tagFetishThe Domme Diet Plan Pt. 01

The Domme Diet Plan Pt. 01


Day 1—The Plan

I have been fat as long as I can remember. I have tried various diets with no lasting success. Being uncomfortable with my body was probably one of the many factors that drew me into being a submissive. Two years ago, I met the Domme of my dreams. My Mistress was about 5'10" but towered well over 6' tall in the heels she usually wore. Her hair was dark brown and cut short. She was a medium build but with large 40DD breasts. While I was much heavier than her, she could control me with just a stern look. We started out exploring each others "kinks" and after about 6 months she invited me to live with her. As soon as she found out about my submissive side, she had me in panties 24/7. My Mistress graduated college about 15 years ago with a dual degree in nutrition and psychology. She ended up using an inheritance to start a couple of small businesses then ultimately sold them for a nice profit and put the money in several safe investments that now provided her with a steady stream of income that more than supported her lifestyle. She did work as a consultant from time to time with some local businesses but otherwise could pretty much control her own schedule. I graduated college with a business degree and soon thereafter fell into the dreary world of office life. I changed jobs several times along the way, always believing the next job would be the one that left me fulfilled. However, once I realized that all jobs in my field were essentially the same job with different letterhead, I just went along with what was required and showed up for work Monday thru Friday.

Our play at first was limited to the two of us but quickly she added other women and other men. When I started exploring the lifestyle, I did not consider myself to be bisexual. But I quickly understood that my desires as a submissive trumped everything else. What mattered most was service to the Mistress I was with. If she wanted me to suck cock, then I wanted to suck cock. She explained that she got turned on most watching me perform with others and being used by her friends because she knew that was a major source of humiliation for me. And she loved humiliation. Humiliation is a strange thing for many submissives. We crave it sexually while doing our best to avoid it, just like every "normal" person. This provides an array of opportunities for the creative Mistress or Master to take advantage of. My Mistress also made it clear that my cock was far too small to satisfy her in the bedroom so she needed more outlets for her sexual appetites. I am not sure that the term "cuckold" even applies that well if the guy enters the relationship knowing his cock was never going to be of any use to her and that others would be filling that role.

As our relationship evolved she became tired of my complaints about my inability to lose weight. On that morning that changed my life forever, I was surprised to see that she was preparing breakfast. As part of my duties around the house, I always prepared the meals. She simply ordered me to; "Sit down," as I stared at her.

My Mistress explained that things were about to change dramatically. "Slut, you have complained about your weight since we met and I finally decided that it was time for me to do something about it. You said you needed to permanently change your eating habits. That change happens today. Studies show that a weight loss program is only successful if the person is motivated to stick with it. Just losing the weight is not usually enough of an incentive since most overweight people want that. For it to work, the person needs to have clearly defined goals and get the proper rewards when he succeeds and the proper punishments if he fails. Adults really function no different than kids in that way. If you really value the rewards then you will stick to the plan and the pounds will fall off."

"You gave me the idea last week. After I made you eat Jason's cum from my pussy and drink down my piss you licked your lips and said you wished you could do that every day. I thought, "Why not?" How about a diet that centers on eating cum and drinking piss? A slut's diet for a slut. So here is your breakfast."

My Mistress walked across the kitchen and came back with two glasses. A glass of orange juice for her and a glass of something yellow for me. "You know what that is. Drink it down. You need to learn to love every drop because you will get a lot of it from now on."

"Yes, Mistress." I smiled and slowly emptied the glass down my throat.

"Of course, you will need the right foods and vitamin supplements to stay strong during the diet." She pulled a dish of fresh fruit from the refrigerator. As she sat it down in front of me I looked closer at the fruit. "I had Jason add the topping to it last night after you went to bed. If you are going to maintain the protein part of your diet you will need plenty of cum. Since you only get to cum on special occasions I have asked a few friends to start a collection for your diet. Believe me slut; you will be very well fed. I also thought that no one would believe a sub could stay on this diet for a long time so I am going to document it all. Both of us will keep an electronic diary describing your day. I will use the video camera and cell phone video to document your progress on the diet and maybe record some of the more entertaining moments. Hell, maybe I will finally capitalize on that nutrition degree and become famous! You know those diet books are huge sellers." She smiled and laughed. "Eat up, slut."

Week 1

Wow, what a week! I am now on a strict diet to get my metabolism jump started. I get cum-topped fruit for breakfast, a dinner of chicken or fish topped with cum each evening, and a series of "protein shots" of cum throughout the day. Every time my Mistress needs to pee she just yells for her "toilet" and I am there at her feet. She makes a point of emphasizing all the water she is drinking throughout the day so I will know that I will be well filled. When her friends stop by she also invites them to use me if they want and they don't hesitate to take her up on the offer.

The workouts each day are humiliating and exhausting. I haven't really exercised since gaining weight after college. So changing from a couch potato to what I am doing now has been an amazing jolt to my system. My Mistress has me work out in a bra and panties with a collar padlocked on my neck. I always have cuffs locked on my ankles and wrists. She records a part of the workout each day to show my progress. I work out doing sit-ups, lifting weights, and walking on the treadmill for an hour each morning and again for an hour after a full day at the office. My Mistress has me insert a plug in my "pussy" each morning and I can only remove it with her permission. During the workout it constantly reminds me of my servitude and that provides motivation to keep going. Earlier this week we purchased a number of different anal plugs at the adult store near the mall. They range in size from the smallest one I am using now (about 1 ¼ inches across) to the largest one of more than 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Mistress made it clear that I will gradually "grow into" bigger and bigger plugs as I continue to progress in my training and that once I can take all of these she will just find some bigger ones.

Several times each day I am locked spread-eagled on my back on the bed or floor and Mistress squats on my face and has me lick her to multiple orgasms. If she needs to pee there is no need for her to even move. She said that after a week she can already notice that I am becoming better at eating pussy now that I am not eating so many other things. I admit that I am now craving her taste more than ever before.

When Jason drops by a few times each week I am tied up and made to watch while they fuck like animals in bed. Jason is a couple of years younger than my Mistress and works as a fireman. He looks like he has never been out of shape and he is the type of guy I was always jealous of growing up. They have been "fuck buddies" for years but neither has ever had any interest in advancing their relationship beyond that. She always tells me that "I don't love Jason, I love Jason's cock." My Mistress constantly taunts me about the "real cock" she is getting instead of the "clitty" I have. Her screaming orgasms tell me everything I need to know about the pleasure she is receiving from him. When they finish I am always required to swallow the cum from my Mistress' pussy and suck the remaining cum off Jason's cock. For the first time this week he pissed down my throat after I sucked him clean.

As the first week of the new diet came to an end, I was put on the scale for my first weigh-in. I was thrilled to learn I had lost 12 pounds in just a week. My Mistress was also quite happy that her new diet plan was working so well. "Slut, you did fantastic for your first week. Looks like I found the perfect diet for you. Now to keep this even more interesting, I decided to make a little game of it." She pulled out a bowl with a bunch of folded up pieces of paper. Each piece of paper has a number on it from 5 to 15. The number represents the number of pounds you needed to lose that week to make your goal. If you made it you will draw out a sealed "reward" card from the green bowl. If you fall short you will draw a "punishment" card from the red bowl. I know it will be almost impossible for you to lose 15 pounds in a week, and after a while you won't even be able to lose 5 pounds, but there is no point in having rewards that are easy. Plus, I like the 'punishment" ideas I came up with a lot more." She grinned at me. "Since you don't pull the number until the week is done you can never take it easy. Draw your first number, slut."

I reached in and picked one off the top. I opened it and was thrilled to see I had drawn a "10." I showed the number to Mistress and she congratulated me on making my goal and told me to draw a "reward." I reached into the green bowl and pulled out a card and opened the small envelope. I read it to myself with some confusion. "Read your reward out loud, slut!"

"Make a run for the border." I read.

"Nice, a much belated Cinco de Mayo celebration to start your weight loss," My Mistress said. "I know you love margaritas so this week you will get a very special one as your reward. The icy margarita will be blended up then drained into your ass where you will hold it for 10 minutes, then expel it back into the glass for your treat." I swallowed hard wondering if this was considered a "reward," what could be in the "punishment" bowl?

She laughed. "I hope you did a thorough enema when you showered this evening as I instructed. Otherwise you might get a lot more than you bargained for in that drink." I know the look on my face gave away my fear. "Come on slut. Let's get to the kitchen and prepare your treat. This could be so much fun you might get a second round on the house." She hooked the leash to my collar and pulled me behind. I followed with the understanding that this was going to be a diet full of many surprises.

Week 2

During week two, Mistress decided that my "pussy" needed more of a work-out so she required that I be fucked at least an hour each day. For the first few days she used her favorite strap-on until she collapsed from exhaustion. She was afraid the fucking might cause me to cum without permission so she always wrapped tight rubber bands around my balls and cock to prevent accidental ejaculation. She then lubed the strap-on with some of the cum from her growing stock and pounded away. As always it felt great as we got started. But as she continued to hammer me from behind it eventually went from pleasure to pain. I was as exhausted as she was by the time the hour was up. As she recovered I was pulled over to suck the strap-on clean. If I didn't get everything with my nightly enema the cleaning process got very unpleasant.

However, by mid-week she commented that the workout was more exercise for her than it was for me. So she opened a large box that arrived that afternoon in the mail and pulled out a device I had seen online. It was one of the many "fucking machines" that are available on the web. Essentially it has a piston that allows for up to a 12" dildo to be attached. The dildo then thrusts back and forth. This was the deluxe model that had many different settings. It could be set to thrust anywhere from 1" to 12" depending on the amount of penetration desired. It could also be set on a number of speed settings from slow to very fast. The deluxe version also included a setting that randomly varied the speed and the amount of thrust. The box said it could be run safely for an hour before the motor would require a rest.

"I am still going to fuck you with the strap-on from time to time, slut, but this machine will become a mandatory part of your training and it will allow multiple sessions if I decide you need it." So she put me down on all fours and slid the machine into position behind me. She lubed her 8" dildo and set it at the entrance to my "pussy." "I am going to start by setting the machine to go in only 4 inches to warm you up." The machine hummed to life and I felt the dildo start to pulsate. I watched as she focused the camera on me. At first it moved very slow and in rhythm. As it got going, it would slowly push in deeper and deeper until it was in 4". "So far so good. Let's see if you can take it all." She set the machine to go in 8" and stepped back. Again it pushed a little deeper with each stroke until it was finally in all the way. It was running at about a medium speed.

"MMMMMM...that looks like a lot of fun. Let's see if it gets even better if I crank up the speed." She gradually increased the speed of the unit until it was hammering in and out like a crazed animal. I began moaning and struggled to stay in position. "Holy Shit slut! You should see this thing!" As it revved up I was being thrashed back and forth by the dildo. She let it stay at that speed for about 2 minutes before she finally slowed it down. "Wow!! Could you imagine an hour of that?" She laughed. "That might kill you." She set it to the variable speed. "You have another 45 minutes of training in this session so get comfy. I will keep your tongue busy." She then moved around in front of me and lowered her pussy to my face. "Time for a snack. I better cum at least twice before the machine shuts off or I am grabbing the 12 inch dildo." She aimed the camcorder down at me while I fed from her cunt. Thankfully, she had 3 orgasms before the machine was shut off. "Oh my, slut, that fucking machine is already making you eat pussy better. I am loving this diet as much as you are."

By Sunday, my "pussy" was already becoming well stretched by the new toy and the extra pounding was proving to be very aerobic. At the weigh in I had lost another 8 pounds. Again my Mistress was extremely pleased by the 20 pound weight loss in just two weeks. Again I was given the bowl to pick the target weight, and the paper showed a "9." "Oh, so close! One more pound and you would have made it. But close won't cut it so you need to draw a "punishment" card." I was handed the "punishment" bowl and pulled the card. She told me to hand the sealed card to her because she wanted to watch the look on my face as it was read. My Mistress said, "Girls just want to have fun."

"As your punishment slut, you will spend 24 hours at the service of a lesbian couple." She put down the card and looked at me. "You are probably wondering how that could possibly be a punishment. Well the couple is Susan Anderson and her partner Shelly. I met them at the gym a few months ago. Susan is very dominant and loves to see her sub in pain. Shelly is her sub but she hates men ever since her boyfriend abused her. She loves hearing men scream in pain but she is still afraid of them. They will be thrilled that you drew a day with them as your first "punishment." I know they had some nasty plans for you if their card was selected. Get some sleep, slut. I am calling them right now and see when I can set up your little "play date.' You will need all the rest you can get." I slinked off to bed with a dread of what was soon to come.

The Domme Diet Plan—Chapter 2

Week 3—A day with the girls

I spent the last five days recovering from my 24-hour session with Ms. Susan and Ms. Shelly. As soon as they heard their card was selected they arranged for me to be brought by the next evening. My Mistress had me call off work on Tuesday because I was "not feeling well" since she figured that would be true by the time they were done with me. In preparation for my "punishment," my Mistress had me shave all my hair from the neck down and take a series of enemas. Once she was convinced I was clean inside and out, she put the heavy-duty cuffs on my wrists and ankles. Those cuffs along with my collar were padlocked in place. She then added a short chain between the ankle cuffs and another short chain between the wrist cuffs. She pulled out the next bigger plug, lubed it up, and pushed it into my pussy with a "pop." She had me put on a pair of pink frilly panties and topped it off by pulling a tight leather hood over my head. I was then told to follow her to the car as she pulled me by the leash.

As I followed her with a series of short steps to avoid falling, my Mistress explained. "I know you will make me proud tonight and tomorrow. This session with you is important to their relationship. Susan believes that Shelly will not be able to truly submit to her until she gets past the pain caused by the ex-boyfriend. Susan believes that having a man at her mercy will allow Shelly to understand that men do not have to be a threat to her. Don't worry, slut. Susan is an experienced Domme. They will hurt you, but they won't harm you. Just think of me every time you feel like it is too much. You are suffering for me." I felt her lean forward and kiss my lips tenderly through the hood. She couldn't see my smile.

As I was helped into the front passenger seat for the drive to Ms. Susan's house my Mistress zipped the eye holes on the hood closed and buckled my seat belt. "Susan is very protective of her privacy. She only allows a few select people to know where she lives. I told her you would be blindfolded for the drive to her place. Don't worry it is a short trip." I heard my Mistress open the driver's side door and slide into her seat. As she started the car I felt her reach over and suddenly put clamps on each nipple. I felt the chain hanging down between them. She laughed. "If any other drivers piss me off along the way, I will pull the chain to make myself feel better." We were on our way.

We arrived about 20 minutes later. On the trip, my Mistress continuously commented on how much of a slut and a whore I was and how sore I was going to be when she picked me up tomorrow night. She described how drivers in other cars were watching me and pointing. At one stop I heard her lower the window and tell someone: "It's my sissy slut. He is on the way to visit a couple of lesbians that are going to really fuck him up." I heard muddled talk from the other vehicle. "Sure, give me your card. Maybe we can come up with some fun for you guys another time." I had no idea what they were talking about but she did say it might be a "nice surprise" for me in the future.

She removed the nipple clamps as she helped me out of the car and squeezed my nipples hard to "get the circulation back." She hooked a leash to my collar and pulled me forward. I was still in the dark as I heard her knock and a door open. Ms. Susan and my Mistress greeted each other as I was pushed to my knees. I was introduced as her "panty wearing, ass kissing, piss guzzling, sissy cum slut." My Mistress unzipped the opening to the eyes and light flooded in. I saw Ms. Susan and Ms Shelly for the first time. Ms Susan was about average height with short dark hair and huge breasts. She was wearing a leather mini skirt and leather boots with a corset. She had a slight smirk on her face and certainly looked the part of the Domme. Ms. Shelly was tall and thin with small breasts. She was wearing high heel shoes and only a pair of panties. You could tell she would be very attractive if she had been made-up, but her shyness really masked her beauty. I noticed both of her nipples were pierced with thick rings hanging down.

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