tagLoving WivesThe Double Stretching!

The Double Stretching!


This is a fantasy--but it excites us both to swap hot emails about things like this--we hope you like it!


I knew if I waited she'd want the big one again! It took two weeks for her to approach me about it! She said, "You wanted to know my fantasy-if you are sure I'll tell you now!"

I said, "Yeah Darlin', tell me all about it." She said she wanted the guy with the big cock and his brother (who is almost as big) to have her for the whole night! I was surprised, but gave her the go ahead—here's her report of the DOUBLE STRETCHING!

She went to the house that the two brothers shared-It seemed more private and she said she thought she would be more relaxed. She wore a light summer dress no stockings and her usual lacy bra and panties! She said the guys were in gym shorts and tank tops, They knew why they were all there! They had a couple of drinks to loosen up and then all three went into the bedroom.

JB (the older-biggest one-14 inches) moved in to kiss her and rub his cock on her pussy and Ray (the younger—only 12 inches) moved in behind her and started to rub his cock on her ass and kiss the back of her neck. Soon they were all naked, (my wife at 46 is still in great shape-natural 38D's, nice ass and tan legs) the guys were both exceptional, one of them is 35 and the other is 30, both are tan and well built—she was about to get ravaged.

They moved her to the bed and soon both were sucking her titties and rubbing her pussy and any where else-she had a cock in each hand and they were both swollen and looked like they were about to burst! Soon JB had moved his cock to her mouth and she was sucking and jacking it and Ray moved between her legs and started to eat her swollen wet pussy!

It wasn't long before the fucking started-Ray moved up to mount her and buried his big cock in her in 4 strokes! JB moved back to watch, Ray was fucking her pretty hard when suddenly he jerked to a halt and held deep as he filled her with cum. He moaned, "DAMN that cunt was milking me—I hope you can calm her down!"

JB said, "Move over little brother, I'll tame that cunt, just watch!" He moved over her and rammed in half his monster in one stroke and she screamed out in pain but didn't offer to pull away-cum oozed out around his cock! She was full and wet and he hammered the rest in after 5 or 6 strokes and started to fuck her deep and hard! She was clawing at the sheets and digging her heels in his ass, and begging him to fuck her! He did--for over 20 minutes he fucked her like he was trying to ruin her and when he got ready to cum he pulled out and moved up to her sweaty titties and jacked his huge load all over them. She was cumming while he came on her titties!

Cum was everywhere,they lay there for a few minutes and then she started to rub their cocks soon they were both getting ready for action and for the next 2 hours they both fucked her so many times she lost count!

She spent the night with them and before she left the next morning she gave them both a blowjob. Her pussy was so sore she wouldn't let them near it with those big pussy busters.

She came into our bedroom, undressed and said, "Look what they did to little pussy—well my not so little pussy now."

"Baby I'm going to give you the best blowjob you've ever had for letting me have my fantasy come to life!" She gave me one hell of a blowjob and then drifted off to sleep and slept most off the day! When she woke up she told me her pussy was sore she could hardly touch it—but if I wanted her ass, it was working just fine---for now! I wonder what that means??????????????

I later found out her account of the evening was very accurate—the arrogant bastards had hidden a camera and captured the whole thing on tape! I got so hard watching it I tried to ruin her ass. I hope those big bastards stay away from it!

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