The Dorm


"Naomi, please don't go, I'm sorry." Eliot was trying desperately to keep his girlfriend from walking out of his apartment.

"No, Eliot, I'm tired of this. I need space." They'd just had they're fourth fight this weekend, and Naomi needed to distance herself to think.

Naomi was nineteen, a sophomore in college. She was about 5'5", with plenty of curves and c-cup breasts. She had shoulder-length, dark-blonde hair and icy-blue eyes. Her pale skin and perky ass were her favorite features.

Her boyfriend, Eliot, was a complete physical opposite. He stood at 6'1", with dark skin and a firm, wide build. He had thick, pitch-black hair tied back in a Samoan bun and a well-trimmed beard of the same color. His eyes were dark brown, almost black, and they were incredibly kind.

Eliot was a great boyfriend. He was good to her, always listening to her and being respectful. As an atheist, he was surprisingly accepting of her faith. He always complimented her and swore up and down that she was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

The problem was that he was too smart for his own good. He was practically a genius, and he knew it. He was aware he suffered from narcissism, but that didn't stop it from affecting his everyday life quite a lot.

He was very stubborn, and if he disagreed with something someone said, he had no problem with expressing that. It was the cause of many of their fights, including the one they'd just had.

"Where are you gonna go?" he asked, genuine concern on his face, wanting to make sure she wasn't leaving without a place to stay.

"I'll probably stay in the dorms," she said. "I might be back tomorrow, but I don't know. I need to think about some things." She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, then left through the front door, leaving him alone.


Naomi walked up the stairs toward her dorm building. The parking lot was empty. It was winter break, so practically the entire school was deserted for the next two weeks. She still had access to her dorm, but everyone in it, including her roommate, was gone.

Unlocking the door to her room, she walked in and placed her overnight bag on the floor and flopped onto her twin bed. 'That was a really bad fight,' she thought as tears began to cascade freely down her face. Not long after laying down, she drifted off to sleep in the dark room.


Naomi awoke to a clicking noise. The room was pitch black; she couldn't see anything at all. It sounded like someone trying to unlock the door. They eventually succeeded, opening it, but the light in the hallway had been turned off and she couldn't see them.

"Stephanie?" she said to the dark room, hoping her roommate had decided to stay on campus for break. When she received no response, she spoke again. "Steph, is that you?"

Suddenly, the intruder leapt onto her bed and pinned her on her stomach. It was definitely not Stephanie. "Hey, get off me!" she yelled. The assailant ignored her, yanking her arms behind her back. "Please, let me go!" Naomi suddenly felt a poking sensation on her neck. This person was injecting her with something! "Please! Pl- plea...please..." she trailed off as her body went limp. She didn't lose consciousness, she just lost the strength to fight. She could still move, but she was entirely at her attacker's mercy.

"Mm, that's better," a voice growled in her ear. Realizing it was certainly a male made Naomi panic more. That all but cleared up this creep's intentions. "We're gonna have some fun, Naomi." She froze and her eyes widened when he said her name. This pervert knew her?!

"My name is Casey. You don't know me, but I'm well aware of who you are." When this guy talked, it was so creepy. It sent chills down her spine. "I've wanted you for a long time. You'd never give me the time of day in public, so this became a necessity. I also had to worry about that boyfriend of yours. You looked pretty upset when you pulled up...did you guys have a little spat?"

Naomi wanted to throw up. "Shut up!" she said.

"Aww, you don't wanna talk about it? I understand. We've got other things to attend to anyway." With this, he reached back with his right hand, worked it under her skirt, and began an assault on her crotch through her panties.

"Mmgh," she groaned, hating feeling someone besides Eliot touching her.

"Mm, you like that?" he asked. He circled her folds with his first two fingers, pressing periodically and forcing a moan from her. "Ooh, you're getting wet, I can feel it through your panties. Your honey is sticky," he taunted as her face turned red. He sat up and undid her skirt, throwing it to the ground. He worked his hand down the back of her panties, continuing his attack and simultaneously massaging her rectum with his thumb.

Naomi was absolutely disgusted with what he was doing. Not even Eliot touched her there, she didn't let him. The idea made her feel gross. The worst part was that it was feeling good.

"Mmgh, ungh," she continued letting out strained noises of pleasure, trying to hide them.

Casey again sat up and grabbed her underwear by the waist, yanking it off. Her bottom half was completely exposed to him now. Wrapping his arms around her thighs, he grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. He laid on his front and shoved his face in between her thighs, eating her pussy from behind.

"Ungh, ugh, ugh fuck," she moaned. He continuously flicked his tongue across her clit and then shoved it inside her hole. He sucked and ate her lips, nibbling and licking as she writhed in pleasure and disgust. Every once in a while, he moved up and repeated the process on her puckered asshole, causing her to jump and gasp. She'd never felt anything like this.

Casey stopped for a moment, forcing an almost disappointed sigh from her. He turned her on her back and then continued eating her pussy violently.

"Ugh, hngh, hngh, ungh, ugh, ungh, uh, fuck, fuck, oh," she continued as he devoured her soaking crevice. She'd long since wrapped her legs around his head, tangling her fingers in his hair.

He finally ceased after several orgasms and got on his knees between her legs. She didn't remember him removing his pants, but that wasn't what she was focused on. He was enormous. His dick was at least eight inches, maybe nine, and she was terrified. Eliot was only six inches, and this guy was at least twice as thick.

"No..." she pleaded, "no, you can't! I've only had sex with my boyfriend, you can't do this!"

"I can do whatever I want," he said with a smile, as he began pushing his girth into her sopping cunt. She hit her limit at his tip, he was just too thick. Her protests didn't stop him from pushing until their hips locked like puzzle pieces.

"You asshole! Take it out!" she yelled angrily.

"That's not happening," he said, and then began long, steady thrusts. After only four or five, Naomi already began convulsing as she leaked her honey all over his stiff cock. "Agh, cum for me baby," he said, dropping down to kiss her neck.

"D- don't call me th- that!" she said, trying to imagine she was somewhere else. It was no use. He was just so big. She couldn't ignore his massive third leg driving inside her and kissing her womb.

"Mmgh," he grunted, suddenly speeding up his thrusts. "Ugh, I'm gonna cum."

Naomi's eyes widened exponentially. ", you can't! You have to pull out, please!"

He ignored her, grunting with each thrust of his huge rod until he made one last push, his tip penetrating her womb and the pumping rope after rope of thick, hot cum. First her womb overflowed, then her pussy, then it spilled out and fell down her ass, pooling on her bed. He came so much; it was actually hurting when it hit her walls. He pulled out and she thought he was done, but he just held his cock and unloaded another bucket's worth of cum on her stomach, tits, thighs, pussy, and face. 'No human should be able to cum this much,' she thought to herself as his dick sprayed her right in the mouth.

Finally, he emptied the last of his load right on her pussy lips and slouched.

"You bastard." She still was unable to move her body with much force. Casey moved up on her body and straddled her sternum, pulling her shirt up and placing his shaft between her full and sticky breasts. "Still?" she said, shocked he was still hard. Ignoring her, he pressed her tits together and began thrusting between them. They were incredibly warm and slick.

He was ruthlessly pounding into her cleavage, not paying any attention to her protests. She eventually gave in and went limp as he used her bust to his heart's content. After a few minutes of violent tit-fucking, he released them. She thought he was done, but he grabbed the top of her head and shoved his cock into her mouth. She tried keeping him out, but he forced his tip down her throat regardless, gagging her.

The skull-fuck lasted about as long as he assaulted her breasts, and he finally exploded in the back of her throat, filling her stomach with boiling semen. She couldn't swallow fast enough and the white fluid burst out of her mouth, covering her face, neck, and pillow.

"Please," she panted, barely able to breathe, "please stop, I can't handle any more."

Her pleading went unanswered. He flipped her back onto her front and began another manual assault on her pussy. "Ughn," she moaned as he shoved his middle and ring fingers deep into her soaking hole. He started pumping them at a rapid pace and she crashed through two consecutive orgasms, drenching her bed sheets in girl cum.

He pulled her ass into the air and pushed her head into the pillow. He laid his - somehow - still throbbing member in between her ass cheeks and then pushed them together like he did with her tits. He spat on it and began fucking the crack of her ass.

"Ughn, you sick fuck," she groaned, "stop using me, ughn, mmgh, ungh fuck." Without warning, he grabbed his cock and shoved it to the hilt in her tight pussy. "Ugh, fuck, fuck, fuck, no, ugh, take it out, take it out, please!" He ignored her yet again and proceeded to pound her into the mattress.

After a while, she was building up to what had to be her hundredth orgasm. "Ugh, I'm gonna cum again." At this, he pulled out. "Ughn, no, please," she said, shocking herself.

"What was that?" She was silent. "I said," he growled, yanking her head up by the hair and putting his mouth to her ear, "what did you say?"

"Pl- please," she stammered, "please p- put it b- back in."

"Who's pussy is this?" he said, reaching around with his right hand and digging his index and middle fingers into her dripping twat.

She moaned deeply and said, "it's yours."

"My what?"

"Y- your pussy."

"Say it."

"It's your pussy."

"Am I bigger than your boyfriend?" She hesitated. "Hey," he said, fingering her harder and eliciting another shaky moan from her mouth, "am I bigger than him?"

"Y- yes."

"Am I better than him?"


"Tell me more, baby."

Getting desperate, she broke down. "Ugh, you're so much better than Eliot, and your giant cock is bigger than his. Please, put it back in me." He obliged, driving his rock-hard prick back into her folds. "Ugggh yes, fuck, fuck me, ughn, your big dick is gonna make me cum!"

"Who's pussy is it?"

"Ungh, it's yours, it's your pussy, daddy, you can fuck it whenever you want!"

"Whenever I want?"

"Yes!" He started brutal, animalistic thrusts into her tight hole until she was screaming. "Ugh! Fuck! Fuck, Casey, fuck my little pussy! Fuck me harder!" After another minute of this, he shuddered and busted deep inside her, painting her walls white once again. More cum leaked from her hole and covered his balls, dripping on to the mattress and soaking it further. Casey was still fucking her, dragging her through multiple rolling orgasms as she shook violently. She eventually went limp and fell to the bed, shaking continuously as Casey emptied his balls in her depths.

Immediately when he finished pumping his seed inside her, he pulled out and pressed his tip against her asshole.

"Wait..." she said weakly. "Wait, no...not there, please..." He ignored her, as he'd done many times already, and began pushing. She didn't truly register what was happening until his tip breached her entrance. "Wait, stop! You can't!"

"I can," he said, "and I'm gonna." Unable to fight him, she thrashed pathetically beneath him, wincing and crying out as he pushed inch after inch inside of her.

"You're gonna split me in half!" she yelled, trying desperately to get him to stop.

"I'm not even halfway in, baby," he said, not slowing his progress. After what felt like an eternity, he finally bottomed out. Naomi's tears were falling freely at this point. She'd never had anything in her ass before, not even Eliot's inferior member.

Did she really just call it inferior? What was happening to her?

Casey, again, ignored her pleas and started slowly fucking her ass. After a while, her pained sobs turned into pleasurable moans. 'Is this starting to feel...good?' she thought to herself, and it sure was. She could feel the familiar coil in her stomach beginning to tighten.

"Ughn," she moaned, and Casey noticed.

"You starting to like it, baby?"

She didn't answer, just continued her soft moans, trying her best to mask them. Casey starting pumping harder and as he did, her volume increased.

"Mm," she moaned again. "Mm, yeah, uhn."

"Tell me you want it, baby," he said softly.

"Mmgh, fuck, fuck me," she responded, "fuck me, please." He responded in kind, speeding up his thrusts and hitting her harder.

"Ugh, fuck, this ass is amazing."

"Ugh, yeah, fuck it, fuck my ass." Naomi was a wet, moaning mess now. Her pussy was practically a waterfall and her ass was tightening around his meat. "Fuck me harder, fuck me baby."

"Mmgh, ngh, hmgh, hmgh, ughn," Casey grunted as he pounded her tight hole.

"Ugh, yes, yes, yes, fuck, yes, fuck me, fuck my ass daddy, oh, your giant cock is gonna make me cum again!" She was clawing into the bedding. "Ugh, you're so much better than him, you're so big I can't stand it, fuck me, fuck me!"

"Tell me you love it!"

"Ugh, yes! I love it! I love it when you fuck my tight ass with your monster cock! Make me cum! Make me cum, daddy! Make my pussy cum!" At this, Casey made three last violent thrusts and then came harder than he had so far, dumping burst after burst after burst into Naomi's hungry bowels. "I love you!" she screamed, crashing through yet another cock-crushing orgasm. Once his jizz overflowed and began sliding down her crack to her pussy, he pulled out and covered her back like he did her front, soaking her hair and skin in ropes of sticky cum. He shoved himself back into her ass and started thrusting again slowly as she milked him of the last of his load.

"Oh, fuck," she said, all energy gone from her.

"You were a great fuck, Naomi," Casey said, getting up and putting his pants back on. "We'll have to do this again."

Having come back to her senses mostly, Naomi began to mentally berate herself for what she did and the things she said. "I'll never do that again."

Casey laughed. "You and I both know that's not true."

As he made his way out of her room, she said, "fuck you," before he closed the door.

But she knew. She knew he was right. She knew she'd crave him again. She knew that if he found her in the future and said to fuck him, she'd stop what she was doing and fuck him. If she was at Eliot's mother's funeral, and Casey showed up, she'd say she needed to use the restroom and ride him in the broom closet.

He owned her now.

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