The Dominator


He sat there watching her struggle against her bindings and it made his cock grow even harder, knowing that he would have her and on his terms. He took a drag off of his cigarette and as he blew the smoke out, his mind wandered back. He had always been a dominant person, always called the shots sexually. One girlfriend had even gotten a restraining order against him, when her rape charge fell through, and he reflected on how he loved to be in control.

Unable to find a willing participant, he had turned to abduction, Kim was her name, he didn't know her last name. He had gotten her first name from the little name badge she wore at the fast food place he frequented, she had served him many times, always with a smile, always teasing and joking with him. He could see her now, behind the counter taking his order, her black locks hanging on her shoulder, her cute perky tits and when she turned to get his food, that narrow, firm ass.

Tonight, she would serve him again. He had stalked her, you might say, had become infatuated with that cute body, he would wait until she got off from work and follow her home. She was a senior in high school he guessed by her class ring and the fact that she lived with her parents still. He had sneaked up to the house on several occasions, peeking in the windows, seeing her undress and decided that she was the one. He had only seen her in bra and panties so far, but that would all change tonight. He took another drag off the cigarette and replayed her abduction in his mind.

She had a clunker of a car, no trouble rigging it to stall. He happened upon her just after it did and pulled over, she recognized him from the fast food joint and smiled, thinking she was safe. He asked her if she had a flashlight and when she bent into the trunk to fish it out, he had grabbed her arms and quickly tied her hands behind her and drug her to his car, pushing her onto the floorboards and pulling off to whisk her away to his little hide out. She had pleaded all the way, kept asking him why? Soon, she would have the answer to that question. He crushed out his cigarette and went to her, cupping her chin in his hand, looking into those beautiful green eyes and he kissed her. She tried to pull back, but he held her chin firmly.

He sat down next to her, "If you do exactly as I say, when I say it, you will leave here. If not, you will force me to do something I did not want to do." He stared into those green eyes, seeing the tears roll down her cheeks.

He reached down and stroked her very small tit and she jerked back and he grabbed her chin again, "Do you understand English??" She nodded her head and he returned to her tit, stroking it through her clothes, it all fit in his hand, 'so delicious' he thought. He pulled her shirt tail out and began to unbutton her shirt, he could feel her trembling. He pulled the shirt up and over her shoulders, exposing her bra covered tits and stroked both of them now.

He reached behind her and unclasped her bra and watched as her tits came into view and the cool air enlarged her taut nipples and he thumbed them and smiled at her. He pulled out a knife and her eyes grew large and he cut the bra straps and the shirt off. She was afraid to speak, for fear he would hurt her and just sat there as he sucked her nipples and massaged her chest.

She had been with guys before, but always willingly, she was afraid this time. He pulled her to her feet and got behind her and groped her small mounds as his hands surrounded her, then one hand moved across her stomach and started unsnapping her pants and pushing the zipper down. Her heart was beating so fast as his hand moved over her pubic mound and began to stroke her pussy through her panties as the other hand groped her tits.

Then both of his hands were at her waist, pushing her pants down over her hips and as they slid to her ankles, she could feel his cock press against her panty covered ass as his hand snaked into her panties, and moved over her pubic hair. She was scared to death, but could feel a wetness between her legs as his fingers manipulated her pussy and clit and his other hand worked on her tits. She felt his hot breath as he kissed her neck and moved up and down her face. He pushed her onto the bed, face first and she felt him pull out on her waistband of her panties and cut it. Then he did the other side and pulled her panties back between her legs and discarded them.

He pushed her legs apart and she felt his hand rubbing her ass cheeks and then drag across her ass and head for her pussy. He squeezed her outer lips and rolled them between his fingers before inserting one. She shivered as his finger made it's way into her passage and felt her wetness grow. He fucked her with his finger as he kissed her tight ass globes, running his tongue all over them.

Then he turned her over and noticed that her tears had stopped, and he got his first look at her nice, tight, teenage pussy. He pushed her legs apart again and ran his finger up and down the length of her slit, then teased her clit and watched her face for a reaction. Her face contorted at the pleasure he was giving her body and she fought to push it from her mind, but her body won and she came, thrashing on the bed as his finger manipulated her hard clit.

His finger was soon replaced with his tongue, as he ate at her tight, young snatch, causing a second orgasm to rip through her. 'How could my body do this to me?' she thought as she came down from her second orgasm. She looked down and watched him slide his tongue in and out of her and was excited by his skill, even though not by the circumstances. He moved up across her pubic mound with his tongue and when he reached her belly button, let his tongue linger there, exploring it's depth. Next he moved across her flat stomach, to her tender, tight tits, encircling each nipple before taking it in his mouth and sucking it.

She felt his cock pushing against her pelvis as he moved on up her neck and reached her mouth, driving his tongue inside. She found herself returning the advances of his tongue and soon, welcomed it. When their kiss broke, he stood up and removed his clothes and then took her shoes off and her pants as well. She looked at him, naked before her, and her eyes stared at his large cock pointing out from his crotch.

One part of her wanted it in her, but another part remembered how she had gotten here. He pulled her to a sitting position, with her legs over the side of the bed and her feet on the floor and moved between her legs and grabbed his large cock and offered it to her mouth. She looked up at him and he pushed it over her lips, "Take it!!" he barked and she opened her mouth and let it slide in. She closed her lips around it and sucked it in, tasting his salty precum on her tongue.

He moved his hands to her head and guided it as he fucked her mouth and she sucked him. She just knew that he would cum in her mouth and no one ever had before and that scared her. She felt his tempo build and could feel his cock start to swell, "Swallow it cunt!!" he yelled as his jism erupted into her mouth and she fought to keep from throwing up. She swallowed as much of it as she could, but felt some run down her chin. She looked up at him and saw the satisfied look on his face as he pulled his cock from her mouth.

"Not bad for a young cunt," he said, "How old are you anyway?"

She watched him light a cigarette, "I just turned 18," she replied. He looked at her, watching his jism drip from her chin, "You are a sweet looking babe."

He began to hang some ropes from a high beam over the bed and let them hang down by the bedside, "You still got your cherry?" he asked and she shook her head no, "Bet you still got the box it came in!" and laughed. He went over to the dresser and pulled out a leather strap, "What's that?" she asked nervously, "Oh, you'll see," and smiled as he approached her. The strap had two small holes in it and he wrapped it around her chest and as he cinched it up, her nipples were pushed through the holes. "Good thing about leather," he remarked," It conforms, even to your meager tits," and he pulled it so tight, that it became hard to breathe. He tweaked her hard nipples as they thrust through the small holes and went back to the dresser and picked up a larger strap that had a ring on it.

He untied her hands and retied them to the rope he had hung over the beam and pulled the other leather strap over her ankles and up to her waist. It was split and one band went around her waist and the other around her thighs, with a spacer to keep her thighs apart. She could feel his hard cock poking her side as he attached the rope to the metal ring and checked to make sure it was tight.

"What is this thing?" she asked as he climbed down off the bed.

"Well darling, originally it was called the Chinese Basket Fuck, but I did away with the basket." and he pulled on the rope lifting her off the bed. When she was several feet off the bed, he lay down beneath her and slowly lowered her onto his cock, until just the head was inside and kept her there for a minute. She felt his cock spasm inside her as it rested just inside her entrance and then he lowered her all at once and it slammed all the way inside of her and she let out a yelp as he speared her tiny twat with his rod.

He reached out and spun her around, delighting in her pussy twisting over his cock as she spun. She couldn't believe how good it felt after the initial shock and then he spun her in the opposite direction and she could feel her juices flowing as her pussy relished it's intruder. He began to pull on the rope and then loosen as she was speared over and over again by his thick rod, feeling her pussy walls cling to his cock as it pulled out and then ram back down.

She had never had such an experience before and she soon came for a third time as his hands pulled up and then released the rope. He could feel her warm juices coating his cock and running over his balls and it made him quicken his pace, and her screaming intensified. He could soon not hold it any longer and let loose with a violent stream of cum which mixed with her juices and ran back out. Spent, he lowered her onto his cock and rested and soon, he looked to see her pulling on the ropes, trying to keep it going as her flushed face strained to expel another orgasm.

He twitched his cock and she screamed as it shook through her, 'shame I had to force her to do this' he thought, seeing how much she had enjoyed it. He pulled the rope and lifted her off of his cock, and it was like taking a stopper out as both their juices flowed out and over his crotch. He got up and lowered her back to the bed and sucked her bright red nipples poking through the holes and then told her to clean him off as he shoved his crotch into her face. She hesitated at first, but soon licked and sucked freely as she sought to take it all in her mouth.

After she had cleaned up his crotch, she took his cock in her mouth and sucked on it, wondering what had come over herself as she did. His cock grew hard in her mouth as she sucked on it and she acted disappointed when he withdrew it. He reached for the rope and pulled her up off the bed again and she was looking forward to another "basket" fuck when she saw him reach for a tube of KY jelly and she froze. He smeared some on his throbbing cock and then began lowering her once again, "I've never had it in the ass before!!! PLEASE!!"

She felt the head of his cock pressing against her tight, virgin hole, "NO!!PLEASE DON"T!!" and he slowly released the rope, spearing her tight anus, "AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!" she screamed as her weight pushed his cock further in her ass. He let go of the rope when she came to rest on him, his cock in her ass to the hilt now, and he let her adjust to it as he adjusted too, he'd never had a virgin ass before and it was tight. He grabbed the rope and began the work of letting her weight fuck herself as he pulled and then loosened his grip and she cried out at each movement. He could feel her begin to relax and sped up his movements, spearing this tight, teen ass faster and faster until his balls tensed up and he felt his load shooting into her warm bowels.

After he had finished cumming, he spun her around to experience her tight ass swirl around his cock, as her young pussy had earlier. She was crying as he pulled the rope and pulled her off of his cock. He moved and lowered her to the bed again and stroked her hair as she lay there. He removed the leather straps and rubbed her small tits as they were released, and then he untied her hands and lit a cigarette and sat down. 'This was the way it had to be,' he told himself, he had to be in control.

He puffed on his cigarette and looked at her tender, young body as she sat there on the bed. He felt sorry for her, not that he had fucked her, but that she had been forced to. He finished his cigarette and moved beside her and put his arm around her and she turned and pushed her head into his shoulder and hugged him.

"I would have done it all, except the ass. You don't know how good it felt to me," she said softly into his shoulder.

"I liked being tied up, the domination, all of it. Except when you took my ass," she said as she hugged him.

"You would have never agreed to it," he said, "Not with me."

She looked up into his eyes and he stared into those beautiful green eyes, "Yes, I would have. If you had only asked," and she kissed him, slipping her tongue into his mouth as she did.

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