

Charles noticed a tear run down her cheek as she said this. So he decided to pursue another line of inquiry.

"You look like you were in track when you were in school."

"Yes, Sir. I ran cross country. I was county champion in my senior year of high school."

"Very good. Have you ever thought of being a pony girl?"

She licked her lips nervously before replying "Uh. I am not sure what that is. But if you want me to be one, then that is what I'll be."

"What are your limits?"

"I don't know, Sir, I have always done everything that I was commanded to do. I expect I will always do that."

"Good answer. Well, tomorrow we will see how you respond to pony training. I am in need of a set of ponies and you look like a likely candidate. If not, you may serve as a domestic slave."

"Thank you sir."

"Now, I am going to place a collar on you. This is only a temporary collar. If I decide to keep you, I will put a permanent collar on you." With that, he slipped a leather collar around her neck and locked it with a small padlock.

"Follow me. You will service me this evening. Oh, before I forget. Are you hungry?"

"No Sir. I ate before I went to the club."

He turned and went up the stairs to his bedroom. She followed, her eyes looking around at his house. It did not look like a large house from the outside but from the inside, it was huge. The walls sported many paintings. Here and there, the paintings were separated by swords and whips of various types. All in all, it gave the impression of quiet wealth.

Upon entering his bedroom, Charles said "You may undress me. Place my clothes in the hamper." He stood there impassively as she gently pulled his clothes from his body. Soon he was nude, his massive cock bobbing gently as he walked to his bed.

"You will come to my bed for now. I want you to straddle my cock so that I can feel your cunt as I read. After I have finished with you, you may use the mat at the end of the bed to sleep on. When you hear me awake in the morning, I expect you to get my coffee and newspaper. Then bring them to me. You will then suck me off while I enjoy my coffee."

He got into bed and she mounted him. He was very pleased with her tight cunt. It was so tight he had problems concentrating on his book and it took him very little time to cum. As she got off the bed and headed to her mat, he reflected luck was once again with him. It looked as though he had the first pony for his stable and, perhaps, another one to come.

All night long the events of that strange evening churned in Laura's mind. She tossed and turned before finally deciding to get her mind off of it. So she got out a book of erotic short stories and began to read, her fingers playing with her clit. The first story she came to was about a Dom and his sub. As she read the story, she began comparing the description of the Dom with Charles. Gradually she lost interest in the story because the Dom in it was just not up to Charles level.

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