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The Dream


The dark-haired girl fell asleep at her desk with her laptop open to the page of accounting numbers she was finishing for her job. Almost immediately, she started dreaming about one of her handsome coworkers.~

She was sitting in his lap and they were kissing, trailing their tongues across each other's mouth as she breathed a warm sigh into him. Meanwhile, she slid her fingertips down his massive chest and gingerly outlined the bulge in his pants. He had his arms wrapped around her waist to pull her closer, and he caressed one hand down under her butt. The intensity got deeper and their kisses became harder when she slipped her hand under his shirt and rubbed her palms up against his nipples, then pulled his shirt over his head. Likewise when he took off hers, she gently pushed him back onto the bed and settled on top of him as the kissing resumed. As she worked her hips against his, he unhooked her bra and started touching her, pressing his thumbs in circles around her hardened nipples. She sucked on his bottom lip for a moment before she moved lower, placing kisses down the middle of his torso until she came to his belt.

Looking back up at him, she smiled and slowly unbuckled his belt, taking it off and carefully sliding down his pants, leaving his boxers on. Then, she began kissing from his knee up his inner thigh and over the waistband while rubbing her palm up against his erection through his boxers. After a while, she slid those off too and gripped his length with one hand, slowly sliding her hand back and forth, feeling the warm hardness swell beneath her fingers. As he settled back against the pillows, her tongue glided around his tip, revolving in small circles around the hole and gradually going further until she had him in her mouth. She sucked him in and blew him out, each time taking more and more of him in her moist mouth as her hand rested at the base and she massaged her thumb along the underside of his penis. He ran his fingers through her soft hair, pushing the dark strands away from her thin face as she began to suck harder, the insides of her cheeks putting a steady pressure against his hardness as his tip rubbed against the roof of her mouth.

She kept swirling her tongue around his length and slipping it over the tip, then she pushed until the head rubbed against the back of her throat, her lips at his base as she completely engulfed him. Her hands slid around to his lower back, pushing him further into her mouth as she swallowed and sucked in every inch of his shaft with her nose pressed against his pelvis. He continued running his fingers through her hair as she bobbed faster and faster. She took one hand down and tugged gently at his sacs, moaning with him in her mouth so that the vibrations ricocheted along his tense nerves. Near the climax, she slowed down and pulled him out of her moist mouth, instead running her tongue under his length and down to his balls, gently sucking on them as she pumped her fist along his penis. With the gentle tugging and her quick hand movements, he let forth a groan and she moved back, gently squeezing his penis until he came in her mouth and she flickered her tongue across his swollen tip.

Afterwards, he sat up and kissed her heavily, their breaths hot and moist against the insides of their mouths. He moved down and sucked lightly on her neck, picking her up and placing her gently on the bed where he had been. As he began sucking on one of her plush breasts, she ran her fingertips up and down his back. While he carefully took her nipple between his teeth, he caressed the other, the warmth of his mouth and the stimulation making her hips squirm underneath his body. Then he moved down and ever so slowly slid off both her pants and underwear, gazing at the subtle curves of her body before gracefully pushing her long legs apart. With his hands settled on her toned thighs, he blew hot air over her slick spot, lowering his head down to lick her awaiting pink clit.

At first, he explored her with his tongue, slipping it up and down her clit and around her entrance, slathering the sweet juices between her legs. Then, he placed his whole mouth over her, sucking against her clit with the pressure of his mouth. At that, she started breathing deeper, pressing her hips against his mouth, caressing the back of his head as his tongue teased her playfully. Next, he skimmed two of his fingers along her wet hole as he was licking her, and he felt around her before shoving them up her vagina, gently pushing them in and out of her. At that she arched her back and moaned his name, his agile fingers rubbing against her g-spot and her tight abdominal walls.

Gradually he stopped licking her and moved up to kiss her so that she could taste herself on his tongue as he continued fingering her. His fingers moved faster, pushing harder against her sweet spot, her fluids slathering down his hand. Using his thumb, he traced her sensitive clit and her hips bucked in pleasure as an orgasm blossomed from her abdomen. Slowly he pulled back his hand, lightly sucking on his fingers as she moved seductively in front of him. They were both up on their knees and he had his hands on her slim hips, dragging his tongue from her lower back up to her neck, tasting her sweet skin. She swept her long hair over the other shoulder and he kissed the side of her pink cheek, gazing down her gleaming and exposed body while pushing himself up against her back. The contact of warm skin on skin sent a shiver of excitement down her body.

Next, he placed a hand on her pelvis as he used the other to guide himself into her. When she felt his penetration, she turned her head and kissed him, placing her hand on top of his, pressing her pelvis and hips back against him until he was all the way in her. His body curved perfectly around her's and he pulled back out again, thrusting himself deeper the next time, gradually working into a steady rhythm. With each hump, small sighs escaped from her chest and he settled his chin on her shoulder, continuing to glance down her glistening body as he took her. She brought a hand up to touch the side of his face in a loving caress, enjoying the feel of his unshaven jaw prickling against her skin.

A little while later, he pushed her forward onto the bed and straddled her hips, moving faster and harder as her abdominal walls tightened around his length and she dripped with more lubricating fluids. He slipped a hand beneath her and pressed his fingers against her clit as his other hand gripped her hip. At the pleasant touch, she moaned and he bent down, kissing the back of her neck as he increased his speed, fully thrusting into her as the contact made small slapping noises. A slight blush crept up her cheeks and she pushed herself up, arching her butt into his body and lifting her chest off the mattress.

He placed one hand on top of hers as he used the other to tug on his balls, soft grunts passing through his mouth at the furious movements. Soon enough they climaxed, his gooey semen spurting into her as their bodies shook in unison. After lingering for a moment he pulled out, rubbing their juices over his tip. She flipped over onto her back and he picked up one of her legs, kissing his way down her thigh to lick up the sticky mess between her legs.

~She woke up to her blaring alarm clock, telling her to get up for work. Sighing deeply she thought, Maybe I'll go out Friday night..

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/11/17

I dream of a Thesaurus

I appreciate the effort you put into this first draft. However, I highly recommend using a thesaurus so you don't beat the ever-loving fuck out of words like "moist" and "slather." Once is enough.


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