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The Dream


"I had a dream about you last night." I hands flew like moths around a light bulb, needing to go on and touch the light, but kept from the bright filament by an invisible barrier.

"Really," the mirth in your voice enveloped me like a warm summer rays. "Well, do tell."

"Ok," hesitantly I let my dream envelope me. "I came into your office. Without knocking I just ran in and shut the door heavily behind me. I don't remember turning the lock, but I must have. I remember thinking that the people in the rest of the office wouldn't be able to get in..." Should I really tell you this?

I continued, ... "The light was strange, well, maybe it was the shadows. The large oak desk overpowered the rest of the room, but it seemed to be glowing without any shadows. The only thing that diminished the big, dark desk was you sitting behind it, a pile of folders at your elbow. When you saw me come in, you turned off the recorder, I guess you must have been taking dictations."

I hear you snort then say, "Well, that wouldn't be unusual. I do my dictations every day or else I become hopelessly behind and records hates that." I giggle at your predicament, or maybe I'm giggling to hide my nervousness.

Tentatively, I continued, "Well, anyway, like I was saying, the light was wrong. The desk seemed to shimmer even though the wood was dark. Your diplomas on the wall seemed to be reflecting some unseen light source. Hmmm, now that I think about it, the light seemed to be coming from you. How odd is that?"

"Well, it IS your dream," you inform me. "But why are you telling me this? It doesn't seem like this dream should have upset you."

I hope you don't notice the blood that rushed to my cheeks. Hopefully my long dark hair covered enough of my face to hide my shame. I look down into my lap at my hands, which move like frightened birds worrying a crust of bread.

"Uhm, yeah, well," I continue. "This is the weird part. Without saying a word I rush over to you, push your chair away from the desk and grab your shirt, pull you up, and kiss you deeply." I look up into your brown eyes as my dark lashes and the hair hide my eyes. Am I telling too much? Your entire face smiles, so I rally my courage.

"Well, you see, it wasn't just a kiss; it was like my soul hungered for yours. Fire raged on my lips and I knew that I needed more, but if I got too much more then the fire would consume me and I'd just burn to nothing.

"So, I dropped to my knees in front of you. Pulling you down with me, not wanting to break off out kiss, but I did. As you fell, I unbuckled your belt and opened your pants. I remember wrestling with your boxers, my hands shook so fiercely that I had difficulty pulling you free of the last bits of fabric."

I swallowed before going on. My dry mouth made speaking almost painful. "So, well, I guess you can guess what I did?"

"Why don't you tell me?" Your voice seems strained. Oh Lord! How offensive is it for me to be telling you this? Your warm hand pushed the hair out of my face and tugged my chin so that my brown eyes looked deeply into yours. I can almost see your face glowing.

Afraid that I'll drown in your gaze, I walk over to the tall windows and look out into the cold night. "Well, you were semi erect, so I took you into my mouth. At first I could easily fit you into my mouth as I sucked gently on you. My tongue seemed almost magical; in my dream, somehow I was able to lick your testicles while your grew long and hard inside my mouth."

Clarifying my inadequacies, I make sure that you know that my tongue really isn't that long or talented, but you exhort me to continue anyway.

"I could feel you throbbing inside my mouth. You grew so long that I couldn't contain you, so I decided to suck on your heavy testicles. Each one filled my mouth." My voice grows heavy and I need to clear my throat.

"Then, you pulled me up and slid me onto your desk, somehow our clothing vanished. It was one of those strange dream world things. One minute we were dressed and the next we weren't.

"Uhm, so, anyway, I spread my legs and you just moved into me. We didn't talk the entire time, but it was like you knew exactly what was in my mind. Oh, good Lord, you just slid right into me -- Filling me. No matter how tightly I grasped you to me with my legs and my arms, you always pulled back and thrust deeply into me. Silently, wordlessly, I orgasmed as I clung to you, which, well, honestly is odd because well, I'm rather loud normally."

Oh, Good Lord! Did I just tell you way more than you wanted to hear? Do you really need to know that? Ok, get it together, take deep breath. "Well, anyway, as I was cumming, it felt as if our skin fused and my orgasm caused you to pour your seed deep into me. As your hot semen flowed into me, I was forced to cum harder.

""My muscles reacted involuntarily as they twitched and grasped at you. My legs clutched you forcefully to me. We were both soaked, I couldn't tell you whose sweat was whose. I remember raking your back until long bloody streaks marked where I held onto you. Still, despite all of that, you continued your long, hard pumping into me. It was like you ignored your own discomfort just to keep pleasing me."

"I remember at one point telling you, no begging you really, but without words, that I couldn't stand anymore. I needed you to stop, but you just smiled at me. Oh, your smile lit up my soul and I knew that I couldn't make you stop and a part of me didn't want to make you stop until you finished whatever devious plan floated in your mind."

I can't stay still, so I begin pacing the room. Looking out the window at the people running from the cold, I grow silent. Maybe I should just leave it here, dreams sometimes end abruptly. Maybe I shouldn't tell you of the star that went supernova in my spine or that I awoke with my thick fluids dripping and pooling so abundantly that I needed to shower and change my bedding.

I feel you walk over to me and stand behind me. I don't know how I know you are there. Your movement makes no sound on the soft carpet. I feel your body heat as you lean slightly against me. I rest my head on the window, letting its cool surface relax my flushed skin. As you press tighter against me, I feel your excitement. I giggle nervously.

"None of that now," you admonish me. "I wondered why you're always so giggly when we talk. Maybe I can help you relieve some of that tension." You gently turn me toward you and we kiss as deeply and passionately as in my dream.

Our clothing falls softly to the floor.

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