The Dream

byAngel Larkin©

She awakened with a start from a tantalizing dream. She’d make love to her lover, as a woman it would seem. Was it really just a dream. Her body was on fire. She’d never dreamed like this before. She was filled with desire. She looked over at her lover, he was asleep or so it seemed. But how could she have these feelings, if it had all been a dream. She softly nudged her lover, but he did not stir. Then she chuckled softly, there was no way he’d been a “her.”

She lay back to go to sleep, content it’d been only a dream. She finally went to sleep, and her dream began again. She lay there in her dream and let her lover come. He teased and tantalized her, just as “she” had done. She was making love with him now. She shook her head and said, “there’s no way “she” had loved me. It had to be in my head.” Her dream continued and once again she found, her body was responding and her heart began to pound.

She could feel such sweet sensations and she relished every touch. She had never realized, he loved her quite so much. Once again she thought, if this is not a dream I can open my eyes then she realized she’d awakened with her cries. There “she” was again making love to her and well. She started to reach out to her but then her arm fell. She didn’t want to know, if she was asleep or awake. Deep down she knew. She was involved now and wanted just to take.

She wanted to continue, to feel as she now knelt. When all at once “she” hit her, with a leather belt. She cried out in pain, a turn on, that took her to the top! What was happening she didn’t know and right now she didn’t want to stop. She was in heaven, her body on fire everywhere. She didn’t want to awaken. She wanted the dream to last. He’d never made her feel so alive in the past.

“She” crossed her mind but was quickly shaken out. How could another women make her want to shout? No, it had to be a dream, she didn’t see “her” of that, there was no doubt. It could only be her lover with is inhibitions out. Then she thought why? Why hasn’t it ever been? Why had he not loved her, as he was right then. She shook her head to stop the thoughts within. I’ll just enjoy the dream with my body not my head. Then she thought, since I feel that I’m awake, could I possibly ask him, what I want. She thought, I may as well, I’ve nothing left to fear.

I want him to take me in my rear. She no more had the thought and his cock was pulling out. She felt him reposition and she started to shout. Please take it slow and easy. Please don’t make me tear. I’ve never enjoyed the feeling, of a cock in there. She could feel the pain as he slowly took more with each thrust. She wanted more and told him, he was gaining all her trust. Finally he was slamming into her, she could feel him swell. She was cumming and was screaming and he also began to yell. He’d cum in her ass, she could feel it dripping out.

She was spent as she laid there with her ass sticking out. She knew it was no longer a dream. She had begged for what she got. And as she turned around to look, it was “her” she had sought. “She’d” made her feel alive again. How could it be, she hadn’t been with him, it had been the “she.” She lay there and panted. Her body was now spent. She’d made love with a woman and wanted more of it.

She wanted to get up, to take and bath and wash her rear. But when she opened the bathroom, he was standing there. She was more confused as he stood there, his cock dripping yet. Had it really been her man that had left her spent? She blinked a few times just to clear her head. And when she looked again “she” was there again. He was standing there, with his cock in hand, wearing a wig, now would she understand?

She first looked at his cock, then looked up at the wig. She said, “Why didn’t you tell me, you wanted to be a girl instead?” He simply said, “I did.” “All of those times you wanted to know where I would go, I was being “her” and being in “her” clothes. I wanted to talk to you, to make you understand. But each time I tried, you would raise your hand.

Do you understand why I wanted to tell you now. I wanted to share this side of me and love you oh so well.” She slowly walked up to him, and touched his cock and then his wig. And as she pulled “her” to her bed she said, “come and be my woman,” and with that “she” did.

Angel Larkin Copyright 10/26/02

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