tagLoving WivesThe Domination of Scott

The Domination of Scott


My husband and I have a very loving open marriage relationship. All that we ask of each other is to let the other partner know that we are going to jump somebody's bones, preferably in advance. That's not always possible, and we have both slipped up a couple of times.

We have done a lot of things in our five years together with threesomes and even with groups of five. I don't like him to surprise me, though, because I like to sort of psych somebody out, see what the chemistry is, before I take someone to bed, even casually. We have both slipped up on this aspect once or twice, too.

But we know each other very well, and we both are very horny and very lusty, known to have sex at the drop of a hat when the mood strikes us. So we always forgive little indiscretions, especially if they turn into juicy tales or great experiences!

Scott approached me in the park, while I was resting and writing in my journal in between rounds of walking and exploring. I don't often make conversation with strange men in this park because they are usually trolling for a quick blowjob behind the bushes, which is not very satisfying for me, personally. At first, I felt very intimidated because he was a big man, about 6 feet tall, which is taller than I am, and very muscular. I casually glanced around to see if anyone would hear me if I had to scream, but there didn't seem to be anyone else around. Scott, however, seemed very shy, and had an unusually disarming and vulnerable way about him, including a truly infectious smile. As powerfully built as he was, he struggled between making eye contact, checking out my breasts, and looking down at his hands in his lap. His gorgeous, shining blue eyes peeked out from his brown bangs, but the rest of his hair was cut very short. His expression actually reminded me of my sweet hubby the first time I met him. Well, good things come in shy packages, I reasoned. I put down my pen and had a good conversation with him.

He really struggled with trying to keep his eyes off my ample bosom. He suddenly admitted to me that he loved BBWs and had been admiring me from afar the whole time I had been in the park. I casually glanced at his lap, and saw the outline of his cock strainging against his dockers. One thing led to another, and soon we were petting each other's genitals under the picnic table. I live within walking distance of the park; I grabbed his hand and led him back to my apartment.

Once we walked in the door and I closed it behind us, he froze. He hadn't had a great deal of experience with women, he told me, and almost none with BBWs. I took him by the hand and led him to the shower to break the ice. Under the warm water, I scrubbed his skin gently with my loofah mitt and some sensuously scented liquid shower gel. Then I took off the mitt and stroked his cock, balls, and butt crack with my soapy hands. His silky smooth cock grew incredibly hard in my hands as I lathered it in firm strokes, gently handling his balls with the silky foam; he moaned that no one had ever stroked him that way before.

"The best is yet to come," I whispered in his ear.

I poured shower gel into his hand and guided it to my pussy. "Wash me," I softly commanded. At first he didn't know quite what to do, but then I guided his hand to my slit, my clit, my labia; soon he was eagerly stroking every sweet thing he found between my legs. He whined like a puppy and begged me to let him fuck me there, but I didn't want soap up in my cunt. Rinsing us both quickly and hastily getting us both wrapped up in towels, I guided him back to the bedroom and toweled him off.

I knew this guy wasn't going to last long in terms of foreplay; at his first opportunity he was going to slide himself into my slippery cunt. So I sat on the edge of the bed and took him into my mouth. With my hands I reached over to the nightstand and hastily ripped open a condom package, then I expertly slid it onto his glistening cock.

"I've never used one of those before," he said, marveling at my skill with rolling the rubber onto his dick.

"Oh, that's a shame, because they're really good for you." He looked puzzled, but didn't protest when I lay back on the bed and pulled him toward me. He slid down on top of me and hungrily sucked one nipple into his mouth. With his hands he scooped them both up and pressed my tits together, then took both nipples into his mouth. Ah, I thought, he's good at this! Little did he know that this is one of my most favorite things! I practically came while he did this, but then he started moving his cock against my pussy, but missing my cunt altogether...I reached down and guided him to the treasure....

Oh, how he fucked me! Whatever lack of experience he may have had was made up for in his ardor! He couldn't get enough of my cunt and wanted to fuck me in every position and from every angle! Squeezing him hard with my pussy muscles, I came over and over again while he moaned in pleasure.

Just as he was getting ready to head down the homestretch, to cum fucking me in missionary style as he moaned that he couldn't hold out anymore, suddenly I heard keys in the lock of the front door. Now the front door is basically my bedroom door; hubby and I live in a very small studio apartment. So hubby flings open the door to see Scott about ready to empty his balls, and me with my knees up around Scott's waist.

Uh oh. I kinda forgot to tell him one little piece of information....

"Oh, hi, Honey!" I called out, breathlessly. "I didn't think you'd be home so soon!"

"Who the hell is this?" Hubby exclaimed, a look of shock consuming his face... and a tent poking out behind his zipper.

"Oh, Honey, this is Scott. Scott, this is Raul." Scott's face was white as a sheet; even his eyes seemed pale. I think he was sure he was a dead man. I hadn't even told him I was married...another little oops on my part....

"What's he doing with his cock balls-deep in your cunt?" Raul barked, his brown eyes flashing beneath his wide forehead and his dark hair. I know his moods; he wasn't really angry, but he liked to tease me.

Scott still hadn't moved off of me...his cock, instead of growing soft with fright, grew even more rigid with his urgent need to cum... and maybe with some strange desire to be caught...hmmmm.....

I winked at Raul and said, "Oh, Honey, don't be angry, please! He means nothing to me, just some guy I met in the park. I was going to show him some of my writing, but then one thing led to another...."

"Hah!" he yelled in mock fury. He's a lot shorter than Scott is, but tough and wiry Raul grabbed Scott by the arm, and with an almost superhuman strength, tore Scott away from my body. His dick emerged from me with a liquid plopping sound and stood perpendicular to his slender hips, glistening and throbbing.

"Um, Honey, maybe you should close the door," I said as meekly as I could, playing the scared, submissive wife caught in the act.

Raul pushed Scott to the floor and said, "On your knees, you cuckolding prick!" As he strode toward the door, he continued, "You pronged my wife, and now you're going to learn to play my way!" But instead of closing the door, he silently motioned to someone, and two men and a woman crowded their way into our tiny apartment.

"You're all witnesses now. Look at my wife. She's a total slut!" He winked at me, and I cowered, winking back. "Look at this sonofabitch, his cock is still wet with my wife's cunt juice." Raul looked at me. "That cunt is mine! All mine! and so is all that cunt juice. Owlyn, how could you give my cunt juice to another man's dick?" He pointed to Scott's gleaming rod, still covered with the condom. "Jesus, at least you had the sense to use a condom." He reached into our little toy drawer and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. I thought Scott would faint at that moment, but he somehow remained kneeling upright at the foot of the bed. Raul leaned over and cuffed Scott's hands behind his back. "Now you're gonna watch me fuck her for real. That's my pussy, all mine." Raul ripped off his own clothes, threw me onto my belly and told me to kneel, then without any further ado, slid his cock into my cunt and proceeded to ride me like a pony!

"You watch me now, Scott! I'm the master of fucking around here! Watch how I fuck my wife!" He plowed me and rammed me, grabbing my hips and my ass and pulling me closer and closer. He grabbed my tits from behind and squeezed my nipples while he pulsed inside me. All the while, Scott watched, not knowing whether to be terrified or erotically amazed, as I came over and over again, crying and screaming with each pulsing volley of my orgasm. Finally, I felt Raul's cock change its length and girth, a sure sign that he is about to shoot inside me, so I squeezed my cunt as tightly as I could around him. As I came so intensely with my pussy wrapped tightly around him, he yelled and hollered like a bear, practically roaring, emptying his balls inside me with an incredible shot of hot cum. He shot so much into me that some of it shot right back out, but I was still left with a great load of jism deep inside.

Raul finally pulled out. I looked up and around, and I saw Scott still kneeling on the floor, with a hard on that looked almost painful. Our three guests were starting to remove their clothes, and the two men were fondling the woman and eagerly watching us at the same time.

"Sorry, I don't mean to neglect you three, but I have to teach Scotty here a lesson," he said.

"Oh, don't worry about us," one of the men said, "we're already enjoying ourselves immensely." The two men made a sandwich of the woman as they all caressed each other, licking her tits and nibbling the back of her neck, but watching us three at the same time. I saw the two men kneel down, the one in front burying his face in her pussy, the one behind burying his face in her ass crack.

Raul grabbed the back of Scott's head and pulled him close to his wet and glistening groin. "Clean me off, " he demanded.

Scott looked frightened. "I - I've never done that before," he whispered piteously.

"Honey, go easy on him, it's my fault, really," I said.

"Hey, I'm not done with you, either. You stay out of this!" I cowered again in mock fear.

"Better do what he says, Scott. He can get really nasty when he's mad!"

He looked at me one more time for some kind of help or comfort, then up at Raul's mask of dominating rage. Still on his knees, Scott opened his mouth and shyly touched the head of Raul's cock with his lips.

"Suck it, " Raul commanded. "Suck it and lick it clean. Be my bitch." He pressed the back of Scott's head so that his lips parted against the pressure of the cock head, which had not gone totally soft to begin with and was even now growing hard again. Scott managed to take Raul's head all the way into his mouth; I heard him swallow hard against the combined scents and flavors of Raul's cum and my juices. "That's right, swallow it down, and suck! C'mon, suck it like you sucked her tits!" Scott began to suck Raul's cock head, wrapping his lips tighter against it, until suddenly, he started looking as though he was actually enjoying himself! Raul grabbed him by the hair and began moving his head so that his beautiful cock slid in and out of Scott's mouth, moving deeper and deeper with each thrust of Scott's head. Raul took his hand away, and Scott continued to bob his head of his own free will. Raul was incredibly hard again; I could see his shaft straining to curve upwards against his belly in full erection.

I suddenly found my fingers playing in my pussy hair, reaching for my wet clit. I have always loved to watch Raul getting sucked or sucking; watching him dominate another man for the first time was a huge shock and an unbelievably arousing sight at the same time.

Raul pulled Scott's head away from his swollen dick. "Now lick my balls clean, " he commanded. Scott did as he was told, moaning softly now, his tongue straining to reach every crevice of Raul's scrotum, hungry for every drop.

"Now you're going to clean my cum off my wife," he ordered. He motioned for me lie with my legs over the end of the bed. He spread me wide open, grabbed Scott's head again, and thrust his face into my pussy.

Oh, what pleasure! I have never had a man eat cum out of my pussy before -- and Raul had left a hell of a lot to clean out! Scott started by licking his long tongue over the whole outside, which teased me until I, too, grabbed him by the back of his head and thrust his face deeper into my pussy. Then he licked deeply up and down my slit, finally landing on my clit. "Suck it, Scott. Suck it deeply." For some reason, he did not obey me. I slapped the side of his face. "Suck it now, bitch!" I ordered, and he latched onto my clit like a vacuum cleaner! I came so hard that I screamed, as I ejaculated right onto his face and into his mouth!

"Oh, God, let me get a taste of that," our female guest moaned, detaching herself from her male partners. She pushed Scott aside and started lapping at my clit like a cat. She was so pretty, and I hadn't had a woman in so very long... I came again, pulsing and pumping my hips involuntarily, rocked by pleasure that was almost too much for me to bear.

"I hate to break this up, Sweetie, but Wifey has to help me discipline Scott a little more. Owlyn, back your ass up here again for some more fucking. Scott, you cunt thief, get under her pussy and suck us both as I fuck her."

Scott seemed to know what was required of him; even though he was lying on his back, and on his cuffed hands, he never once protested. Raul slid his cock into me as Scott took his position. Without the help of his hands, he really had to work his tongue hard to reach us both... but I almost went nuts with the double sensations of Raul's deliciously curved cock banging me from behind and Scott's tongue darting all over my pussy again. I could feel his tongue sliding from me to Raul's cock shaft over and over again; at one point, his tongue got pushed inside me for a second, too, and he was sort of double-penetrating me with his stiff tongue along with Raul's stiff cock!

Raul pulled out of me and ordered Scott to stop what he was doing and to take my place on the bed, only bent over the edge with his hands still cuffed behind him. "I'm going to finish off in your ass, Scott, and then I'll be done with your lesson." Scott looked scared again, and his eyes appealed to me once again for help.

"Um, Honey, you know Scott has a virgin asshole," I said softly.

"Yeah, and I'm gonna change that," he said proudly.

"But Honey, let's not be jackasses about this, hmmmm? I mean, let me put a condom on you, Lover, and maybe open him up first?"

Raul winked at me, but answered in a cruel voice. "You seriously want to stick your fingers up that worm's butthole? Be my guest, if you like coddling him."

"I'm just trying to be kind, Dear."

I found a glove in our toy drawer and grabbed the lube from the night stand. I gently lubed up my index finger and started rubbing Scott's little brown pucker. "Now, you have to relax, Scott, or this isn't going to work, and Raul's wrath is gonna make you extra sorry." Lying on the bed next to him, I started working the tip of my gloved finger into his tight, warm asshole. Our three new friends were occupied as they watched me work, fascinated. Raul sat down in a chair, and the woman knelt before him, lapping at his cock and observing us with sideways glances. Raul watched every move I made. The two men were jacking each others' cocks off to the side, admiring Scott's ass, my finger technique, and nodding to each other.

Soon I was able to get my entire finger in Scott's asshole. Then I lubed up another finger and started to slide it in, but he tensed up again. "Listen, we can do this the easy way, which is my way, or you can go home with a torn up asshole. Take your pick." He took a deep breath and relaxed a bit more. I took this opportunity to get a third finger inside him and started finger fucking him quite smoothly and easily. He started to moan, but not with pain; he was enjoying this, in spite of himself.

The other lady reached into our toy drawer and pulled out a dildo of about average cock size, rather smaller than Raul's cock meat. Without warning Scott at all -- he probably would have tensed up again -- I quietly lubed up the dildo and gently worked it into his ass. Then I started butt fucking him in earnest. Oh, I love to do this! He was writhing on the bed, trying to hump the sheets with his swollen, hungry dick.

"I'm getting tired of waiting to finish off in this bitch's asshole," Raul said, starting to rise out of his chair. "Ready or not, here I cum."

I smiled at Raul, and pulled out the well-used dildo. "He's ready for you, Hon." Raul kissed the blonde-haired lady, who had just put a condom on his dick with her mouth, then pulled Scott's cheeks apart, sliding smoothly within! He was up to his balls in virgin asshole, and I could see the perverted pleasure on his face. He pulled out about halfway, then slammed into Scott's backside again. He kept pumping Scott this way, prolonging the sweet agony for both of them, until Raul suddenly started humping fast and furious, his balls slapping against Scott's buttocks, and then came, bellowing like a moose.

He withdrew, and I helped him dispose of the condom in the bathroom. We kissed in deep soul kisses, grinning and giggling. "Not bad for a first time at role playing, huh?" I said.

"Did you plan it this way?" he asked.

"Oh, no, I was totally surprised, but it worked out well for all of us. By the way, who are your three friends?"

"Truthfully? I stopped into a bar downtown just to use the bathroom, but then I settled down and had a drink before heading back to work. They walked up to me, all three of them, asking if I wanted to be the third man in a gangbang! It turns out I had walked into a swinger's bar quite by accident! Of course I said 'Yes,' and we all headed here. I was hoping you would be home, of course, for my little surprise. Come to think of it, I don't even know their names."

"You little devil! You know I'm not in favor of surprises much," I admonished him.

"Yes, but I didn't think you'd mind this time."

"No, I sure didn't. But I guess I had a surprise of my own."

"Yes, you did."

We proceeded back to the bedroom, where somehow Scott's cuffs had been taken off, and as he lay on his back at the edge of the bed, the two gentlemen were double-teaming his cock with their mouths. The lady knelt over him on the bed, grinding her pussy into his face while he dug his fingers into her ass cheeks.

"Well," I whispered to Raul, "Iooks like it's our turn to watch." We both wore huge shit-eating grins on our faces.

"Raul," she purred, "this was even better than our original plan." She moaned as Scott's mouth made her clit shudder in orgasm.

"Yes," one of the men said, pausing in his oral delights, "you two are very good hosts!"

"The best," the other man said, coming up for air for a mere second, then resuming his fervent sucking.

Just then, Scott came, screaming into the lady's cunt. The two men almost fought each other to catch the hot explosion. They then climbed onto either side of the bed and pointed their dicks at Scott's face, stroking themselves hard. Scott sucked first one and then the other, until one came onto Scott's face as he hungrily tried to catch it all. Then the other man turned Scott's head and plunged his dick into Scott's mouth, filling him up with cum. And Scott didn't spill a drop.

Well, everyone found their clothes again, after lounging around a while on bed and chair. We all exchanged phone numbers, and we all hugged and kissed, preparing to go. Raul and Scott stood face to face, and I saw Scott go pale again. Raul shook his hand and said, "Aw, I was never mad at you, Scott, I was just having fun." Scott looked at me in astonishment.

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