The Dream


Dear Readers, I hope you enjoy this story which came to my mind shortly after coupling with my wife which somehow made me wish she would have taken me instead of the other way round. Well, and then my fantasy ran a little bit wild.

The Dream

By Greta

Waking up with a sweat, I saw my wife of 10 years laying at my side. Still sleeping. Whow! What a dream I just had. Why couldn't this have been the reality? I mean Andrea knew before we married that I loved to dress up and I asked her to feminise me, but she never wanted to. Oh, before I forget, I should tell you my dream.

We were in our Hotel suite, me wearing my tuxedo and she wore her white bridegown, a vision of beauty. We had just come back from our wedding party. We ran to the bed and threw ourselfs on top, wrestling briefly before she ended up sitting on my chest almost blinding me with her satin and lace. I looked up at her and wondered why she had chosen me. I had asked myself this question already many times.

She was several years younger than me, long jetblack hair with incredible blue eyes, what a rare combination, and she was even a few inches taller than me. A year ago she said she had gone through a nasty divorce and now she was looking for a safe haven.

This was really the only thing I could give her. Just a few months ago my photograph had gone through the papers when I won a huge Jackpot with many millions in the Lottery. Otherwise I wasn't much of a man to look at. Neither tall nor muscular I couldn't impress any woman, and she was certainly way out of my league.

We met while walking on the beach. She had dropped a key and I was the first to see. I picked the key, ran after her and she in return had invited me to a coke. We simply hit it off and in no time I had told her my life story. From then on we met every day. This was two months ago. Now we were married. Whow!

I was so infatuated with her that I had already signed over several millions to her under the condition she'd stay with me at least for five years. Her voice woke me out of my daydream.

"Honey do you like to try something kinky?" I looked up at her surprised.

I mean in those two months she had never allowed me to come close to her, but somehow this made her even more attractive to me. She had told me she wanted us to start like babys in our marriage, from zero. I nodded my head.

"Yes, of course dear, anything you like, I am game."

She smiled at me and slipped off the bed. She quickly undid her gown and led it slide to the ground. I gasped, underneath she was wearing a white satin corset which gave her breathtaking curves, her equally white silk stockings were adorned with little red roses at the top.

Still this didn't make me gasp, it was the fact she didn't wear any underwear and I saw her completely bald pussy.

"Oh my god, you were without underwear during the whole ceremony?"

She smiled at me, nodded and grabbed a bag. From there she took a pink babydoll and matching crotchless panties.

"Gary I got this for your at Fredericks. Isn't it beautiful?"

I broke out in laughter, but then saw her face. She was serious, I stopped.

"I want you to wear this outfit because I know you'll look cute in it. It makes me hot just to think about it, but first I want you to get as smooth as I am. Like I said I want us start out like babies, from zero."

I shook my head.

"Get real dear. This is for women and I am a man. I can't wear this."

She had that look on her face, and I knew she wasn't kidding. My wife was a strong willed person and she always got what she wanted.

"Well, we can do this the easy way or the hard way, but you'll wear this for me because I want to see how cute you look in a babydoll. Do me the favour and wear it for me, ok?"

I still couldn't believe she wanted me to wear a babydoll, but what harm could it be? We were on our own in our wedding suite. So I got up and started to undress.

"Thank you honey, I know you'll look cute. I can't wait anymore."

As soon as I was undressed she took me to the bathroom where she rubbed me with a lotion, except for my crotch area. After a few minutes it started to tingle and then to burn. Finally when I hardly could stand it anymore she let me go under the shower. I knew what wouild happen and soon I had a smooth body like a girls.

Then she told me to sit on a chair and open my legs wide. She started to trim my pubic hair and then put shaving cream around my crotch and slowly shaved my hair away. She looked at me.

"Hmm, shall I shave you bald like me or should I leave some hair?"

I smiled at her.

"Oh, I think it would be nice if I had some hair left."

She nodded. "As you wish."

With a happy smile she finished. "Get up and look at it in the mirror."

When I looked I turned beetred. She had left some hair, right, but it was shaped like a heart.

"That looks so darling, don't you agree honey."

I looked at her. "How could you do that to me? I never can go to the gym anymore like that."

"Don't you worry. You still can workout with me at home. I have some great jazzercise dvds and and I'll give you one of my leotards so you won't look out of the place."

Before I could think of an answer she dragged me back to the bedroom and immediately started to dress me with the babydoll.

The material created a special sensation on my newly smooth skin. My nipples stood up immediately and poked through the flimsy material. This was not my only reaction. She looked down at my crotch where my cock had grown to a size I hardly had seen it before, a full four inches.

"Hmm, I see you like it. Your little princess woke up. Lets see if she likes her crotchless panties too."

I gasped at her words, what princess? "I don't have a princess, I have a cock", I said.

She simply looked at me, smiled as if she hadn't heard me and drew the pink panties over my legs. "Let's enfold your princess in satin, you love it I can see."

My cock got lost in the folds of the material and practically disappeared, only the head was poking through the opening. She lightly touched the head which sent electric waves through my body and she cried out: "Isn't this the cutest sight! Oh, I have just the finishing touch for your princess."

With that she took a pink ribbon and quickly made a big bow around my cockhead.

"There we go, don't you agree this is a cute and feminine Princess now?"

I blushed once again, standing there in my pink babydoll with matching crotchless panties, my cock slightly protruding now wrapped up like a pink parcel. I had to admit this didn't look manly at all. "Oh wait honey, there is still something missing."

Once again she turned and held out pink stockings to me which soon ended up adorning my long smooth legs. Then she got a shoebox and took out some 3 inch pink slippers and put them on my willing feet.

"Oh my god, let me look at you. Yes, excactly as I thought. Sooo cute. When you look like that I can't call you Gary anymore. Hmm, let me see, yes, that's it. Greta is a great name for you. Sit down on the bed and turn your head Greta."

She started to brush my longish hair backwards and took out a pink scrunchie to tie my hair in a high ponytail. Then she applied some pink lipstick, pink blusher and mascara. "Now you are ready. Walk for me Greta and put a little wiggle into it. Then I'll ravish you my pink princess."

I don't know what came over me when she dressed and made me up. It was like entering a different state of mind. As if in trance I did as she told me and only after a few steps I came. I almost doubled over from the intense pleasure. She screamed at me.

"You dirty slut. What did you do? I just wanted to have some fun and you just cum while wiggling your pink butt to me. How do you think you are going to satisfy me now."

I stood there sheepishly, redfaced, head bowed. Totally ashamed I whispered.

"I am sorry dear. I am sorry, I simply couldn't help myself. It just happened."

She got even angrier. "What? It simply happened? Can't you control yourself just a little? I think I have to take over. First you clean this mess and then you come here to the bed and lay on your back. Do it now!"

I wanted to run to the bathroom, in order to take a washcloth but she stopped me in my tracks.

"Oh no, if you behave like a slut you clean it like a slut. Lick it with your tongue. Now!"

I couldn't believe what I heard but her menacing tone and my bad behaviour made my legs tremble.

I looked pleadingly at her but she simply stood there with a very stern face. I bowed my head, sank to the ground in slow motion, bend over even slower and looked at the glistening white puddle for a moment.

She obviously sensed I wanted to balk and quickly stepped to my side. With one move she grabbed my ponytail and pushed my face right into the mess.

"Do it now you slut."

I tentatively opened my mouth and stuck my tongue into the cum, feeling for the first time its texture. It was thick but surprisingly not badly tasting. I couldn't believe it, my cum tasted sweet. I've heard from talknig with the guys their cum was salty, but mine was definetely sweet like candy. After the first hesistant lick I lapped like a dog at my cum puddle until the ground was shining.

"Greta, you are a real slut"; I heard her saying. "You must have liked it the way you were licking and slurping."

Then she pulled me up and we walked to the bed and I lay down. My wife simply climbed on top of me and positioned herself right over my face.

"Lick me good, and try to make me forget why you angered me before."

Then she lowered herself on my mouth and I started to lick her, but she soon took over and started to hump my face riding herself into a frenzy. Her clit bumped continuosly against my nose.

"Oh yes, oh princess, oh yesssss, I'm cummmminng", she cried out and came in a torrent. Her juices washed over my face. "Swallow it all you slut" she screamed so loud half of the Hotel must have heard. "Oh that was a good one for the beginning. Hmmm, and now I want to consumate our marriage my princess." I smiled at her when she got up and rummaged through the nightstand. I thought I was going to fuck her now.

With a cat like smile she held pink faux fur cuffs in her hands.

"Honey, do you like to try something kinky?"

I hesitated for a moment, remembering what had happened after I had agreed to try getting kinky before, looking down at me watching the result of that kink. Hmmm, it couldn't get worse, couldn't it? I looked back at her and nodded at her.

"Thanks soo much my little pink princess, you won't regret it."

She took my hands and cuffed them to the bedposts, then she raised my legs over her shoulders, pushed them further back so I was practically doubled over and immobilised me completely with another pair of pink faux fur ankle cuffs.

"Comfy honey?" She smiled down at me.

I moaned slightly and shook my head. "Not really, it hurts so much that I want to cry out."

She stroked my face with one hand and my pantyclad butt with the other. "Oh we can't have that, can't we princess? You crying out. I just have the solution. Close your eyes honey."

I did and felt her getting up from the bed, rummaging once again in the night stand. "Open your mouth princess and I promise you won't cry out at all, once I will give you this penisgag."

My brain didn't work as quick as she acted. When she had told me to open I simply did and while talking she shoved this thing into my mouth. I frantically tried to close my mouth, push it out but to no avail she had the upper hand and soon the device was deeply lodged into my mouth.

"Isn't this really kinky? Oh, I want to see you sucking on it princess. Yes, do it for me. That looks sooo cute. You should see your cheeks, hmm delicious my princess. Now for the consumation part sweety. Since you are in a too akward position to penetrate me, we will simply have a little role reversal where I penetrate you instead which will then makes us truly husband and wife."

I frantically shook my head and tried to tell her to uncuff me and let me go, but nothing more than "hmmmmpfhhhhmmpf" was heard around the gag in my mouth.

"Honey I can't understand you, so I will just proceed with my plans."

She laughed outloud and once again turned around towards the dreadful nightstand. Jeez, what else was in there? I saw her wrapping something around her crotch, pulling it tight, then grabbing again something from the nightstand and finally she turned around.

If I wouldn't have been gagged I`d have cried out loud. "Hmmmmmmmmmpffffffff." I looked at her with terrified eyes and shaking head.

"Oh, you seem to love what I have here." She shook the huge strapon cock menacingly. "Honey, specially for you I got simply the best cock on the market. It's a Stryker, 10 inches long. It maybe a little bit big for your cute butt but I'll lube you up well and be as gentle as possible. I want you to enjoy becoming my wife, and I believe soon you'll crave Stryker and be begging me to take your little pussy all the time."

Laughing loud she hopped on the bed, her huge Stryker bobbing up and down. I simply laid there, immobile, vulnerable. Totally unable to stop any of her actions. She opened up a tube of ky jelly, pushed the nozzle into my rear end and squeezed a good amount of it inside. I felt the cool jelly enter me and then she spread more around my opening and all around the huge head of Stryker.

With one finger she slowly rubbed the Jelly into my boypussy. In and out it went. I let out little moans.

"Hmm, you seem to like that. Yes, I knew you had a natural tendency to become a wife. I saw that immediately when we met. Exactly what I needed."

Meanwhile she added a second and third finger. Her first slow movement heated up and she started to fingerfuck me. My moans turned into squeals.

"Yes, you love it to be fucked, I knew it, you are a natural, you just had to be put into a situation where you couldn't escape anymore. Let me hear those squeals with a higher pitch, with a girlish pitch and I promise you to fuck you so well you don't want to be anything but my little pink princess."

I had never expected her to be so assertive, she always seemed to be the nice next door girl. Now with the wedding band on her fingers it rather looked like Pandoras box was opened. Despite my fear and doubts I got carried away from the heat and my lust and squealed as loud and as high as I could. And then I felt Stryker, her fingers still deeply buried in my boypussy but Stryker rubbing around, reminding he soon would take over as soon as those fingers would retreat. My heart raced, how would it be, impaled on such a giant cock? Would I squeal just because of its sheer size, or because of my lust?

And she slowly withdrew the fingers while Stryker pushed forward, inwardly I felt like this was a relay. The three fingers had paved out the way and Stryker was going for Gold now. My boypussy didn't have a chance to close, my clever wife had timed the moment very well. As soon as her fingers left my nether hole was stretched out by the magnificent Stryker.

"Mmmmpffffhhhhh", I screamed into the gag when Stryker slowly invaded his new territory.

I thought my eyes were going to pop. My wife kept slowly and steadily pushing. There was no doubt about it she wouldn't stop any moment earlier than her skin touching mine.

"Oh yesss", she screamed out. "What a rush. You are my wife now. Oh my god, yessss."

She wrapped her arms around my bound form and pushed the final inch of Stryker into me.

"Yes, now you are completely plugged at both ends."

To my surprise she didn't start to fuck me in earnest. In fact after she had pushed Stryker home several she stopped, and unwrapped the attachment of Stryker from her body leaving me impaled and totally helpless.

Still wondering why she didn't consumate our wedding there was a knock on the door.

"Thanks God, finally, Rod must be here. I am so hot and bothered."

She got up from the bed and rushed to the door. With all my might I tried to look up who it was and recognised one of her former friends who had attended the ceremony. I saw them kissing, his tongue entered her willing mouth, he took her in his arms and swept her off her feet and carried her with ease to the bed.

He looked at me for a moment, still carrying Andrea, then he winked at me and started to laugh.

"Oh Andrea, I never thought you'd pull this one off."

He kissed her deeply once again and dropped her onto the bed at my side. She laughed too.

"I hope you don't get disturbed by my wife lying at our side when we consumate the wedding. I mean I really need a good fuck, and I need it now."

He smiled at her. "Excuse me, did I ever give you a bad fuck sweetheart?"

She pulled at his tie, kissed him hard.

"No honey, never. I really can't complain and I am very sorry I can't marry you but you'd never make a good wife and that would run us always into trouble. Above all you don't have the millions to support me. This is certainly the best solution. You'll be my life-in lover while he'll be my little wife and chamber maid."

They both laughed and undressed each other. I tried in vain to get out of my bonds but a hard smack on my butt from her young lover brought me back to reality.

"Don't move. Just stay still. I don't want to hear anything from you bitch, or I smack your ass so hard you won't be able to walk for days. Do you understand?"

Redfaced with embarrassment I nodded my head.

"Good bitch, very intelligent decision, saves you a lot of trouble. Now let me get in the mood for my wedding night."

She purred. "Let me get you onto the right mood honey."

With that she dropped in front of him, undid his briefs and sucked his semi hard cock right into her eager mouth.

"Ohhhh, baby, you are hot as always. Yessss, suck me good."

Without letting up she simply pushed him on the bed where he came to lay at my side. I couldn't help watching her suck. He caught me looking.

"Haha, bet you'd like her to do just that for you, but I can assure you it will never happen. Ohhh baby, you drive me crazy, oh yessss, suck me soo good." Turning back to me again. "I can assure you you'll be quicker in permament chastity than you can blink with your eyes. I imagine she'd never let you fuck her with that puny thing but I don't want to take chances."

He told her to stop and pulled Andrea up to him.

"Andrea honey, it's time to make us husband and wife. You are right, this is cerrtainly the best solution."

He acted like an animal in heat, flipped her over on her stomach, raised her incredible butt and plunged right in with his huge cock. She looked at me while crying out.

"Yessss Rod, take me hard. Show my wife how a real man fucks. Yessss, ohhhhhhh my God. Yess drive deep into me."

She was shaking uncontrolably from his strong thrusts, smiling at me with glassy eyes like a bitch in heat, which I had no doubt about she was.

The whole bed seemed to move, me shaking with them. I closed my eyes but she had other ideas.

"Watch us princess, watch us and look how a real man takes care of his wife." She laughed. "Oh well, you'll never learn how to do that. Watching you being plugged and dressed as my wife I doubt you are not even interested in learning what a man does. Don't worry your pretty head, Stryker will always be there for you."

I watched in a mixture of horror and amazement how Andrea got taken by her lover. With long and hard strokes he worked her whole body. His thick muscles glistening in sweat showed no sign of ever letting up, on the contrary the pace even seemed to increase. And then it happened, she let out a long deep moan first, then shrieked and screamed her passion to the world, or at least to all the guests in the Hotel. Her orgasm triggered his which in return drove her into a frenzy. She seemed to have an out of body experience.

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